• Published on Dec 28, 2018
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    The Digital Storm Aventum X is arguably the highest end production gaming PC on the market.. and we're gonna take a crowbar to it!
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  • Pankaj Fogat
    Pankaj Fogat Hour ago +1

    His crowbar is more expensive than my gaming pc

  • Domanic Back
    Domanic Back 5 hours ago


  • MTG_Brewery
    MTG_Brewery 6 hours ago

    Camera man never took a straight on shot, it was always off to the side, or at an angle.... come one camera guy, l2 camera.

  • Techy Hamza
    Techy Hamza Day ago

    Awesome video bro loved it

  • marvin waithaka
    marvin waithaka Day ago

    take it easy son!!!

  • JaeJaeFTG
    JaeJaeFTG 2 days ago


  • Adam Quinn
    Adam Quinn 2 days ago

    This is just an ad for Digital Storm

  • The Intelligent Channel

    Bet it won't run 1000 tnt exploding in Minecraft.

  • Cooper Bailey
    Cooper Bailey 2 days ago

    F for the rtx 2080ti

  • Tom Craft Donkey
    Tom Craft Donkey 2 days ago +5

    It took you 8 minutes to get the pc out of the crate. It also took you almost 20 minutes to actually show the pc. It also took you 34 minutes to turn on the pc.

  • LeLok 09
    LeLok 09 2 days ago

    so good delaying the unboxing makes me feel so uncomfortable,lol

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 2 days ago

    I cant even afford the box

  • The Husky Family
    The Husky Family 3 days ago

    whats up with the video quality, feels weird to the point that it feels less enjoyable than normal videos

  • NiceOnePat
    NiceOnePat 3 days ago

    And you looked like Jim carrey hahahaah

  • NiceOnePat
    NiceOnePat 3 days ago

    Dude you sound like Casey hahahahah

  • Shayne Dumas
    Shayne Dumas 3 days ago


  • Benevolent Nation
    Benevolent Nation 3 days ago

    Oh man... That sucks for that broken 2080...

  • Marc Zanichelli
    Marc Zanichelli 4 days ago +1

    Actually kinda bummed that the front logo isnt RGB (i mean im being petty but if im paying that much that should light up lmaoo)

  • Marshall Baker
    Marshall Baker 5 days ago

    God what a beautiful system.
    But the water lines not being straight irritate me! Especially the one to the GPU.

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson 5 days ago

    I still cant see the graphics card

  • sugakuu
    sugakuu 5 days ago

    19:03 My heart definitely skipped a beat when he seemed to throw his laptop over to the box before throwing the system over to the table!

  • razorwing_cw
    razorwing_cw 6 days ago

    My savage butt would have ripped the box open.... hahaha instead of going upside down

  • Ryan kaough Do it all
    Ryan kaough Do it all 6 days ago +1

    The beginning is laggy for me

  • Gerard Nolan
    Gerard Nolan 6 days ago

    All the dislikes are the peeps who are jealous

  • Dave Nicpon
    Dave Nicpon 6 days ago

    this guy would be the first to die in a zombie apocalypse.....zero survival skills......

  • Bonderar
    Bonderar 6 days ago

    Holy sh*t that beautiful case and he's stroking it with a ring on his finger D:

  • Erish Pandit
    Erish Pandit 6 days ago

    but is it big chungis

  • NoxirienCZ
    NoxirienCZ 7 days ago +1

    What is more difficult build gaming system or open box from DS ? :D

  • Jhunille Priela
    Jhunille Priela 7 days ago

    You sold your car for this and now you have to sell another thing.....what for?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 7 days ago

    Holy shit this thing is arousing.

  • Ah Developer
    Ah Developer 8 days ago

    What Happen

  • Groodies Hunt
    Groodies Hunt 8 days ago

    Too much drama thats why i dnt like these

  • No One
    No One 8 days ago +7

    And i thought spending 1700 on my pc was crazy but jesus lol

  • 1288 Colton1288
    1288 Colton1288 8 days ago

    I don’t even own a computer lol

  • CPA marketingacademy

    Video starts at 8:50

  • Arturo Tabera
    Arturo Tabera 9 days ago +1

    Everyone, please google Team Hölle Höllenmaschine X with Roman der 8auer Hartung. Yeah, it's a one-off, but you can buy Höllenmaschine 8 in the shop www.caseking.de/pc-welt-hoellenmaschine-8-i9-7980xe-4-5-ghz-nvidia-titan-rtx-nvlink-sipc-210.html

  • RVNAlphaTTV
    RVNAlphaTTV 9 days ago

    Can that pc run cool math?

  • Pockit Games
    Pockit Games 9 days ago

    where's the review?

  • 240 drifter
    240 drifter 9 days ago

    I’ll take the broken pc I don’t have a pc

  • 240 drifter
    240 drifter 9 days ago


  • TheRobMozza
    TheRobMozza 9 days ago +2

    I didn't watch the live stream, but I really enjoyed watching this video. Probably the best video I've seen of you. Nothing beats seeing you physically struggle removing that PC! Credit due, you succeeded! Well done, that PC certainly is a thing of beauty

  • End Me
    End Me 9 days ago

    Socks with sandals lol

  • Lawrence Edward Page Loves The Cock

    watching u open the box is like watching a very average thick performing monkey fuckwit blowjob dildo moron retard trying to figure out how to open the box. wot's with the lime green crowbar????? y do u have a crowbar????? y is the crowbar lime green??????? fuck u. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Lawrence Edward Page Loves The Cock

    y don't u + ur boyfs suck each other off instead of wasting ur time talking blah blah blah about the new blowjobputer. u r still a miserable little canuck shit. fuck u. hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Ben Berkebile
    Ben Berkebile 10 days ago

    2:10 some perfectly good wood to knock there to protect you from that statement

  • Kids Play
    Kids Play 10 days ago

    Does PCB stand for Personal Computer Build?

  • Sandfox 777
    Sandfox 777 10 days ago

    This PC is SICK!! DROOLING!!

  • Bangcat
    Bangcat 10 days ago +2

    They look good on the outside. But they're shit in actual paying user's performance. Don't believe t his hype train. I'm someone who actually paid for their PC, and they sent the first one broken three times and there are still issues with the one I have. Looking for a high end PC that works right and plays games with full visual quality? right now you would be wise to look elsewhere.. NOT DIGITAL STORM. At least not for now. Their real reviews are NOT good by any consistent means.

    • azzy mazzy
      azzy mazzy 7 days ago +1

      Low quality pizza for gaming a desktop is (most of the time) better

    • Low quality pizza
      Low quality pizza 8 days ago

      I’m 18 and wanna get into pc gaming what’s your recommendation? Would a laptop with monitor be cool or should I do a desktop
      No budget

  • Ken Richner
    Ken Richner 10 days ago

    Should have broken the crate open instead

    • Bangcat
      Bangcat 10 days ago

      With the way they build them broken in performance when you find the problems over time, yeah. Probably would've been better.

  • Steanford
    Steanford 11 days ago

    27:36 (Final unboxing and seeing the product). Everything before is pretty much him telling you how they have constructed a wooden and cardboard box rambling pointlessly and taking a minute to take some cloth off of it and rambling some more. Linus I love your vids but this is taking the piss.

  • pac man
    pac man 11 days ago

    what even is that for lol

  • Quarter Nipp
    Quarter Nipp 11 days ago

    You're not going to play it?

    • Bangcat
      Bangcat 10 days ago

      It might not actually work right. I paid 6K for a PC, first one didn't work three times, now this second one they started over from scratch with still doesn't work right. I get huge shadow glitches and tech support seems to be at a loss as to why. ALso one tech left me with a brick over the weekend after he read from the wrong mother board book and didn't bother to show up for work on Monday and left no note for anyone else to take over for him. Califonrian Rainbow Nightlight. Don't expect it to work right out of the box, and feel lucky if it all ever works right. Do some actual reviews of actual buyers.

  • Sarbjit Wraich
    Sarbjit Wraich 11 days ago


  • Jason Yates
    Jason Yates 12 days ago +2

    Joe Rogan is a hack and a fraud!!!!!!!

  • 9764546875
    9764546875 12 days ago

    U talk too much..... It numbed my ears.... Chiti chiti chat chat

  • v for velly ronquillo
    v for velly ronquillo 12 days ago +6

    your good I.T guy! but not good in unboxing things 😥

  • Henrique bull
    Henrique bull 12 days ago


  • TheJoker Jr of the HD
    TheJoker Jr of the HD 13 days ago

    Low key, he’s ninjas brother

    • Bert
      Bert 11 days ago


  • Bhutan RabsFX
    Bhutan RabsFX 13 days ago

    Will it run Minesweeper?

  • Mutanity
    Mutanity 13 days ago +4

    **still can cant run coolmathgames**

    • ScythTV
      ScythTV 12 days ago

      Mutanity 😂😂😂💯😤🔥™️

  • Txxthless
    Txxthless 13 days ago

    You kinda forgot the second sponsor...

  • Untalented Loser
    Untalented Loser 13 days ago


  • Mundane
    Mundane 13 days ago

    27:40. Your welcome. Like so everyone can see

  • Alexandru Alexandru
    Alexandru Alexandru 13 days ago

    This is what you get when you ship your system with no protection inside. Put a foam wrap next time, its only 3$ (30m 50x50) and you save your PC

  • Jacob Ferraro
    Jacob Ferraro 13 days ago

    What a women

  • FPShout
    FPShout 13 days ago


  • OverpricedGPU
    OverpricedGPU 14 days ago

    40:05 I think I cried a tear

  • God B With Me
    God B With Me 14 days ago

    Bring on quantum gaming computers because all I make of those fans are wasted processor energy.

  • Rafe McKnelly
    Rafe McKnelly 14 days ago

    Fs in the chat for that 2080

  • Ahmad A Ali
    Ahmad A Ali 14 days ago

    Gonna buy it? Why do you even review it with much drama on you?

  • SSJ Reslin
    SSJ Reslin 14 days ago

    I cringed so much every time you touched the damn thing. Like "Omg don't drop it, don't drop it, don't drop it!!!"

    • Bangcat
      Bangcat 10 days ago

      Chances are it has something wrong with it before it even got there when it's from Digital Storm.

  • Tom Beron
    Tom Beron 14 days ago


  • commiekermit
    commiekermit 14 days ago


  • Solaire of Astora
    Solaire of Astora 14 days ago

    Nickname this machine "the big freezer"

    • Bangcat
      Bangcat 10 days ago

      the cold hard lock ups or cold reality things aren't all working right is a signature of DS's company and their product.

  • Steven Park
    Steven Park 14 days ago

    17:30 is when the video starts

  • Marcelo Chudarek
    Marcelo Chudarek 15 days ago

    What are thooooose

  • Richard Bright
    Richard Bright 15 days ago

    How much electricity does it eat?

  • Bazilik9724
    Bazilik9724 15 days ago +2

    14:24 video starts

  • PrinceOG MoDZ
    PrinceOG MoDZ 15 days ago

    Can you do a another giveaway cuz I have been wanting a gaming PC for a few years and I don’t have the money to buy one and I’m not in a situation that I can save for one

  • christian sadykbayev
    christian sadykbayev 15 days ago

    Is it just me or did it lag alot in the beginning?

  • Master Dragon
    Master Dragon 15 days ago

    Why does it sound like he's tired?

  • Sheep Dog69
    Sheep Dog69 15 days ago

    butler is pc bro. it's pc for slave.

  • Kamal Verma
    Kamal Verma 15 days ago

    please please please give this pc to me .
    House No. 39 Imli mohalla kankhal Haridwar Uttrakhand India 249408
    contact- 8171810327

  • LemUUU
    LemUUU 15 days ago

    It's really nice, but it's just too busy. Too many design styles jumbled together.

  • Kevin Whitesell
    Kevin Whitesell 15 days ago

    Sooo. When do we get an update to this. ??? And what happens to these systems after you test them ??

  • affif hazli
    affif hazli 16 days ago

    You talked to much

  • clubseven
    clubseven 16 days ago

    15 minutes before he even gets in the box....

  • hemanwe12
    hemanwe12 16 days ago

    Actually it sells for $3,342 on their website excluding monitor, mice, headphones etc so not bad for a OP rig like this

  • Dalton Phillips
    Dalton Phillips 16 days ago

    Oh my god get someone else to take the computer out. Call me next time. What the fucking fuck are you doing. Youre lucking you are so tech smart cause u dumb af boi

  • NetherZone Gaming
    NetherZone Gaming 16 days ago

    Its a full tower pc its not ment to be on a table

  • HSbyHP
    HSbyHP 16 days ago

    Send me that broken rtx 2080 i can fix it and will send you back after fix

  • RyanzHub
    RyanzHub 17 days ago

    OK I'm selling my house and car....

  • Hadi M
    Hadi M 17 days ago

    how the fuck i play game with it .. i mean where are the keyboard and screen yo

  • Anime Ultra
    Anime Ultra 18 days ago

    Gaming is not a gaming build without benchmarks

  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PUBG LIVE Stream

    I might sale my both kidneys, eyes, my heart, and a Nut to buy this PC. Yayyy Dream Coming true :D

  • Husain Husain
    Husain Husain 18 days ago

    no one will buy this

  • Lauren P. Whaley
    Lauren P. Whaley 18 days ago

    Oh!!!! very good...

  • Paranormal GH0ST
    Paranormal GH0ST 18 days ago

    This nigga the type to buy a $20k pc just to disassemble it lmfao

  • Sebastian Rudnicki
    Sebastian Rudnicki 19 days ago

    buttler is cool

  • Daniël
    Daniël 19 days ago

    I love your sandals