LA Students Walk Out Of Class To Protest Against Ending DACA Program

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
  • As hundreds of pro-DACA demonstrators protested outside the U.S. Supreme Court and thousands of students in Los Angeles walked out of class, the high court's conservative majority seems prepared to allow the Trump administration to end a program that allows some immigrants to work legally in the United States and protects them from deportation. Kandiss Crone reports.

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  • Uber Mom
    Uber Mom 29 days ago

    Non taxpayers go back to your use your brain in something good!!! Prepare to work not to be a bump living from our taxes !!!

  • Soldier 2nd1
    Soldier 2nd1 29 days ago +3

    End DACA End SANCTUARY CITIES these kids are brainwashed or no gooders they have no idea how a real economy works or rules and regulations for safety including there own

  • Kevin Fernandez
    Kevin Fernandez Month ago +3

    Build the WALL

  • Game Changer
    Game Changer Month ago +2


  • Vani 333
    Vani 333 Month ago

    Spread love. Let DACA stay active. They just want an education.

  • poe
    poe Month ago +3

    Go back to where you came from, and enter the U.S. legally.

  • Pinky jones
    Pinky jones Month ago

    Those people are going going gone ...a huge majority are criminals, on welfare, and sucking taxpayers dry...they work under the table while using food stamps to supliment food carts....they send money to Mexico and DONT PAY TAXES...they produce too many children that they cant afford and we have to pick up the tab...send them back.

  • Matteo Marshall
    Matteo Marshall Month ago +1

    I support DACA. All you who don’t are just going against immigrants in the US. The fuck is wrong with y’all?

  • Doberman Pincher
    Doberman Pincher Month ago +7


  • Ryan Abbott
    Ryan Abbott Month ago +2

    The headline said DACA is ending and i was excited but its clickbait. News is no liberal.

  • Bit Chute
    Bit Chute Month ago +8

    How about focusing on the homeless population in California. It keeps growing every week or so I hear 👂

  • The Almighty
    The Almighty Month ago +6

    How come I don't see any Asians Indian Middle Eastern or Europeans or heck even Canadian obviously it only benefits one certain group and it's time for them to fix their own country and make theirs better we need to focus on our own Americans Hispanic Americans Asian Americans white Americans black Americans we need to help them now
    President of Mexico honestly needs to accept Donald Trump's military involvement in Mexico against the cartels I think that's what most people would want in Mexico but they're too afraid to answer and that's very sad they should not be brutally oppress

  • Internet Tough Guy
    Internet Tough Guy Month ago

    Don't let the door hit your illegal asses on the way out. Lock the doors behind them they don't deserve a public education lol

  • waspersting
    waspersting Month ago +2

    but if a couple students hold trump 2020 thats big no no

  • Jesus Benavidez
    Jesus Benavidez Month ago +1

    Blah blah bullshit!!
    They want everything handed to them and don't want to give anything in return!
    But what else would you expect from illegals

    JOHN DOE Month ago +19

    Walk all the way back across the border. They’ve got some nerve, freeloaders.

  • Avengers rock
    Avengers rock Month ago +1

    When the protesting DACA students get American citizenship, they'll go to Mexico and show off their American citizenship and have sex with poor Mexican women.

  • Avengers rock
    Avengers rock Month ago +14

    Ask the Mexican illegal immigrants in the U.S. who would they fight if the U.S. and Mexico went to war again? Most Mexicans will stand on the side of Mexico and fight.Never waste state budgets on illegal Mexican immigrants.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 27 days ago +2

      Very true, yet they want to be here so bad but they have deep pride in their culture. If you have deep pride in being Mexican and hating the president then go to Mexico!

    • Pinky jones
      Pinky jones Month ago +1

      Legal Mexican Americans would fight for US....they don't want the illegals here either.

  • Avengers rock
    Avengers rock Month ago +9

    The majority of illegal immigrants from Mexico in California are very proud that they are Mexican. California used to be a part of Mexico, so more illegal immigrants from Mexico are living in California and trying to free California from the United States. This is the Mexican government political strategy is to take back California.

  • Avengers rock
    Avengers rock Month ago +12

    California's state and governor are using illegal immigrants to Hispanic voters in California for political purposes. The real help is the homeless! Look at the countless American homeless people on the street! The governor of California, who uses state budgets to help illegal border crossers in other countries rather than U.S. citizens!!!

  • robert shuman
    robert shuman Month ago +1

    I think,I saw Jesus? I'm sure,a republican,can't.

  • you you
    you you Month ago +6

    DACA Dangerous

    • Maricela Romero
      Maricela Romero Month ago +1

      You are dangerous

    • The Messiah
      The Messiah Month ago +1

      Daca not more dangerous than a serial killing European civilization

  • Ben Weather channel
    Ben Weather channel Month ago +10

    Get out of The U.S

  • Peter Patriot
    Peter Patriot Month ago +3

    I don't know if these morons realize it but they walked up and nothing because the Senate doesn't vote on feelings they vote on facts and what the laws are about they do not vote on what people tell them to vote on you guys are got no common sense seriously you guys are stupid as hell

    • michellee jimenezz
      michellee jimenezz Month ago +1

      We walked out to make a statement. We obviously know they don’t vote on feelings but we walked out to show support for those who are going to be affected by whatever decision they come to. The people who it’s going to affect is our family, our community!

    • The Messiah
      The Messiah Month ago

      Didn't know white people had feelings my ancestors surely taught me that when the white people toss them and there children off of boats raped the women and kids and lenched the men

  • CastAway_Dave
    CastAway_Dave Month ago

    Check out all the racist scum posting BELOW!

  • ESAD
    ESAD Month ago

    a bunch of but nugget libtards

  • The Messiah
    The Messiah Month ago

    Y'all must be white spoken like true Invaders

    • Bit Chute
      Bit Chute Month ago

      The Messiah. The pedo pope could take them to Vatican and dream there... lmao

    • dathip
      dathip Month ago +2

      Quit crying and get over it. Whether people support DACA or not, The supreme court will make their decision and the decision will be final.

    • Delphi Oracle
      Delphi Oracle Month ago

      F'ing right and proud of it. You wish.

  • The Dragking252
    The Dragking252 Month ago +2

    that why you need it to be cold there California

  • Quack Tron
    Quack Tron Month ago +14

    Out shhooo shoo
    Out u go
    Dream in your country freeloaders 👋💥

    • Bit Chute
      Bit Chute Month ago

      Quack Tron lmao 😂

    • The Messiah
      The Messiah Month ago

      Freeloaders vs serial killer Invaders

    • The Messiah
      The Messiah Month ago

      You must be white spoken like a true invader

  • Alejandra De Luna
    Alejandra De Luna Month ago +11

    I thought dreamers want to have the right to go to school...what the hell are they doing leaving class? 😒

    • michellee jimenezz
      michellee jimenezz Month ago

      Golden Brothers huh? Your sentence doesn’t even make sense

    • Golden Brothers
      Golden Brothers Month ago

      @michellee jimenezz why you here all looking smart I was there

    • michellee jimenezz
      michellee jimenezz Month ago +1

      Making a statement

    • Golden Brothers
      Golden Brothers Month ago

      I will leave class hope America turn to Venezuela America economy collapses