Accent Expert Breaks Down 6 Fictional Languages From Film & TV | WIRED

  • Published on Apr 11, 2017
  • Dialect coach Erik Singer analyzes some of the most famous "constructed languages" in movie and television history. Which real-life languages inspired "conlangs" like Klingon and Dothraki?

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    Languages Covered: Na’vi, Dothraki, Klingon, Sindarin, Parseltongue, Ewokese, Shyriiwook, Divine Language, Mork Speak, Groot Speak, Malkovich, Furbish, Heptapod.
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    Accent Expert Breaks Down 6 Fictional Languages From Film & TV | WIRED
    Created by: Joe Sabia
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  • Doruk Kicikoglu
    Doruk Kicikoglu Hour ago

    I thought Dothraki didn't have a word for "thank you" :)

  • Floabrave
    Floabrave 10 hours ago

    I feel so attacked that they labeled Snape as a "Villian"

  • Elliott Sauerwald

    My boy JRRT was the OG genius. No one can ever match his brilliance.

  • ArgoAries77 / PEPDS

    I'm pretty sure he just wants some Ricotta cheese

  • Alexis HI
    Alexis HI Day ago

    R is a really rare sound for languages, alrighty then

  • Sasha Wambui
    Sasha Wambui Day ago

    minion language?

  • JimSweet
    JimSweet Day ago

    It would be funny to say, "You don't know what you're talking about," to someone who studied linguistics.

  • William YazVey
    William YazVey Day ago +1

    I’m Navajo and I flipped out when I heard him mention our language!

  • Prateek Kolur matada

    Predator language breakdown would be cool.

  • - jxnguwu
    - jxnguwu Day ago

    great, now do the same with the sims' language

  • Scott Martin
    Scott Martin 2 days ago

    I demand to hear this man's comments on Dovahzul.

  • Vivien Leigh
    Vivien Leigh 2 days ago

    Makes me wonder. Does "rövarspråket" (Swedish = pirates language) exist in other languages? If you would try to do an English version it'd be something like "Thothanonkok you foforor totakokinongog thothe totimome toto roreadod thothisos :D

  • Boris Pi
    Boris Pi 2 days ago

    Viggo Mortensen also speaks Catalan. And since you missed that one out, it's likely that he speaks some other minority languages (although Catalan is spoken by more people than, for example, Danish) ;)

  • Towa Paisley
    Towa Paisley 3 days ago

    The image shown for Sindarin is actually Khudzul, and I'm pretty sure Arwen and Aragorn speak in Quenyan, and I'm also quite sure Sindarin is just the language of the Sindar, and isn't the most recent or anything (possibly the youngest but only marginally compared to Quenyan and Avari)

  • Jackie Gloyd
    Jackie Gloyd 3 days ago

    Jodie comer where?

  • ThisIsAigle
    ThisIsAigle 3 days ago

    You actually hit Groot on the head with your assumption. Straight out of Marvel comics Maximus the Mad (that'd be Black Bolt's brother) has said that Flora colossi have such a hardened larynx that is only sounds like he is saying 'I am Groot' over and over again, but the varying inflections of the sentence are where the actual meaning is at. Also, apparently it's offered as an elective on Asgard (but that's an MCU only thing as far as I'm aware).

  • Jackie Bruhn
    Jackie Bruhn 3 days ago +4

    The compilation of Chewbacca made me laugh so hard.

  • Madhu Smita
    Madhu Smita 3 days ago

    bow DeSDu' nugh qamDu'

  • Антон Иршутов

    In my opinion High valiryrian sounds like Scandinavian language (mostly Swedish ) and has a grammar like Korean, Japanese.

  • Alex Hoo
    Alex Hoo 4 days ago

    Show me your mucus.

  • Raisa Karim
    Raisa Karim 4 days ago +1

    Regarding groot - rocket can hear him because only he can hear the frequency groot actually speaks in. He says i am groot at the same time he speaks to let others know that he is in fact speaking.

  • Tekarae Thomas
    Tekarae Thomas 4 days ago

    I made this up can any body pronounce these words and read it in a sentence : Dakaze ofeey Tukawn , zudoc var'lu darkavach maku efde-fin ouzacey ziex.

  • Stephani -D
    Stephani -D 4 days ago

    TheXvid auto captions know Q'apla!

  • Smarkydog
    Smarkydog 4 days ago

    I need him to break down "Sim Speak" lol

  • Bengal _ Norr
    Bengal _ Norr 4 days ago

    Fun fact: There is an actual band that specializes in singing in Klingon. I believe they even dress up as Klingons, too

  • Zen Xavier
    Zen Xavier 5 days ago

    (TL: nothing much)
    (Phonetic English, all the words are said with the tongue laying flat in the mouth no touching the top of the mouth unless that part of the word has an i then you move the tongue and say it more sharply)

  • Heamatus
    Heamatus 5 days ago +2

    The clip where Viggo Mortensen is "speaking Norwegian" he really isn't, he's just reading a Norwegian book while trying to ignore how Danish is pronounced. Danish and Norwegian is so similarly in written form I have opened danish web pages and just thought someone was really bad at writing correctly until I got that it was Danish.
    My point is... he's not speaking Norwegian :P

  • J strap
    J strap 5 days ago

    The Ewoks speak Tibetan at one point. Very clearly.

  • Stephen Waldron
    Stephen Waldron 5 days ago

    Making a language for a story I'm doing... cries

  • Nazgulth
    Nazgulth 6 days ago +1

    “Constructed languages are made up by people, instead of...”
    ... wait a minute... I know what he means but it’s still a little amusing to think of a language like Dothraki as made up, and Russian as not made up. Especially when you can speak neither yourself.

  • LightningGrace
    LightningGrace 6 days ago

    "i'm not a heptapod" coulda fooled me

  • Michael S
    Michael S 6 days ago

    16:19 you're welcome

  • Darkspxder
    Darkspxder 7 days ago +1

    I saw this when looking at Duolingo's video about Game Of Thrones's languages

  • FrostyPanda
    FrostyPanda 7 days ago

    Walking carpet 😂😂😂

  • Chelsea Older
    Chelsea Older 7 days ago

    I must be a villain because I speak like that lol. I also had to take YEARS of lingual classes because due to a deformity in the shape of my upper palette, I could never pronounce R until I was around 14 when my adult teeth came in.

  • athlinia
    athlinia 7 days ago

    I... I am in love.

  • Cressy Sena
    Cressy Sena 7 days ago

    the moment they brought out the furbies I was out

  • jbz3
    jbz3 7 days ago

    Wo shi galut

  • felicia hardy
    felicia hardy 8 days ago

    you guys should do simlish

  • Sofia
    Sofia 8 days ago

    I never knew that the way we pronounce r's in american english is so unique, and now i finally have the answer as to why i always have trouble with my r's despite english being my first language.

  • Tulugak
    Tulugak 8 days ago

    All this breakdown of language and different sounds not used in English and he still managed to mispronounce Inuktitut lmao

  • Laura Skovdal
    Laura Skovdal 8 days ago

    Viggo Mortensen is actually Danish, not American fyi...

  • Claude Ritchey
    Claude Ritchey 8 days ago

    Me over here (a potter head) practically falling out of my chair when he calls Daniel Radcliffe 10 when he is actually twelve because of the age he needs to be in the movie.

  • Zb Zi
    Zb Zi 8 days ago

    So I have an exam in phonology in a few days and somehow I was finding it difficult to study for it, but this video made me feel more inspired and motivated 🙂

  • Elizabeth Dickinson
    Elizabeth Dickinson 9 days ago

    What about circular galifreyan!

  • Eleanor Holmes
    Eleanor Holmes 10 days ago

    "Chewbacca speak"... soooo, Shyriwook?

  • Joseph Humphrey
    Joseph Humphrey 10 days ago


  • Charlotte Williams
    Charlotte Williams 10 days ago

    Learn the welsh language if you want weird sounds that don’t exist in the English language

  • LowlyGrinder
    LowlyGrinder 10 days ago

    What about Simlish?

  • Arty
    Arty 11 days ago

    That was a great sips tea moment XD

  • Paula Green
    Paula Green 11 days ago

    I Love Sindarin 😍😍

  • Wolfania
    Wolfania 12 days ago +1

    I wonder how many languages he knows

  • sailor juju
    sailor juju 12 days ago

    what no goa'uld??

  • AnitaJoy D.
    AnitaJoy D. 13 days ago +1

    Snaps is NOT a villain 😤

  • Andrea Bortelli
    Andrea Bortelli 13 days ago

    Oh please, all these ridiculous constructed languages in movies are of the occult.

  • OOZiTen
    OOZiTen 13 days ago

    Would you have him review Ownage pranks voices.. I think theyre very good because he does them all in one take and all improvised. Ownage is a talented dude, and he understands tongue placement pretty well.

  • PotatoGamers
    PotatoGamers 13 days ago

    Bruh moment couldnt pronounce Maori correctly

  • Clifftonic Studios
    Clifftonic Studios 14 days ago +2

    Translate the sims

    THULISILE NKOMO 14 days ago +1

    Most of these sounds we have in isiXhosa language, South Africa !!

  • Melonie Jen
    Melonie Jen 14 days ago +4

    Erik butters my muffin.

  • //quirkykara //
    //quirkykara // 15 days ago

    i made up my own written language when i was eleven

  • Kieran Robertson
    Kieran Robertson 15 days ago

    No Tridegasleng?

  • Alex Morgenstern
    Alex Morgenstern 15 days ago +1

    And here am I 25 years later in my life, with my rotarism stil unable to roll the R and won't ever bother correcting thst crap. In my language all the Rs are rolled, so I technically speac my language worse than I speak French ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Morelli Olivia
    Morelli Olivia 15 days ago +3

    This is fascinating ! By the way, I've fallen in love with high valerian the first time I heard it.

  • rose anne
    rose anne 15 days ago +13

    The way he got all excited everytime he was about to tell a fun fact made my day

  • Jukebox Owens
    Jukebox Owens 16 days ago +3

    The droids have always sounded like parakeets to me.

  • Kidedaion Symoti
    Kidedaion Symoti 16 days ago

    19:50 ... lady tested...

  • Nancy Nochasak
    Nancy Nochasak 16 days ago +2

    You know for an accent expert and a linguist, you really butchered the pronunciation of Inuktitut. As a Labrador Inuk myself, that hurt.

  • Wahn Yoon
    Wahn Yoon 16 days ago +1

    In the middle of watching this I realized once again how much of a nerd I am. Brilliant video.

  • Amelia Andreas
    Amelia Andreas 16 days ago

    Was waiting for the 100