beginner guitarist makes it to a hollywood recording studio

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
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  • Rudy Ayoub
    Rudy Ayoub  5 months ago +2133

    if you think Glenn is daddy material, go tell him that:

    • Sandor Bronn
      Sandor Bronn Month ago

      @Zeke Meyer Backspace on your keyboard

    • Japek34
      Japek34 Month ago

      Glenn: What the your problem?!

    • John Bradley
      John Bradley 5 months ago +2

      heck yeah he is daddy material 😘😘

    • J.S.T
      J.S.T 5 months ago

      Check out my demo

  • my curly sky
    my curly sky 5 days ago

    If I ever go to a Hollywood recording studio, I would like to be good enough to be there.

  • Metal Thrash Man
    Metal Thrash Man 6 days ago

    Man Glenn got so pissed he had to put his hair up before throwing him out

  • John
    John 11 days ago

    What guitar is that

  • Lari Kipe
    Lari Kipe 17 days ago

    Well, I thought it sounded perfectly lovely. Don't know what the recording guy's problem was.

  • 오재화
    오재화 19 days ago

    Do anyone know that guitar

  • Caden Rubinski
    Caden Rubinski 28 days ago

    I guess Glenn is pretty nice recording with but when he records he let's go of all the anger and frustration of recording with dumbasses

  • IndomitusGaia
    IndomitusGaia 29 days ago

    Lol, i wasn't expecting this colab, lols.

  • Hassan Saeed
    Hassan Saeed Month ago

    Beginner guitarist shred like that!? 🙄

  • unknownk
    unknownk Month ago

    okay this was really funny

  • Gun Drummer
    Gun Drummer Month ago

    Hahahahahahahaha I’ve played with people like this. Might as well just move on

  • BK Guitar
    BK Guitar Month ago

    Wtf is your problem? 😳

  • Khanyay 2
    Khanyay 2 Month ago +2

    I love that ending
    Glenn: what The Fuck IS YOUR PROBLEM
    Rudy: *looks up
    Plays smoke on the water

  • shibakusa
    shibakusa Month ago

    Hollywood is not ready for Smoke On The Water

  • Austin Bennett
    Austin Bennett Month ago


  • Niksi Piksi
    Niksi Piksi Month ago

    This is golden

  • Gua Rey
    Gua Rey Month ago

    Shall we

  • Toky
    Toky Month ago

    that smoke on the water :DDDDDD lmao :DDD

  • Ivan Rock'N Roll
    Ivan Rock'N Roll Month ago

    Hahahhahaa!!!! That was soooo real hahaha

  • ツUhhmode
    ツUhhmode Month ago

    I choked on my smoothie when he started to play smoke on the water

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago


  • Seb 451
    Seb 451 Month ago

    Those last 7 seconds had me dying

  • crazyeYesgaming
    crazyeYesgaming Month ago

    Send a demo track or two in to avoid being tossed out of a recording session hahaha

  • Grey Matters
    Grey Matters Month ago


  • TheDerry Mackinnon
    TheDerry Mackinnon Month ago

    Shit, this was me a month ago at local place😂

  • Hectic Hive
    Hectic Hive Month ago

    “What the fuck... IS YOUR PROBLEEM?!” *1-3-5*

  • Minty
    Minty Month ago

    Not quite my tempo

  • Arbiter Bibendi
    Arbiter Bibendi Month ago

    Stop cupping the guitar's mic

  • Appltron
    Appltron Month ago

    I like how there's a missing headstock. It's in ur channel logo, dummy

  • Franco Zapatel
    Franco Zapatel Month ago

    What a fucking horrible guitar

  • Savion Ramsundar
    Savion Ramsundar Month ago

    youre like kirk hammet in this video ahahhaa

  • Jonathan Ramirez
    Jonathan Ramirez Month ago

    Tabs to song at the end? 😆

  • Just Another Viewer
    Just Another Viewer Month ago +1

    he lose his headphones when the producer came

  • Cody White
    Cody White Month ago

    He actually played smoke on the water right lol

  • Snowbie
    Snowbie Month ago

    I was waiting for "Not quite my tempo"

  • Guitar Legend
    Guitar Legend Month ago

    Am I the only one that saw Rudy hurt his head at the end?

  • Mladen Novakovic
    Mladen Novakovic Month ago

    Snobs like this killed the guitar! Guess what, everybody was a beginner at some point! Imagine if we had people like this in the 50s and 60s, little Hendrix picks up the guitar and 10 guys start spitting in his face because “he’s not a pro”. Playing the guitar is all about freedom of expression and creativity NOT ABOUT HOW ACCURATE YOUR ARPEGGIOS ARE! Everybody is playing the same thing for the last 20 years, same “proper” scales, same “proper” hand positions. Think about what you feel when you play something not how precise and clean it is, technique will come with practice but don’t let ass**les like this kill your spark! DON’T BE AFRAID TO MAKE MISTAKES AND DON’T LET THEM MAKE YOU FEEL ASHAMED!

  • Foxtoned
    Foxtoned Month ago +1

    The awkwardness in your videos is too relatable

  • I Hate Ads
    I Hate Ads Month ago


  • Duhlorence69 Buttsweat

    Wtf is ur problem- 0-3-5 😂😂😂😂

  • CH I
    CH I Month ago

    That sounded fire dou

  • Edward Dominguez
    Edward Dominguez Month ago

    Wheres the gain tho

  • #FOOW
    #FOOW Month ago

    FFS, that ending had me laughing so hard out loud (and I rarely physically react to videos) I woke up my wife and the neighbors rang the doorbell to check if everything was okay.

  • Tan Hong Zhi
    Tan Hong Zhi Month ago

    Anyone mind to explain the joke? I don't get it.

  • Samuel Christianto
    Samuel Christianto Month ago

    At 2.17 rudy wear a headphone, then at 2.18 he doesn't wear it anymore

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy Month ago

    How do you tune those guitars without headstocks , I haven’t played one before so I don’t understand xd

  • notyourspooder notyourspooder

    the smoke over the water joke gets me every time

  • HappyLittle Fox
    HappyLittle Fox Month ago

    Why does your BASS have 6 strings? Weird

  • Meaty Sounds
    Meaty Sounds Month ago

  • Tanner Crank
    Tanner Crank Month ago

    Is the licc in there?

  • QueeferSutherland
    QueeferSutherland Month ago

    0-3-5, get it? ok.

  • paul pride
    paul pride Month ago

    Not really funny

  • baseballfan4877
    baseballfan4877 Month ago

    *starts playing smoke on the water*

  • danhatechav
    danhatechav Month ago

    Awesome collab

  • Amory
    Amory Month ago

    Not quite his tempo

  • John Rafferty
    John Rafferty Month ago

    The bit where he went to play smoke on the water had me proper laughing

  • Awesome Max
    Awesome Max Month ago

    0-3 then what?

  • The Daydreamer
    The Daydreamer Month ago

    Last scene was absolutely 👍😻👍....
    Smoke on the wall is forever 🔥🔥.....
    Those of you agree like the 💬⬇⬇

  • Awesome Max
    Awesome Max 2 months ago

    Those who dislike haven't been in a recording studio

  • Redruxingツ
    Redruxingツ 2 months ago

    Guy 2: *starts playing smoke on the water*