[NBA] Kawhi Leonard Post-Game Media Interview, LAC vs MIL, December 6, 2019

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • NBA Los Angeles Clippers Forward Kawhi Leonard Post-Game Media Interview Los Angeles Clippers vs Milwaukee Bucks, December 6, 2019
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Comments • 42

  • Mr. Loner
    Mr. Loner Month ago

    Can i have a question?

    • Mr. Loner
      Mr. Loner Month ago

      How do you get these vids? Is it legal? Or you have a contract in NBA?

  • Sid Zeller
    Sid Zeller Month ago +1

    Every Kawhi leonard interview needs the volume to be set around 98% loool

  • Anti Vist
    Anti Vist Month ago +1

    After this loss i still believe in Kawhi coz I clearly remember Playoffs last year against bucks

  • Legends of Sleepy Hollow

    He looks like he got a beat down. The Clippers aren't winning anything. PG is a diva. The only way that they will win is by practicing hard together. They are going to burn out. They need an old head player.

    • James Walton
      James Walton Month ago

      Like you know silly as get a life kawhi clipper hater they should strip your dumb ass from your basketball card kawhi win this year 100 like Toronto watch dumb ass

  • Randy Dela Rosa
    Randy Dela Rosa Month ago

    Thanks for this BB! It seems he doesn't play the blame game!

  • Syrio Forel
    Syrio Forel Month ago

    I like that the q's are being flashed.

  • Max Kamper
    Max Kamper Month ago +10

    This guy know he wil beat them in the playoffs

  • Patrick Manansala
    Patrick Manansala Month ago +4

    Kawhi the best

  • E 20
    E 20 Month ago +9

    It's all good kawhi come back stronger💪🏆

  • Gye Nyame
    Gye Nyame Month ago +1

    Stop making excuses Kawhi for your overrated Flippers

    • randon random
      randon random Month ago +1

      He didn't make excuses he pointed out what they did badly on

    • James Walton
      James Walton Month ago

      Shit stop make excuse for your life silly ass kawhi best the klaw

    • Patrick Manansala
      Patrick Manansala Month ago

      @mmd778lebron germs die 2020

    • mmd778
      mmd778 Month ago

      @Patrick Manansala first round exit Kawhi 2020!!!

    • Patrick Manansala
      Patrick Manansala Month ago +2

      @TheBuchi143 yeah 3x now 2020 kawhi another nba champ

  • TheClaw Hwahahahaha
    TheClaw Hwahahahaha Month ago +1

    This team was put together this season? They had pretty much the same guys. Lou Will, Harrell, Beverley, Shamet, Zubac? The thing is theres no chemistry yet between him and PG. But how are they gonna improve their chemistry if he doesn't play? Cut down on the load management bs.

    • 6th Man
      6th Man Month ago

      The way u speak indicates u have no knowledge of his injury ..he has left petallar tendinopathy and its in its second stage only way for him to be healed is if he load manages because if he plays back to backs and his conditions worsen then his left knee tendon becomes degenerative and then were talking career ending ...learn about the situation before u comment

    • M J
      M J Month ago +1

      @TheClaw Hwahahahaha your missing the point why raps risked the trade between de rozan and kawhi. They needed to win in the playoff which was accomplished by the franchise. Raps proved they are a winning team in the regular season. It"s not a secret.

    • Destiny 100
      Destiny 100 Month ago

      @PoloNLacoste strange things happen nobody knows what is going happen playoff. There always upset and team's that catch fire in the right moments. Lol

    • PoloNLacoste
      PoloNLacoste Month ago +1

      Destiny 100 no one activating play off mode for the raptors

    • Destiny 100
      Destiny 100 Month ago

      @RealNPoetic blown out where? Rockets beat raptors by 10 there were few times raptors could won. As far bucks it wasn't blown out it was it was 10 points.

  • Markus Nikodemus
    Markus Nikodemus Month ago +19

    Claw is a very cool guy...loose or win he still keep the same energy(face impressions are the same)
    lakers fan by the way

    • Panagiotis Papadimitriou
      Panagiotis Papadimitriou Month ago

      @Da ReaList L do you see Kawhi haters here? You seem to be hater of Lebron, and of course you despise Giannis.

    • Da ReaList L
      Da ReaList L Month ago +7

      @Panagiotis Papadimitriou what the fuck you talking about?ppl was all for Kawhi when they thought he was coming to help LeBron. But once he chose to go the other route, all the hate came. Including from the media. Fam I speak nothing but facts. So you can miss me with that bs

    • Panagiotis Papadimitriou
      Panagiotis Papadimitriou Month ago +1

      @Da ReaList L we all love Kawhi, for his character and performance, and generally for what he offers to the game.
      This however is not applicable in your case. You speak for haters, better look at the mirror. You provoked this response. Sorry.

    • Da ReaList L
      Da ReaList L Month ago +8

      Kawhi just thinking, I'm going to be that fly in the ointment come playoffs time. Yall haters will be sick... guarantee it lol

    • MySupremeCream
      MySupremeCream Month ago +4

      @Kenneth Onyema stfu