Accent Expert Breaks Down 6 Fictional Languages From Film & TV | WIRED

  • Published on Apr 11, 2017
  • Dialect coach Erik Singer analyzes some of the most famous "constructed languages" in movie and television history. Which real-life languages inspired "conlangs" like Klingon and Dothraki?

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    Languages Covered: Na’vi, Dothraki, Klingon, Sindarin, Parseltongue, Ewokese, Shyriiwook, Divine Language, Mork Speak, Groot Speak, Malkovich, Furbish, Heptapod.
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    Accent Expert Breaks Down 6 Fictional Languages From Film & TV | WIRED
    Created by: Joe Sabia
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Comments • 9 656

  • jmm1233
    jmm1233 Hour ago

    i would say now Klingonese is now less of a conlang and more of an actual language

  • Charlie Slawnikowski
    Charlie Slawnikowski 4 hours ago

    Yeah it just sounds like American English

    LeEeEeTs GeT rEaAaAaDy To RuUuUuMbLe

  • Lore Nerd
    Lore Nerd 17 hours ago

    This dude is awesome

  • Stoney3K
    Stoney3K 20 hours ago

    Jim Henson also constructed a complete language for the Skeksis and the Gelflings in The Dark Crystal, but it was overdubbed with English on demand of the studio. I hope we're going to hear that language in Age of Resistance.

  • Miranda McCoy
    Miranda McCoy 23 hours ago

    Hes handsome and captivating I wonder which conlang has the most words or complexity.

  • MasuRaMo:Mo
    MasuRaMo:Mo Day ago

    My throat hurt just watching this.

  • Katarina Bergqwist

    You should make a video where you talk about Simlish!

  • Gina Vicentijevic

    Erik: "Daniel Radcliffe is what, a ten year old? That's pretty good."
    Me, a Harry Potter fan: "HE'S 12. GET IT RIGHT."
    Also pens Snape as a villan??????

  • E Shie
    E Shie Day ago

    why is he so smart this is crazy

  • haitheir
    haitheir Day ago

    lol daniel radcliffe was like 13 in that clip

  • azza4044
    azza4044 Day ago

    4.56 sounds like welsh.

  • Ork
    Ork Day ago

    After some point everything sounds same to me... I'm lost

  • ZackeTheBrute
    ZackeTheBrute Day ago

    Now do high gothic.

  • Jack Stone
    Jack Stone Day ago

    Do Welsh

  • R Daysh
    R Daysh Day ago

    I think they all pretty much sound the same.

  • Kavkaz
    Kavkaz Day ago

    4:50 you hear this sound in my language (Adyghe)

  • darkmewtwo5
    darkmewtwo5 2 days ago

    HISlaH, tIhIngan jIjatlh

    Translation: yes, i speak Klingon

  • Mina the fiddler
    Mina the fiddler 2 days ago +1

    I love languages and dialects and this is so cool. Also, he's very attractive.

  • Mina the fiddler
    Mina the fiddler 2 days ago +1

    German has both the "X" sound and "ü" . I don't see why you don't allude to this....

  • newt
    newt 5 days ago

    i'm russian, and the bit at 5:30 totally caught me off guard :D

    • newt
      newt 5 days ago

      oh and i dunno, high valyrian sounds nothing like russian to me.......

  • kingplut0
    kingplut0 5 days ago

    why is he hot

  • Tristan Deniet
    Tristan Deniet 5 days ago +3

    "I'm not a heptapod" *knowing grin*
    I am skeptical

  • Hayden Elledge
    Hayden Elledge 6 days ago

    Can we see Kryptonian and Cybertronian as well?

  • Beefster09
    Beefster09 6 days ago


  • MC King
    MC King 6 days ago +2

    Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich.

  • MC King
    MC King 6 days ago

    You can also find the voiceless alveolar lateral fricative in Nahuatl, the Aztec tongue, in words like TenochtiTLan, HuitzilopochTLi, QuetzalcoaTL and the language's own name, NahuaTL.

  • Dee Kay Remmz
    Dee Kay Remmz 6 days ago

    There is no word for thank you in dothraki

  • itchykami
    itchykami 7 days ago

    The question then is, if none of the actors pronounce Klingon properly, does that mean that by extension, Klingons don't speak the way as described, meaning that the creator of the Klingon language is the one who is wrong about pronunciation? After all, language documentation is usually descriptive, not prescriptive.

  • Seul Oh
    Seul Oh 7 days ago

    개인적인 생각이지만 아저씨는 수염이 없는 게 더 잘 어울리세요

  • TableForkTheThird
    TableForkTheThird 7 days ago +1

    14:33 suomi perkele

  • jiggling86
    jiggling86 8 days ago

    Where is simlish?

  • karthik naik
    karthik naik 8 days ago

    'nanu' in Kannada means 'me'

  • aLittleBit ofAlottaShit

    Wow that was so little time spent on Na'vi :( I was so excited then so let down.

  • Stephen Widger
    Stephen Widger 8 days ago

    Arrival made my inner linguist geek so happy. I stan Heptapods. Because I wish the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis was actually a theory.

    MEME REVIEW 8 days ago

    erik : * mentions latin *
    me , learning latin : OELSODNWKDJWDIWDJSOSSKDKSK

  • Elie Siegal
    Elie Siegal 8 days ago +1

    voiceless alveolar lateral affricate: slavoj žižek

  • A
    A 9 days ago

    I would love to see the dragon language of skyrim

    DKsDEVIL 10 days ago

    Viggo Mortensen
    Is Danish.

  • Evanco
    Evanco 12 days ago

    12:56 two Alan Rickmans in a row?

  • Aeophex
    Aeophex 14 days ago

    20:15 There's no word in Dothraki for thank you.

  • Mr. Blobby
    Mr. Blobby 14 days ago

    It's weird that Valerian is on Duolingo and Dothraki isn't, even though Dothraki is more developed than Valerian.

  • reezlaw
    reezlaw 14 days ago

    Na Belta ke, sabakawala!

  • Lauren Blossom
    Lauren Blossom 15 days ago

    I’m just noticing the tattoo and am even more intrigued 🥴

  • Link The Fox
    Link The Fox 15 days ago

    if they ever show Yoda's species in a new star wars movie they need to let this guy voice one of them

  • Xeejii
    Xeejii 15 days ago

    It's not shown too often in the movies, but the Transformer's Cybertronian language the Decrpticons speak in...
    >Revenge of the Fallen
    >Dark of the moon
    And a little bit in Age of Extinction sounds like a vocal language mixed with frequencies.
    I would love to see a dissection of that.

  • Jonathan Hars
    Jonathan Hars 16 days ago +1

    Cthulhu ?

  • Olivia
    Olivia 16 days ago

    Erik is the best, I love how knowledgeable and passionate he is

  • Glen Atchison
    Glen Atchison 17 days ago +1

    I didn't know Dennis was a language expert. I thought he was just a self obsessed serial killer?

  • Leon Adeyemi
    Leon Adeyemi 18 days ago

    😂, who would of thought I would have a major interest in this, I'm actually really interested, something that I never though I would hear myself say, thank you TheXvid recommendations

  • Ryan Moore
    Ryan Moore 18 days ago

    Did he just call Snape a villain D:

    • Ryan Moore
      Ryan Moore 16 days ago

      @Greek_Fire But he was a good villain :'(

    • Greek_Fire
      Greek_Fire 16 days ago

      Ryan Moore He’s right though

  • Jody Paulson
    Jody Paulson 18 days ago

    This is one of the nerdiest videos I've seen in a long time time, and that's a high bar for me!

  • Kale 000
    Kale 000 18 days ago

    As a language student this is so interesting. Recognizing the terms and symbols is cool!!

  • Gin Terez
    Gin Terez 18 days ago

    I am groot

  • Rori Aurora
    Rori Aurora 19 days ago

    funny how a linguist can't even pronounce Maori correctly

  • Tsar Nicolas II
    Tsar Nicolas II 20 days ago

    4:53 Also in Aztec languages, and some Mayan ones.

  • William B
    William B 20 days ago

    Squanch about squanch.

  • Shannon Thompson
    Shannon Thompson 22 days ago

    It’s a shame you didn’t show Jacob Anderson, as he spoke the best high Valyrian!

  • Nahli Nezo
    Nahli Nezo 24 days ago +1

    the random turkish woman saying "i started the journalist life"

  • Mahala Kaisi
    Mahala Kaisi 24 days ago

    Swahiliiiii yeeey

  • Haley Scott
    Haley Scott 24 days ago +2

    I thought there was no word for “thank you” in Dothraki?