Kristen Bell and Jamie Foxx Play 'You Bet Your Daughter'

  • Published on May 31, 2018
  • Guest host Kristen Bell was left hanging as she and her mom played against Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne in a hilarious round of "You Bet Your Daughter"!
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  • TotalHufflepuff
    TotalHufflepuff 2 hours ago

    1:14 I love Kristen's cackle.

  • Noodle Kitten
    Noodle Kitten 13 hours ago

    I swear 99% of the comments are:
    2:06 fatherly instincts 💕

  • Beatrice Choi
    Beatrice Choi 21 hour ago

    Kristen's mom: 10? is that what you're telling me?

  • Jin’s Eyelash
    Jin’s Eyelash Day ago

    Kristen Bell isn’t she the girl that plays Aunna in Frozen 2?

  • Sloan Overlock
    Sloan Overlock Day ago

    I love kristen bell!!

  • justapiece
    justapiece Day ago

    Omg Kristen Bell knows Watsky!!!!

  • Laura Starling
    Laura Starling Day ago

    Oh my gosh thus was funny

  • Andy Lopez
    Andy Lopez Day ago

    Oh no! Anna is screaming 🙀

  • Daniela Callo
    Daniela Callo 2 days ago

    This was made in my birthday

  • Wanderer
    Wanderer 2 days ago +1

    Host: Rappers
    Me: J-Hope, RM, August D? Jungkookie can rap as well

  • Dynamo Playz YT Too
    Dynamo Playz YT Too 2 days ago +3

    Kristen Bell is actually the voice of Anna from Frozen

  • Yessi Cervantes
    Yessi Cervantes 4 days ago

    Hj tiff yr cvr rgr zx t rrc Jeff ggt r zx hy 6 ju 6

  • Samantha Rosenfield
    Samantha Rosenfield 5 days ago

    Kristen Bell competing in any competition is the best!!

  • Baberaham Lincoln
    Baberaham Lincoln 5 days ago +2

    That’s how I would feel in this game
    *im just like Kristin*

  • Charles McCord
    Charles McCord 5 days ago

    Yes Kristen, WATSKY totally counts

  • Lyall Wormald
    Lyall Wormald 5 days ago


  • Vanessa Rodriguez
    Vanessa Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks she sounds like Rosanna pansino

  • Marni Kramer
    Marni Kramer 6 days ago

    Ok but even this small drops that were done, STILL look like so much fun😂😂

  • Xxmarsii_DiiicexX
    Xxmarsii_DiiicexX 6 days ago

    This was a set up

  • Jer Bear
    Jer Bear 7 days ago

    Kristen Bell is either a Watsky fan or shes seen both episodes of Ellen hes been on haha

  • Nika's Niche
    Nika's Niche 7 days ago +8

    "Whoooooooo are you listening to"😆😆😆😆I love Kristen Bell

  • julia Catling
    julia Catling 7 days ago +2

    Kristens mom: she can't...
    Kristen:"SWING DANCING!!!!!!"

  • Trey Williams
    Trey Williams 7 days ago

    this was a year ago and im still on the justice for watsky train

  • •{Cyanlove71}• :3

    I just noticed that kristen bell was in frozen 2

  • AJ Estur
    AJ Estur 7 days ago

    Yeah, like these "contestants" needed a tv.

  • AJ Estur
    AJ Estur 7 days ago +1

    WATSKY is amazing and I love that Kristen Bell knows her! The game people should know how to Google fast.

  • julia Catling
    julia Catling 8 days ago +2

    When Kristen said "mom your in the big soup, she used to say that to me when i was little." She kinda sounded like Anna there

  • julia Catling
    julia Catling 8 days ago +1

    Mom " ok um,13"
    Kristen "MOMMM"
    Mom " your from detroit"
    Kristen" MOMM"
    Love all of Kristen reaction to everything😂😂😂

  • julia Catling
    julia Catling 8 days ago +1

    Kristen got me dying through the whole thing.😂😂😂😂

  • schec1015
    schec1015 9 days ago +1

    Did they cut part of it out, or am I missing something? At the 5:27 mark, each had failed 1 round, and had therefore been dropped once. But here you can see the giant difference in dropped height. It was small at first, but then got bigger. Was Kirsten slowly being raised? And I know it isn't just the camera angle.

  • M&A Minecraft
    M&A Minecraft 9 days ago +10

    “You ready?”
    “Are you sure?”
    “Okay cool” *Drops her savagely*

  • J Banks
    J Banks 10 days ago

    They both look like they are used to being strapped into a 'swing harness'

  • Black cat Sanches
    Black cat Sanches 10 days ago +1

    3:47 SNOOP DOG

  • Shaina Joseph
    Shaina Joseph 10 days ago

    Watsky counts

  • Maggie Jones
    Maggie Jones 10 days ago +1


  • ThisNarrowboatAdventure

    Watsky yes kristen

  • Keziah Jose
    Keziah Jose 12 days ago +8

    Kristen Bell looks like tinker bell when she got mad at her mom 😂

  • MsLera91
    MsLera91 12 days ago

    They don't even have those safety thing

  • Asher
    Asher 12 days ago +1


  • Golden Strawberry
    Golden Strawberry 12 days ago +2

    'Famous rappers'
    'She can name a hundred'

  • Naila The lovely unicorn
    Naila The lovely unicorn 15 days ago +1


  • Michael Moretti
    Michael Moretti 15 days ago

    Kristen Bell's mother is a bit thick.

  • Siffat HUda
    Siffat HUda 15 days ago

    Where is Ellen?

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 17 days ago +2

    "Think about your heritage"

    No that does not sound racist at all!

  • LaFleur
    LaFleur 18 days ago

    Ballet, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, tap, hip hop, breakdance, showdance,can can, flamenco, character, theatrical, irish, mazurka, tarantella, slow waltz, viennese waltz, foxtrott/quickstep, slow fox, marchfox, rock´n´roll, boogie, tango, chachacha, rumba, jive, blues, samba, salsa, polka, paso doble, bachata,charlston, discofox, lindy hop, swing, pole, lapdance (can you consider that a dance?), dubstep, shuffle
    okay idk more

  • Daveonna Bennett
    Daveonna Bennett 19 days ago

    When Kristen dropped her head she had me dead💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂

  • Daveonna Bennett
    Daveonna Bennett 19 days ago +2

    NO ONE:

  • H Pretty
    H Pretty 19 days ago +4

    I absolutely LOVE that Jamie stepped out. that is precious.

  • Cornelia R
    Cornelia R 19 days ago


  • Slime _12
    Slime _12 19 days ago

    Where's Ellen?

  • Kobey Furze
    Kobey Furze 20 days ago +12

    3:43 it hurts so much that when she guessed Watsky and everyone said “who?” Watsky has been on the motherfuckin Ellen show before

    • Abby Allen
      Abby Allen 3 days ago

      I don’t know who he is

    • Kobey Furze
      Kobey Furze 8 days ago +1

      Meine Namen 1. If he were on the Ellen show, they woulda remembered him, and 2. He’s obviously famous enough for Kristen bell to know who he is

    • Meine Namen
      Meine Namen 9 days ago

      Kobey Furze Doesn’t really mean much if nobody knows him. They said famous rappers, and how many people know him is what determines if it counts

    TFUE REAL 21 day ago

    She is mad

  • Anna
    Anna 21 day ago +52

    4:36 Types of dancing.
    “10? Is that what you’re telling me?”
    *”WHO ARE YOU LISTENING TO????!!!!”*

  • Jess Chrz
    Jess Chrz 21 day ago

    Twix isn’t a cereal. Trix is. Idiots.

  • Makayla and henry
    Makayla and henry 21 day ago

    Wheres Ellen

  • Elrina Qalisha
    Elrina Qalisha 21 day ago

    Where's Ellen

  • Nelson muntz
    Nelson muntz 21 day ago

    Anything with Kristen Bell is funny

  • •Kylie_ Stitch•
    •Kylie_ Stitch• 22 days ago +1

    YASSS K-Bell! (If u watch liv and Maddie u would know the name

  • •esha•
    •esha• 22 days ago +1

    It's not fair. They lowered Jamie's daughter more than Kristen Bell even though Kristen named less than her in the first round.

  • Katie Truppa
    Katie Truppa 22 days ago