WEMBLEY CUP 2018 EXPLAINED feat. Hashtag United, F2 FC, Rebel FC & XO FC

  • Published on Nov 4, 2018
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    The EE Wembley Cup is back, but not as you know it. This year by teaming up with Next Level (thexvid.com/user/nextlevelfootballleague) we've taken the traditional football rulebook & ripped it up; more teams, faster footy & big new twists on old rules.
    And in our biggest shake up yet you get to see both Semis AND the Final at Wembley on November 25th. That’s three games, for just one ticket!
    To get your tickets & find out more here:
    In this episode I’ll take you through all the new changes we’re making this year & throw down the gauntlet to my 3 rival team captains- Calfreezy (Rebel FC), Steven & WillNE (The XO) and Billy & Jeremy (F2 FC).

    Are they ready to take on my Hashtag United lads? Who can walk the walk as well as they can talk the talk?

    Let the battle begin.

    About the show
    The EE Wembley Cup 2018 is a seven-part football series building up to one massive live final at Wembley Stadium on Sunday 25th November. EE have teamed up with Next Level to rip up the football rulebook. We’re hosting a tournament with four of TheXvid’s most talked about teams, a group stage, EE Wembley Cup Draft and plenty of big twists on old rules.

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  • Spencer FC
    Spencer FC  16 days ago +838

    It’s back and this will be VERY interesting!!! Who’s the early favourite?

  • Ricardo Santos
    Ricardo Santos Day ago


  • ImNotGrace
    ImNotGrace 3 days ago +1

    yes xo !!!!!

  • Elsa Nascimento
    Elsa Nascimento 3 days ago

    Get youtube alltars next wembley cup and the sidemen

  • Rebecca Alice
    Rebecca Alice 5 days ago

    Stil don’t know how the 25thbis going? Are all 4 teams playing that day or just 2? I’m so confused!

  • The Resistance
    The Resistance 6 days ago

    Where is Under The Radar?

  • The Resistance
    The Resistance 6 days ago

    SpencerFC, I hope u read this. Is there a way I can join ur team and I live in New York. I wanna be a pro footballer.

  • Maddison Campbell
    Maddison Campbell 6 days ago

    XO are gonna get hammerd 😂😭

  • Merseyside magpie
    Merseyside magpie 6 days ago

    Come on XO FC ⚽

  • junior clarke
    junior clarke 6 days ago

    Plz invite URT

  • Jonathan Castillo
    Jonathan Castillo 7 days ago

    Quality fucken video mate 👌🏽

  • Greg House
    Greg House 7 days ago

    What. A. Video.

  • Avp 21207
    Avp 21207 7 days ago

    What about under the radar fc

  • NenoKonik 21
    NenoKonik 21 8 days ago

    can we watch the stream on yt

  • DOK Photography
    DOK Photography 8 days ago

    Is there an upload schedule for each episode so we can get excited?

  • Shakey 27
    Shakey 27 8 days ago

    Whats happened to UTR

  • Luthando Mbili
    Luthando Mbili 8 days ago

    @SV2 is going to be a monster during the tournaments

  • Jed Martin
    Jed Martin 9 days ago

    Should’ve had under the radar too

  • ΛDΛM
    ΛDΛM 9 days ago

    Wow, so many money fame desperate people

  • Simon Mason
    Simon Mason 9 days ago +1

    Honestly wishing Under the Radar was playing, manny, Toby, Jj , miniminter, and all this other amazing players would destroy the competition. Like if you agree

  • Darth Sonic VA
    Darth Sonic VA 9 days ago

    I only really watch this because of willNE

  • Hx. Williams
    Hx. Williams 9 days ago

    Under the radar instead of xo

  • Matthew Bell
    Matthew Bell 9 days ago

    Hang about where’s under the radar at or afc sidemates 😂

  • Click Bait
    Click Bait 9 days ago

    What a load of bell ends

  • SLYcHoRd
    SLYcHoRd 9 days ago

    Hopefully this year will be more competitive than last year - that was awful

  • Demba Football
    Demba Football 9 days ago

    Rebel fc all the way

  • Lewis rsps
    Lewis rsps 9 days ago

    You dont need a mask when you're with me, I don't care about your past or your history

  • Clutch Mikey
    Clutch Mikey 9 days ago

    I want rebel FC to win the Wembley cup

  • itzsizahere 1
    itzsizahere 1 9 days ago

    What about TheXvid all-stars and sidemen xi

  • L galaxyZ
    L galaxyZ 9 days ago +1

    Who else think UTR should be in this


    Who’s the commentator if true goodies playing, I hope it’s joe weller

  • BigBoy Steve
    BigBoy Steve 9 days ago

    How about under the radar

    HALOO 9 days ago

    Imagine in the end XO gets the best players and wins

  • Kennedy Williams
    Kennedy Williams 10 days ago

    So why isn’t Manny’s team in this?????

  • Motion Midnight
    Motion Midnight 10 days ago

    Where are SE Døns?

  • Azouz •
    Azouz • 10 days ago

    XO are not a football team like wtf 😂😂

  • Robin Turner
    Robin Turner 10 days ago +1

    see you at wembly

  • DJRexter Whitlock
    DJRexter Whitlock 10 days ago

    Hate Spencer, Love Alex

  • LIL JboxIsJoser
    LIL JboxIsJoser 10 days ago

    where’s sidemen

  • ShotoVoid
    ShotoVoid 10 days ago

    I love how everyone at the beginning looks so serious and Stephen is just there like Hello There

  • Matt The Cat
    Matt The Cat 10 days ago

    #25 on trending

  • Jaiden Flisher
    Jaiden Flisher 10 days ago

    Xo out Sidmen FC in

  • Chris Joel
    Chris Joel 10 days ago

    Where are sidemates and under the rader

    HARRY H 10 days ago

    When is it

  • JMS
    JMS 10 days ago

    Is it true that Chris MD is playing?

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 10 days ago

    Rebel used to play at the new hashtag ground

  • Po Po Power
    Po Po Power 10 days ago

    We’re is under the radar FC

  • Kacper
    Kacper 10 days ago

    What about sidemen FC

  • Noah Lucas
    Noah Lucas 10 days ago

    Is anyone else a bit disappointed that true geordie won't be commentating

  • Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes 10 days ago

    I’d rather sidemen fc over XO

  • vaibhav bhandari
    vaibhav bhandari 10 days ago

    Get UnderThe Radar (Manny's team) too.

  • tasbir himdung
    tasbir himdung 11 days ago

    F2FC ,let's go

  • Mansoora Sultan
    Mansoora Sultan 11 days ago

    Which team is ChrisMD going to be in
    (please don’t be XO)

  • Euan Campbell
    Euan Campbell 11 days ago


  • Harrison Mcnab
    Harrison Mcnab 11 days ago

    Add under the radar

  • vladimir putin
    vladimir putin 11 days ago +3

    Tbh, just watching for XO

    WOODTREE 11 days ago

    Production is quality on this

    SUSHI BOI 11 days ago

    Who's Chris (ChrisMD) playing for then?

  • Nonstop Gaming 360
    Nonstop Gaming 360 11 days ago

    cant wait!

    BOOMIN BOORMAN 11 days ago

    What is the song that is played when you first see xo?

  • OTT
    OTT 11 days ago

    Not a great format in my opinion.

    Also Will has a square head.

  • RMJRyanosawus
    RMJRyanosawus 11 days ago +1

    What about sdmn fc or UTR fc

  • dylan sharpe
    dylan sharpe 11 days ago

    What's the song 2:22

  • Footlong Gamer
    Footlong Gamer 11 days ago

    Why arent Sidemen FC in it

  • CrispyBacon 7
    CrispyBacon 7 11 days ago

    Where is Wembley Cup 2019?

  • Gaming W/ Nicko
    Gaming W/ Nicko 11 days ago

    Jabs landu has to play

  • Gaming W/ Nicko
    Gaming W/ Nicko 11 days ago


  • Elsa Nascimento
    Elsa Nascimento 11 days ago

    U should include the sidemen

  • dusty.p
    dusty.p 11 days ago

    Rebel FC

  • Thomas Doherty
    Thomas Doherty 11 days ago

    They've just gone and ruined the wembley cup

  • Matthew Mason
    Matthew Mason 11 days ago

    Calfreezy does his hair and it still looks rubbish.

  • Ben Costigan-Johnson
    Ben Costigan-Johnson 11 days ago +2

    XO will win 100%

  • albie.
    albie. 11 days ago

    just leave out cam kirkham n i c e

  • The Youtube Car Show
    The Youtube Car Show 12 days ago +1

    That Stephen tries is a proper gimp

  • Rob Willetts
    Rob Willetts 12 days ago +1

    I really hope XO wins

  • Solomon Drennan7
    Solomon Drennan7 12 days ago

    UNDER THE RADAR!!!!!!!!!

  • Amar Shabir
    Amar Shabir 12 days ago +1

    I feel that someone is gonna shine like mad🤷🏻‍♂️

  • hamdi
    hamdi 12 days ago

    those xo kids actually think they’re funny

  • Ultra instinct Pepper
    Ultra instinct Pepper 12 days ago

    When does spencer never leave 1.9 mil subcribers

  • Omega
    Omega 12 days ago

    Editing is maddddd🔥

  • Santa
    Santa 12 days ago +1


  • hajal ali
    hajal ali 12 days ago

    The FIFA player miss that

  • Madness999
    Madness999 12 days ago

    *intro plays of everyone’s faces*
    Spencer - Normal
    Cal - Normal
    Billy - Normal
    Will -


  • Robert Kearley
    Robert Kearley 12 days ago

    Whats the tune at the start

  • Tsegyro
    Tsegyro 12 days ago

    We need memeulous on xo

  • DG7 HD
    DG7 HD 12 days ago

    Play against the sdmn you wankers

  • Gander Suffiane
    Gander Suffiane 12 days ago

    Add the under the radar team

  • Ben Glass
    Ben Glass 12 days ago

    Would have been nice to have SDMNFC in it

  • Ben Glass
    Ben Glass 12 days ago +1

    Let's go XOFC!

  • Siim
    Siim 12 days ago +1

    Sorry but these changed rules are trash. 30min game wtf?? This isnt even football anymore.

  • URGG
    URGG 12 days ago

    Get UTR( Under The Radar) in there next time

  • ibi the gamer
    ibi the gamer 12 days ago

    should get Under the Radar FC on it

  • zoheb karmali
    zoheb karmali 12 days ago

    where's UTR mate?

  • Rex 05000
    Rex 05000 12 days ago

    0:00 song

  • Panda King 123
    Panda King 123 12 days ago

    Will and E snap someones leges again

  • Legenda Roș-Albastră

    Sidemen Fc would have destroyed every team here

  • Anton Douglas
    Anton Douglas 13 days ago

    What's XO's song?

  • Mo Ali
    Mo Ali 13 days ago

    I am a Boxer 🥊, I live in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and I have over 1660 TheXvid 🎥 Subscribers!!!
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  • DNC2007
    DNC2007 13 days ago

    Let's go the F2 boys!

  • Jordan Miller
    Jordan Miller 13 days ago

    Why WillNe...