Neil Patrick Harris Comes with a Trick Up His Sleeve

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • After James asks Neil Patrick Harris about his new book series "The Magic Misfits," Neil demonstrates just how slight his slight of hand is with a trick for James.
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Comments • 420

  • skye skye
    skye skye 57 minutes ago

    nph will always be barney stinson

  • Fatian Berisha
    Fatian Berisha 2 days ago

    What's the name of the girl??

  • John Pabelloren
    John Pabelloren 3 days ago


  • Jane Eyre Golden
    Jane Eyre Golden 4 days ago

    Aren't you ashemed?

  • ZI
    ZI 4 days ago

    He is just so Barney!

  • MrInsensibile
    MrInsensibile 6 days ago

    Barney stinson IS SO AWESOME.... AWESOOOOOOOME

  • Brayden Warren
    Brayden Warren 6 days ago +1

    I saw him at the boardwalk at Disney with his family

  • Hina Hasnain
    Hina Hasnain 7 days ago +1

    Count Olaf A series of unfortunate events go and check it out on Netflix

  • Cxeri93
    Cxeri93 8 days ago +2

    that jawline at age 46.
    that woman stared at him like he was from a museum.

    MUSTAFA VLOGS 9 days ago +1


  • Wakidz
    Wakidz 9 days ago +1

    How impressive Swarley..!

  • Julio Fuentes
    Julio Fuentes 10 days ago

    That wasn’t annoying at all.

  • Trespassers William
    Trespassers William 12 days ago +1

    No his chest a little above would probably be written "No"

  • Hari shanker Sharma
    Hari shanker Sharma 12 days ago

    Host is the wingman of Barney..😀😀
    Wait for it....

  • Terkku123
    Terkku123 13 days ago

    Guys, great news!... I'M THE NEW LEADER OF THE GANG!

  • Z sam
    Z sam 14 days ago

    wait for it ...legen..dary!

  • Anand Pai
    Anand Pai 14 days ago +3

    It's weird seeing NPH without a suit on

  • Kakashiee
    Kakashiee 14 days ago +1

    Well done, Swarley

  • Ajay SS அஜய் SS
    Ajay SS அஜய் SS 18 days ago +1

    i thought the chinese girl was his wife and googled about it..big mistake

  • Avetor UAC
    Avetor UAC 19 days ago

    i reed book -9- i love good story magic world adventure!!! imagination needs to be developed =not be stooped 3:32 ahahah TAKE a card) good!!!

  • Jackzz Boi
    Jackzz Boi 21 day ago


  • krylesangerbeaver
    krylesangerbeaver 22 days ago

    She is a great magician. Smash.

  • Nathan Swartelé
    Nathan Swartelé 23 days ago +13

    When you saw HIMYM
    It is impossible to not see Barney Stinson.

  • giulia previti
    giulia previti 23 days ago

    Barney Stinson is awesome

  • Michel Renaud
    Michel Renaud 23 days ago

    If there is a constance in my life is that you wu me

  • Wacky Pranks
    Wacky Pranks 23 days ago

    He is dope and a talented guy .

  • Poudel Lokesh
    Poudel Lokesh 24 days ago

    Banged 250+ chicks but has interest in men.. Ironic.. #HIMYM

  • yahya Daoudi
    yahya Daoudi 24 days ago

    Suit up Barney for god's sake

  • Keanu Reeves
    Keanu Reeves 24 days ago

    Neil patrick harris has been pretending to have a gay life and children and a husband just nail constance woo since 2009
    *oh and i know that because i am KEANU*

  • Keanu Reeves
    Keanu Reeves 24 days ago

    Baaaaarnnnneeyyyy stinnnnnsaaaaaaan

  • soumik mukherjee
    soumik mukherjee 25 days ago

    Who is she

  • Gerald Dorrity
    Gerald Dorrity 26 days ago

    Sheesh Constance he’s just done talking about being married with kids and you’re thirsting on him like that?!

  • Sebastian Randall
    Sebastian Randall 26 days ago +1

    Imagine NPH wrote all the things on his Body before he went to this interview

  • Romano Almazan
    Romano Almazan 26 days ago +6

    "working in a book store is my first job ever" ya right dougy

  • Kushagra Bhavsar
    Kushagra Bhavsar 26 days ago

    for every 10s you bang, throw a bone to a 5

  • Mikaela Cornista
    Mikaela Cornista 26 days ago


  • Josh Salmon
    Josh Salmon 27 days ago +2

    Okay so we now know that two eternal beings are now known Keanu Reeves and Neil Patrick Harris

  • EllieMCE
    EllieMCE 27 days ago

    Guys, don't be tricked. That's Count Olaf disguised as NPH!!

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro 27 days ago +1

    He didnt suit up

  • O Z
    O Z 27 days ago

    She kinda acts like Ariana Grande

  • Arushi Aggarwal
    Arushi Aggarwal 27 days ago

    I know he's gay but he's soooo HOT 😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Princesxs
    Princesxs 28 days ago

    Is that count olaf !?!?!?!!

  • Miriam H
    Miriam H 28 days ago

    Who's the girl sitting near NPH?
    I loved her magic trick

  • Carlo De Stefano
    Carlo De Stefano 28 days ago +1

    OMG, he is not in a suit!

  • Wong Chris
    Wong Chris 28 days ago

    As a magic amateur, I would say the final trick was better than you think.

  • J Agust
    J Agust 28 days ago

    She's annoying

  • Avishek Majumder
    Avishek Majumder 28 days ago

    That was so lame from her

  • Ashley Cole
    Ashley Cole 29 days ago +2

    I think the real magic under his shirt wasn’t the wrtiting

  • Charlie Tighe
    Charlie Tighe 29 days ago

    Looks like 5221 to me ;)

  • Neha
    Neha 29 days ago

    I wanna learn magic from Neil

  • Mutex30
    Mutex30 29 days ago

    This makes me want more Dr. Horrible 😭

  • manos
    manos 29 days ago +1

    Where is his suit? Barney...SUIT UP

  • MaxXxFlame
    MaxXxFlame 29 days ago +3

    Good, but not as good as Chris Pratt on the Graham show.

  • kid wiz
    kid wiz 29 days ago

    who is neil patrick harris???! all I see is barney stinson

  • M҉a҉g҉i҉c҉ M҉a҉r҉k҉

    That was magic 🙌🏻

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma 29 days ago

    All I wanna know is that who are the 101 people who dislike this gem of a person? 🤔

  • den525
    den525 Month ago

    Where ever books are sold? Yea?

  • Lucas Savaris
    Lucas Savaris Month ago

    That was....wait for it.....

  • Evil Jedi
    Evil Jedi Month ago

    The only guess I have is that James Corden was in on it. He had the four of hearts the whole time. But that's just my guess.

    • Evil Jedi
      Evil Jedi 27 days ago

      @Michael Luo I had a similar thought after I posted this. Probably easier to do it your way.

    • Michael Luo
      Michael Luo 27 days ago

      Evil Jedi the deck was not shuffled and the card was probably trimmed to be purposely picked up in the middle, that being said, he wrote all that backstage. But another guess I’m thinking, the king of hearts and ace were also cut in case James picked up at the wrong place. So when he reveals his sleeves, if the reaction changes from the crowds, then he would know when to stop too.

  • Kjcheesy
    Kjcheesy Month ago

    Good Thiago Henrique shows the card at the end Hugh