Kipping Chest Routine

  • Published on Nov 3, 2014
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    SnapChat: Robertfrank615 We never see Crossfitters train chest directly, but here is a sneak peek of how it goes down in the box.. Exclusive footage of a future video "Kipping Elliptical" inside..
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Comments • 55

  • no name
    no name 24 days ago

    I saw too much chest muscle involvement. You want to kip a lot more so that you don't feel it on your pectoral at all.

  • Ian Anthony
    Ian Anthony 3 months ago

    That shit had me Rollin bahaha

  • Dan M
    Dan M 6 months ago +1

    Cross fitters are absolute beta males.

  • Il Sommo Imperatore
    Il Sommo Imperatore 6 months ago


  • Allan Brown
    Allan Brown 6 months ago

    This shit is funny. I worked with a CrossFit girl. She gained no muscle, and her ass and legs kept getting fatter. She walked around like she was badass, I do CrossFit I'm an elite athlete attitude. She could deadlift 800 CrossFit pounds, which I found out was about 135 actual pounds. CrossFit is for pussies

    REDandBLUEandORANGE 7 months ago

    I love how loyal this guy is to his gf

  • themurry17
    themurry17 11 months ago

    Skipping chest

  • Lulu Knighty
    Lulu Knighty 11 months ago

    Ummm, why did I get a CrossFit add ????????????

  • John McCue
    John McCue Year ago

    Charlie traplin

  • Ramon Homjak
    Ramon Homjak Year ago

    ok RobertFrank615 i challenge you to explain how do crosswhateverthefucktheydo measure their gains? if you cant do it with your own words its ok if you do the reasearch. i hope you made so gains after you lost time doing that kind of crime

  • Cody Bailey
    Cody Bailey Year ago

    That was gay fucking don't do that again scream some more crazy shit about weighing 200lbs I'm stuck at 190lbs I don't need pussy shit

    • Cody Bailey
      Cody Bailey Year ago

      RobertFrank615 will do!

    • RobertFrank615
      RobertFrank615  Year ago

      You’re commenting on a video that’s 3 years old. Watch my new shit

  • Ace house
    Ace house Year ago

    you don't wanna feel it in your chest to much. lmao so great. haha I'm new to your channel and done watched just about everyone of your videos. everyone is great and hilarious. wish I knew about your channel sooner

  • Randall Hack
    Randall Hack Year ago

    This is a classic!

  • Al Yaz
    Al Yaz 2 years ago

    best one yet! ha!

  • Eric Jennerstrand
    Eric Jennerstrand 2 years ago +1

    Lmao, that is exactly how "real" Crossfit push ups looks xD

  • Sweet boy Sweet Billy Martin

    Completely doing the burpee incline bench press wrong, your supposed to hold onto the weights throughout the whole movement. You are letting go of the weights and go to your hands, you must stay connected w the weights throughout the whole movement. I know this cause my buddy owns a crossfit gym and he knows everything....

  • Ryan super
    Ryan super 3 years ago +3

    Incline chest to burpee lmao!

  • Flizbap
    Flizbap 3 years ago +14

    I held it together till the "incline dumbell bench press burpee combination *pause* do it for time".
    Definitely seems plausible.

  • Joao Marques
    Joao Marques 3 years ago +5

    this made me laught more than i expected

  • Shane C
    Shane C 3 years ago +2

    I chuckled.

  • ONE
    ONE 3 years ago +2


  • jsala080
    jsala080 3 years ago +5

    They should label you crossfit expert on broscience.

  • 351831Bauce
    351831Bauce 3 years ago +49

    I feel kinda stupid for not realizing until the end of the video that this is actually a parody. I thought that these were legit crossfit exercises (maybe they are).

  • Marc Larrus
    Marc Larrus 4 years ago

    Haha, that is good, kipping pushups the best part. We actually train bench by benching, but it is all good, the videos are funny.

  • befor3
    befor3 4 years ago

    great video made me laugh, thumbs up.

  • RedSharkMan
    RedSharkMan 4 years ago +2

    I about died throughout this video, especially the kipping push ups. Those were perfect!

  • J Rex
    J Rex 4 years ago +3

    MBJ has me rolling!!! HAHAHA!!!

  • Alfonso Casimiro
    Alfonso Casimiro 4 years ago +4

    I laugh and look forward to your videos more than BroScience

    • RobertFrank615
      RobertFrank615  4 years ago

      Thanks a lot Alfonso. I try to keep my videos under 3 minutes for the most part, I feel like doms tend to drag.. Thanks for the support!

  • Chubby Bunny
    Chubby Bunny 4 years ago +2

    Granny Gainzzzz!

  • Michael
    Michael 4 years ago +1

    How crossfitters train triceps.
    How crossfitters train calves.
    How crossfitters train neck.

  • The Golden One
    The Golden One 4 years ago +25

    Haha :D Keep it up my man, always get happy when I see you posted a new video!

  • MrShado23459
    MrShado23459 4 years ago +1

    Did you lose any gains making this video?

  • MrShado23459
    MrShado23459 4 years ago +1

    Lololololololololol I might just make 10 youtube accounts just to like this video 10 times. More ideas, how crossfitters train triceps, calfs, traps & even abs.

  • Nasser Bin abdallah
    Nasser Bin abdallah 4 years ago +4

    Last exercise killed me so bad hehehehehehehe

  • SuperRitch1234
    SuperRitch1234 4 years ago +1

    She has such a phat ass

  • Scott Long
    Scott Long 4 years ago +6

    Dude, you have done some shit videos in the past, but this definitely makes up for all of them! 😂 5 stars!

    • Scott Long
      Scott Long 4 years ago +1

      No no, don't feel sorry :D
      All feedback is good, it's just not always positive.
      And I'm still subscribed sinuous can't be that bad haha

    • RobertFrank615
      RobertFrank615  4 years ago +5

      I'm sorry you feel that way, but thanks for liking this one lol

  • Azn_Genetiks
    Azn_Genetiks 4 years ago +5

    they might actually add these to their WOD. you should patent these brah :D

  • tcgtpl
    tcgtpl 4 years ago +11

    You might need to work on those Burpee Inclines. In slow motion it looks like there's a slight pause when you get back on the bench. You lose a lot of the momentum to put up the dumbbells which would require the use of your chest and triceps. ;) P.S. - If MBJ does the Crossfit elliptical workout, could you put that on a continual know, so we could be certain we see sufficient amounts of proper technique. lol

    • RobertFrank615
      RobertFrank615  4 years ago +6

      i will keep that in mind regarding the incline bench burpee.. lmao on the elliptical loop hahahhaahah

  • C H
    C H 4 years ago +48

    I thought they train chest by coming out to their parents that they're gay, it takes a major load off their chest. Only to be replaced by his boyfriend's WoD.

  • wbowen05
    wbowen05 4 years ago +2

    Kipping Push-Ups look like downward dog shoulder pops

  • MMAReignsSupreme 5%er
    MMAReignsSupreme 5%er 4 years ago +5

    I don't know how you pull this shit off without laughing lol.

    • RobertFrank615
      RobertFrank615  4 years ago +5

      I can keep a straight face pretty good. We had to retake a part or two because MBJ started busting out laughing. Esp when I did the kipping pushups

  • Kevin Darby
    Kevin Darby 4 years ago +1

    You should be using your hips to help kip on the kipping stability ball bench!!

  • Brian Miller
    Brian Miller 4 years ago +4