Katharine McPhee - Over It (Alternate Ending) [Official Video]

  • Published on Oct 25, 2009
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    I'm over your lies,
    and I'm over your games.
    I'm over you asking me,
    when you know I'm not okay.
    You call me at night,
    and I pick up the phone.
    And though you've been telling me,
    I know you're not alone.
    That's why
    (your eyes)
    I'm over it
    (your smile)
    I'm over it
    I'm over it
    I'm over it
    I'm over..
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Comments • 2 698

  • Famke Mans
    Famke Mans 17 hours ago +1

    Nanny mcphee's lost daughter :o

  • cik momotora 47
    cik momotora 47 2 days ago

    Lagu untuk org bujang..dan jojo seterusnya😘

  • Va K
    Va K 4 days ago

    World changed so much from 2009 to 2019. I remember, this was my one of those first songs that I listened when I came to the US as a foreign student. So many memories attached to it.

  • Nyambe Glen
    Nyambe Glen 4 days ago

    Been looking for the title and artist of this song for 4 years..the search is over

  • Wouter van Tuijl
    Wouter van Tuijl 5 days ago

    David Foster is one lucky bastard

  • A Zehra
    A Zehra 5 days ago

    She married that rich Foster guy

  • Omer Abdul Azeez
    Omer Abdul Azeez 6 days ago

    Who thinks she have small look of Sunny Leone..

  • sahnizam semons
    sahnizam semons 6 days ago +12

    Who still listen in dec2019? I'm getting old.

  • fibreoptik
    fibreoptik 6 days ago

    David foster is a very very lucky man

  • Little luke
    Little luke 6 days ago

    She is now married to senile satanic illuminati David Foster. I'm sure she will be fine.

  • Ouerouer Lamouch
    Ouerouer Lamouch 7 days ago

    I am married now and i love someone else who is married too
    I can't get over it ..i am addicted

  • D A N i
    D A N i 7 days ago

    december 2019

  • Stephanie Moyer
    Stephanie Moyer 7 days ago +1

    Can't stop playing this song cuz this is exactly how I feel about my current relationship. Eye roll.

  • Afiq Iskandar Shah
    Afiq Iskandar Shah 7 days ago

    Dec 2019 anyone???

  • Tim Duncan
    Tim Duncan 8 days ago

    She ugly

  • Pius Muchira
    Pius Muchira 9 days ago

    ... ...😎...✌️...

  • Celine Flores
    Celine Flores 10 days ago

    Too little too late? By jojo??

  • Hosea Opedes
    Hosea Opedes 10 days ago

    Been enjoying it since 2010
    I am making a decade, I am not yet OVER IT

  • 시계
    시계 10 days ago +2

    time flies ...2019 but still a beautiful classic song

  • Jazmine Allen
    Jazmine Allen 10 days ago

    She looks like kendall jenner!!

  • Baby Bearl juju
    Baby Bearl juju 11 days ago

    OMG I just realized this is the actress on scorpion Oh my God, I know I saw her somewhere

  • Baby Bearl juju
    Baby Bearl juju 11 days ago

    I had no idea about this amazing Song why this song and this girl are not famous no fair in this world I love it it's my 2019 new song f*** music industry they shut amazing people down

  • Silence please 32
    Silence please 32 11 days ago


  • Andy Midi
    Andy Midi 12 days ago

    Nov 2019 in back home

  • Alevtina Maksimenko
    Alevtina Maksimenko 12 days ago +3

    Oh my god, last time i heard this song in 2009 year accidently, and i hoped that ill hear it again, finally i got it 10 years later...

    OKOTIE YVONNE 16 days ago

    Hurt at first

  • Brian Shukie
    Brian Shukie 17 days ago +7

    By over it, she means over marrying men under 60 years old

  • Antonio Liu
    Antonio Liu 17 days ago

    she looks like leighton meester

  • Calina Santos
    Calina Santos 18 days ago

    So, this song is really about her talkin’ shit. Cuz at the end of the video she decides “his games” are cool, and she will continue to live her life according to the terms he sets.
    Turns out, she’s not a friend to herself.

  • Sean Jenkins
    Sean Jenkins 20 days ago +1

    Silly video to a great pop sonf. Should've been a #1

  • Vân Anh Lê
    Vân Anh Lê 21 day ago

    Vietnam điểm danh đê. Khi ctay ny là mình nghe bài này suốt@@

  • Tetsui Padaloy Aoki
    Tetsui Padaloy Aoki 21 day ago

    Can someone help me to download this song in m4a file i couldn't find one in the internet can someone give me a link

    • Tetsui Padaloy Aoki
      Tetsui Padaloy Aoki 3 days ago

      @g the aac file is different in m4a file. The m4a file is a itunes file

    • g
      g 5 days ago

      I think M4a is Aac format
      Who Different?

  • Leslie Toh
    Leslie Toh 22 days ago

    hey guys, where is the "Repeat button"?

  • Sade Harry
    Sade Harry 23 days ago

    What's the name of the guy in the video. Google can't seem to help me

  • tugce blr
    tugce blr 23 days ago

    She likes old man

  • Đệ Nhất Ô Tô TV
    Đệ Nhất Ô Tô TV 24 days ago +2

    My ex-boyfriend sent this song to me, I've been listening to it for 4 years

  • Watch Anything
    Watch Anything 24 days ago +2

    Miss those songs with the short story background.

  • Joel Chee
    Joel Chee 24 days ago +4

    Where is she now? I still listen to her songs in 2019... she would have a big career

    • Danny Hidalgo
      Danny Hidalgo 22 days ago +1

      She's on Broadway in "Waitress" and sings a lot with David Foster, who she just married.

  • why are you reading my comment ?

    Mp4 Days

  • Sade Harry
    Sade Harry 24 days ago +2

    Did she just get back with him??? This video is so misleading 🙄🤣😂

  • Atika Laila
    Atika Laila 25 days ago


  • april clark
    april clark 26 days ago


  • Redouane Kemel
    Redouane Kemel 26 days ago

    Novembre 2019 😥❤

  • Jenmark Pilleren
    Jenmark Pilleren 27 days ago

    I've always been singing this song everytime we have karaoke sessions. Love it ♥

  • Alyssa Dela Paz
    Alyssa Dela Paz 28 days ago

    November 2019😁

  • Amyyy Hamdan
    Amyyy Hamdan 29 days ago +2

    2019 november!! And im still hear this song ahhh miss this moment!! From malaysia 🇲🇾

  • tinaramoutar14
    tinaramoutar14 29 days ago

    Bratz Party Perfection

  • Kelly S.
    Kelly S. 29 days ago

    Never over this song

  • hawi teka
    hawi teka 29 days ago

    She kinda looks like Kendall Jenner

  • Philip Dobrikin
    Philip Dobrikin Month ago

    im not over it / love it

  • Niki Peters
    Niki Peters Month ago +2

    2019,,,miss these songs...brings back memories

  • ramosity
    ramosity Month ago

    Why the fcuk would you cheat on that beautiful and talented woman?

  • abdessamie houri
    abdessamie houri Month ago

    2019 any one ?

  • Shadae Pares
    Shadae Pares Month ago +6

    Anyone else still listening in 2019😘😘

  • Eugene Silchenko
    Eugene Silchenko Month ago

    A very hot Beauty.

  • Paul Michael
    Paul Michael Month ago +1

    Forever a mood before mood was a thing

  • Noxolo Pretty
    Noxolo Pretty Month ago

    November 2019

  • Sheena Quintero
    Sheena Quintero Month ago

    This song is very infectious and very relatable :) every heartbroken "moving-on song"

  • Veby Dari
    Veby Dari Month ago +1

    I feel young again.. I was 21 years old..and now im 32 ... Omg.. Time goes so fast

  • Kaacio Santos
    Kaacio Santos Month ago +1

    2019. Anyone else?