LeBron James and Draymond Green Face Off in NBA Finals | TROPHIES

  • Published on Jun 11, 2018
  • The Cavs and Warriors stars' routines for the 2018 NBA Finals differ - for LeBron it's a shave and a cut, for Dray it's a locker room meet and greet with a legend - but regardless of the series' outcome, these two had a hell of a ride.
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    LeBron James and Draymond Green Face Off in NBA Finals | TROPHIES
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Comments • 298

  • MrsButtersworth82
    MrsButtersworth82 16 days ago

    I would never remember all those handshakes for each teammate.

  • sa5817
    sa5817 16 days ago

    My guy sitting at the head of the table

  • nbarealms
    nbarealms 6 months ago

    If only lebron knew The Henny God would strike.

  • DeShan Nichols
    DeShan Nichols 6 months ago

    Where the cast

    KEEZE 6 months ago

    Y u got a white barber bron?

  • Justin Powers
    Justin Powers 7 months ago

    where's bron's cast on his broke hand?

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 7 months ago

    No they didn’t face off it was 1 vs 4 handicap match Lebron vs 4 lil bitches one of them a donkey

  • Jaydyn Jordan
    Jaydyn Jordan 8 months ago

    This why bron hairline fucked up

  • Raheim King
    Raheim King 8 months ago

    Did he just kiss Green

  • Shamar Crumes
    Shamar Crumes 8 months ago

    Bra he definitely kissed dray on the shoulder

    • StunnaCole
      StunnaCole 7 months ago

      Shamar Crumes yea but that was still close . btw why even kiss a man like that

  • Namebrandjones
    Namebrandjones 8 months ago

    Now I know why LeBron haircut be fuck up.

  • Dee M
    Dee M 8 months ago

    @3:20 It was evident where LeBron was gonna go next 😮🤔 Peep the kicks, think he slick 👟😂

  • LeVaughn Erskine
    LeVaughn Erskine 8 months ago +1

    Ewww. Dey kissed dat dude! Lol. Tony Robbins, dat ain't okay.

  • David Wang
    David Wang 8 months ago

    Man LB's pregame energy at the end dropped.

  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown 9 months ago

    I can’t ignore Draymond letting a man kiss his neck 🤦🏾‍♂️🌈🌈🌈

    • StunnaCole
      StunnaCole 7 months ago

      Kevin Brown he was in the moment what he was suppose to do fight him

  • Jt_ Ballin_23
    Jt_ Ballin_23 9 months ago

    Everybody hate to see LeBron lose.

  • Jt_ Ballin_23
    Jt_ Ballin_23 9 months ago +6

    LeBron and draymond are great friends. They don't hate each other.

  • Hairguy
    Hairguy 9 months ago

    Some random dude Wrangles Draymonds Chub and hes like, "who mouth was that?

  • Donald Pace
    Donald Pace 9 months ago +1

    Just shave it Bron...

    • StunnaCole
      StunnaCole 7 months ago

      Donald Pace that boy hangin on to it

  • Mike
    Mike 9 months ago

    Views are to low

  • Dlotv615
    Dlotv615 9 months ago

    I’m not gone lie his hand didn’t look broke before game 4 ....but everybody will say I’m hating but just watch it the video again n just look at his hand the whole time

  • Jose A.
    Jose A. 9 months ago

    I can see this man dunking on his own son and gives goosebumps

    KEEGOTFIRE TM 9 months ago

    Dude look at Kendrick perkins dudeeeeeee😂😂

    KEEGOTFIRE TM 9 months ago

    Bron sat at the table like I’m really playing with these sorry mfs😂

  • John Sports
    John Sports 9 months ago

    This the only channel that post this level of content?

  • Bennett Baud
    Bennett Baud 9 months ago


  • GBRTGalaxy, Inc.
    GBRTGalaxy, Inc. 9 months ago

    Bron making money off his loses!! 😂😂 people on his platform bashing him and supporting him at the same time. Go get urs!!!

  • Syte Jackson
    Syte Jackson 9 months ago

    LeBron is better than me...I wouldn't gove that donkey faced bitch a second on my damn show

  • D̶a̶m̶o̶n̶ ̶ J̶u̶d̶e̶

    Lebron goes to OKC!!! Westbrook gets revenge they beat Warriors! Lebron gets to shit on Kyrie in finals!!! Duck Houston, Chris Paul always gets hurt liability, Harden sucks in playoff time....OKC if they all take a pay cut...Paul George ,Westbrook at the helm,Carmelo on the wing,Lebron down low with Steven Adam's who is beating them healthy in the playoffs??? That would be dope if Lebron won 3 in a row then retired on top ,thus owning Durant,Curry ,and Kyrie and being the best ever! I don't see it any other way!

  • Korey Paul
    Korey Paul 9 months ago +2

    LeBron's hand was already "broken" at 1:19 .....😶

  • Bhavya Mehra
    Bhavya Mehra 9 months ago

    For all those people who didnt like the kiss on the neck. You guys better not watch La Liga Football matches. Cuz that'd be too much for you. Just different cultures.

  • palatable johnson
    palatable johnson 9 months ago

    1:22 how much salt u need

  • Ley Tse
    Ley Tse 9 months ago

    Hey LeBron, just one question. What are those?!?!?!?!?

  • Larry Handley
    Larry Handley 9 months ago

    I did not see a cast on his "so called" broken hand once in this video!

  • Foe Pockets Full
    Foe Pockets Full 9 months ago

    I love LeBron but where the cast they said. He had on after every game?

  • Michaelveli9
    Michaelveli9 9 months ago

    Lebron gets his hair cut by a white guy...That explains everything lol

  • Craigslisst Tube
    Craigslisst Tube 9 months ago +1

    Play with or against my son. That's f dope !

  • Lion PaW
    Lion PaW 9 months ago

    warriors!!!! love the sweep. fuck lebum

  • OG ThC
    OG ThC 9 months ago

    damn kendrick perkins even in the circle?? man fuck out here you useless bitch.

  • no snitch around me
    no snitch around me 9 months ago +3

    People thin lbj is done, and that he will never win another chip. Very stupid who thinks that way. See u all next season suckers

    • Edwurrd
      Edwurrd 5 days ago

      no snitch around me sorry no playoffs

  • skip jr
    skip jr 9 months ago +3

    Lebron need shave that beard 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Michaelveli9
      Michaelveli9 9 months ago

      what's your name? Nah he needs to shave that bald ass head

  • Willie Wright
    Willie Wright 9 months ago +33

    LeBron don't need no more hair trimmed off the top

  • T Rex
    T Rex 9 months ago +1

    4:10 most awkward handshake

  • big boskie
    big boskie 9 months ago +1

    What was up with that kiss dude gave draymond ?? 🤔

    • Michaelveli9
      Michaelveli9 9 months ago

      big boskie He be poking him in that butt thats what

  • Edgar Brito
    Edgar Brito 9 months ago +1

    Lebroon got swept that's what u get for being player/gm

  • vanlife 123s
    vanlife 123s 9 months ago +8

    Yo.... DAY DAY ON THAT #metoo list WTF was that !?damm 😨

    • NStarks007
      NStarks007 9 months ago +1

      always redirect dont catch you slip[pin' now

    • always redirect
      always redirect 9 months ago +4

      vanlife 123s
      I swear to God, in Europe No one would've made the interaction a big deal but then again #thisIsAmerica

  • MMS MonteroSport
    MMS MonteroSport 9 months ago

    DB thiccccc

  • john jay
    john jay 9 months ago

    So we not finna talk about Lebron having a white barber 😂😂😂 now I see why his lining be fucked up

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 9 months ago +6

    4:04 am I the only one waiting for them to say “lebron” on three

  • Aditya Rachman
    Aditya Rachman 9 months ago +6

    no one filming the whiteboard vs bron fight?

  • Al O.
    Al O. 9 months ago +5

    Did Tony Robbins just kiss Draymond on the neck???

  • Peter Chavez
    Peter Chavez 9 months ago +4

    My man Tony Robbins kissing Draymonds neck......... wtf lol

  • jonathan Tolbert
    jonathan Tolbert 9 months ago

    Where is the cast

  • Jonathan Chen
    Jonathan Chen 9 months ago

    since game 1 onward, you cant really see his right hand outside of games, only when he's around media can you see his right hand

  • Don Bur
    Don Bur 9 months ago +1

    Bron cut that shit off it's over come on home bro.. LOL

  • AAK
    AAK 9 months ago +2

    That look on Lebron's face at 4:05. Even he knew the series was gonna end that night lmao

  • Alex Simba
    Alex Simba 9 months ago

    How is he tying his shoes with a broken hand 🤔. Lol nah just playing. Come back stronger bron

  • Alex Simba
    Alex Simba 9 months ago +6

    Did this dude just kiss draymonds neck... tf

    • StunnaCole
      StunnaCole 7 months ago

      Alex Simba bruh shit is crazy lol . dude didnt even give it a thought he straight up kissed him smh

  • P -
    P - 9 months ago

    The videos on this channel are made so well

  • sam fisher
    sam fisher 9 months ago

    Lebron and his Dad

    HATERS ARE MAD !!! 9 months ago +9

    The difference between lebron and draymond.....LEBRON IS A LEGEND AND DRAYMOND WILL NEVER BE A LEGEND HAHAHAHA

    • HATERS ARE MAD !!!
      HATERS ARE MAD !!! 9 months ago

      All you guys watching nba since 2015 ???? Okok hahahaha

    • HATERS ARE MAD !!!
      HATERS ARE MAD !!! 9 months ago

      Hahaha i dont give a fuck about all your comments guys fuck you all...all you guys are mad because i tell the truth hahahaha

    • KiKi John
      KiKi John 9 months ago

      3 rings and counting.
      Hold this sweapppp

    • Blaise Ayika
      Blaise Ayika 9 months ago +1

      HATERS ARE MAD !!! Did you just tell a joke to yourself and laugh all by yourself? Uhggrrr 😷

    • Ryan James
      Ryan James 9 months ago +2

      HATERS ARE MAD !!! Neither will u.. Draymond is a hofer and has just as many rings as the man who nuts your breath smell like sooo

  • SleepyNever 561
    SleepyNever 561 9 months ago

    Or Play against. Yo that line got me.

  • Cissy Mac
    Cissy Mac 9 months ago +1

    I don't even know why he works with this blk ass bastard. Dude intentionally clawed him in his eye with his dirty ass. Some type of friend. Rotten to the core. Only reason pple even look at this is because of LeBron.

  • teresa wicks
    teresa wicks 9 months ago +3

    If it ever happens, LeBron needs to play WITH his son (at 1st) to encourage and build him up, not play against him that would probably discourage him if DAD blocked his shot. I'm just saying🤔

    • jonisrockin
      jonisrockin 9 months ago

      just like when bron and his dad used to be on the same team.

    • Diamond Lion
      Diamond Lion 9 months ago

      teresa wicks if his potential pans out,daddy wont be able to block his shot anyway...

    • Diamond Lion
      Diamond Lion 9 months ago

      teresa wicks no boys allowed in the nba.he needs to be strong.of he can,stronger even than his father,he will be targeted

  • Alexis Brille
    Alexis Brille 9 months ago +2

    Hold on, Tony Robbins is 6'5 and he looks the same height as Dray. Isn't Dray 6'7?

    • StunnaCole
      StunnaCole 7 months ago

      Big Worm all players get measured without shoes

    • Big Worm
      Big Worm 9 months ago

      Alexis Brille 6'7 with basketball shoes on. He's probably bare foot in the locker room and Robbins had shoes on.

    • Sup Tho
      Sup Tho 9 months ago

      Alexis Brille

  • Kyle Griffith
    Kyle Griffith 9 months ago

    Bron know damn well that haircut ain’t do shit

  • Eberechi Agu
    Eberechi Agu 9 months ago +3

    Please make these longer! @uninterrupted

  • zain Khan
    zain Khan 9 months ago

    He can't take that team even to the playoffs.

  • zain Khan
    zain Khan 9 months ago +4

    Put draymond on a different team that didn't make the playoffs. We'll see what he does.

    • Syte Jackson
      Syte Jackson 9 months ago

      zain Khan not a damn thing...he's literally racking up easy rings...and talks the most shit

    • Ricky B
      Ricky B 9 months ago

      zain Khan if draymond in the east he’d probably go to the finals. Now put lebron in the West he’d never see the finals again.

  • Julio Escobar
    Julio Escobar 9 months ago +3

    Wheres the footage of cavs locker room after game 1? Thats what I want to see

  • MikeBNumba6
    MikeBNumba6 9 months ago +20

    This shit was wack and pointless. They didn't really show shit but them walking around. No mic'd up on the court action, no behind the scenes in the locker room or even them just getting ready for the same.
    This sucked

  • V-Rob
    V-Rob 9 months ago +315

    LeBron doesn’t deserve to get swept.. no one in the league works harder than him and he literally had one of or if not the best season of his career. hopefully he goes somewhere or gets players where he doesn’t have to carry one of the worst finals rosters an entire 82 game season again. he deserves better

    • kiiingX Savage
      kiiingX Savage 19 days ago

      Now he’s not making the playoffs

    • Lucas michaels
      Lucas michaels 7 months ago

      J w he hand picked his roster. No pity for him. He beat Oladipo, Derozan, and a Celtics team without their two best players.
      Now tell me what this accomplishment will mean in 50 years? FOH with that weak ass shit. We celebrating second place wins now?

    • Lucas michaels
      Lucas michaels 7 months ago

      Lebron doesn’t deserve to get swept?! What kind of fuckery is this?! Y’all dick riding this man this much? He should have an immunity against sweeps? Lawd have mercy

    • Sean Daly
      Sean Daly 8 months ago

      OVO V-Rob ii

    • J w
      J w 8 months ago

      for all the retards that says Lebron had help...
      In the beginning of the season
      9 new players joined the Cavs
      TT, Rose, Shumpert, IT were injured
      Then IT comes back with a broken back and Love gets injured due to broken hand.
      6 players get traded out for 4 new players.
      He still finished 4th seed
      THEN he beat the Raptors 1st seed, Boston 2nd seed, Pacers 5th seed to go to the finals.

  • Denzel Munroe
    Denzel Munroe 9 months ago


  • Rasheed Bailey
    Rasheed Bailey 9 months ago +30

    That Tony Robbins part was super uncomfortable.

  • Free Kodak
    Free Kodak 9 months ago

    Draymond made Bron go home ringless back to back years....oops

  • Bat Vigilante
    Bat Vigilante 9 months ago

    1:21 what the fuck is that kiss for?!?!?!

  • Uchawi Beatz Official
    Uchawi Beatz Official 9 months ago +64

    That neck kiss was so cringe worthy

  • Skip Bayless’ Possible Reactions

    who is the ugly bun at 1:30 next to donkey?probably a swoolen up steroids fuck from the nfl or some shit

  • John Simone
    John Simone 9 months ago

    that's it?

  • Edelpogi Tolentino
    Edelpogi Tolentino 9 months ago

    lebron is the BEST

    Luka DIMITRIJEVIĆ 9 months ago +2

    U can see all the energy just vanish from james between games 1 and 2 and that was it from then on

  • Vigilante
    Vigilante 9 months ago +1

    id love to see lebron face his son in his final season in the nba.

  • Vigilante
    Vigilante 9 months ago

    before any ledickriders come in u should know that these two are really good friends

  • Damon M
    Damon M 9 months ago +22

    There's an on court rivalry between these two on court but off court it's a mutual respect and business: Draymond is actually signed to Lebron's production company.

      KING MIGHT 9 months ago +2

      They are actually friends

    • Flawess Grace
      Flawess Grace 9 months ago +2

      Damon M wait so your telling me he works for Lebrons ass what a bum

  • Lit Shit
    Lit Shit 9 months ago +119


    • Mandela N
      Mandela N 7 months ago +1

      Little Jimmy whut 🤣🤣

    • Little Jimmy
      Little Jimmy 8 months ago +1

      Lienahk Tha Loner if bill gates is worth 90billion and there are 7 billion people in the world.why can't we all have one billion each??.

      Ignore me

    • Lienahk Tha Loner
      Lienahk Tha Loner 9 months ago +5

      So if Bill gates offered you a billion to give you a hickey...you'd refuse?

    • Michaelveli9
      Michaelveli9 9 months ago +3

      Lit Shit Draymond takes it in the booty by older white men. How do you think he got so successful? He sold his soul to the illuminaughty

  • Number 1 Lebron Fan
    Number 1 Lebron Fan 9 months ago +2

    DON'T Come For Bron😒!!!!

  • shelmatos
    shelmatos 9 months ago +2

    Givin' Bron a haircut with scissors up top lmao..

    9PLUS INC 9 months ago +4

    That palm tree on his hat?🤔

    • Max Pflücke
      Max Pflücke 9 months ago

      anybody know what brand the cap is from?

  • Joshua Mcdaniel
    Joshua Mcdaniel 9 months ago +1

    All of sudden at the end of the series...

  • bean2k33
    bean2k33 9 months ago +153

    Dude cutting LeBrons hair like he diffusing a bomb.

    • MrDinFla1
      MrDinFla1 8 months ago

      bean2k33 lmao 😂

    • Swaveyntn
      Swaveyntn 9 months ago +5

      he making sure not to cut too much hair, or else lebron would have no more left.

    • Paul F.
      Paul F. 9 months ago +1

      calvin812 😭😭😭

    • calvin812
      calvin812 9 months ago +21

      I bet that guy didn't sweep the floor after the cut. Because he knows the warrior gonna do it.

    • Alex Simba
      Alex Simba 9 months ago +4


  • Markenson Pierre
    Markenson Pierre 9 months ago

    BEST video describing LeBron A GAME!! Narrator COOKIN♨♨♨!!

  • Torrey Robey Jr
    Torrey Robey Jr 9 months ago

    DG the player that you love if he’s on your team and hate when he’s against. he’s that heart and grit from the 80s/90s and people hate it and that’s why I love it

  • 123KOBEMVP
    123KOBEMVP 9 months ago +25

    we now have to have the debate between draymond and lebron, cause draymond is now 3-1>3-6

    • 123KOBEMVP
      123KOBEMVP 9 months ago

      1 DPOTY> 0

    • BMprod
      BMprod 9 months ago

      Skip Bayless 3 Finals MVP better than 0

    • Vibezz
      Vibezz 9 months ago +1

      King Nick draymond doesn't need to carry a team . But he is the heart and soul of GS. He is their vocal and captain. What reason would he have to go anywhere else ??? He's on his way to the HOF . 3X NBA CHAMPION , DPOY, (multiple) 1st team All Defense and 2nd team, Top 10 in assists the past 3 years , guy is a walking triple double. Just because he doesn't score with the best of em doesn't make his impact any less . Shows me how much you ACTUALLY know about the game.

    • 123KOBEMVP
      123KOBEMVP 9 months ago

      John Rodriguez the 12 people who liked my comment disagree with you

    • Solentos
      Solentos 9 months ago

      There's 4 MVPs, 3 FMVPs, and about 25000 points separating them. "It's a legit debate man" LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Marvel Baraquit
    Marvel Baraquit 9 months ago +4

    didnt know meryl streep doin nba

  • Aaron Sarfo
    Aaron Sarfo 9 months ago +8

    Tony Robbins kisses men on the neck for inspiration.

  • Vair
    Vair 9 months ago +220

    Yoo what's with that guy kissing Draymond neck tho ☠️

    • QueX
      QueX 7 months ago

      Yooo ☠️☠️

    • Dale Munson
      Dale Munson 8 months ago

      Anu Malepeai no one's reading all that shit bro

    • Dale Munson
      Dale Munson 8 months ago

      Vair I'm saying woulda got his ass beat tf

    • NEW YORK
      NEW YORK 8 months ago

      Anu Malepeai
      you make a compelling case .. but!!! nah, I ain't wit it > yall liberals can have THAT one.

    • NEW YORK
      NEW YORK 8 months ago

      I'm not understanding that kiss/bite on the neck ... NOPE!!
      can't wrap my mind around it AT ALL

  • Gremlin2123321
    Gremlin2123321 9 months ago +8

    LeOKC - Needs to happen. The Diss to Durant would be epic!

    • Chris Shanklin
      Chris Shanklin 9 months ago +2

      Gremlin2123321 Russ wouldn’t like Lebron with the ball

  • Ty Lito
    Ty Lito 9 months ago +64

    Brons hand dont look hurt at all. Lyin ass mf

    • Chase Ferguson
      Chase Ferguson 9 months ago

      FRANK_BLOCK_SAVAGE #HBK he hurt his hand after game 1 you dumbass, this video has footage before and after all of the other games as well. And there’s not one inclination that his hand hurts at all

    • Cissy Mac
      Cissy Mac 9 months ago +1

      Im Tylito stfu

    • Corrine Ash
      Corrine Ash 9 months ago +3

      Idiot read filmed way before!

    • El-Caesar
      El-Caesar 9 months ago +5

      Im Tylito DAYUM nigga you are one of the dumbest person online with the ppl that liked your comment HAHA

    • Laron DaGod
      Laron DaGod 9 months ago +3

      Im Tylito u dumbass

  • Ty Lito
    Ty Lito 9 months ago +186

    Dray and bron got the same amount of rings 😂

    • OTS nasty
      OTS nasty 8 months ago

      draymond got 4 allstars on 1 team wait 5 now bc they added boogie so stfu u hater i hope you die in your sleep

    • Philipp Ghadiri
      Philipp Ghadiri 8 months ago

      NBA x Honcho Paul was bette then harden in Th playoffs stop it ...harden was trash

    • Turtle neck
      Turtle neck 9 months ago

      Has Dray been swept? 🤔

    • Ab 98
      Ab 98 9 months ago

      Ibnziyad Tariq shhh

    • BMprod
      BMprod 9 months ago +1

      Ibnziyad Tariq gtfoh u dumbass

  • C-Red
    C-Red 9 months ago +68

    I'll never let it go, cavs got robbed of game 1, at best series should have ended 4-1. 51pts down the drain.

    • Dale Munson
      Dale Munson 8 months ago

      Melvin HHCP and refs

    • dwade11chief
      dwade11chief 9 months ago

      lmfao @ 4-1..... WOWWWWWWWWWWWW cuz that wouldve been so much better

    • Vibezz
      Vibezz 9 months ago

      Ibnziyad Tariq chillllll lol . You mention his name and the Bronsexuals coming like maniacs 😂😂 Watch your words lmao

    • uber24
      uber24 9 months ago

      Matthew Savoy Kinda is, especially when factor everything that followed.

    • Emad Talukdar
      Emad Talukdar 9 months ago +2

      C-Red okay? And the Warriors got robbed in game 6 in 2016. Curry got fouled out with 3 phantom fouls. The Warriors should be 4-peating right now.