Our Premier League 2019/20 Predictions For This Season Are… | #SundayVibes

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
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  • James McCabe
    James McCabe 6 days ago

    Can't help but laugh at the lads not considering a Laporte injury and Liverpool's hunger for success.

  • Phil Jenkins
    Phil Jenkins 12 days ago

    Little off the money...

  • Sam Allardyce
    Sam Allardyce 3 months ago

    SpUrs HaVe ReAlLy RaInEd In ThE gAp On LiVeRpOoL
    Same team as last year still miles behind

  • Corey Brooks
    Corey Brooks 4 months ago

    The only thing I got from this was further confirmation that Man United are the most entitled and annoying fans in the world

  • yung mandemn
    yung mandemn 4 months ago

    my prediction liverpool will win premier league comfortably

  • Naksu 13
    Naksu 13 4 months ago +1

    Joe: Pukki won't score any goals. Pukki:scores five goals in first three matches.

  • Jasperoffen 17
    Jasperoffen 17 4 months ago +4

    “Pukki won’t score any goals”
    Also pukki:
    Scores 5 in the first 3

  • The Chris Stevens
    The Chris Stevens 5 months ago

    Does football daily have a fantasy football group ?

  • Alf Martin
    Alf Martin 5 months ago +1

    Not spent anything? Broke record for cb shhh

  • Nicholas Bateman
    Nicholas Bateman 5 months ago +1

    Match day 2 pukki 4 goals and top scorer along side of sterling

  • Bloke Bloke
    Bloke Bloke 5 months ago +6

    Pukki won’t score any goals this season

    Currently 2 games in and he’s on 4 goals

    Moral of the story

    Don’t listen to that ginger nonce

    CALLUM ADKINS 5 months ago

    What do you have against Norwich Joe, we’re so much better than Newcastle, as shown by how we just destroyed them. And by the way Pukki is currently the Premier League’s top scorer

  • Peter m8
    Peter m8 5 months ago

    pukki wont score goals they said... 1 against liverpool and then the 3 against newcastle. 4 goals in 2 games, most goals ever scored by a player in their first 2 premier league games. You dont know what you talking about with norwich, dont need to spend money if we have the players we need

  • Oskar Rejström
    Oskar Rejström 5 months ago

    Yeah what did you say about pukki again??

  • Stickman24
    Stickman24 5 months ago

    Joe : Pukki won't score any goals this season...

    Pukki : 4 Goals on the first 2 PL games.


  • The Wanger Lord
    The Wanger Lord 5 months ago

    hahahah Joe had Newcastle surviving

  • FinalRayOfHope
    FinalRayOfHope 5 months ago

    Che Adams>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mcburnie

  • youbigdosser
    youbigdosser 5 months ago +1

    80 mil for maguire is really not that bad. Ayoze perez...30 mil
    Tyrone mings...26.5
    Matt targett 17
    Wake up boys

    • Footymad20
      Footymad20 5 months ago

      The thing is Maguire isn't over 3 or 4x better than the players you have just listed

  • Dean Suman
    Dean Suman 5 months ago

    Kane took a big step down?did you watch him when he was on the pitch?he defo had a lot of injuries no doubt but he scored loads of goals considering how many games he played, man I can’t watch him , swear he knows nothin. I’m not even a spurs fan jesus

  • nick moba
    nick moba 5 months ago

    What’s their fantasy premier league code?

  • Zaim Hilmi
    Zaim Hilmi 5 months ago


  • Josh
    Josh 5 months ago

    30:28 - 30:36 Hamil looks blind

  • 21Youngstars ZH97
    21Youngstars ZH97 5 months ago

    you might want to start rethinking your opinions on United

  • 21Youngstars ZH97
    21Youngstars ZH97 5 months ago

    Joe, why are you complaining about Fellaini being sold?

  • harry brown
    harry brown 5 months ago

    After the Chelsea game all of joes comments sound stupid

  • Vijay Kuchhadiya
    Vijay Kuchhadiya 5 months ago

    Love long episodes!

  • Pablo Splinter
    Pablo Splinter 5 months ago

    How have southampton flown under the radar?...Nobody has tipped them to go down. Look in trouble to me

  • Nico Pepe
    Nico Pepe 5 months ago

    Pato is just the best on fd he knows exactly what he’s talking about

  • Blue Worm
    Blue Worm 5 months ago

    Pato has never had a positive thing to say about villa

  • The Days
    The Days 5 months ago

    My pl predictions:
    1) city
    2) Liverpool
    3) spurs
    4) Man Utd
    5) arsenal
    6) Chelsea
    7) Everton
    8) Wolves
    9) Leicester
    10) West Ham
    11) Watford
    12) Aston Villa
    13) Bournemouth
    14) Palace
    15) Newcastle
    16) Norwich
    17) Southampton
    19) Brighton
    20) Sheffield

  • finlay edge
    finlay edge 5 months ago +1

    Why does pat keep calling Sheffield united just Sheffield, just fundamentally wrong

  • wesley keet
    wesley keet 5 months ago

    Chong, Greenwood and Gomes get a lot of hype for having zero senior goals/assists between them

  • Moses Motsamai
    Moses Motsamai 5 months ago

    13:36 BARS!

  • PG13 RW0
    PG13 RW0 5 months ago

    Everton will finish 7th at the lowest if you think wolves and Leicester are finishing above your deluded (not an Everton fan)

  • Standige
    Standige 5 months ago +2

    Do championship predictions

  • HansP Beekes
    HansP Beekes 5 months ago

    This ones for Pato:
    What do you think about Gladbach signing Marcus Thuram

  • Stoned Jak
    Stoned Jak 5 months ago

    united probably not wanting to spend too much cause FFP but more so they expect Ole to fail and would rather have funds to back allegri simeone or another manager that could be available soon

  • Max Johnstone
    Max Johnstone 5 months ago

    lowkey arsenal have had a better transfer window than spurs. liverpool ARE NOT closer to spurs than they are city. Has everyone already forgotten we won the champions league AND finished on 97 points??? City have definitely improved but its by such a small margin because their team was already so good that it isnt massively important. The season ultimatly will probably come down to the two city vs liverpool games again and whoever comes out on top will probably win the league

  • Chris Gilbert
    Chris Gilbert 5 months ago

    If I was going to sum up this video It'd be "Yikes!" - Patrick Van Straaten

  • Angus Wotherspoon
    Angus Wotherspoon 5 months ago

    Lukebakio was very unhappy at Watford

  • Scotty Macgregor
    Scotty Macgregor 5 months ago

    Patto, stop saying "LIKE"

  • Henry Griffith
    Henry Griffith 5 months ago

    Why do I feel like Brighton’s Gonna Do A Leicester this season

  • Hussein Byussa
    Hussein Byussa 5 months ago

    Even if arsenal doesn’t finish top four it will still beat man itd

  • Tom Daives
    Tom Daives 5 months ago

    Everton tried to get zouma. Failed. Tried tomouri was getting him until luis wanted a late move- so Chelsea couldn’t get rid of him. Plan C was Impossible because a foreign league and it was too late. Plan D smalling- rejected. Plan E rojo- United wanted a ridiculously fee, they were never going to pay for thst

  • Tom Daives
    Tom Daives 5 months ago

    Sell Bernard is the worst comment either. Clueless people

  • 12lewt
    12lewt 5 months ago

    Thought Everton had a pretty good window ngl

  • Harrison McGlashan
    Harrison McGlashan 5 months ago +4

    ARE YOU MAD “Sell Bernard” ABSOLUTELY DELUSIONAL! Iwobi/Bernard, Kean, Richarlison is a great front 3

  • Kasper Nuver
    Kasper Nuver 5 months ago

    Plz explain why pat hates Everton so much. It's getting ridiculous right now. Overhyping other teams and keeps on shitting on Everton

  • asapfargo
    asapfargo 5 months ago

    Benzema is massively underrated. And it hurts me when people talk shit about him

  • declanjonez
    declanjonez 5 months ago

    “Liverpool never got any injuries last season”
    Salah and Firmino both missed the last few weeks of the season..

    • Tom Daives
      Tom Daives 5 months ago

      declanjonez serious injuries. Not couple weeks

  • Rylan O`Connor
    Rylan O`Connor 5 months ago

    I know it's a risk and he's an (relatively) unknown quantity, but Football Daily always seems to forget Andreas Pereira exists. I believe Ole is putting his faith in him this season, and that's why they didn't prioritize a central-mid. It wasn't that long ago he was looked at as one of the brightest midfield prospects. Of course I would've loved a signing like Tielemens or Ndidi, but I don't think the Man U midfield situation is as bleak as they make it seem.

  • Elijah777
    Elijah777 5 months ago

    Loving the increased production quality lads

  • diff dylon jia
    diff dylon jia 5 months ago

    Actually Lingard is already 26...

  • Duarte botelho
    Duarte botelho 5 months ago

    bruno fernandes similar to andre gomes what a joke

  • Sam Stevenson
    Sam Stevenson 5 months ago

    Raheem Sterling to be top goal scorer and top assist maker

  • nobert Blanc
    nobert Blanc 5 months ago

    Arsenal fans gassing already LoL

  • Shea Mcgovern
    Shea Mcgovern 5 months ago

    When chelsea fans say pulisic is better than pepe😂

  • Danny HD
    Danny HD 5 months ago

    4-0 lol

  • Hamish Andrews
    Hamish Andrews 5 months ago

    joe comes off as such a spoilt brat when talking about united

  • D Dowdy
    D Dowdy 5 months ago

    Joe saying ogs is being brave in before we smash Chelsea 4-0