• Published on Nov 30, 2019
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Comments • 536

  • United Man
    United Man Month ago

    Ha ha these vids ain't ageing very well! Sad feckers!

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi Month ago

    Problems dont get fixed overnight but I’m still optimistic for tommorow COYG❤️

  • neejoy sola
    neejoy sola Month ago

    Soon where gonna hear we can’t blame Freddie we should of sacked emery sooner than later

  • alida flus
    alida flus Month ago

    Problems dont get fixed overnight but I’m still optimistic for tommorow COYG❤️

  • alisuo toko
    alisuo toko Month ago

    I hope we can get Martinelli into the game early, we need his energy.

  • monika laosi
    monika laosi Month ago

    Annoying how I cant watch the game as I have a sunday league game at 2

    • neejoy sola
      neejoy sola Month ago

      Mark Hughes or Tony pullis will keep you up

  • mixio hili
    mixio hili Month ago

    Now it’s time to learn how to pronounce Freddies name right. First of all. The L is silent. Closest way to pronounce his name would be Yungberg. Greetings from Sweden!!

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss Month ago

    Beard is huge, get a shave bro 😂

    • alisuo toko
      alisuo toko Month ago

      This bloke couldnt kick a ball to save his life total gobshite

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini Month ago

    I hope we blaze em.

  • HMQ
    HMQ Month ago

    Norwich were vastly superior. VAR intervened to save you with the penalty retake

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili Month ago

      Not sure why ur so gassed about freddy lol. Someone remind me what has he done as a manager 🙄

  • Knaussenheimer
    Knaussenheimer Month ago


  • Adrian Webster
    Adrian Webster Month ago

    You'd go with my team now DT? You as my no.2...we'd av got the win today!

  • mark hill
    mark hill Month ago

    Haha lucky to get a 2.2 draw lol same old shit

  • songs for the deaf.

    New manager syndrome.... arsenal get a draw😂😂😂

  • louis haynes
    louis haynes Month ago

    Really deflated and depressed with what actually happened with the squad on the day! Hoping for the best going forward.

  • Venture Squad
    Venture Squad Month ago +1

    We drew 😑

  • dineshen pillay
    dineshen pillay Month ago +2

    Bad ebening

  • Ronnie Mercer
    Ronnie Mercer Month ago

    Mark Hughes or Tony pullis will keep you up

  • Brian Kin
    Brian Kin Month ago

    Nowich 3 arsenal 1

    GUNNER AFC Month ago

    This bloke couldnt kick a ball to save his life total gobshite

  • Bad Ebening Emery
    Bad Ebening Emery Month ago

    1-2 arsenal

  • Russ D
    Russ D Month ago

    Not sure why ur so gassed about freddy lol. Someone remind me what has he done as a manager 🙄

  • turkish legend
    turkish legend Month ago

    How many you going lose by today lol

  • Jack Tulips
    Jack Tulips Month ago

    3-1 Norwich u heard it here first

  • HZ Jee
    HZ Jee Month ago

    My Prediction Line Up 1-11: 4-2-3-1
    Bellerin Sokratis David Luiz Tierney
    Torreira Guendouzi
    N.Pepe Mesut Ozil Aubameyang
    My Prediction Score: Norwich City 2-5 Arsenal (Come on DT, Freddie Ljungberg in charge does not mean things will fully change. We must see how he improve the team. Hope his not another traitor.)

  • Phumelela lekhoathi

    fuck xhaka man I'd play Luiz over him

  • Alexandre Lacazette

    Play:- 1. Martinez 2. Tierney 3. Luiz 4. Chambers 5. Bellerin 6. Torreira 7. Ceballos 8. Guendouzi 9. Saka 10. Ozil 11. Martinelli . Formation 4-3-3

  • metin salahor
    metin salahor Month ago

    Beauty Mr DT👊🏼

  • Dru Lomax
    Dru Lomax Month ago

    Respect to Freddie & good luck a true legend stepping up ( i really hope the fans don't turn on him if it doesn't go how we want it too )

  • orvastanhallgato
    orvastanhallgato Month ago

    I'd like to see a 4-4-2 Aube upfront with laca ozil down the left cutting in to assist

  • Laca Zette
    Laca Zette Month ago

    Dt tierney got a red

  • omar ahmad
    omar ahmad Month ago

    I wonder how long before he gets on Freddies back

  • Brian Wany
    Brian Wany Month ago

    Xhaka!!! 😣
    Are you mad

  • Hasan Ramzan
    Hasan Ramzan Month ago

    I would like to see Xhaka and Willock tried. Willock isn’t as good as Ramsey, but he has similar traits to him. Xhaka was better when Ramsey was next to him. It’s worth a go. Willock has a good relationship with Freddie as well.

  • Hasan Ramzan
    Hasan Ramzan Month ago

    I think there is a difference between Ole and Freddie. Freddie has an experience of coaching, improving,and has a connection with some of our younger players. Ole didn’t have that. He has been around the club for a while so he knows the players. I think that Freddie won’t be appointed but I don’t see a comparison with Freddie.

  • Mandeep Singh
    Mandeep Singh Month ago

    I'm actually excited abt the game for a change

  • Adrian Webster
    Adrian Webster Month ago

    A little tactically naive I reckon. With your team selection you're basically saying it's 6 attacking players (wing backs included), and 4 defensive players: Luiz, Chamber's, Torreira and Xhaka. At home against Norwich yes, you're a big enough team to do it, but not away from home. It only works away from home if one fullback holds when the other goes forwards.
    5 defenders,5 attackers needed.
    Tierney, Luiz, Mustafi
    Torreira, Chamber's
    Auba, Ozil, Cabellos, Pepe

  • steph
    steph Month ago

    So what's your score prognostic DT? For me 1-3!

  • steph
    steph Month ago

    Pepe in that's right!

  • steph
    steph Month ago

    Come on DT we know very well: whatever the manager keeping this team we are out top 4 without a doubt.

  • Nigel Frans
    Nigel Frans Month ago

    Granit Xhaka can f*ck off

  • gittipoos
    gittipoos Month ago

    Everyone get behind Freddie, season re-boot - YES!

  • George May
    George May Month ago

    Good line up d t
    Let’s see what thes boys can do ☝🏻

  • - theObig
    - theObig Month ago

    When they lose or tie this whole “Emery’s Fault” thing will be hilarious

  • Bajram Asllani
    Bajram Asllani Month ago

    I would actually play 433, with torrerira playin CDM alone and xhaka and özil playin above him, more attacking.
    Aubameyang laca pepe
    Özil. Xhaka
    Tierney Luiz Chambers belerin
    I think this formation would suit arsenal really good, and I hope Freddie plays with this formation

  • Jamil MR
    Jamil MR Month ago

    unai sucke dthe enrgey out of the club, team, fans stopped coming and players were about to leave in jan, seriously! so thank god for that!, now expectations, but on one thing Freddie def needs to do is play the players in the right position

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee Month ago +2

    Bellerin Chambers Holding Tierney
    Torriera Douzer
    Pepe Laca Martinelli Auba

  • mkkravist11
    mkkravist11 Month ago

    It’s a facade. I love Freddie but there’s no evidence he’s any better than Emery.
    The club is the problem and that comes from a poisonous spineless weak-willed Board and owner- plus some truly abysmal players. The disease is still there.
    Hope I’m wrong and I hope Arsenal can spank the Canaries.

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee Month ago +4

    Come On Freddie! Come On Arsenal!

  • Joe O'Connor
    Joe O'Connor Month ago

    If it wasn't for VAR this season we'd be 4 points closer than what we are.

  • Ahanor John
    Ahanor John Month ago

    Arsenal should either play laca or auba in 9 not both on the pitch ...makes the team disjointed

  • moses yorke
    moses yorke Month ago

    Thanks DT. Your voice partly played a role in Emery's sacking. I was sick of him.

  • Paul Barnett
    Paul Barnett Month ago

    We should be looking at Ten Hag from Ajax, and he can bring Ziyech and Donny van der Beek over to London with him!

  • wesley keet
    wesley keet Month ago

    Sokratis is our fastest defender. Seen him beat Ronaldo in a sprint a couple of seasons ago playing for Dortmund

  • Ketts Rebel
    Ketts Rebel Month ago +1

    Norwich Fan behind enemy lines...a great video by the way. A quick note before I head off for the train and pre-match beers. I would rather your old boss was in place for this fixture - I can sense the renewed positivity - dead cat bounce and all that. Yes we are struggling and will be underdogs for every game - but we definitely have the potential to surprise with a young & energetic squad - think Man City & Everton last Saturday. A key defender is back fit - Zimmerman. Hernandez is back - very fast and creative. Following the Everton result last weekend - and home advantage I think Norwich fans will also have a renewed sense of positivity. This could go anyway, difficult to predict, but I going to say 2-1 Norwich. Best of luck (after today) for the rest of the season. OTBC.

    • mkkravist11
      mkkravist11 Month ago

      Ketts Rebel fair play, if Norwich win they’ll deserve it. Arsenal should be blowing a promoted struggler away but this IS Arsenal after all!!

  • Robin Arden
    Robin Arden Month ago

    5 - 0, And Freddie to play himself and bag a couple. 😂 🤣 😃 😄 😅 😆

  • G
    G Month ago

    Good call, personally i would have gone for a 4-4-2 diamond Toreira DMC to sit in front of that defense to break up and block and to feed Ozil every chance he gets, Saka or Nelson AML, Ozil AMC, Auba & Laca up front, Pepe to the right, set style to very attacking and bosh job done. Just want to say good luck Freddie, show us the way home you know where we belong :)

  • vmarko84
    vmarko84 Month ago +1

    Only in Arsenal can happen that club captain fucks off fans and how he acted and still be playing in first eleven. Its awful to see how DT loves his xhaka and ozil. That's arsenal fans for you. Its couldn't happen in any other premier league club. Ia dt ozil and chaka love child ??

    • vmarko84
      vmarko84 Month ago

      @mkkravist11 when Bayern trashed Arsen 2 years in row in CL then media asked from Bayern president who they did it. And Bayer president answer was: we played our tactics against Arsenal weakest like - Ozil.

    • vmarko84
      vmarko84 Month ago

      @mkkravist11DT said when he argued with Lee when Lee said look how Aguero works and DT responded it's not Ozil job to work like that and ozil plays in different position. Wtf!!!! Ozil is midfielder and Aguero is a striker so midfielder usually have to work 10 times more then striker. Auba workrate is zero. Auba is totally useless player when he doesn't score. Look Aguero Salah Mane Firmino De Bruyne work rates. Messi trops as a right back to help team out. Auba is so useless when he dont score gives 0 to team and I cant see his over hyped runs in opponent box.

    • mkkravist11
      mkkravist11 Month ago

      vmarko84 agree. Nothing Xhaka can do is bad in DT’s eyes. Ozil is a £350k/wk millstone. If I was Fred I would have swept the abysmal players aside and put the best of the rest in. These players have done nothing and are not professional- you can hate your boss but still give 100% to the job.

  • Abraham Juma Kiza
    Abraham Juma Kiza Month ago

    I agree with lineup

  • Inner Circle
    Inner Circle Month ago

    Hopefully Freddie does well enough so he keeps the job till the summer then we can get Rogers
    That would be ideal