Most unusual BEDS that are not only for sleep

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Most unusual BEDS that are not only for sleep
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to life hacks that will literally change your life.


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  • Reyana Christle Simangan

    Imagine in the fish bed when you wake up there is suddenly a shark or a big fish on top of you lol

  • Mackamy
    Mackamy 8 hours ago

    She just called Chris Hadfield “This Dude”

  • Abigail Coppola
    Abigail Coppola 11 hours ago

    I like her shirt

  • JayceXOX
    JayceXOX 11 hours ago

    one for summer and one for winter ;)

  • JayceXOX
    JayceXOX 11 hours ago

    the bed that can do almost everything and the bed after that bed I WANT BOTH OF THEMMMM

  • Brittany Parker
    Brittany Parker 13 hours ago

    I want the bed that can make it by its self

  • Gabby Aragon
    Gabby Aragon 13 hours ago

    I like her without her makeup she looks nice

  • Goddrake oh yeah
    Goddrake oh yeah 13 hours ago


  • Gabriela Costa Matos Carvalho de Alencar

    Counting sheep does NOT help me *LOL

  • honeywolf gacha
    honeywolf gacha 15 hours ago +1

    The beds are more productive then me should I be scared ;-;

  • Megan Street
    Megan Street 17 hours ago

    Also yes it is VERY comfy!

  • Megan Street
    Megan Street 17 hours ago

    I had a water bed and they are so fun! mine could warm up and we had to run the hose pipe all the way through the house to refill it LOL. I love your vids soooo much could I please have a shoutout it means so much! If you can then my name is Thoma street. thanks I love your videos more then anyone one else does!

  • kaka bobo
    kaka bobo 21 hour ago

    these beds seems hungry 🙄😂😂

  • FřøžêňツツWøľfý

    At 4:14 that bed is in Japan and I'm going with my dad it's $800

  • Drew Millen
    Drew Millen Day ago

    who is watching this at 5 am for bed tips

  • APx Grace
    APx Grace Day ago

    Does she realize that she has no makeup on?

  • hi hi Ez
    hi hi Ez Day ago


  • Legendary Noob
    Legendary Noob Day ago

    Oml what?

  • Bens Soccer
    Bens Soccer Day ago +1

    Future beds yes and I am eight years old so I can have these type of things but not a thing that smashes you down to a surface that’s solid or maybe it’s just your mattress it’s just locking you down there until a earthquake or something is happening

  • NoProbLlama :3
    NoProbLlama :3 Day ago +1

    When she started to name the fish, I was pretty sure Doctor Seuss was about to be quoted~
    “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”

  • Alexis Scala
    Alexis Scala Day ago

    OMG a smart bed okay fine I'll stop

  • Alexis Scala
    Alexis Scala Day ago

    OMG a bed that can do everything I'll trade my house for that bed and I know I know I sent like three, I'm so full but you know I thought about a lot of things and I sent what, then I thought of another thing and I have another than I thought of another thing you got the just want to know why I said that 😂😉😋💀😅oh life regrets including all those emojis I sent sent

  • Alexis Scala
    Alexis Scala Day ago

    I also got to get that bed you can ziper

  • Alexis Scala
    Alexis Scala Day ago

    How much money is that bed that makes itself cuz I got to start saving up

  • Susan Greathouse

    Where is your glasses you look weird

  • Oof Yeetus
    Oof Yeetus Day ago

    That dude in space name was Chris and hey has more people on the iss to keep him company too and he has a TheXvid channel

  • Time travel
    Time travel Day ago

    Omg there is only 1 ad and it’s at the end of the vid 🤯🤯

  • Elijah Rhodes
    Elijah Rhodes Day ago

    Correction 11 pillows

  • cole harrison
    cole harrison 2 days ago

    i had a water bed

  • William Kharshiing
    William Kharshiing 2 days ago

    Wow these beds are so cool I really need one.

  • keiko cornelius
    keiko cornelius 2 days ago

    3:41 I like to call it nothing is getting done today 3000

  • Lucy Green
    Lucy Green 2 days ago

    One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

  • Ava Fuhs
    Ava Fuhs 2 days ago

    i count the popcorn on my popcorn celing

  • Emanuel Löfdahl
    Emanuel Löfdahl 2 days ago

    You look weird

  • { gacha Bella }
    { gacha Bella } 3 days ago +1

    Wow actually azzy looks better without her makeup but her voice does not fit her look

    It’s probably because I’m used to having her with make up

  • Mavie Jimenez
    Mavie Jimenez 3 days ago

    The bed can do everything if i had that i wouldnt even leave my bed and the cinema

  • Fall Scars
    Fall Scars 3 days ago

    One two three four how many beds are in store

  • Lalin Heng
    Lalin Heng 3 days ago

    I have the same bed that you said so cool

  • Sabella Blunt
    Sabella Blunt 3 days ago


  • Sabella Blunt
    Sabella Blunt 3 days ago

    Rocking beds help

  • Sabella Blunt
    Sabella Blunt 3 days ago

    I want a sinama bed

  • Chicken Noodle
    Chicken Noodle 3 days ago

    I have a water bed and it's the best thing ever

  • Cryptic pav
    Cryptic pav 3 days ago


  • Sophie Van oijen
    Sophie Van oijen 3 days ago

    Am i the only one who thinks azzy is more beautiful without make up she is really beautiful👑💞

  • Tuncay 20
    Tuncay 20 3 days ago +1

    Ha your not going 2 Space Annelies you hef 2300,000,000,000$

  • Sissy Alyssy
    Sissy Alyssy 4 days ago

    No toy foxy to daydream and I come over

  • Ghulman Ali
    Ghulman Ali 4 days ago

    U look nice without makeup and pretty

  • Ava_plays
    Ava_plays 4 days ago

    the bed with the "cinema" with it is 1.7k ;-; and more.

  • Camilia Q&As minecraft and more

    I need this smart bed

  • Little Narwhal
    Little Narwhal 5 days ago

    I just want the bed that gets made by itself ;>;

  • KaDes Gaming
    KaDes Gaming 5 days ago

    I watch the man who showed us how to sleep in space and u said worm not warm

  • Cindy Lui
    Cindy Lui 5 days ago

    I might need one of those beds...

  • rachel blacklow
    rachel blacklow 5 days ago

    I’m sick and this is making me feel distracted thank u for what u d

  • Patrick Farts
    Patrick Farts 5 days ago

    Everyone ever in the comments: like to make this Blue.

    All the people that liked: haha it does
    The person that made the comment: *victory Royal dance*
    Also them :Soo many likes hheheh

  • floppy bird
    floppy bird 5 days ago

    In the TV they said I am going to sleep

  • Betty Rose
    Betty Rose 5 days ago

    I don’t even make my bed I’m lazy so is my.sister

  • Zeynep Boyaci
    Zeynep Boyaci 5 days ago +1

    The bed that can do everything it exists. I searched it up and the price was £854.05

  • Valeria Qafzezi
    Valeria Qafzezi 5 days ago

    Where is your make up😁🤣🥰

  • Dinh Hien
    Dinh Hien 6 days ago


  • Sebastian Laucke
    Sebastian Laucke 6 days ago

    My mum have 12 pilows