BEZZIES with Alisson and Firmino | Who is Bobby's favourite Brazilian?


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  • Carlos C
    Carlos C 3 days ago

    Is Firmino ever gonna learn English?

  • Patcharanan Prarach
    Patcharanan Prarach 5 days ago


  • HAIDAR 21
    HAIDAR 21 5 days ago

    احب فيرمينو دائما تكون الابتسامة على وجه احب هذا الرجل❤❤

  • Giovani Aguiar
    Giovani Aguiar 6 days ago

    The captions are a little off lol

  • Picolas Cage
    Picolas Cage 7 days ago


  • Luiza Mello
    Luiza Mello 8 days ago +2

    Hahaha some of the lines they say are incorrectly translated. 😅
    "Body beauty" = actually he tried to say "body building"
    "That' a half' = actally he say "I was a midfielder". That's way he used to prefer Ronaldinho Gaucho over Ronaldo Phenomenon.

  • viraj sawant
    viraj sawant 12 days ago

    At 1:17 Alisson legit sounds like an Anime character

    UNDERRATED 12 days ago

    "His tits"

  • Ishak Yildiz
    Ishak Yildiz 12 days ago

    Taffarel, legend.

  • Ishak Yildiz
    Ishak Yildiz 12 days ago

    Next one: Messi - Ronaldo

  • Joe Swain
    Joe Swain 13 days ago +1

    He can speak better English than Harry Kane

  • Galang Ramadan
    Galang Ramadan 16 days ago


  • Radu Obo
    Radu Obo 17 days ago

    What is the name of the song that Bobby was singing somewhere around 1:30-1:40?😅😅

  • Melda hatake
    Melda hatake 23 days ago +2

    25x times watch this one. I love the language 😆😆

  • howl heinsen
    howl heinsen 23 days ago

    Firmino's teeth is brighter than my future

  • Adrian Hernandez.J
    Adrian Hernandez.J 24 days ago

    Allison's voice does not match his look xD

  • Jaco Taco
    Jaco Taco 24 days ago

    Firmino is my favourite player ever

  • The MFG
    The MFG 26 days ago

    1:00 for sure his tits

  • Ana Julia Gavioi
    Ana Julia Gavioi 26 days ago

    Sou do Brasil te amo Firmino 💕

  • Melda hatake
    Melda hatake 28 days ago +2

    Allison's laugh is so cute 😂😂😂

  • poswanzr Kunaifidin
    poswanzr Kunaifidin 29 days ago

    Hello liverpool, i am from java indonesia,. Firmino's face was like a Javanese..hhh

  • Arshad Motala
    Arshad Motala 29 days ago


  • Pedro Vinicius
    Pedro Vinicius Month ago

    When Firmino says "Eu era meia" the right translation is "midfielder"(in his case "Attacking Midfielder") but they did (Liverpool YT channel) "half"

  • Octolya Nababan
    Octolya Nababan Month ago

    Robbo = romantic boy ♥️

  • lee andrew
    lee andrew Month ago

    Type allision in on porn hub man loves the snow 😉

  • Nidhin Dinesh
    Nidhin Dinesh Month ago

    Firmino's teeth could light up an entire city.

  • Hawk A
    Hawk A Month ago

    Colgate be hitting bobby up

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad Month ago +1

    Anyone know what song that was in the opening ?

  • Man City
    Man City Month ago

    Our name is Man City
    We're making history
    A back to back title
    Will never go away
    Allez City Allez
    Allez City Allez
    Liverpool always drop points
    When they are half the way
    Allez Allez Allez
    Allez City Allez
    Liverpool always drop points
    When they are half the way

  • RDopey 03
    RDopey 03 Month ago +1

    Holy crap alisson speaks better English than bobby

  • abhay D-cruz
    abhay D-cruz Month ago

    O my God firmino my hero

  • jack stgapa
    jack stgapa Month ago +2

    Allison also makes some great home videos 😉

  • Fabio Germano
    Fabio Germano Month ago

    The subtitles are wrong,but,yet The video is cool

  • Kristian
    Kristian Month ago +1

    1:58 Don't tell me i was the only one smiling. 😂

  • Triyanto Paris SG
    Triyanto Paris SG Month ago

    No subtiles in France 🇫🇷😢

  • Moody Ali
    Moody Ali Month ago

    wish continyo was here mannn

  • Shivam Kumar
    Shivam Kumar Month ago

    Allison is looks like Jesus with short hair

  • Armand Azhari
    Armand Azhari Month ago

    Song name?

  • Jessie Mangala
    Jessie Mangala Month ago

    Sturridge and Arrizabalaga

  • snorlax U.D.D
    snorlax U.D.D Month ago

    Um salve do Brasil.

  • FuliKaboom
    FuliKaboom Month ago

    Anyone the name of the intro song?

  • Gabriel Santana
    Gabriel Santana Month ago

    "That's half" kkkkkkkkkk

  • Biel X Players
    Biel X Players Month ago

    As perguntas tinha que ser traduzida pro português

  • Felipe Santos
    Felipe Santos Month ago


  • Shinobi no Kami
    Shinobi no Kami Month ago

    "Amigões" hahahaha nice to see that they did care about this little thing.

  • Druga 11
    Druga 11 Month ago +2

    O Nome dela é Jennifer🎧

  • Matheus Muniz
    Matheus Muniz Month ago

    dois monstros

  • Igor Fernandes
    Igor Fernandes Month ago


  • ryan free fire
    ryan free fire Month ago

    Iam france

  • Dj manco
    Dj manco Month ago

    Poor Tottenham, when they do videos like this featuring Harry Kane they have to add subtitles or nobody will understand what the hell is he saying. Is like if he had his own language.

  • Print up
    Print up Month ago

    Crlh mano, a resenha BR as vezes não tem tradução pro inglês kkkkkkkk

  • Wilhelm Westerdahl
    Wilhelm Westerdahl Month ago

    What song did firmino sing

    ROGER TV Month ago

    Please but videos with Firmino and Alisson

  • Joshua Lock
    Joshua Lock Month ago

    0:02 LOL

  • Артем Парфенов

    Firmino and Klopp have the same dentist?

  • Руслан Жакупов

    У Фирмино белоснежная улыбка!

  • saullo _chaves
    saullo _chaves Month ago +1


  • southfutebolmemes
    southfutebolmemes Month ago

    Nao e Bobby Roberto gringos burros

  • Angela & Hannah pereira

    quase acerta Ronaldo gaúcho

  • Oscar RR
    Oscar RR Month ago

    What's the name of the song at 00:20?

  • Ricardo OFMM
    Ricardo OFMM Month ago

    Mano que vídeo sensacional

  • ッJoãoMalucw
    ッJoãoMalucw Month ago

    Alisson know english better because he did english curse of he are a kid

  • yakisobasz
    yakisobasz Month ago

    Ablz q do nd o Alison me manda um queissuvei

  • DRes TV
    DRes TV Month ago

    Liverpool the biggest team in England

  • burak akdoğan
    burak akdoğan Month ago

    Why firmino always smile

  • Blu Brin
    Blu Brin Month ago +1

    Alisson's eyes look better than me

  • Juan Araujo
    Juan Araujo Month ago

    Just a translation issue, in 3:32 Firmino says in Portuguese "Eu era meia", meaning "I was midfielder" (just as Ronaldinho)

  • Jordan Ford
    Jordan Ford Month ago

    Do a Bezzies with Fabinho and Gini Up the reds YNWA

  • Morris Spekterman
    Morris Spekterman Month ago

    song at 0:25?

  • Zizo Nader
    Zizo Nader Month ago


  • Flash Gamer Jp
    Flash Gamer Jp Month ago +1

    Vamo Brasil

  • Movies VF
    Movies VF Month ago

    Alisson e firmino tem que respeitar ❤️❤️


    My favorite brazilian player is alisson. He is My Idol too.and i am brazilian too.

  • DarKzz Widow
    DarKzz Widow Month ago

    Liverpool fans - YNWA : You'll Never Walk Alone.
    Rivals fans to Liverpool fans - YNWA : You'll NeVer Win Anything(trophies).

  • Mario Zavala
    Mario Zavala Month ago

    Alisson has rosácea?

  • Dino Mujic
    Dino Mujic Month ago +1

    1:03 Yeah his tits for sure mate

  • Dre CoST
    Dre CoST Month ago

    Love when ppl think Portuguese is a Brazilian language

    • Dolly #contente
      Dolly #contente 6 days ago

      +Dre CoST porra tuga é claro Brasil é maior que toda europa somos quase um continente claro q nosso português ser a mais conhecido porém todos sao.bonitos

    • Dre CoST
      Dre CoST Month ago

      K I M K A R D A S H I A N ya but in Portugal (my background) we created the language and Brazil always has the credit

    • K I M K A R D A S H I A N
      K I M K A R D A S H I A N Month ago

      We speak portuguese here in Brazil

  • TreZEntos :3
    TreZEntos :3 Month ago +1

    BR aqui!!!

    MRCLAPP Month ago

    Fluzão representado

  • messi xaaskiisa
    messi xaaskiisa Month ago

    bobby firmino😍😍

  • Benny Styles
    Benny Styles Month ago

    At 1:53 the Team Name for C.) is ,,Fluminense“ Not ,,Fluminese“

  • Alexander Barahona soto

    Next one: Salah and Ramos

  • Parisya Master
    Parisya Master Month ago

    Next wijnaldum and henderson

  • Amanda Vitória
    Amanda Vitória Month ago

    Mano pela mor de deus se algum br souber a música q o Firmino tá cantando eu agradeço pqp to procurando a dias

  • luiz
    luiz Month ago +1

    Brazil the baster wordl

  • Felipeeh 451
    Felipeeh 451 Month ago

    Aee um vídeo em português

  • Tá Calor né?
    Tá Calor né? Month ago

    Alisson: Que isso véi
    Legenda: No way!!

  • Scar Tiz
    Scar Tiz Month ago

    Bobby why?

  • Ragnar !
    Ragnar ! Month ago

    Sorriso colgate

  • Jake
    Jake Month ago +1

    Allison’s English is pretty good tbf

  • Vladisen Yt
    Vladisen Yt Month ago

    I like how firmino is always smiling and hes mouth wide open

  • Elger Koka
    Elger Koka Month ago

    Its sad to see that firmino has been at Liverpool for a long time and he cant even speak English.Alisson has been at the club for 1 season and he speaks it better.
    Like if you agree

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith Month ago

    Next bezzies should be Milner and Henderson

  • n04h
    n04h Month ago

    1:18 i swear alisson said gayyyy😂

  • Jody Frazenburg
    Jody Frazenburg Month ago

    I hate firmino's smile

  • Bento Oliveira
    Bento Oliveira Month ago


  • Natalia Ribeiro
    Natalia Ribeiro Month ago +1

    Apresentar pros pais, as suas redes sociais kkkkkkk

  • Jurriaan Ponsen
    Jurriaan Ponsen Month ago

    Can someone tell me what languages their speaking?

  • CB Redzone
    CB Redzone Month ago +1

    Next one: Gini and Keita

  • Henrique FP
    Henrique FP Month ago

    Theres is a mistranslation on minutes 3:31 when Firmino says his favourite player is Ronaldinho Gaúcho. When Allison asked why, he says "i was a midfielder" (not "it was half").