INSANE Mutton Soup & BEST Masala Dosa at 3 AM! Street Food Tour of Hyderabad India

  • Published on May 9, 2018
  • I started off my day with a typical south Indian breakfast: Dosas and Idlis. I later found out from my local friend that there is a popular dosa place that is only open from 3-5am! So after a long food day, we woke up early to get what some say is the best dosa in Hyderabad.
    Pragathi Tiffin Breakfast
    Mayur Pan House
    Gokul Chat
    Shah Ghouse
    Ram Ki Bandi
    His other location that is open during the day: (just as good!)
    Ram's Dosa House

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  • Modest Mind25
    Modest Mind25 Day ago

    Please, stop with the food diapers.

  • Ireshani
    Ireshani Day ago

    5.05: headset on
    You're welcome

  • Arushi Choudhury
    Arushi Choudhury 2 days ago

    That white chutney is the coconut chutney

  • Spoorthy Myneni
    Spoorthy Myneni 5 days ago

    Should have had a Thali somewhere..

  • Cook ie
    Cook ie 7 days ago

    That girl came to understand something 😂

  • Padmaja Reddy
    Padmaja Reddy 8 days ago

    That girl was a misguide to talk about mirchi bajji 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Liu Maisie
    Liu Maisie 9 days ago

    So funny you are telling us your dreamq

  • हिमांशु यादव

    Come too Uttar Pradesh too many hidden gems in U.P. 😀

  • Tough Harley
    Tough Harley 10 days ago

    Aww that's so nice of him to help you out with the dosa and the food you ate was awesome

  • Mahatab Amin Tonmoy
    Mahatab Amin Tonmoy 11 days ago

    Its call halim

  • Aanil Kumarr
    Aanil Kumarr 11 days ago

    It's famous for chat, that lady don't know what to eat at Gokul chat. You missed main item.. kulfi is recently added item in their menu.

  • Viksha Chaudhury
    Viksha Chaudhury 12 days ago

    He's so adorable

  • asish rout
    asish rout 14 days ago

    15.05 - 15.16 food porn 😁😁😁😁

  • shashi bhushan
    shashi bhushan 14 days ago +1

    your local girl guide's fake english accent though 😂😂😂😂

  • ksweetie1
    ksweetie1 16 days ago

    That woman made you blush. You 2 are cute together ;)

  • Ajay Krishna
    Ajay Krishna 17 days ago

    25:22 is that stylish dheeru?

  • Tillu Reddy
    Tillu Reddy 17 days ago +1

    The only bad thing in India is that everybody stares at you. I’m Indian too but I still think they just stare at foriegnres.

  • Talha Yusuf
    Talha Yusuf 17 days ago

    Do you ever lose appetite? haha

  • Arnav M
    Arnav M 18 days ago

    What! Sometimes I find it(chat) bland

  • Arnav M
    Arnav M 18 days ago

    Stop calling it ''gravy" for God sake

  • ashish pant
    ashish pant 18 days ago

    15:10 😂😂

  • Lovable Mz
    Lovable Mz 18 days ago

    She is so cute and beautiful very nice personality as well 😀

  • Jean Chase
    Jean Chase 18 days ago

    Interesting sign on the wall at the Dosa place...Beware of Pickpocketers! 😳

  • Vinayak Narayanan
    Vinayak Narayanan 19 days ago

    If u wanna eat a real iddili then come to

    • John R
      John R 16 days ago

      What's a real Iddili..?

  • Ashish Kumar Belladhi
    Ashish Kumar Belladhi 19 days ago

    14:00 echo is high.😂

  • Ashish Kumar Belladhi
    Ashish Kumar Belladhi 19 days ago

    Anyone who wanna try Hyderabad Biryani from India and other country.

  • Ashish Kumar Belladhi
    Ashish Kumar Belladhi 19 days ago

    8:06 Hey, It's Koti, Hyderabad.

  • Moon Meander
    Moon Meander 20 days ago

    T Series food are good

  • Yo-Fam
    Yo-Fam 20 days ago +2

    Had to turn my volume down at 15:10 😂😂

  • Shantanu Goyal
    Shantanu Goyal 21 day ago

    Watching you eat is so much fun. Thanks for making these great videos!

  • Rajat Sharma
    Rajat Sharma 22 days ago

    Delicious Dosa potatoes falling to the bottom as diapers! WTF!! Lol

  • Vagdeep Varma
    Vagdeep Varma 23 days ago

    Try rams dosa house near kbr park

  • Prithviraj Maity
    Prithviraj Maity 23 days ago

    13:45 he just said hyberdad😂

  • Branden Kelly
    Branden Kelly 24 days ago

    This girl is cute I think she like you Mike

  • Antonio Erup
    Antonio Erup 27 days ago

    Shes adorable.

  • andy joe
    andy joe 28 days ago

    thank you for visiting Hyderabad & Gokul chat........... the place where many people died few years ago b'cos terrorists planted bombs....
    the business boomed back again after a couple of months........

  • Michael Patricio
    Michael Patricio Month ago


  • gowtham teja
    gowtham teja Month ago

    U had Ramki band dosa in the end. Insane Food Fan👌

  • Propel chakma
    Propel chakma Month ago

    At 15:04 close your eyes and listen 😜😜😜. And By the way nice vedios.

  • diamante syg
    diamante syg Month ago

    should tell that girl got some fake accent

  • Sushreeta Subudhi
    Sushreeta Subudhi Month ago

    When he said..Hybradad😂

  • Navatha Porika
    Navatha Porika Month ago

    Which place that mutton paya in Hyderabad?

  • Arjun Kumar
    Arjun Kumar Month ago

    21:18 I wonder if this video got claimed by the music company...

  • Shivam Prasad
    Shivam Prasad Month ago

    calling sambhar and chutney sauce...god i'm dead

  • Neerak Dangal
    Neerak Dangal Month ago

    Eelaichi is cardmom are with wrong guide broo...

  • Prathamesh Shrivastava

    Hyderabad* not hyberdad😂😂😂

  • Shiva Prasad Sethi
    Shiva Prasad Sethi Month ago +1

    15:12 he got a orgasm...there

  • Munay Ke Abbu
    Munay Ke Abbu Month ago

    Ashu is so sweet I would take her with me after dinner :)

  • samba siva
    samba siva Month ago

    I am from Hyderabad basically but I don't know really where did I get dosa. Could please tell me the area name in Hyderabad?

    • samba siva
      samba siva Month ago

      +Nostalgia For Infinity thanks for the information. I will try.

    • Nostalgia For Infinity
      Nostalgia For Infinity Month ago

      The Pragathi Tiffins one is at Hanuman Tekdi (near Ram Koti). It's exactly opposite to Pragathi Degree College (hence the name).

  • R. N.
    R. N. Month ago

    15:05 creampie haha

  • Yudhajit Gupta
    Yudhajit Gupta Month ago

    If u ever come to Calcutta, u should try the papdi chat here. It's like heaven ☁

  • Jennifer Wright
    Jennifer Wright Month ago +1

    Food diaper. I have to say not your best analogy lol

  • pratik pandey
    pratik pandey Month ago

    U foreign people don't have any other places to explore y all foreign people doing the same thing visiting. Indian know all about our food 😁
    Indian food explore for earning money from TheXvid get off

  • KeepRolling1000
    KeepRolling1000 Month ago +1

    12:36 bump

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    ali khan Month ago +3

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    Mike Hunt Month ago


  • matt k
    matt k Month ago

    am i the only one who thinks that the girl has a crush?

  • Jeevsub
    Jeevsub Month ago +1


  • Dean Flet
    Dean Flet Month ago

    I watching this episode at the Indian restaurant and the owner looks at me ask if she can watch it so I'm letting her watch it and well thanks Mikey I got half off my meal nice.

  • Ajay Penmetsa
    Ajay Penmetsa Month ago

    Bruh spoon for pani puri

  • Yengsta
    Yengsta Month ago

    We saw her face before they blurred it lol

  • amit anantwar
    amit anantwar Month ago

    u can come to Pune n i will help u to make a perfect traditional food video....

  • ㄒ卄丨匚匚乇乂ㄒ尺卂

    Guess your trip to the toilet is going to be insane

  • Vallimanasa Varma
    Vallimanasa Varma Month ago

    Dats not sum kind of sauce in which we dip chilli to make a bajji!!!!’s flour!!

  • Donna Crisel
    Donna Crisel Month ago

    I want to try some dosa, the way he described it looks so salivating too !

  • Rahil Sethi
    Rahil Sethi Month ago

    This is a very popular soup in "HyberDad" :-D 13:40. He got so captured by the soup, he forgot where he's :-D

  • Dumb Insect
    Dumb Insect Month ago

    i find the girl's reaction @15:37 quite disturbing, abit rude maybe but i dunno

  • Doreliza Hall Hammond

    Wonderful job

  • Renuka
    Renuka Month ago +1

    6:26 "This is way better than oreos and milk"
    That's right Mike say it louder for the people at the back! Being an indian only we would know the joy of having chai and biscuit together

  • Laksh Srivastava
    Laksh Srivastava Month ago +3

    Blessed to call Hyderabad my home

  • Vijeth Revankar
    Vijeth Revankar Month ago

    Girl! Stop that fake accent.

  • The Crazy Prince
    The Crazy Prince Month ago +22

    I don't know what you felt back then. But you will get the best of potatoes all over INDIA. We can literally make Snacks, Main course and dessert out of potatoes !!
    Potatoes everywhere.
    I even think myself as a potato !! Wherever I go I'll blend in 🔥🔥

    • E S
      E S 6 days ago


    • Srineesh Salur
      Srineesh Salur 11 days ago

      😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Jonathan Serrano
    Jonathan Serrano Month ago

    what is mutton, I thought they were talking about mutton snapper

  • bondita saikia
    bondita saikia Month ago

    Curry heaven !!!

  • Manas Chatterjee
    Manas Chatterjee Month ago

    Indian food therefore is the best

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    12:28 he is in love with her. Definitely 😂😂😂

  • Maimuna Babou
    Maimuna Babou Month ago

    I would be afraid to be out at night in a country like india 🇮🇳 my son was there 2 years ago and I’ll keep my experience to myself because I’m Black American and it wasn’t the best experience.

    SUMIT Month ago


  • sunny dayal
    sunny dayal Month ago

    I live there and the food is really awesome

  • Savage Historian
    Savage Historian Month ago

    I love India but would it kill them to be just a bit sanitary.

  • Subrena B
    Subrena B Month ago

    💕 I love watching your videos.

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    kanoo likamii Month ago +1

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  • Doc Roid
    Doc Roid 2 months ago

    I love this channel man. He is always so respectful and appreciative of the cuisine he's tasting. A real true foodie. Love from India brother.

  • Erin Roberson
    Erin Roberson 2 months ago +2

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  • ebonyloveivory
    ebonyloveivory 2 months ago +1

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  • Lia Lia
    Lia Lia 2 months ago +1

    Mike doesnt care about the girl he only cares for the foods

  • Navin j
    Navin j 2 months ago +2

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    Shehbaaz Khosa 2 months ago

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    Satvik Khare 2 months ago

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  • :: SBK ::
    :: SBK :: 2 months ago

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  • suresh babu
    suresh babu 2 months ago

    As a South Indian really amused by the way you describe idli.. But the way you held it gave it away.. Research more I guess..

  • Saksham sharma
    Saksham sharma 2 months ago

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    nurul soheil 2 months ago

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