Celtic 2-1 Dunfermline | Full-Time Reaction

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • Full-time reaction from Celtic's extra time victory over Dunfermline in the Betfred Cup.
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Comments • 217

  • Elizabeth Walker
    Elizabeth Walker 27 days ago +1

    have Celtic made up a song for the nonce prince Andrew yet
    hope you enjoyed us booing lizzies song at wembley versus citeee YNWA

  • Paddy Junior
    Paddy Junior 27 days ago

    We can’t just keep adding players though. If we want another left back we need to get rid of Hayes. U can’t have 3 left backs. Have youz seen the size of the squad? And I can’t believe Nir Biton is still in a Celtic shirt honestly. Kouassi has been here 2 years and barely kicked a ball, there’s serious underlying problems here at Celtic and I believe with a serious challenge from Rangers, those issues will become apparent, the issues begun to surface last season with Rangers beating us twice quite easily I might add. We’re no as good as some people might think we are and that’s apparent with Cluj winning at Celtic Park and Dunfermline taking us to extra time. Lennon can sugar coat that performance all he wants but it’s fucking unacceptable. In the summer Lennon clearly stated the transfer window wasn’t just about adding players, it’s about trimming it because it’s a HUGE squad and we never. Biton is still there, Hayes, Kouassi Eboue, Sinclair, Bayo, even Mikey Johnston should realistically be out on loan, Lewis Morgan isn’t anywhere near good enough. Jack Hendry as well doing fuck all. The Henderson boys are in there as well. You can’t expect to see signings anywhere on the pitch til at least SOME of those players are offloaded. Another Goalie??? The squad is huge and unfortunately you’d struggle to get a half decent first team from it and that’s the problem we have, far too many shite players eating up wages who we can’t get rid of because they’re pish.
    There’s 13 players I wouldn’t shed a tear for if we sold or loaned them out. 13 players lads, that’s the reality, just imagine how much that is in wages. What a waste of money and that’s exactly why we haven’t/can’t sign anyone.

  • The greatest 2000 / fEE_DAzzS

    I was at that game man honestly the Dunfermline fans wouldn't shut up

  • James King
    James King 28 days ago +3

    Glasgow Celtic Paedophiles! Ooooooooh! Glasgow Celtic Paedophiles! Ooooooooh! Football's 2019 Song

    • Mark McQueen
      Mark McQueen 27 days ago

      “Footballs 2019 song” .. Wit the fuck are u smoking ya absolute melon

  • Cameron Wilson
    Cameron Wilson 28 days ago


  • peter hamill
    peter hamill 28 days ago

    correct we won, job done Celtic now lets move on and keep the faith.

  • Mcb 1888
    Mcb 1888 28 days ago

    How do you go from tearing apart St Johnstone to that . For me a Commanding goalkeeper someone who bosses his box and orders his back line Craig”kungfu” Gordon gives me the fear every time he steps onto the pitch . Another right back as cover the bhoy el hamed looks a players and get that boy meiling from Rosenborg in as our first choice left back . All of this should have been done weeks ago but as the boy said the board as usual happy to take the money out our banks but not happy to pay it back out on the pitch. Aye we have paid £12million on 3 defenders But has it improved us I don’t think so. Worrying times ahead HH 🍀

  • Gary Fullerton
    Gary Fullerton 28 days ago

    Think we need a lb, a rb, a cb and a cdm! Potentially another cf.

  • John Mcfarlane
    John Mcfarlane 29 days ago

    on the celtic bench NO defenders whatsoever , this is a prime example of serious mismanagement ,amongst others- part time recruitment coach? lawell signing players , lawells arrogance loses us mcginn, neil lennons pronouncements and actions increasingly becoming more and more bizzare - huddle on the park at the end of game? ' 4 days before kt left he stated 'we have a contingency plan in place if kt leaves with players indentified to replace key posotions' the day after it changes to ' well we may have to sell before we buy!' also lennon has stated 'the league is not our priority europe is our main focus!' patently obvious nonsense , for the next two seasons there is only one show in town - win the league title! Saint peter better start getting his finger out and neil lennon better start standing up to lawell or he,ll be out of a job before xmas.

  • Ross G
    Ross G 29 days ago

    Very honest fans.

  • Hakken HWG
    Hakken HWG 29 days ago

    HAHA the rangers are back fuk Celtic stevie G blue n white army never get 10 in a row

  • Albert Steptoe
    Albert Steptoe 29 days ago

    Give Lennon a 10 year deal 👍

  • Francis McMenamin
    Francis McMenamin 29 days ago +2

    I think the state of the sky tells you all you need to know about the storm clouds gathering around the interim manager at
    Celtic FC!

  • Abra
    Abra 29 days ago

    1:32 that guy does not sound like he looks

  • hanging1v
    hanging1v 29 days ago


  • mikeybhoy 67
    mikeybhoy 67 29 days ago +2

    looks like its gonny pish doon thats aww a can say hh

  • sean south
    sean south 29 days ago

    pure shite and green invisible brigade nowhere to be seen , part timers hh

  • mcsofty
    mcsofty 29 days ago

    boli's here as a steppong stone to the epl top 4 mind...fucking walloper

  • macanders1888
    macanders1888 29 days ago

    Hope they watch themselves back after we wrap up the 9th .Lenny will work things out as before.

  • davie l
    davie l 29 days ago

    Watch out beadles about

  • Ian Philp
    Ian Philp 29 days ago +1

    Ahahaha ya bunch of Cunts

  • Manmountain dean
    Manmountain dean Month ago +2

    Celts will come really good in the next few games!! Have faith . Lenny has worn the shirt won countless medals and has had to sell players under the instructions of Lawless!!

  • Tony Cassidy
    Tony Cassidy Month ago +2

    haha, "I've only been watching them for 70yrs so what do I know?" ... excellent !

  • Celtic Fans
    Celtic Fans Month ago

    Bhoy with the peach hoody on summed it up perfect. A huge club being run like a small club. No forward thinking in terms of transfers and progression. Same shite every single season. Lawwel has allowed this mess to develope by the lack of backing all the way back to the rats time in charge. Allowing players to go with no replacement lined up or in the door is criminal. Time for a change at the top. 100% the worst timing but something needs to change for the benefit of the club and the fans.

  • Euan scotland
    Euan scotland Month ago +1

    We are going to need a bigger boat.......

  • Mick Killeen
    Mick Killeen Month ago

    I think Celtic an Lennon are trying to make Scottish Prem more competitive. It's a race to the bottom.

  • Brian Middleton
    Brian Middleton Month ago

    Lord forbid you go down

  • Stephen Whyte
    Stephen Whyte Month ago

    Com on celtic fc 1888x1916

  • _ _ Hyper _ _
    _ _ Hyper _ _ Month ago

    We are struggling to defend
    We are buying players and not playing them
    We can barley beat a championship team at home
    We can’t qualify for Play offs never mind the group stage
    We might not even qualify for Europa League


  • Gabe Mullaly
    Gabe Mullaly Month ago +1

    Lennon, show a bit of good grace, admit that the job is too big for you and go and see if a non-league club can find a job for you # you’re a liability. Glentoran and Celtic forever ☘️☘️😇😇

  • Gabe Mullaly
    Gabe Mullaly Month ago

    Lennon, show a bit of good grace, admit that the job is too big for you and go and see if a non-league club can find a job for you # you’re a liability. Glentoran and Celtic forever

  • SuperHans64
    SuperHans64 Month ago +3

    Sevco are gonna hump us on 1 September. Lennie out!

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago +1

    Is there another Wim Jansen out there available, get him quick!

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago +2

    The St Johnstone result couldn't be more false!

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    Is Neil Lennon trying to get sacked? Has he now got something else about to start! He must know Calum isn't a left back, why he was there against Clug is ridiculous! Craig Gordon for now!

  • SuperMuzz88
    SuperMuzz88 Month ago

    Hope I get chance to be interviewed cause I’ve a clear message to that shower in the directors box, get your fucking fingers out or you’ll be dragged out of the stadium. Enoughs enough ya shower of bastards

  • sandy mcgill
    sandy mcgill Month ago

    Good blog again lad as usual wee bit more upbeat if we get a goalkeeper I think we should get marciono fae hibs lb rb and an attacking mid but out the four lb rb before anything hail hail

  • paul baker
    paul baker Month ago

    I'm worried about the 1st people.

    • Jack Montgomery
      Jack Montgomery 27 days ago

      paul baker ...I just hope everything clicks for us at Ibrox.. Hopefully we’ll turn up & blow them away, let’s see how good they are when we attack them & silence the crowd. We need to get right in their faces & push them back from the start...If we get embarrassed, then it might be the wake up call the board & the manager need, because the transfer window has been disgraceful..🍀

  • scottsteven19
    scottsteven19 Month ago

    Left backs a disaster waiting to happen,Big julien,7 million🤔🤔Another left back,Right back,Central defender,Another goalkeeper,All needed before the window shuts,

  • derek eccles
    derek eccles Month ago +4

    Lennon has lost the dressing room,GET HIM OUT before it’s too late,boycott the game on Thursday to show the board we want change

    • macanders1888
      macanders1888 29 days ago

      Bollocks .

    • Celtic Fans
      Celtic Fans Month ago +1

      HCTS cancelled. Fans need to vote with their wallets. Boycott every cup game till we see some change or improvement

  • Murney 10
    Murney 10 Month ago

    We have signed 3 first team players in the 6 weeks the transfer window has been opened we have one Left Back one Right Back & three Central Defenders we’ll no spend much more now we’ve fecked up Champions league
    The pressure is building up on Lennon already we’re now hanging onto europa by our finger nails going to ibrox in a few weeks if we get knocked out by AIK and humiliated at ibrox we must sack him before it’s too late

  • Stephen Reid
    Stephen Reid Month ago

    well wee get the 9 ?

  • The Beautiful Game NYC

    I wish fans would give new players a chance to bed in. You can't write off signings after a game or two. Thats just panicking. Fans say that they look nervous. Well it might not help when fans are on their case so early.

    • Mcb 1888
      Mcb 1888 28 days ago

      With so much at stake early season there is no time to bed in . Case proven in the CL the board only have themselves to blame for not doing business sooner in the window to let those players “bed in”

    • macanders1888
      macanders1888 29 days ago +1

      Exactly ,they done same with Stuart Armstrong and nearly finished him .Sounds more like Ibrox sometimes.

    COASTA LOECSTA Month ago +3

    Lessons learned today never take ket when your watching world at war 😂😂😂😂

  • ross a
    ross a Month ago

    Struggling against Dunfermline, be terrified the leagues fucked 😂😂😂❤️

  • Hugh Kinnear
    Hugh Kinnear Month ago +3

    This year's record 8W 1 D 1L, and the support is panic stations. Just because some maniac next to you says the left back is struggling, doesn't make it so. Watch, the new bhoys will come good. Get a grip

    • Chris Gibson
      Chris Gibson 29 days ago

      What are you talking about man that loss and draw is from a nobody team with no good players from Romania called Cluj and the rest of them wins are from very small teams that we should be beating easily anyway. The board have had plenty time to fix all this Brendan Rodgers said about needing more players as Rangers are catching up last season, turns out he was right, fans like you need to wake up and smell the coffee before we lose the title.

    • macanders1888
      macanders1888 29 days ago

      Well said .HH

  • James McClory
    James McClory Month ago +2

    Club is a joke with Lawwell

  • Andy Rice
    Andy Rice Month ago

    Best game of the season for one reason and one reason only

  • WhyAlwaysMe1888
    WhyAlwaysMe1888 Month ago +6

    This is how it feels to be Celtic
    Downsizing again as you know
    The Celtic board are gambling 10 in a row

    • WhyAlwaysMe1888
      WhyAlwaysMe1888 14 days ago

      boldbhoy67 the length of time you go doesn’t mean your opinion is any more valid 😂😂😂

    • boldbhoy67
      boldbhoy67 15 days ago

      I think we're doin no bad. I've only been goin for over half a century though, so what would I know?

    • WhyAlwaysMe1888
      WhyAlwaysMe1888 27 days ago

      Cubicle5 ugh mate I’m no 5 I don’t need to have this argument yer no getting a bite

    • WhyAlwaysMe1888
      WhyAlwaysMe1888 28 days ago

      Cubicle5 because that is a big club mentality

  • Jack Mcgready
    Jack Mcgready Month ago

    Doing well celtic keep it up,👌👏👏👏

  • John Armour
    John Armour Month ago

    What's happened to us? Some amount of people leaving the ground at 1-1 in a cup tie that's played to a finish. Compare today to the St Johnstone game it's night and day. The defeat to Cluj seems to have hit us hard. The fans and players seemed very down today. We need to get over this quick or it's going to end badly. Noticed the board getting a few comments towards them again from a few fans today. Bolingoli and Jullien were very ropey. We must get more players in and as a whole we must improve.

  • CobraaProductionss
    CobraaProductionss Month ago

    Did he say 19 years of old 😂😂

  • bob marley
    bob marley Month ago

    Where's the fucking fades? Least Tierney will get a good job here

  • Benbhoy9
    Benbhoy9 Month ago +1

    We where Feckin SHIT ....
    Oh ....and Neil Bhoy.....
    You are so close to going after this.....Game....
    WAKEN FECKIN UP .......
    This ways CRAP......
    substitutions ...Shocking....
    FFS ...BAYO and SHVED .......FECKIN NOW ......

  • pete williams
    pete williams Month ago

    We had performances like this even when Rodgers was here. 11 men behind the ball. Dunfermline don't deserve any credit. Stuff given credit to a team who doesn't want to play football. However our defenders need to up their game. Attacking football is great but we should have passed it round more and forced them out their own box.

    • Marcos dear mother
      Marcos dear mother 28 days ago

      @pete williams we're obviously living in different worlds pal but all the best, I hope you find yer form 👍🍻👌

    • pete williams
      pete williams 29 days ago

      @Marcos dear mother I understand what you're saying but come on. Stats don't lie. You're only shot on target came from winning a ball further up the pitch and other players running in support and you scored from it. Negative football usually gets you negative results. Yeah great you're defending was brilliant. But you have nothing to show for it. What would have been worth applauding is if the you at least a had 4 or 5 shots on target and picked your moments to press and attack celtic which btw is what got you a goal. Instead you played for a lucky counter and penalties. I'm sorry that's not what I watch football for. Of course you guys had to defend deep but at least play some football for more than 5 minutes of 120

    • Marcos dear mother
      Marcos dear mother 29 days ago +1

      Dunfermline don't deserve any credit? I'm a pars fan but even the most ardent Celtic fan wouldn't grudge giving Dunfermline a wee bit of credit for that performance. What you're really saying is.... "how very dare that wee team not let us put 12 past them?".... the answer is that's how teams who aren't full of million pound signings play when the visiting big arenas and clubs, if you were playing against your own defence you most definitely have put 12 past them.

  • Thomas Cuddihy
    Thomas Cuddihy Month ago +4

    Heads hearts up

  • Christopher Bradley
    Christopher Bradley Month ago +1


  • undercoverbrother67
    undercoverbrother67 Month ago +1

    Jullien is a £7 million dud. We're all thinking it but none of us want to believe it's true.

    • Aero 250
      Aero 250 Month ago

      Has barely even played. Players need time to bed

    • Kevin Devlin
      Kevin Devlin Month ago

      Your right mate. 7 million pounds down the toilet. We need a serious look at this recruitment policy

  • EM Pro
    EM Pro Month ago +1

    What’s wrong with Dunfermline’s pitch it’s beautiful

  • BAZ The Slayer
    BAZ The Slayer Month ago

    The pars wer a quality outfit today hope they get promoted great fans aswell

    • roderick scott
      roderick scott 28 days ago

      well said Baz . ( I know Celtic and Rangers have no worries filling the ground every fortnight but it baffles me why Aberdeen , Hearts , Hibs are happy to retain the status quo of playing teams in the SPL possibly twice a season who have a lesser fanbase than at least 3 possibly 4 teams in the C,ship, do the treasurers at these SPL clubs have no say in the manner they are run ? , obviously happy just to accept the revenue an extra home game against Celtic / Rangers will bring )