The Breakdown: World Cup contenders

  • Published on Sep 3, 2019
  • The Breakdown crew takes a deeper look at the All Blacks Rugby World Cup squad and check in on the form of the top nations from around the world.
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  • Apirana Bunny Ngakuru
    Apirana Bunny Ngakuru 23 days ago

    I wish these 2 guys were fronting ALL games for NZ....instead of some of the dingbats we're getting...blaaaaa

  • Will Byrne
    Will Byrne Month ago

    The two finals I'd most like to see are either ABs vs SA or Ire vs Eng. Both are possible with the draw but my head says AB/SA while my heart yearns for Ire/Eng. Best of skill to all involved COYBIG! (also, if it is ABs/SA I'd predict SA to win the pool stage match and ABs to win the final - if it's Ire/Eng well, only god know. And she's not telling anyone)

  • Shane Canning
    Shane Canning Month ago +2

    All blacks and ireland in the final

  • 99PTR99
    99PTR99 Month ago +6

    Please don't think Barnes speaks for all England fans. A lot of us can't stand his yarn either! Definitely just a wind up merchant, bring on the RWC, let's let the players do the talking on the pitch.

  • agr78
    agr78 Month ago +1

    RWC? Just call it World Cup for heavens sake!!! NZ are favourites, but it wouldn’t surprise me if England’s power game took them all the way

  • Condon John
    Condon John Month ago +1

    Here's hoping the Irish lineout functions smoothly. If no Schmidt will have undone all the great work he has done while in Ireland. The omission of 6'10" Toner from the squad is still a bit of a mystery. Green fingers crossed.

    • Jamie Owen
      Jamie Owen Month ago

      Talk about short memory. 10 years of good work doesnt depend on the lineout in the next couple of years.. Pathetic bandwagon fan

  • John Scott
    John Scott Month ago

    Whos the guy wearing glasses? Only one I don't recognise

    • Seaneeboy
      Seaneeboy Month ago +1

      John Scott Sir John Kirwan

  • Dj Billy Bop Dj Billy Bop

    I am Irish the rankings don't mean anything and Its NZ world cup to blow it. nice to be at the Top but its Sat, Nov 2, 2019, that counts COYBIG.

    • Zombie Jesus
      Zombie Jesus 23 days ago

      Anyone from 1st to 6th can win the World Cup, the ranking points is so tight between them all.

    • Dex Stewart
      Dex Stewart Month ago +2

      Same here from Wales, a couple of weeks ago: utter bollox, eh ?

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones Month ago +1

    Nobody listens to Mr Barnes, born in Wales and not selected to play for Wales so plays for England. Barnes has bitter man syndrome .

    • Jeff Grant
      Jeff Grant Month ago

      Imagine getting annoyed by the shite he talks.

  • The Sin Bin
    The Sin Bin Month ago

    Owen Frank's not being picked is a no brainer for me. Talisman for sure, but up against a Thaidg Furlong or the Welsh, I want some pace and hands. I do however suspect that if he had a try or 5 under his belt we'd be debating a different plan of attack.

  • stephen RC
    stephen RC Month ago

    I agree! Cheers from Japan.

  • Rob Brennan
    Rob Brennan Month ago

    Dour Kiwi Moanfest !

  • Cormac Lehane
    Cormac Lehane Month ago +2

    When is Ireland mentioned? I don't want to watch the whole thing.

  • T980J
    T980J Month ago +1

    Why say RWC? Rugby World Cup is faster to say and easier

  • Cheese Steak Jimmy's
    Cheese Steak Jimmy's Month ago +5

    Justin Marshall as a commentator is pure trash
    Justin Marshall as an analyst well that's a different story. Awesome as.

  • Billy Whizz
    Billy Whizz Month ago

    Thankyou for sharing this fantastic programme.

  • Tolly T
    Tolly T Month ago

    I can't understand why Franks isn't in the squad as he and Tadgh Furlong are the best 2 scrummaging TH's in world rugby, and I agree fully with what was said about the knockout games.. As an ex front row I know why the TH's are payed the big bucks.. They anchor the scrum, and although there are fewer these days, they are more important with the way teams set up both in attack and defensively.. There are a number of top quality LH'S that will look to target the AB's TH's without Franks in the squad, especially the NH guys and the Boks.. It only takes them to slightly destabilise the AB's on that side for half the attacking set piece options to be messed up, and that automatically gives the defensive line an advantage.. It's the main reason most squads contain 3 specialist TH's and only 2 LH's.. There are exceptions of course, but they are squads that have exceptional LH's who are competent TH's against lesser opposition if required..

  • Lawrence Amai
    Lawrence Amai Month ago +2

    13:12 if only Justin commentates like this at game time

  • DraigUK
    DraigUK Month ago

    Great show much love from Wales!

  • TheGreatTreeswinger
    TheGreatTreeswinger Month ago +2

    First time wathcing NZ media talk about their team. Its amazing to see how NZ protect and defend their team, constantly talking about how great they are and how whatever they do is fine, but if other copy them its cheating. Sad to say this but NZ are getting a reputation as a dirty team that are praised by their media and are heavly bais, at least thats the reputation from the North, its a shame because they are a good team that can win without the negatives of their game.

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent Month ago

    Wade is still with the Buffalo Bills on the practice squad as part of the International Pathway Program, same with Valentine Holmes, if they don’t make the final 53 man squad they automatically make the practice squad earning $145,000 for 17wks of the NFL season

    • Clark Kent
      Clark Kent Month ago +1

      Tolly T very true but Wade has to show more, he had a great TD run, unfortunately he has other areas that he’s lacking that needs more work, fingers crossed that he picks it all up fast

    • Tolly T
      Tolly T Month ago +1

      The downside for the Bills is that even though Wade is on the practise squad, any other team can now roster him if they wish to.. Unlikely, but from what he has shown someone might take a gamble and there's nothing the Bills can do about it with the way the NFL is set up..

  • The Sumster
    The Sumster Month ago +2

    Interesting to see an NZ team of only New Zealanders no god bothering islander idiots

    • Pesa Morrison
      Pesa Morrison Month ago +2

      The Sumster. Yeah those Islander idiots like Nonu, Kaino, Savea, Umaga and Lomu. Islanders are just as Kiwi as anyone else. Grow up and keep race bias out of our beautiful game

  • Damien CALLAGHAN
    Damien CALLAGHAN Month ago +1


  • shaun drinan
    shaun drinan Month ago

    Planet rugby right here, also good to see Ali back on the screen.

  • mark anthony
    mark anthony Month ago +3

    Stuart Barnes 100 percent correct

  • mark anthony
    mark anthony Month ago +22

    Jeff Wilson the last remaining winger from 1995 World Cup final

  • Dan Foggo
    Dan Foggo Month ago

    Great convo about who should play 1st 5, but the producer was obviously trying to get them to move on to the next story - just let them go hammer and tongs!

  • Mike De Thierry
    Mike De Thierry Month ago

    barnes your a has been how many times did you wln a game against the all blacks mmmmmmm

    • Chris Moore
      Chris Moore Month ago

      He won the semi for France in 2007

  • Brett Wilkinson
    Brett Wilkinson Month ago +1

    Barrett isn't a No.10 at test level. Erratic goal kicker and would be better used at Fullback. The Northern Hemisphere teams will dramatically slow the game down and use their forward power, working the fringes.South Africa and England are going to be better placed with what we are about to see.

  • Cameron Webb
    Cameron Webb Month ago +3

    France cheats with their referees.

  • Cameron Webb
    Cameron Webb Month ago +6

    If Stuart Barnes would like to whine about cheats why doesn't he have a go at the rubbish referees from France that can't ref at all.

  • Fright F0000
    Fright F0000 Month ago

    Sky Sport sux, they are teh devilll

  • tomas bachiller
    tomas bachiller Month ago

    what wouldn't i give for Jaguares XV to play in the Mitre 10 instead of the Currie Cup where we aren't allowed to be promoted even after beating everyone for 50 to 100 pts and being undefeated champs in our first year

    • tomas bachiller
      tomas bachiller Month ago

      @mark anthony of course we don't and we won't because 1 there is no way in hell we could afford a league and 2 not a single soul within the uar want to abandon domestic amateurism. I'd love to stay in sa if we would get bloody promoted because wining every match by 50+ or 100+ points isn't helping annyone

    • mark anthony
      mark anthony Month ago

      tomas bachiller u sound ungrateful....maybe not give Argentinian opportunity to play domestic competition when u don’t even have a league yourself.... plus it’s cheaper to be based in

  • Damien CALLAGHAN
    Damien CALLAGHAN Month ago


  • Sam
    Sam Month ago +1

    bring back rucking! no effing around on the ground then .also the huge clean outs would minimise

  • Pee Geezee
    Pee Geezee Month ago +1

    Semi finals
    England v New Zealand
    France v South Africa

  • Alex White
    Alex White Month ago +10

    Ignore Stuart Barnes. He’s a dinosaur.
    Most people over here (UK) are fed up of him.

    • Alex White
      Alex White Month ago

      Peter Allison True, that also😂
      All he can do now is shout ‘try time!’ After they’ve crossed the try line

    • Peter Allison
      Peter Allison Month ago +1

      He’s not a dinosaur, he’s just an embittered, inconsequential knob.

  • Jp Barrett
    Jp Barrett Month ago +2

    No one in Ireland is talking about them as possible winners, everything since the all blacks win has dampened expectations, a semi final place would be seen as a step forward!

  • christopher russell
    christopher russell Month ago +2

    Pushing the boundaries is just another expression for cheating, listen the whole rugby world knows that the AB have done this better than anyone else for years, but it is cheating, you may call it a different name but it’s cheating...

  • Jannie Meyer
    Jannie Meyer Month ago

    Props coming off the bench? The Beast is not carrying as well as before but coming off the bench he is a destroyer in the scrum. Achilles heal of AB’s is the scrum in my book.

    • Karma
      Karma Month ago +1

      And goal kicking.

  • Jannie Meyer
    Jannie Meyer Month ago +2

    Owen Franks is a must. You lose or win in the scrums. Hard pitch? Scrums will play a major role.

    • Roger Patterson
      Roger Patterson Month ago

      Yes although there are a lot less scrums these days.

  • Jannie Meyer
    Jannie Meyer Month ago +3

    ‘Cheating’ at the breakdown? Too many rules. In the old days you would tramp the guy holding up the ball out. Also less scrum resets.

    • TheWezz0
      TheWezz0 Month ago

      Bring it back! Think twice about doing it get your hand fucked.

  • Elliot and Niamh
    Elliot and Niamh Month ago +4

    I think WAL will surprise the southern hemisphere

    • Juan Ignacio Ordoqui
      Juan Ignacio Ordoqui Month ago

      WAL might lose to Argentina.

    • Peter Allison
      Peter Allison Month ago +1

      David Evans And you sound Welsh, so your comment doesn't surprise me.

    • daiviking
      daiviking Month ago

      @Peter Allison you sound like a complete chump

    • Chris Perkins
      Chris Perkins Month ago

      Give us the all black Wales stats
      I think Wales like Ireland have maybe 2 wins in 100 year's

    • Peter Allison
      Peter Allison Month ago

      How exactly will they do that ? They got stuffed by a weak England side away, then struggled to beat a weaker England at home, only winning with a highly dubious try, and then beaten home and away by an Irish team that had been annihilated at Twickenham. Their one class tight forward looks like he’s carrying an injury but they won’t rest him because he’s the only second row forward they have.

  • DigitalFanatix
    DigitalFanatix Month ago +2

    I love the rugby culture in New Zealand. Such a great occasion for families to bond. And develop future All Blacks.

  • Pillars Of Strength
    Pillars Of Strength Month ago +1

    If SBW plays against SA the All Blacks will lose that game...

  • Joe Panapa
    Joe Panapa Month ago

    Ali wash your mouth out with soap. Do not let the Aussie teams not the Mitre 10 cup!!! It is great just the way it is!!! It is the main reason why we are ahead of Australian Super Rugby teams & Wallabies. NZ rugby would mad to let them in. Dont fix what aint broke! 🤬

    • Mark Welch
      Mark Welch Month ago

      With players leaving the countries to play rugby NZ & Aust need to work closer together. Not saying that means Aust team sneed to join the NPC, but greater collaboration will strengthen the game

  • Timothy Rowan
    Timothy Rowan Month ago

    I pray you didn’t curse tj and Aaron haha don’t want them to get injured

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones Month ago +1

    Andy Hayden falling out of the lineout against Wales in 1978 and getting a match winning penalty was cheating. The AB's had talked about doing it the night before at the hotel.

    • Dion Clark
      Dion Clark Month ago

      @Peter Allison so its not cheating if everyone is doing it? Your opinion contadicts Haden, the All Blacks had never encountered a team that were so blatantly illegal as the Welsh.

    • Peter Allison
      Peter Allison Month ago

      In those days, because you were stood next to your oppo everybody cheated at the line out, the All Blacks and Springboks were the worst offenders. However the pre planned Oscar deserving dives out of the line out by Hayden and Oliver ? were disgraceful.

    • Dion Clark
      Dion Clark Month ago +2

      Yes because Wales were cheating at the line outs

  • Chris Perkins
    Chris Perkins Month ago

    Only one team want revenge since their early shamful exit last world cup, only one team played better but lost to the all blacks last time they meet. There is your winner.
    Truth hurts = Steve Hansen and co know that they have too many slow old 30 plus player's, they have refused to bring in young faster player's in their prime,
    Hansen last year had his chances to train up young fast talent but he choose box kick specialists Aaron Smith, drop ball Williams, mis tackle read and world's worst defence Aaron Smith.
    Hansen might have just inserted young guys in time to salvage the all blacks chances.
    All blacks are much better with the younger generation now

  • AnimalJoe
    AnimalJoe Month ago

    I used to hate how often Richie got away with interference in the break down, but he did know how to push the limits. And the bigger question here is this. Would being stricter on the breakdown cause the game to be too uncompetitive? If the refs were too strict on players competing in the breakdown it might cause the attacking team to have too much of an advantage. There needs to be more competition in the breakdown to allow the competition to be more equal, give the defensive team more opportunity to compete for the ball, and if the All Blacks can do it then all teams can do it which I'd imagine all teams would want to be able to do against the All Blacks, because you don't want to allow the All Blacks to keep quick ball. You need to slow down the ball when playing against the All Blacks, and as long as the refs adjudicate this fairly and equally for all teams it's good for the game.

    • Karma
      Karma Month ago

      As long as something is illegal, but people often get away with it, it will never be adjudicated fairly and equally for all teams because not all teams know how to effectively get away with pushing boundaries.

  • K .S L
    K .S L Month ago

    Thank you Breakdown..legends i admire (and invited legends) talking love for all..reach out

  • zabaleta
    zabaleta Month ago

    The British teams are the worst at killing the ball at the breakdown....that's why their game was, and largely still is, so slow tempo for so long.

  • The Truth
    The Truth Month ago +2

    NZ has been cheating at the breakdown for as long as I've been alive. Let's face the truth.

  • Howard Wiley
    Howard Wiley Month ago

    Poor decision to drop Franks. Jeepers, the rest of the world used to pick teams based on the All Blacks. Now the All Blacks are picking teams based on the opposition. As their was only one Jonah Lomah, there’s only on Tadh Furlongh.

    • Howard Wiley
      Howard Wiley Month ago

      As an Englishman I’m very happy that the All Blacks are picking fat centres as props. 3, 6, 9, 12 points, beat.

  • joeskienz
    joeskienz Month ago +3

    Good to see the Devin Toner shoulder barge was brought to attention. What a joke that was...

    • EMB 2017
      EMB 2017 Month ago

      It’s always a joke when it’s in slow motion

  • hOoper
    hOoper Month ago +5

    from a saffa: this is the best rugby analysis show in the world.

    • Bok Gat
      Bok Gat Month ago

      IMO. The Irish analysis are much better, just a bit long at an hour

    • hOoper
      hOoper Month ago +3

      @Richard Scanlan Boots & All! Yeah thats probably the only other one on this level. Can never find any content online though... friggen SuperSport

    • Richard Scanlan
      Richard Scanlan Month ago +1

      What was the SA rugby show with Nick Mallett ? That was top notch. Very good analysis.

  • N B
    N B Month ago +3

    The Irish have started diving like soccer players and Sexton has admitted staying down to attract the referees attention.

  • Bok Gat
    Bok Gat Month ago

    South Africa parity, Owen franks the best scrummager in the world. Lol. It’s always nice to see another perspective. Good luck boys - it’ll be a doozie

    • Tolly T
      Tolly T Month ago +1

      @Bok Gat nope.. I'm English, but played at a very good level in the front row for 17 years, so I watch them very closely..

    • Bok Gat
      Bok Gat Month ago

      Tolly T you must be a biased kiwi

    • Tolly T
      Tolly T Month ago +4

      Tadgh Furlong the best TH scrummager in world rugby, but Franks definitely the next best..

  • rivenwizz
    rivenwizz Month ago +1

    Crotty is a smart cookie. Wish they let him speak more

  • gardenia73 Mccready
    gardenia73 Mccready Month ago +1

    I do enjoy the comments / criticisms - gives me more insight to the game. I will ask Who cares what Barnes has to say? I do believe he is doing his best to shake our demeanor with his dribble.