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  • proTeeN
    proTeeN 22 hours ago +1

    Can this run GTA Vice City on 60fps?

  • The Muffin
    The Muffin 22 hours ago

    0:16 GORDON

  • Sazori Raishi
    Sazori Raishi 23 hours ago


  • Era Excal-Cole57k
    Era Excal-Cole57k 23 hours ago

    Yo, could you loan me a PC😂😉

  • kanehi
    kanehi 23 hours ago

    Awesome unboxing! I wonder if they used heavy water like the ones they used to cool nuclear rods! :D

  • Barry Bergerson
    Barry Bergerson 23 hours ago


  • Cynicalreality
    Cynicalreality 23 hours ago

    I would hate to be this guy, life must be rough.

  • Epic ShrekM8
    Epic ShrekM8 Day ago

    This computer can do anything! You want a dance party? You got a dance party!

  • Drackar
    Drackar Day ago

    OSHA violaions with a $10k rig...You're a fucking monster.

  • Epic ShrekM8
    Epic ShrekM8 Day ago

    Whoa, strong man linus over here.

  • dave s
    dave s Day ago


  • Charickter
    Charickter Day ago

    What a delightful, entertaining and anxiety inducing combination of competence and incompetence! Cheers LTT!

  • TMcjangel11245
    TMcjangel11245 Day ago

    As a CNC Machinist I tend to agree. Nothing better then seeing a square block turn into a part.

  • Manny J
    Manny J Day ago


  • Fredericko Estrada

    (sigh) nerds unpacking is the saddest thing to watch

  • Jan Szalinski
    Jan Szalinski Day ago


  • Jan Szalinski
    Jan Szalinski Day ago


  • Jan Szalinski
    Jan Szalinski Day ago


  • Jan Szalinski
    Jan Szalinski Day ago


  • Jan Szalinski
    Jan Szalinski Day ago


  • Jan Szalinski
    Jan Szalinski Day ago


  • Jan Szalinski
    Jan Szalinski Day ago


  • Jan Szalinski
    Jan Szalinski Day ago


  • Brady Pink
    Brady Pink Day ago


  • nick junior
    nick junior Day ago

    The fucking courier needs a dent and broken fingers of his own

  • P A
    P A Day ago

    Knows everything about computers.. Can't get it out of the box... Whaaaa 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • MrGabrielforever

    Why not just take the crate apart.. Also pc beast mode!!

  • abyss2k
    abyss2k Day ago

    God of Gaming PCs aka trash in a couple of years

  • Mahmud Tuhin
    Mahmud Tuhin Day ago

    box ..sound box

  • Adam dom
    Adam dom Day ago

    Can donate me this pc please😫🙏🙏💓?

  • Asocial Sociopath

    hammer one of the walls out smh

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B Day ago

    MiniCray 100% lmao

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B Day ago

    My gaming PC from Ibuypower came like that lol... $3k PC

    • Daniel B
      Daniel B Day ago

      But holy mother of GOD THAT CASE!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!

  • GJ03SAC Delle6400

    Wtf are you doing with dat dinosaur?..if it dosent have cooling with liquid mercury....not good😀😀
    This shit wil blow up your house..it consumes more than 2 kWh. ...war are you doing wit dat?...a fuking electrical power plant😀😀😀

  • BallsTavies BallsTavies

    17:21 when you finally start getting those panties off you girl

  • FWCC1
    FWCC1 Day ago

    That box was an Overkill. The MOTHER of gaming PC's? Funny as hell watching him tilt that thing!

  • kemle
    kemle Day ago

    Butt the real question is.......

    When's the giveaway??

  • Fabian Gonzalez
    Fabian Gonzalez Day ago +1

    Seriously you could have gotten away faster by taking down the sides of the crate...

  • jedi buranije brate

    7:35 what are thosee!

  • ThatGuyFromDetroit

    "is the camera ready?"
    "hold on, looks like the sharpness is set to 1,000%..."
    "camera's ready. start rolling"

  • MVK Trey
    MVK Trey Day ago


  • Jayloyd23
    Jayloyd23 Day ago

    This pc can cool a tropical country in summer

  • Navveen Prakkash

    did digital storm comment anything on this'?

  • Tok Phillip
    Tok Phillip Day ago

    that thing should be waxed often

  • Bulvine420
    Bulvine420 Day ago

    One day this PCs power will be in your phone or tablet!

  • Halogamefreek2
    Halogamefreek2 Day ago

    PC at Linus techtips

  • Douglas Woodard
    Douglas Woodard Day ago

    well the damm thing is nice but costs more than a car and all it does is play games and streams porn ill get one when i can start it up and go get lunch

  • Starlight Of Wisdom

    So I like your videos, it's entertaining and everything but wtf you are screaming, seriously it gave me headache. You even have difficulty to breath sometimes, dude it's a shame I can't watch your vids...

  • Fava Films
    Fava Films Day ago

    But will it blend ...?

  • Durham Kasten
    Durham Kasten Day ago


  • JavierEch
    JavierEch Day ago

    Can it run Minecraft and fortnite?

  • Rurouni-senpai
    Rurouni-senpai Day ago


  • no need to rap
    no need to rap Day ago

    What are those shoes

  • what do you need Ok

    I wish I could have these pcs because I live in a poor Mexican family and I only have a labtop that is good but for some reason it's very slow this is the reason I watch this TheXvid channel

  • Walter Russell
    Walter Russell Day ago

    That guy is way too gay

  • Angga Aditama
    Angga Aditama Day ago

    Did the shipping company throw that pc away like how you play a basketball?
    Really, it's horrendous how they deliver your product

  • PilotAsp
    PilotAsp Day ago

    the classic sandals and socks tho

  • Kevin g
    Kevin g Day ago


  • Jamie Meyer
    Jamie Meyer Day ago

    High. first time here. Did That pallet Jack, come as Part of the Packaging ? ;o)

  • GunKo 213
    GunKo 213 Day ago

    Is there a filter over this vid? It looks shit.

  • tonikeys
    tonikeys Day ago

    What's with the horrible sharpening filter? Very distracting :(

  • Ampacity
    Ampacity Day ago

    Haha that struggle.

  • Sgt SimplyCrispy

    5:31 socks in sandals

  • Jad Richani
    Jad Richani 2 days ago

    Boi dat Samsung tho

  • Trey Wait
    Trey Wait 2 days ago

    It's like watching a monkey trying to get a peanut out of a jar.

  • AKOV
    AKOV 2 days ago

    This dude sounds exactly like Steve Carrel. Especially when he shouts

  • Logan Powney
    Logan Powney 2 days ago

    But will it run phantom forces???

  • Onebruins Fan
    Onebruins Fan 2 days ago

    How much is it

  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese 2 days ago

    Watch this in 2x playback speed, its funnier and saves time. You can understand it pretty well too

  • Mike Dion
    Mike Dion 2 days ago

    I cant bring myself to finish watching this. I want this waaaaay too much and there's no way in hell I could ever afford it. Lol

  • ProSkittle
    ProSkittle 2 days ago

    I need that Geforce

  • Ollie Enzo
    Ollie Enzo 2 days ago

    Why does this look so weirdly electronically sharpened

  • Cemal Nadji
    Cemal Nadji 2 days ago

    This guy cost me money after he hyped some company offering cloud based gaming services, turned out to be a bullshit company trying to get me into pyramid selling 'Shadow' is the company. This guy is fake, lying pathetic prat and I helped pay for his holiday. I hate this prick

  • Tom Dibernardo
    Tom Dibernardo 2 days ago

    8000$ they can go F-themselves

  • B-Movie Bezerk
    B-Movie Bezerk 2 days ago


  • edwin semidey
    edwin semidey 2 days ago +1

    dud you are so out of control . I have no clue what your talking about . you go from 1 subject to the next no context. only in your own brain

  • Kryder Origin
    Kryder Origin 2 days ago

    Can it run super Mario game?

  • Jake palenski
    Jake palenski 2 days ago


  • Craig Williams
    Craig Williams 2 days ago

    This guy is sooo F**KING ANNOYING!!!

  • SteelCityK1D
    SteelCityK1D 2 days ago

    Computer Scientist

  • Miguel Jimenez
    Miguel Jimenez 2 days ago +1

    your voice sucks

  • Sanket Gupta
    Sanket Gupta 2 days ago

    I will have to sell both of my kidneys and a heart to buy this thing

    • MemoGrafix
      MemoGrafix Day ago

      After a year or less it starts to become *{{{!!!"OBSOLETE!!!"}}}*

  • Dan O
    Dan O 2 days ago

    My aunt ordered her nephew a pc from digital storm, she hadnt told me until after word but i know it only has a 1050ti and i5 processor in it nothing crazy, weeks before christmas. Its now jan 14th and is still not here! They wouldnt answer for weeks, she paid her first payment prior to receiving the computer! The kid is 8 years old and still believes santas elves screwed up lol. She finally received a message it would be shipping in a week this video is the only thing that stopped me from telling her to cancel it and i would build him one . What the hell could takr so long on such a low end build?

  • Cross Slinger
    Cross Slinger 2 days ago

    Alright.... Disney World trip could wait..

  • Game Gambler
    Game Gambler 2 days ago

    Hi dude I'm living my life very hardly without graphics card in pc plz can any one gift me graphics card ? Any:(

  • Departed
    Departed 2 days ago

    i wish i had a god PC Like that i would cry with joy.

  • Юрий Бондаренко

    в то время когда вся техника стремится к "тонкости" и минимализму, персональные пк становятся всё больше и суровее х))

  • Sheheryar Tariq
    Sheheryar Tariq 2 days ago


  • YourFwiend Kevin
    YourFwiend Kevin 2 days ago

    *I need one*

  • Android Dude Thingy
    Android Dude Thingy 2 days ago

    if I have this kind of pc I'll just play pirated nes games on it

  • mitchell kirkpatrick
    mitchell kirkpatrick 2 days ago +3

    a butler traditionally is in charge of the dining room, wine cellar, and pantry. So wouldn't do rigs. lol

    • Tito
      Tito 2 days ago

      If you are paying the guy he's got to do it

  • Hankshire ZA
    Hankshire ZA 2 days ago

    What are those on your feet!?

  • Xplicid
    Xplicid 2 days ago

    The box we get when purchasing is a lot smaller. DigitalStorm just trolled Linus hard 😂👍🏽

  • ItsOzzy
    ItsOzzy 2 days ago

    Wtf wish i had a decent pc to play fortnite

  • angel felix
    angel felix 2 days ago

    Rtx left the chat

  • Canal do J. Cassiano

    Meu sonho!

  • Milo R
    Milo R 2 days ago +4

    Anyone played infamous second son? This is how you drain unlimited neon.

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright 2 days ago

    But seriously dude wtf r those?!

  • kenebright07
    kenebright07 2 days ago

    What are those!??? Come on dude! even crocks will be a better choice 🤭🤭🤭