Goldbridge! Solskjaer's Messi Mistake! Manchester United 0-1 Barcelona Match Reaction

  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
  • Manchester United - Barcelona! Mark Goldbridge reacts to frustrating loss for United against Barcelona . Get the latest Manchester United Barcelona news on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here
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Comments • 1 250

  • anonymous gamers
    anonymous gamers Month ago +2

    Wow goldbridge the genius Liverpool beat barca 4-0

  • Harvey Dent
    Harvey Dent 4 months ago +5

    You where right about liverpool 4-0

  • jesus bastidas
    jesus bastidas 5 months ago

    Horrible performance, not a single shot on target for us. Barca seemed so passive aswell. The 2nd leg more of their quality was shown

  • Franny Darko
    Franny Darko 5 months ago

    3 nil

  • marika feeqqw
    marika feeqqw 5 months ago

    Omg I didn’t know he doesn’t understand football. Yeah, United was better... 4-0 Liverpool? Hope we see Barça and Liverpool going through.

  • Marvin
    Marvin 5 months ago

    I think your wrong mark.. lingard and martial didn't play because were scared of rushing them back.

  • Darius Simiyu
    Darius Simiyu 5 months ago

    The only way to top four is sitting back and hitting teams on counter, if a team doesn't try to dominate then man u is toast.

  • Darius Simiyu
    Darius Simiyu 5 months ago

    Ole's plan has been pack the bus and hit on counter all along. It's why man u lost to wolves twice. If he tries to outplay Barca, he'll get smashed by Messi and Suarez.

  • Dimityr Lefterov
    Dimityr Lefterov 5 months ago

    Did you say Barca isnt as good as everybody SAYS?
    Barca hasn't lost a SINGLE game in the CL this season.
    The ONLY team Who hasnt lost a game in the CL.

  • Sam Swinburne
    Sam Swinburne 5 months ago

    ‘We’ - I hate when fans say that 😂

  • Seegh Hyle
    Seegh Hyle 5 months ago

    Ugly piece of trash idiot.

  • Jamie Wilson
    Jamie Wilson 5 months ago

    Anyone else feel as if he has a double digit IQ

  • Aderson Cooper
    Aderson Cooper 5 months ago

    Except for DE GEA...
    ALL OTHERS would never play for a top club

  • Aderson Cooper
    Aderson Cooper 5 months ago



    This guy is just talking out of the heat of lossing against barcelona which was coming anyway. Barca is most likely the strongest team in this tournament because there’s no real madrid this season

  • Tariqqo Omari
    Tariqqo Omari 5 months ago

    Lol this moron really think barcelona played hard 😂😂😂😂

  • MiniiNinja
    MiniiNinja 5 months ago

    You're seriously deluded if you think Barca was at their best. This is the first Barca game you probably saw this season lmao.

  • Kurt Farrugia
    Kurt Farrugia 5 months ago

    We played bad and still beat you hahahahahaha

  • Paul Fowler
    Paul Fowler 5 months ago

    You learn by your mistakes. We will be fine

  • Emyshine Felix
    Emyshine Felix 5 months ago

    If only our beloved pogba was half as consistent hazard, our position in the table would have been a bit better...hazard and debruyne are leaders man..

  • Bilaal Ahmed
    Bilaal Ahmed 5 months ago

    Barca is playing second or third grade Barca football right now and you didn't have a whiff of goal at home when you played well. Stop dreaming Man Utd fan boys.

  • Jackson Freeman
    Jackson Freeman 5 months ago

    United have no chance at camp nou

  • Victoria Windsor
    Victoria Windsor 5 months ago


  • Anam Rajbhandari
    Anam Rajbhandari 5 months ago

    aahh chelsea fans reacted this same way last year.......and then bang .....( and then roma )

  • Hari Narayanan
    Hari Narayanan 5 months ago

    I strongly believe for the World class Quality that Pogba has, what he is doing is not at all enough!

  • varun gurjar
    varun gurjar 5 months ago

    Rashford cudnt beat pique on the race 2 or 3 times..the guy is what 31 years old..

  • varun gurjar
    varun gurjar 5 months ago

    Actually our standards are dropped so much we think of rashford as our savior..though he is talented and can be a world clads player but he is not there yet. Martial does little dribble and we forgot we had giggs, ronaldo and top class forward who were killing it everyday. One or two random good balls by pogba in a match and then he disappears in next five but we forget scholsy and carrick were doing it everyday. But our standards are so poor now that average looks like world class.

  • RUZTY1311
    RUZTY1311 5 months ago

    The ONLY mistake Ole made was putting Young onto that pitch. And wth was with the indecisiveness at who was supposed to take the free kicks lol? Rashford has a rocket for a shot but its waaaay to inconsistant. Pogba should have taken 2 at LEAST

  • balu sherchan
    balu sherchan 5 months ago

    man u played well but 0-1 may be more.if .alba , coutino and suraze didn't miss will ended 4-0 and u must fear to face barcelona in camp nou it is our home n we r more dangerous in our own ground

  • Deepak Kunniah
    Deepak Kunniah 5 months ago

    bloody stupid young smalling lukaku full of garbage player

  • Crime & Justice TV
    Crime & Justice TV 5 months ago

    Liverpool would tear that Barcelona team apart

  • ItsSoEasy
    ItsSoEasy 5 months ago

    Lol.. zero shots on target, no real treat going forward. Cant build up attacks, slow passing and just kicking the ball towards the box hoping for some luck. Last 10 min utd barely touched the ball, at home, chasing a goal. Barca are known for being super careful in the first leg if they go ahead. Utds only real danger came from silly mistakes in Barcas backline. 4-1 on Tuesday is my guess. I cant see utd being the first team to win at camp nou in 5 years.

    BOY DILA 5 months ago

    Like i said before, pogba always "lost" in big game..

  • Medelhavs Korv
    Medelhavs Korv 5 months ago

    0 shots on target. Barcelona controlled the game from minute one.

  • WOOOPdoctorFROGhere
    WOOOPdoctorFROGhere 5 months ago

    Danny Welbeck was terrible yet again. When is he going to get dropped and when are people going to stop pronouncing his name as "Rashford"

  • Alex Ousa
    Alex Ousa 5 months ago

    "Liverpool will beat barca 4-0" you mean barca will end the tie in the first leg🤣🤣 who is salah?
    TREBLE LOADING.........🏆🏆🏆

  • Luke Whittleworth
    Luke Whittleworth 5 months ago

    Pin point, knocked it on the head there

  • Nkosinathi Madlala
    Nkosinathi Madlala 5 months ago

    Lukaku was good Rashford was dead but we didnt play bad

  • just football
    just football 5 months ago

    This trending well done mark

    RAVIN BHEEKHA 5 months ago


  • Me1892 Ok
    Me1892 Ok 5 months ago

    Instead of saying ‘minute one’ and ‘second one’, why not say, ‘first minute’ or even ‘the start’? Fans prefer straight talking.

  • Polite Mlilo
    Polite Mlilo 5 months ago

    One CD and at least two World class strikers for man united on summer transfer window. Thats the medicine alone

  • Simon Andre
    Simon Andre 5 months ago

    Has to be Pogba Fred mctomminay as our first choice midfield now

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi 5 months ago


  • Gunner Big one
    Gunner Big one 5 months ago

    U are crack lighting does not struck twice

  • Duncan Presly
    Duncan Presly 5 months ago

    True talk today, Rushford isn’t United Quality

  • Kurt Knowles
    Kurt Knowles 5 months ago

    I completely disagree I thought it was a great performance from ole, I like the 2 up front and hate 433. Had chances in the game but didn't finish and in elite game u have to take ur chances

  • Nidawan Dohling
    Nidawan Dohling 5 months ago

    Whatever Ole did, he did it fine. Apart from lack of attempts; we were doing good. The game wasn’t too bad for us. We’re just a goal down and now, Manchester United have nothing to lose when we go to Nou Camp but Barcelona will have everything to lose that night. If we could make a goal in the first 20 minutes. We could make it.

  • K B
    K B 5 months ago

    LOL...Barca was in first and second gear all game...there are maybe two players in this Manchester team who can make this barca team...don't take my word just watch on Tuesday...the game was never close despite the scoreline

  • Ichiban
    Ichiban 5 months ago

    Dalot should have scored the header, Rashford the volley ,3 dangerous free-kicks that went nowhere near the goal .Plus Busquets probably should have been sent off and a hand-ball for a penalty

  • adam emerson
    adam emerson 5 months ago

    i think we should just retire young #[he has no say in the matter]

  • The Sound Of Pop Art
    The Sound Of Pop Art 5 months ago

    U look much younger than years hopefully Ole will learn from yr experienced Managers advice.... Also your Jose type advice on how to develop / Rashford is right !

  • malcolm booth
    malcolm booth 5 months ago

    fred is coming in the game more he will be a very good player under ole

  • Eric Yip
    Eric Yip 5 months ago

    Disagree. The tactics worked, look at our squad, press and play counter the only way we stand a chance. If we didn't show Barcelona the respect and lose 3-0. You would still be complaining. Sure, we should have press from the start. But we are not really a team filled with confidence with our recent result. The tactics worked, the player didn't make the most of it when we had opportunity. Just take the positive.

  • malcolm booth
    malcolm booth 5 months ago

    ashley young was crap ged rid of him this summer

  • james lambert
    james lambert 5 months ago

    should of gone with lindelof smalling jones - dalot fred mctominay pogba shaw - rashford martial
    bench- lukaku, periera, greenwood ,chong, young. would of smashed it!

  • Mohammed Waseem
    Mohammed Waseem 5 months ago

    Did he just say barcelona are not that good

  • Fianna
    Fianna 5 months ago

    Barca totally out played united until they scored then they took their foot off the gas, united couldn't even threaten a sitting back barca

  • JT
    JT 5 months ago

    Liverpool. And City would of beat barca easily last night

  • JT
    JT 5 months ago

    United need an out and out striker to play off rashford, incardi needs to be bought, the right hand side was non existing young is getting worse each game, that game showed how much united need a RB, Fred was outstanding,
    On BBC sport today it stated pogba wants to go to Spain does anyone know if there is any truth in it, as it said united are targetting Bruno Fernandes to replace him