Thinking About… Food!

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • Real fam, do your cravings ever have control over your thoughts?
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  • Danayshia MUA
    Danayshia MUA 23 days ago

    Adrienne...Taco Bell will never in a million years compare to taco stands that have REAL ingredients and not “meat” that comes in a pre packaged bag.

  • Latekah Smith
    Latekah Smith 3 months ago

    I love when you guys are vibing like this....

  • Renalebueno
    Renalebueno 4 months ago

    All yall glutens

  • Kayte Larsen
    Kayte Larsen 4 months ago

    I intermittent fast. So I'm really thinking of is I have to eat between 5 and 6. So to be on time and nothing more

  • Odalys Galindo
    Odalys Galindo 4 months ago

    Jeani really know how to bounce

  • Monique Rucker
    Monique Rucker 5 months ago


  • I am Meci
    I am Meci 5 months ago

    Jeannie yesss I go to bed thinking about what I’m going to eat tomorrow

  • St u
    St u 5 months ago

    Eating a plum while watching this

  • Nokuthula Dlamini
    Nokuthula Dlamini 5 months ago

    Jeannie 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • omgderyah
    omgderyah 5 months ago +3

    Ya ever invite a friend to eat hella good food but they type of ppl who don't like trying and sharing.
    They be like: I'm so excited to eat.
    literally order 1 meal and ate 4 bites.
    Be like : omg I'm full.
    This why i aint talking to them no more.
    We going out, we ordering 4 dishes.
    We share and we eat!!

  • jesus hollman
    jesus hollman 5 months ago

    Jeanie is my spirit twin 😂 😂😂

  • EyeZ of Tha Moon
    EyeZ of Tha Moon 5 months ago

    VEGAANNN!!!!! 💜💜💜

  • Joanna Herodotou
    Joanna Herodotou 5 months ago

    Jeannie eats French Fries?? Wow! I thought she was strict with her diet.

  • Audrey Waight
    Audrey Waight 5 months ago

    Hugo’s MMMMMM!

  • Sarah Glass
    Sarah Glass 6 months ago

    LOVE the Impossible Burger! 😍

  • Megan
    Megan 6 months ago

    Adrienne is vegan now? YAYYY!

  • LONA L
    LONA L 6 months ago

    im eating andomie noodles with fried white fish right now xD

  • Melanie Moore
    Melanie Moore 6 months ago

    I’m Jeannie in this discussion. Lol

  • C-Necole b
    C-Necole b 6 months ago

    Literally everytime I go out to eat with my friends we each order different things and share like a its a buffet 😂

  • serenity Mendez
    serenity Mendez 6 months ago

    Jeannie looks so serious in the end “you go eat by your self”😭😂😂😂😂😭

  • naj a
    naj a 6 months ago

    2:46 most excited ive seen Loni act

  • Safiya
    Safiya 6 months ago

    I have an IG collection for food porn 😂😂 1000+ pics 😬💀

  • Dove
    Dove 6 months ago

    The way I be eating I need to shed 50lbs 😫😫😫

  • Krystina Christiansen
    Krystina Christiansen 6 months ago

    Anyone else think this is a big problem? I think what's really happening is we have an addiction to sugar (which is in nearly EVERYTHING) and as Loni said - it's everywhere - we can't escape it. Driving, commercials, social media, etc. Plus we of course need food to survive so no one thinks it's weird that we're always thinking about it.

  • Imali Esiera
    Imali Esiera 6 months ago

    Aww Loni having a bf is so cute💕

  • La bellaXia
    La bellaXia 6 months ago

    Yes, very true! All I think about is food even when I’m already eating. I’m thinking about my next meal. 😂

  • Loren w
    Loren w 6 months ago

    When did A go vegan? lol I could never

  • Ella Skills
    Ella Skills 6 months ago

    Seeing food and talking about food are my two favorite things in the world.

  • Beauty and The Bible
    Beauty and The Bible 6 months ago

    Talking at the same time was too EXTRA!

  • esther nkhoma
    esther nkhoma 6 months ago

    I love the real I like the fact that Jeani can sneeze and we go bless u kkkkkkk❤❤❤❤

  • Debbie Dewberry
    Debbie Dewberry 6 months ago

    Does anybody ever think about that your Soul need spiritual food to survive? When was the last time you read the word of God for your Soul? Not heard! Read!

  • Katie Cummings
    Katie Cummings 6 months ago

    @adrienne Yes! I love that you are vegan! represent and keep the positivity alive to this amazing life style

  • Sierra B
    Sierra B 6 months ago

    Adrienne’s vegan 😍😍😍

  • Tamara Aispuro
    Tamara Aispuro 6 months ago

    So excited for uncle james :3

  • Wilma Swanepoel
    Wilma Swanepoel 6 months ago

    I can see you guys dont stay in africa

  • Meli Kat
    Meli Kat 6 months ago

    Jeannie cutting off Adrienne was annoying!

  • Mishi Pcm
    Mishi Pcm 6 months ago

    I love tam tam 0:31 in every video there is a part where she that! 😍😍😍

  • Bisha_ Love
    Bisha_ Love 6 months ago

    I love Jeannie😂❤️

  • CupidK. Bear
    CupidK. Bear 6 months ago

    Lol I love how they work well with one another...the energy bounces off from each person....................TAMAR COULD NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joytika Raj
    Joytika Raj 6 months ago

    Adrienne is vegan now, does that mean no more tuna sandwiches dipped in fruit punch! 😂

  • Julia 1016
    Julia 1016 6 months ago

    They got waaayyy to excited over food lol, but I feel em, food is life man!

  • dymplez
    dymplez 6 months ago

    Loni's wig is winning today! Love this look on her!

  • ReviewAnne C
    ReviewAnne C 6 months ago

    no me. I do not think about food

  • KeNara Harjo
    KeNara Harjo 6 months ago

    Going to the south for Waffle House 🤔 you should be going for soul food

  • Lana Del Ray
    Lana Del Ray 6 months ago

    This gotta be my favorite episode lol

  • Dany G
    Dany G 6 months ago

    Memphis BBQ !!!!!

  • genesis nunez
    genesis nunez 6 months ago

    Order food? I think about what I am going to make lol I love looking and thinking about food.

  • God's Child
    God's Child 6 months ago

    I think about Fufu lmao

  • Sam Galea
    Sam Galea 6 months ago

    Girl. You vegan but ordering filli and a burger?

  • Dear Enna
    Dear Enna 6 months ago

    Is Adrienne really vegan? Or is she just fasting for the great lent

    • Ladyjaedy
      Ladyjaedy 6 months ago

      She started eating plant based for her health in January

  • Michelle Odo
    Michelle Odo 6 months ago +1

    I'm so happy for Loni & her new beau! She genuinely seems excited & happy!!

  • ijeoma nnadi
    ijeoma nnadi 6 months ago

    Jeannie is sooo relatable

  • ShanForShort
    ShanForShort 6 months ago

    I save the menu, take a screen grab the review pics, stalk their Instagram and preplan what I’m getting. Listen I’m food crazy.

  • Lauren S
    Lauren S 6 months ago

    Love how Jeannie is taking about food knowing how she used to struggle to eat, love the journey she’s on it’s great

  • Demi
    Demi 6 months ago

    10 whole days dedicated to chocolate and bacon? Yip sounds about right

  • Daizia Gray
    Daizia Gray 6 months ago

    No more tuna and kool-aid for Adrianne since she’s vegan

  • S I E R R A
    S I E R R A 6 months ago

    I recently just went vegan also

  • Beazusland Playlist
    Beazusland Playlist 6 months ago

    I’m already thinking about what I’ll be eating on my vacation in 2 months 😂😂😂😂

  • Nilka Esther Chase DeDier

    Adrienne, no more empanadas ? No more chuletas? Are you serious?

  • Christina Diem
    Christina Diem 6 months ago

    Why am I Jeanie. Late at night when I crave something I go on Yelp pictures and I pretend to plan out in my head exactly what to order but in reality I won’t be going there anytime soon lmaooo