INSANE Mutton Soup & BEST Masala Dosa at 3 AM! Street Food Tour of Hyderabad India

  • Published on May 9, 2018
  • I started off my day with a typical south Indian breakfast: Dosas and Idlis. I later found out from my local friend that there is a popular dosa place that is only open from 3-5am! So after a long food day, we woke up early to get what some say is the best dosa in Hyderabad.
    Pragathi Tiffin Breakfast
    Mayur Pan House
    Gokul Chat
    Shah Ghouse
    Ram Ki Bandi
    His other location that is open during the day: (just as good!)
    Ram's Dosa House

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  • Shehbaaz Khosa
    Shehbaaz Khosa 18 hours ago

    Haha great way to ask for dinner😂😂😂

  • Bianca Flores
    Bianca Flores 23 hours ago

    She is adorable 😊

  • Satvik Khare
    Satvik Khare Day ago

    Forget everything. That girl is so cute.

  • :: SBK ::
    :: SBK :: Day ago

    Kulfi is not ice cream !! Kulfi is rich traditional stuff!! 🌈🌈😊🤘🏽🤘🏽✌️

  • suresh babu
    suresh babu 3 days ago

    As a South Indian really amused by the way you describe idli.. But the way you held it gave it away.. Research more I guess..

  • Saksham sharma
    Saksham sharma 3 days ago

    Go to indore in India

  • nurul soheil
    nurul soheil 3 days ago

    She will be the best company for any occasions!!! Mountain bike... street food ... watching movies... concerts... house party.. malls... ocean shores... train journey and overall life partner!!!!🖒

    I AM NOHUMAN 4 days ago

    Cheapest and tastiest

  • TheFinemocha
    TheFinemocha 5 days ago

    What city do people defecate on the beach again?

  • Riya Jha
    Riya Jha 5 days ago

    Loved he dude who bought the dosas what a nice guy

  • KeralaIndianMallu Taehyung

    13:42 - *hyberdad*

  • KeralaIndianMallu Taehyung

    Seeing someone eat the masala dosa that way makes me laugh out hard

    KHENNIE MAAGAD 6 days ago

    She is so beautiful

  • akash anil
    akash anil 9 days ago


  • Pratap Raj
    Pratap Raj 9 days ago

    He looks like Jakie Chan

  • EJ
    EJ 10 days ago

    30 cents

  • dinasha Soobramoney
    dinasha Soobramoney 12 days ago

    I love idli. My grandma used to make it for me

  • S Blacksmith
    S Blacksmith 12 days ago

    Wow, you are sooo lucky to run into nice generous people on your travels!

  • Leftsouthstrike paw
    Leftsouthstrike paw 12 days ago

    In my prime days I've broke some eating records but this guy is on another level ... Black hole for a stomach and the Indian chick has superb English. Being a grammar Nazi and all I'm so happy to listen to her.

  • Raja P
    Raja P 14 days ago

    I can't thank you enough because most foreigners go to North India(Jaipur, Delhi, Agra) and think that's the whole India. India is so diverse and every region has its own culture, food etc. Thank you for visiting South India that's mostly ignored by other foreigners.

  • stef max
    stef max 15 days ago

    yummy dosa

  • LiftOrGTFO
    LiftOrGTFO 17 days ago

    Holy, that lady in red kept staring so much that the editors had to blur her out.

  • Marcus Liu
    Marcus Liu 18 days ago

    so magical, how every time i'm hungry his video show up

  • karunsteel
    karunsteel 20 days ago

    At 8:05 meet ashu "let's eat chole bhaturra" that fake accent 😒😒😒😒

  • Anuj Haldar
    Anuj Haldar 20 days ago

    Come to lucknow india mike i do have some food item you'll fall in love with

  • Lee Nguyen
    Lee Nguyen 20 days ago

    At 3:00 AM in the early morning? That dosa better has dipping sauce made out of coffee

  • Md Mubasheer uddin zubairi

    Next time you come to hyderabad meet me bro

  • Debbie Nguyen
    Debbie Nguyen 20 days ago +2

    My boyfriend is from this city and I am from Vietnam. I am not complaining but it is super hard to cook for him. He wants everything to be covered in spices. He doesn’t want any meat taste. The food need to have spices after taste. But i have to admit, before i had lots of bad stereotypes about Indian, but since I meet him. Everything changed. He is the best person I have ever met. Everybody around him love him

  • Meghana K
    Meghana K 21 day ago

    Hey Gokul chat is the place where some bomb blasts happened
    Omg 25:22 three persons are darling das,stylish dheeru 😂😂famous people in Andhra Pradesh

  • Lei Momi
    Lei Momi 21 day ago

    Looks so yum! I was always taught not to use the left hand as it’s considered rude (hygienic reasons) when eating authentic Indian food when I visited Singapore and we went to little India.. is that true or was my friend joking?

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol 22 days ago

    15.05 - 15.20. Just that.

  • Jean Mikhael
    Jean Mikhael 24 days ago

    Ehh let it gooo 😃😃😃all good walk it all walking 🙂

  • Jean Mikhael
    Jean Mikhael 24 days ago

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    I don't how you found her 😂🤣

  • Ehab Tawfiq
    Ehab Tawfiq 26 days ago

    how many times the girl said yes?

  • Michael John G
    Michael John G 27 days ago

    What's a dosa?? What kind of bread is that like a potatoes pancake

    • Jay p
      Jay p 17 days ago

      Dosa is nothing but Pan fried fermented rice batter ..

    • Meghana K
      Meghana K 20 days ago

      Dosa is made of grinded rice

  • Michael John G
    Michael John G 27 days ago

    Those mash potatoes look like banana peppers

  • Michael John G
    Michael John G 27 days ago

    Love your shirt dumpling man!

  • Michael John G
    Michael John G 27 days ago

    Fukin love lamb

  • Omkar Kulkarni
    Omkar Kulkarni 28 days ago

    Paya 😋😋😋

  • Omkar Kulkarni
    Omkar Kulkarni 28 days ago

    When a American come in India they feel like most richest coz for them every thing is cheap 😂

  • Nar Gurung
    Nar Gurung 29 days ago

    I just love INDIAN Food and the way how Indian people cooked and their skills of cooking ! Salute India 🇮🇳 and Indian Food ✌️😘😋😋

  • K P
    K P Month ago

    21:55 banged some thots and time for eat!!every country has it

  • A M Mirza
    A M Mirza Month ago

    Apart from the food that is brought by the "INVADERS" (BIRYANI, QORMA, KEBABS, NIHARI, HALEEM ,PULLAOW, SAMOSA, ROGHAN JOSH, MOST OF OUR SWEETS like firni, Ghulam jaman etc etc etc etc, just Wikipedia for the further evidence and corroborate)
    India has flavourless lentil and vegetable dishes that are native to India. So, to have the best main course meals it's a must that you go to what most of them call a, "Muslim" resturant, like the ones on Muhammad Ali road. And now that they have banned beef. Many dishes are already gone. But you can definitely try them out (like Nihari in breakfast) at a Muslim household, if you know one. But he'll definitely not come on camera.
    Before 1300 years ago before the "invaders" came to india, there was only brahmacharis and bhujans didnt include the ingredients that might make your food tasty. So you might find only dishes like Rajma or idli dosa or chola bhatura that might be native to India. Others are brought by the those whom they call "invaders", along with all their best architecture, poetry (and poets), literature, Music (ghazal, qawali and others etc) and anything any everything that sells out side India is basically given to India by the ones whom indian don't respect so much (including the British).
    Historically the royalty (culture, food, music, literature and poetry as well) in India has always moved from WEST to EAST. Recently they tried to impose their home grown leadership (through BJP and it's other umbrella organisations like RSS and BJP and vhp etc) in India and you're seen it's results upon us.
    And by the way NON VEG doesn't mean that there will be no vegetables in it. NON VEG food has a lot of vegetables. So this terminology is also very faulty.

  • Ashraf uzzaman
    Ashraf uzzaman Month ago

    girl's confidence is on next level

  • FragKing428
    FragKing428 Month ago

    Him and her having dinner... that was so a date. I ship them SO HARD!

  • Pawan Gupta
    Pawan Gupta Month ago

    This girl seems to be bubbly but she has very limited knowledge on the food ingredients 😂😂

  • Ådìtyã Kûmãr Dàsh

    15:10 he is having an orgasm

  • Pallav Sarkar
    Pallav Sarkar Month ago

    Man you don't taste Hyderabadi Biryani....

  • Minima Arts
    Minima Arts Month ago +3

    3:38 and 10:05 I'm shook. Eating dosa like a samosa, eating a samosa like dosa....

  • Minima Arts
    Minima Arts Month ago

    3:38 seeing him eat dosa like that, the woman in the background is like wtf

    NSSN NSSN Month ago

    yeah they friendly and they to talk to u and treat u extra nice because they know u from ur youtbe channel.

  • Zubaida Majeed
    Zubaida Majeed Month ago

    I eat masala dosa every dinner on weekends (except today because I got noodles). And for a boarding school, the dosas remind me of home. That shows how decent the dosas are. Honestly. By the way if anyone sees podi anywhere and you have dosa, theres your meal and just eat it. Podi is the best with dosa. And especially masala dosa
    Also now the name Pani Puri doesnt make complete sense to me. Pani means water in hindi and Puri is puri. Now pani was as the woman Mike was talking to reffered that monggo watery thing. But it is not exactly water. Sometimes you wouldnt want the monggo thing (thats me). Hence... Im confused

  • Aaron Silveira
    Aaron Silveira Month ago

    India ftw 🤙👌✌️
    EDIT: Hybredad 😂😂😂😂

  • Nola Morrissey
    Nola Morrissey Month ago

    hahahaha oml that dream story

  • Nola Morrissey
    Nola Morrissey Month ago

    it was so nice hearing someone else talk about the food with you :D

  • My Playlist
    My Playlist Month ago

    well you literally didn't see anything in Hyderabad and i feel so sad. Wish i knew you earlier so i could show you the Real food and Beauty of Hyderabad. I now seriously want to know when are you coming again :D

  • Sin Vee
    Sin Vee Month ago

    The 3am dosa place is reli for men as u can see no women out there. So if ur a women go with lots of men and get them to buy while u wait in a car! Do not get out the car! Def not safe! I go india regularly and I’m telling u in most places women aren’t travelling about after dark too much.

  • ToperaToxica
    ToperaToxica Month ago

    love this channel so awesome, unique content

  • Kullu Debbarma
    Kullu Debbarma Month ago

    @mark. If you want really good food in India please do visit , Bangalore(Multicusines with multi culture dishes specially Chinese, Korean, Tibetan, Thai), Mumbai(the best bake cakes and Mutton dishes), Goa(mostly alot numbered varieties of seafood), Delhi(capital of India with variety of fast foods), Punjab(Milk products with high proteins and tortillas stuffed with veggies) you will like it, and last but not the least to the northeast different foods traditionally cooked at all this states includes Sikkim(Dumplings and traditional dishes), Assam, Arunachal pradesh(Mithun feet soup,fermented bamboo soup), Meghalaya(Jadoh)(porkfat rice), Tripura(sticky stuffed rice,porksalads traditional foods), Manipur(purple sticky rice), Mizoram(Fermented soybeans sauce and vegetable traditional dishes), and at the final Nagaland. There you will really going to love the burning feeling in your throat which you have described in last visit in west Bengal. Must try The King chilli sauce and traditional dishes, winged bean sauce. Mostly we northeast resembles to Mongolian race, but we are in heartily Indians. We would love to feel our hospitality as well. Hope so this comment will help you with different foods which are famous for with love 'INDIANS'.

  • No Bakwas
    No Bakwas Month ago

    14:19 omg look at their faces, REALLY ? 😂😂😂

  • DOTA 2easy
    DOTA 2easy Month ago

    Dont compare food with diaper totally unacceptable 😡

  • asuggs
    asuggs Month ago

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Idli with sambar. I’m Indian American and this was my favorite breakfast dish growing up. Unfortunately now I haven’t had it in years though.

  • Zaviya Çağatay Ulusoy

    Did he say falling like deliciously beautiful diaper ???? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • N ebs
    N ebs Month ago

    I love how you describe the taste of food and you look really really amazed and absorbed with the food, one of the best channel ever!!! make me drool every time I watched it

  • MrKaidalen
    MrKaidalen Month ago

    No wearing gloves no eating your food, sorry!

  • amal stanly
    amal stanly Month ago

    @3:29 that look he gave after touching that hot Dosa reminds me of my childhood.. Priceless 😘😘😘😘

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    Rajesh Kumar Month ago

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    Zagradišek Month ago

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    Jimmy Kuriakose Month ago

    Yo next time when You go to India, make sure to go to Kerala. It’s goood. Not only food but also climate

  • Anna Pittman
    Anna Pittman Month ago

    Ugh I wish I could afford to go to India.

  • anku rana
    anku rana Month ago +1

    HUM SAMAJ RHA THA....... DOSA MAIN KUCH SPECIAL DALA HAI....... SALA YA TOO IT HUB NIKLA...... CHINDI CHOR...... inn logo ki too need haram hai

  • anku rana
    anku rana Month ago


  • anku rana
    anku rana Month ago


    GAS GROUP Month ago

    Idli boy

  • Ekon Ekon Gaming
    Ekon Ekon Gaming Month ago

    when it said gokul I thought it said Goku at first. XD

  • sagar kurhade
    sagar kurhade Month ago +1

    Why my mouth is so watery now even i have eaten this dishes every now and then.. 😂 😋😘

  • King James II
    King James II Month ago

    Ashu you're a gem 😀

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    Jerome Joz Month ago

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  • Titli Ghosh
    Titli Ghosh Month ago

    That white sauce with dosa is not lentils, but coconut chutney!

  • Minmaithu Tikhak
    Minmaithu Tikhak Month ago

    15:58 it's funny😂

  • krishna vamsi
    krishna vamsi Month ago

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    koki X1S 2 months ago

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  • Evolution : Machine to Man

    Can i get her phone number or atleast her address, plz buddy ?

  • Manika Rai
    Manika Rai 2 months ago

    Hey try visiting Sikkim,a northeast state of India ..and try out local dishes like momo ,wachipa,syalroti n other local stuffs

  • Kiyotaka Kaito
    Kiyotaka Kaito 2 months ago

    That red chutney for dosa,every single time

  • Supreme Leader
    Supreme Leader 2 months ago

    I'm not a dosa fan but that dosa looked amazing.

  • Prachurjya Das
    Prachurjya Das 2 months ago

    13:43 *HYBER DAD*

  • mdjcsmith
    mdjcsmith 2 months ago

    13:33 best head wobble ever! She should have her own channel!

  • Indominus 2018
    Indominus 2018 2 months ago

    Did you try any green mango?

  • BubsyMupsy
    BubsyMupsy 2 months ago

    This kind of night food stalls are mainly for travellers, passing by night busses, trucks and others...people working night shifts. Especially around the main roads and highways there are a lot of such food stalls. Not every where in India the highways look as in the west. In many places the national highway actually passes through cities and looks as a normal road.

  • Left Nut
    Left Nut 2 months ago


  • TheLegendaryFootballGOD

    What’s the song during 6:24?

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    Bailey Madyson 2 months ago

    Idli is best for breakfast and you should have it with Sambar! It's incredible