• Published on Jul 13, 2018
  • Zane and I do each others make up and we look INCREDIBLE. It took us 18 make up wipes each to get it off so you know it was good. Part 2 tomorrow!
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  • ShmelloHello
    ShmelloHello 11 days ago

    Better match than Jamal Chartreuse

  • Ff Sq
    Ff Sq Month ago

    Josh picking the tiniest brush to blend foundation 😂

  • Jennifer Shifflett
    Jennifer Shifflett 8 months ago

    LMAO!!! So funny

  • Silya Nek
    Silya Nek 9 months ago

    Two scorpios interacting, can i join? I have the same birthday as Zane (18/11/92) 👀

  • Hanna Kebbede
    Hanna Kebbede Year ago

    We love a josh and zane collab

  • Taya
    Taya Year ago

    😂😂 hashtag beauty gurus

  • erika jean
    erika jean Year ago

    4 months late but josh bought a SET of brushes and chose to use the shitty little sPONGE APPLICATOR that coMES WITH THE PALLET

  • Cutie Kittes
    Cutie Kittes Year ago

    1:39 he looks like a broken Dolan twin no hate tho

  • here2watch08
    here2watch08 Year ago

    Zane is so funny and cute. What a catch.

  • Yvonne Chee
    Yvonne Chee Year ago

    That’s how I would do my make up I have no idea how to use certain make up lol

  • Avensies
    Avensies Year ago

    Loll cut and paste makeup

  • Mackenzie Meeker
    Mackenzie Meeker Year ago

    Kinda looks like the peanut butter baby lmao

  • Sophia Bennett
    Sophia Bennett Year ago

    Guys over exagerate everything

  • Louise Miller
    Louise Miller Year ago

    Lmao you 2 together are so funny love the video x

  • Louise Miller
    Louise Miller Year ago

    If it had kale in it you’re allergic lol 😂 I tried the juice cleanse put kale in it at my throat closed up hahahahaha I’ll stay fat thank you 🙏 xx

  • Bre Barnett
    Bre Barnett Year ago

    This is adorable.

  • Wolffe
    Wolffe Year ago

    I 100% loved this and was also dying on the inside all at the same time XD lol!

  • Gabby Faulkner
    Gabby Faulkner Year ago

    MORE! MORE! MORE! Have your wife do your makeup or Trisha!…but not David. ‘Imagine’ looking away for a second and David comes at you with a blow torch. David says - “ I’m just gonna put the highlight on”.
    Also Zane, ZAne, ZANe, ZANE! I would and will love you for who you are! You are so beautiful❤️ hit me up bebe!

  • Zumitos si porros no

    Deberían poner subtítulos en español, tengo varios amigos que seguirían sus vídeos si solo supieran ingles o al menos leer los subtitulos

  • marina c-g
    marina c-g Year ago +1

    10:37 omll im laughing so hard!

  • Kimryn Jhutty
    Kimryn Jhutty Year ago


  • Gianna Molina
    Gianna Molina Year ago

    13:00 😂

  • Emilija Marinkovic

    ,,It's a slight sun kissed"
    ,,No honey it's a sun fucked"
    ,,Midnight heat more like midnight beat"
    Hahahah he's on fire

  • Terézia Vráblová

    Curling those lashes like pro 👍🏼😍😂

  • BettY286
    BettY286 Year ago

    @zane I love you yasss

  • HaveFaithInJesus 23

    0:47 Josh's laugh!! 😍😍😍😂😂❤️ he's so cute

  • Brooke Lauren
    Brooke Lauren Year ago

    OMG I am trying to not out loud cause I’m at work but I have tears and my face is all red!!! Love love love this video

  • Jennifer Marie
    Jennifer Marie Year ago

    josh is so handsome

  • Unicorn Queen
    Unicorn Queen Year ago

    You forgot primer

  • sarah ouali
    sarah ouali Year ago


  • Mariah
    Mariah Year ago

    Zane looked like that little girl from that one vine...I know that's not very descriptive but I know that you know the vine

  • Maddi Baker
    Maddi Baker Year ago

    DO A DNA TEST! --- 23 and me, ect.

  • Krystina Duarte
    Krystina Duarte Year ago

    The beauty community is absolutely quaking.

  • Ayesha Mansoor
    Ayesha Mansoor Year ago

    Beauty gurus are quaking that eye shadow applicator belongs in the trash (except for SimplyNailogical bec she knows how to use this shit)

  • Ayesha Mansoor
    Ayesha Mansoor Year ago

    Josh was literally paining that foundation on Zane😂

  • Ashaley Polino
    Ashaley Polino Year ago

    8:16 midnight heat, more like midnight beat. Am I right?

  • Ashley Wolf
    Ashley Wolf Year ago

    Y’all made me laugh so hard and you 2 are awesome!😂

  • Jasmine McFadden
    Jasmine McFadden Year ago

    This is something I never knew I needed ❤

  • Adelisa Berisha
    Adelisa Berisha Year ago

    that line on his nose tho HAHA

  • Anime Wolf
    Anime Wolf Year ago

    Are we sure they are both not gay

    NATEMERCS YT Year ago +1

    Are u gay know i just wanna know

  • Mary Asby
    Mary Asby Year ago

    Thank you for making me laugh when I really needed it!

  • Olivia Howard
    Olivia Howard Year ago

    snooki from season 1 LOL

  • Tamara Cormier
    Tamara Cormier Year ago


  • Alyssa Ippolito
    Alyssa Ippolito Year ago

    I love when he says words that start with “k”😍😂 “king sized kit kat”

  • sNstRchaOs
    sNstRchaOs Year ago


  • The Cheeba Lounge

    Lmao you guys are funny together

  • Hoopla Da Hoop
    Hoopla Da Hoop Year ago

    im dead!!!!!

  • julie heffernan
    julie heffernan Year ago

    “is that a canvas bag???” i’m dead

  • Itmeamelia
    Itmeamelia Year ago

    sexiest diva i have ever seen

  • El Able
    El Able Year ago

    Zane is so handsome and has the prettiest teeth

  • Ally Kain
    Ally Kain Year ago

    I’m not even a makeup person...but I’m cringing at how he DIDNT EVEN FINISH THE FOUNDATION

  • Nida Hussain
    Nida Hussain Year ago

    why am I SOO frustrated that there's foundation on only one half of zane's nose LOOOL

  • Bree Weidner
    Bree Weidner Year ago

    6:07 Elton has a twin??

  • Amber m
    Amber m Year ago

    this is a friendship i didnt know i needed😂

  • Cocoa shine
    Cocoa shine Year ago

    lolllllllllllllllllll makeup transfer hack

  • Cocoa shine
    Cocoa shine Year ago

    the foundation blending killed me lol

  • Emily Lynn
    Emily Lynn Year ago

    I’m down for dad bods, what’s up Zane 😉

  • Vanessa Kaiser
    Vanessa Kaiser Year ago

    Omg they're so confused by the brush roll lol

  • Dana Vedmankina
    Dana Vedmankina Year ago

    Josh straight up baptized Zane with that highlighter 😂😂😂😂😂