Joe Rogan: They Snapped Jeffrey Epstein’s Neck

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
  • Taken from JRE MMA SHOW #82 w/Israel Adesanya:

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  • Steve Trent
    Steve Trent 6 days ago

    Hilary laughed because Bill was
    Flying to his island and fcking chicks every weekend! I doubt shh r was friends with him. Sounds like a friend of bill that the family prob hated
    Lol . Where’s dad??? He’s with Jeffery on Fck island this weekend kids😂😂😂😂

  • Arnold Strong Numero Uno

    When your suicide note is found on Wikileaks....

  • tinwoods
    tinwoods 8 days ago

    What you have is called delusional paranoia, He hung himself while being guarded by lazy and irresponsible guards.

  • RNY
    RNY 8 days ago +2

    Joe: “I don’t know who that guy Epstein worked for…”

    Joe, here’s a hint - it starts with a “MO” and ends in a “SSAD”.

  • Andrew Wallace
    Andrew Wallace 10 days ago

    I think its important to recognise that pedophilia concerns ages 13 and under. The horrific actions of this man are to do with procurement of girls and rape.

  • roger gerritsen
    roger gerritsen 10 days ago

    Stay away from doorknobs Joe!

  • Mik Wakefield
    Mik Wakefield 13 days ago

    You Americans will cry with laughter over this. Enjoy.

  • Jmira88 19
    Jmira88 19 13 days ago

    The Clintons are just as bad or worse than Trump. Fact. They are NOT the lesser of two evils.

  • Dingle Berry
    Dingle Berry 14 days ago

    I am soŕry. Truly . I used to think that Joe had some brains.....but now after the comment on Ukraine, I simply have lost respect.

  • The chi
    The chi 14 days ago

    Trump partied with Epstein also. Don't forget to mention that, Joe.

  • Mr Clean
    Mr Clean 15 days ago

    AG Barr visited him earlier that day.

  • J S
    J S 15 days ago

    Bring Eddie back!

  • Guy Wade
    Guy Wade 16 days ago

    Hillary Won the election. Who really knows the truth. Trump is a con artist.

  • Declan Pennycott
    Declan Pennycott 16 days ago

    Joe rogan be careful

  • J B
    J B 17 days ago

    They weren’t “girls from chekoslovakia” they were CHILDREN BEING RAPED AND SEXUALLY ASSAULTED.

  • HitRECordSam
    HitRECordSam 17 days ago

    When she asks if you want head 7:13

  • FlamingoOnARoof
    FlamingoOnARoof 18 days ago +7

    Isn't it obvious Epstein Snapped his own neck as one does when trying to commit not living

  • Deborah Carroll
    Deborah Carroll 18 days ago

    Epstein loved himself too much to take his own life.
    Laughing at cruelty is the Joker Entity.
    Joe Rogan Rocks in this video!!!

  • C Carr
    C Carr 18 days ago

    Since when his liking blowjobs considered a " freak" thing?

  • Keifer
    Keifer 18 days ago +1

    Trump Created ICE to "Legally" steal children and then they " Lost" thousands of kids. That man knew Trump and others and they our government is part of the Billion dollar sex trafficking industry.

  • John Afella
    John Afella 19 days ago

    All these comments about how Epstein died... unreal. He was known to be a very intelligent dude. After he got busted you don't think with the money he had he didn't see the writing on the wall and not set up a strategy to get him out of any place on earth ? I don't care WHO you are, if someone tells you you will soon have 10 million in a bank account in your name.... And he had the cash to pay off by the tens and twenties of people that kind of money. Guards, cops, judges, pilots, you name it. He could make a 'double' wealthy for life and make it look like him on a stretcher with the oxygen mask on as he was being pushed into the ER. So what if he would only have a few million left after paying off say 15 people millions each ? At least he would be free and never have to worry about going to prison. What would that be worth to you ? Put a price on your freedom. Its so freakin incredible to me that no one thinks he would do this in preparation. What would you do knowing what was coming down the pipe ? What would you do if you were a guard or a judge and you're being handed MILLIONS ? I know to certain people money isn't everything and they have integrity but I would bet its maybe one in a thousand. Call me a cynic but that 'faith in my fellow man' bullshit, to me, only exists in movies.

  • Emmanuel Olusegun
    Emmanuel Olusegun 19 days ago

    Joe "that guy was fucking up a storm" Rogan

  • JHaz
    JHaz 19 days ago +1

    -Think Epstein is still alive?
    Joe: It's entirely possible.
    -But it's bullshit he killed himself, right?
    Joe: *Oh, 100 percent*

  • Blankt Blankito
    Blankt Blankito 19 days ago

    When you hang yourself you usually get a snapped neck..just saying

  • No Hate
    No Hate 19 days ago

    A few years ago I came across a wallpaper that speaks volumes.It's a picture of the Arkansas state sign. And it says welcome to Arkansas home of President Bill Clinton. And just below it there is a smaller sign that states in all caps IN COMPLIANCE WITH MEGAN'S
    SEX OFFENDER. Obama was steal in office the first time I saw this picture.

  • Daniel Marshall
    Daniel Marshall 19 days ago +1

    "even my dog could tell you" ......

  • Flavio Mauri
    Flavio Mauri 19 days ago

    Why do you have to be cruel to laugh about the death of a pedo?! Maybe she didn't like the guy despite meeting him... I mean does she even like her husband? She must have been pissed off by the Lewinski affair. Also as a comedian, you must know there's umcomfort laughter, and as you said she must have known the question was coming so.

    • mysterymac38
      mysterymac38 18 days ago

      Are seriously defending dirtbag Hillary?

  • Livonia Kiviuq
    Livonia Kiviuq 19 days ago

    He’s not dead.

  • Joseph Diaz
    Joseph Diaz 20 days ago

    Jason Borne Shit .. Obama Clinton’s Evildoers Demonic Democrats Evil Twisted Unhinged MortherFuckers
    SOROS purchased the island hello😂😂😂

  • Jason W
    Jason W 20 days ago

    6:30 Jeffrey Epstein be like Steven... It's MY ISLAND!

  • Fuck You Budday
    Fuck You Budday 20 days ago

    Israel should teach the Clintons a lesson on justice.

  • Rlewis5221
    Rlewis5221 20 days ago

    I just don't think anybody cares. There's new tragedies all the time.

  • porscheoscar
    porscheoscar 20 days ago +1

    Jeffrey Epstein was murdered? You mean Donald Trump's only co-defendant in a federal rape lawsuit brought by an underaged woman? Her case was NOT dismissed but withdrawn weeks before the 2016 election after she received death threats. Given how Epstein ended up it looks like Trump's accuser made the right call to withdraw her case in New York federal court.

  • Eamon Delaney
    Eamon Delaney 20 days ago

    Someone needs to remote view the Epstein murder

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller 20 days ago

    Dude! You guys gonna get suicided

  • John Edward
    John Edward 20 days ago +1

    Why is it always the Clintons and never Trump? He's in power now and is also directly tied to Epstein. Joe is an alt right misogynist.

  • Kevin McLaughlin
    Kevin McLaughlin 20 days ago

    That Daily Show interview with Clinton was creepy as fuck. Even if it wasn't her and Bill who ordered and orchestrated the hit, the interview was clearly done as some sort of macabre PR.

  • Gilbert Nicholas
    Gilbert Nicholas 20 days ago

    Politicians are just like entertainers they get into the game for fame money and bitches

  • Simo B
    Simo B 21 day ago

    Holy shit ! He said MOSSAD. And +2 million views on this. Now lets all remember who did 9/11 along with g.w.b ?
    Google "clothing shop network epstein"

    • Simo B
      Simo B 21 day ago

      @BootlegFightVideo SA was involved, but i obviously meant Israel.

    • BootlegFightVideo
      BootlegFightVideo 21 day ago

      Saudi Arabia

  • Erik Jon
    Erik Jon 21 day ago

    Epstein at a club fed somewhere hence Hillary laughing

    • Erik Jon
      Erik Jon 19 days ago

      @BootlegFightVideo no can't do what the media puts on the dinner plate either

    • BootlegFightVideo
      BootlegFightVideo 21 day ago

      @Erik Jon Can't do the fentanyl those Q Anons are addicted to.

    • Erik Jon
      Erik Jon 21 day ago

      @BootlegFightVideo expand your mind you'll get there

    • BootlegFightVideo
      BootlegFightVideo 21 day ago

      Club Fed means a federal prison. He is not.

  • owen O'Neill
    owen O'Neill 21 day ago

    TOP MOSSAD agent.

    KELLY TV WORLDWIDE 21 day ago


    KELLY TV WORLDWIDE 21 day ago

    The kids from the playboy club in nj great gorge we still around . They been abusing us for years

  • Mr. Jones
    Mr. Jones 21 day ago +1

    You can definitely hang yourself in jail. But he definitely didnt do it

  • Aaron Jones
    Aaron Jones 21 day ago

    Who's doing anything about it?? Corporate Washington D.C. killing people and the people dont do a fucking thing. PEDOPHILE ISLAND ?? Common. Wtf.

  • Ciaran Foy
    Ciaran Foy 21 day ago +1

    Forget the Clintons
    The Royal family make sure no one lets the world know about the paedophilia in their ranks.

  • YangarXII
    YangarXII 21 day ago +1

    The true detective show was based on pedophile politicians. The writer of that show knows alot about these pedos.

  • TheeRealMcCoy
    TheeRealMcCoy 21 day ago

    Why David ike has not been on your pod casts is beyond me

  • TheHypeQueen G
    TheHypeQueen G 21 day ago +1

    Trump did it why is no one saying or asking about that.

  • Sean Fagan
    Sean Fagan 21 day ago

    Politicians are not Alphas. you got that all twisted.

  • The Flu
    The Flu 21 day ago

    Congrats Champ and Epstein didn't kill himself

  • ApprenticeThatTextstooMuch

    Bill Clinton is a rapist. Hillary is the Hitman.

    • BootlegFightVideo
      BootlegFightVideo 21 day ago

      0 said Clinton is a rapist under oath. Many said Trump.

  • Pekestyx X
    Pekestyx X 21 day ago +1

    Funny how people hate the Clintons so much they are more worried about a pedo being wronged. 😂

  • Cookie E
    Cookie E 21 day ago

    Has anyone seen Epstein’s pics of his body on the stretcher ?

  • Teflon Don Franco
    Teflon Don Franco 22 days ago

    Epstein could expose the whole industry by saying who attend his private island that’s why he got killed period

  • Keri Rae
    Keri Rae 22 days ago

    AND, Epstein didn't kill himself!!!👍

  • S U R V I V E
    S U R V I V E 22 days ago +1

    Joe could roundhouse kick a boomerang & kill himself

  • tygur23
    tygur23 22 days ago +1

    Trump flew with him also
    Trump raped a 13 year old girl at epsteins house
    Trumps main guy Alex Acosta protected epstein from going to jail
    Trump is on record talking about him and epstein both have a love for young girls

    • tygur23
      tygur23 18 days ago

      @mysterymac38 simply search alex acosta helps Jeffrey Epstein and enjoy your journey

    • mysterymac38
      mysterymac38 18 days ago

      You obviously are quoting the liberal news organizations that you follow. Lets settle this now and provide me the facts for your claims.

  • Joseph Vickers
    Joseph Vickers 22 days ago

    Gotta be careful having these conversations. It's a good way to get suicided 9 times in the back of the head.

  • officialjosephstalin ,
    officialjosephstalin , 22 days ago +12

    When bill and Hillary die the real story will probably come out

    • Sxicide Chrxst666
      Sxicide Chrxst666 18 days ago +1

      jwadd01 probably even the Rockefeller’s or the Rothschilds

    • jwadd01
      jwadd01 20 days ago +3

      Lol no you think there at the top the fucking royal family is involved this goes way deeper than the Clinton's