Loading our HOW TO MINECRAFT S2 SERVER after 4 YEARS w/ Lachlan & Pete

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
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Comments • 1 144

  • Warrior III
    Warrior III Hour ago

    You killed side and speedy with that trap not them killing you

  • Wyatt Konz
    Wyatt Konz Day ago

    U should do it again watched the series about 2 full times and on number 47 now

  • Kirsten Lawrence

    H2M 2 was the best season

  • iiiPoopmypants
    iiiPoopmypants 2 days ago

    Who fuckin remembers how a god Pete is every time that everyone fears him

  • Tanner Bronco
    Tanner Bronco 3 days ago

    this was the best htm

  • Deven Bates
    Deven Bates 3 days ago

    Jerome’s base was under Mitch’s base

  • Brayden Folks
    Brayden Folks 5 days ago

    You did the chicken thing

  • James Films
    James Films 5 days ago

    Heh. That “ice dungeon” at Kenny’s place was a Goodness Build by Rob.
    Credit to his building ability that you thought it was a dungeon.

  • Diego Avila
    Diego Avila 7 days ago

    Remember crazy craft

  • Russell Wood
    Russell Wood 13 days ago

    This vid made me extremely happy

  • Dr Fuzie
    Dr Fuzie 14 days ago

    Just spent the last two weeks watching all 100 seasons and I miss it everyday.

  • Mr.Striped Sweater
    Mr.Striped Sweater 15 days ago

    This was the best season

  • nirmal thakkar
    nirmal thakkar 19 days ago

    I just completed H2M and now starting HTM 3

  • nirmal thakkar
    nirmal thakkar 19 days ago

    What's high tail

  • SwagPro64
    SwagPro64 19 days ago


  • It’z me Glitch 73
    It’z me Glitch 73 20 days ago

    The nostalgia is real right now

  • Buddy Trex
    Buddy Trex 22 days ago

    So vik cheated ....... Child hood ruined

  • OwenVlogs
    OwenVlogs 24 days ago

    Can You Do How To Minecraft season 6

  • Frank Ramirez
    Frank Ramirez 25 days ago

    26:36 for anyone who wanted to skip straight to revisiting the server

  • AnthonyD1318
    AnthonyD1318 25 days ago

    I can’t believe how long it’s been. I loved this series back in the day and to think I’m graduated from high school and I was a freshman at the time is crazy. Vikks House was amazing

  • coryswarmer
    coryswarmer 26 days ago


  • JJ Silva
    JJ Silva 26 days ago

    Fammmm I remember watching y’all play How To Minecraft each season! Crazyyy

  • naz five
    naz five 26 days ago

    Lachlan? Who’s that? You mean that fortnight player?

  • Animemes HXD
    Animemes HXD 28 days ago

    Side and speedy were hilarious

  • Joshua Jenning
    Joshua Jenning 28 days ago

    If you do it again make it so there is no plugins except mcmmo and I’ve been watching since season one so I think I know what the fans want to see

    I even watched the horrible content in like h6m

  • BB Gaming
    BB Gaming 28 days ago

    Omg I remember that video

  • Koma
    Koma 28 days ago

    So many memories

  • Link G
    Link G 28 days ago

    Need to make more of h2m

  • D1rtyDan
    D1rtyDan 29 days ago +1

    I remember watching him 4 years ago and the quality hasn’t gotten any better.

  • Cory Howell
    Cory Howell 29 days ago +1

    Do a HTM S6

  • George Monk
    George Monk 29 days ago

    make another server

  • Ace Wydx
    Ace Wydx 29 days ago

    38:24 NATI IS BACK?!?!

  • unlawful fork
    unlawful fork 29 days ago

    The OG'S will remember nati

  • Stanislaw Hyrczyk
    Stanislaw Hyrczyk 29 days ago

    How to Minecraft s2 my fav!!!

  • BGRoyal
    BGRoyal Month ago

    that moment you get to reuse that clickbait title involving H2M, but this time involving Lachlan and Pete

    ORANGE MAN BAD Month ago


  • zzykin •
    zzykin • Month ago

    It is so weird the same voice talk like tow people

  • Spencer Swart
    Spencer Swart Month ago

    This was the best how 2 minecraft series and u guys should do it again with the latest version

  • Robert Chavez
    Robert Chavez Month ago

    Do crazy craft

  • Ishaq Munir
    Ishaq Munir Month ago

    Htm 6????????

  • Damon Naidoo
    Damon Naidoo Month ago

    if it possible to do an htm in fortnite pls do it

  • ryan
    ryan Month ago

    Those who grew up watching this rather than Fortnite are the real gamers 👍

  • Emers2005
    Emers2005 Month ago +1

    Cool kids club + Pete

  • Hanzoap
    Hanzoap Month ago


  • Callum Chapman
    Callum Chapman Month ago

    who wants another pixelmon island

  • _Skillsnotluck_ _
    _Skillsnotluck_ _ Month ago

    This was my fav minecraft series ever

  • Landon Hufford
    Landon Hufford Month ago

    Dj Skrellex

  • Ethan Ott
    Ethan Ott Month ago

    OMG Vikk did cheat with the axxxxeeee

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith Month ago

    Bajan Canadians house was above Jeromes house

  • Ethan Ott
    Ethan Ott Month ago

    I miss animated vikk

  • Joely9Hatter
    Joely9Hatter Month ago

    21:45 oml so in sync 😂😂🤣

  • Blood Orchird
    Blood Orchird Month ago

    This is what I subscribed for

  • Joca Araujo
    Joca Araujo Month ago

    Chocos House cords 2023.361/37.00000/238.723

  • Dragontamer1380
    Dragontamer1380 Month ago

    This brought back way to many memories finna cry

  • Agartz
    Agartz Month ago

    this is what we like to call a "Nostaliga Nut"

  • Jordan Tate
    Jordan Tate Month ago

    H2M SEASON 6

  • Emil Caspiani
    Emil Caspiani Month ago +1

    Haircut was better back in the day

  • itsgock
    itsgock Month ago

    I can't believe I watched this series, i miss this so much!!


    One like =vikk be came bake to htm

  • Graham S
    Graham S Month ago

    Woofles took gear from Nooch so he asked you to help fight, Nooch asked not h. Pete and Preston were just bored so they watched and fired arrows randomly

  • Baccafan 52
    Baccafan 52 Month ago

    Also if you do a new season make it just like season 2

  • Rotate faint
    Rotate faint Month ago

    yoo og viewer btw

  • TeX RaPid
    TeX RaPid Month ago

    Mitch’s bass was the sky base and Jerome’s was the ground part

  • ĘLeçtric Gāmęś

    *Bring back TNT wars???*

  • Jason Ho
    Jason Ho Month ago

    I wanted to see choco's place.

  • Bold Gaming
    Bold Gaming Month ago

    We need to do another season

  • Bold Gaming
    Bold Gaming Month ago

    The nostalgia is REAAAAAAAAAAL!

  • Jasmine Washington
    Jasmine Washington Month ago +1

    why did vikk do the same reaction in the face cam years ago at 8:52 😂

  • I_AM_MEG_Z_B
    I_AM_MEG_Z_B Month ago

    oh my god... 14 year old me is shaking.. i randomly thought of your account and went on and saw this... this series was the BOMB back then! like i was obsessed and it really made me happy!

  • Ivy the elemental heart

    21:42 that so cute how you still laugh the same way 😍

  • Arturo Sosa
    Arturo Sosa Month ago

    I’m laughing at the fact that these people are profiting off of our nostalgia because Fortnite is dead

  • Arcyan
    Arcyan Month ago

    Bruh I stopped watching you when that finished..damn it’s been so long.

  • zaffyy
    zaffyy Month ago


  • CollectablesYT
    CollectablesYT Month ago

    H2M season 2 was so fun because of the custom enchants dungeons mcmmo and all the possible things you could do i loved that series u guys should consider doing a replica of it

  • The twilight 123
    The twilight 123 Month ago

    Make a new how2minecraft plzzz

  • Syncro
    Syncro Month ago

    I say we need a new sky block series

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago

    Ive been watching everyone for like 7 years. It would be insane if you guys would do another H2M with the OG's.

  • Luca Alonso
    Luca Alonso Month ago +1

    I understand that H2M took a lot out of you, especially S5, but if you have gotten past that during your minecraft break, then I hope one day we might see S6. H2M is my all time favourite of your content 👍😁

  • Luca Alonso
    Luca Alonso Month ago +1

    Please do another season, if you are up to it

  • Beh Ee Zhou
    Beh Ee Zhou Month ago

    Ask Lachlan to use his old skin

  • Salty Phish
    Salty Phish Month ago

    Play pixelmon

  • Festi
    Festi Month ago

    who after this is going to watch it all again?

  • wizardofwar 04
    wizardofwar 04 Month ago

    That wasnt mitches house its meromes house

  • Jacob Fontenot
    Jacob Fontenot Month ago

    No fucking way, I remember watching everything video when it came out dude I cry

  • Taimoor Ahmed
    Taimoor Ahmed Month ago +1


  • Cracker_Bandit
    Cracker_Bandit Month ago +1

    Do this with crazy craft

  • Trevor Rex
    Trevor Rex Month ago

    So much has changed you could do a new how to minecraft without any mods and it'd be awesome.

  • Andrew Huerta
    Andrew Huerta Month ago

    wow i miss h2m so much. the memories are crazy 😭😭

  • Chucky Luna
    Chucky Luna Month ago

    I remember coming home from middle school just in time to watch Vik’s streams... God the memories and excitement... these group of youtubers literally, along with other things, made up my child hood

  • Adem Sejdini
    Adem Sejdini Month ago

    HTM6 please

  • Archie Galaganenko
    Archie Galaganenko Month ago

    Please do a survival private server series, with roofless and Lachlan

  • Jammy Scoot
    Jammy Scoot Month ago +1


  • Daniel Bartelt
    Daniel Bartelt Month ago

    Do you still continue with that UHC

  • Marcus Hansen
    Marcus Hansen Month ago

    Yes plz more how to Minecraft

  • Mr Dab
    Mr Dab Month ago

    Lachlan isn’t uploading any of these minecraft videos he did these past few days

  • childishRetroz
    childishRetroz Month ago

    growing up these got ya boy threw hard times thanks Vik!

  • ethan_tigger
    ethan_tigger Month ago +1

    Y’all should do an smp

  • Piggy Vila
    Piggy Vila Month ago

    i love how the songs are only popular but not the gameplay....

  • Amaan 124
    Amaan 124 Month ago

    please do h2m again or pixelmon

  • CYM
    CYM Month ago

    21:45 that laugh was on sync