Can I Get A 2 TIIMMMEE ~ Anthony Joshua

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • We boxed to victory #AJBXNG ~ Anthony Joshua
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  • Kim Brown
    Kim Brown 2 days ago

    All the dislikes had to come from Ruiz fans. Should have just kept it pushn and not looked at the vid.

  • Kim Brown
    Kim Brown 2 days ago

    Hey CHAMP. New sub here and first comment!! Why u dim the lights? Just seen a nice vid of you on HEADBUSSINBOXING YT CHANNEL and I had to come look for you. Surprised u have channel, but glad to see you. I'm a fan of yours and CONGRATS on ur win against Ruiz!!! I'm new to this boxing,but I'm here for it. Will u ever fight Wilder? What's going on with this new fight ur taking on. Make it all make sense to me. Lol

  • T Rock TRock
    T Rock TRock 6 days ago

    Love ya man

  • Michael vulupindi Omba Jnr

    AJ the Goat💯

    KID DYNAMITE 21 day ago +1

    1,3k Ruiz fans

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin 23 days ago

    AJ this is to inform you that the Comment Section on Good Morning Great Britain is of .This may help if you let them know this beforehand .God Bless AJ X2 heavyweight champion

  • mason deeks
    mason deeks 24 days ago

    Anthony " 2TIIIMMEEES " joshua

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin 24 days ago

    Happy New year Anthony Joshua .Thank God that you reclaims your belth back .What is the next stage now .l saw your analysis on JD did you really want to want 2X heavyweight champion champion .As you seems you doubting yourself just my opinionI may be wrong God Bless .

  • John hunte
    John hunte 25 days ago +1

    Happy new year Champ. I hear you're in my land Barbados. Hope you enjoy the weather and the cool energy. Keep up the good work. See you on the beach later!!

  • Dani Nacho
    Dani Nacho 25 days ago

    Congrats Aj🥊Run it back.Acting like you could not hear Ruiz.Please don't pull a pussy move and don't run from third fight, win or lose trilogies is the only truly way to get over it.Otherwise well you know G,♋History later will repeat itself with new characters instead 👍But us real ones will still be like damn he took the belts back,No rematch and ran off faster than Amir Khan could, with a Glass chin 👍

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin 26 days ago

    AJ is it true you announced your retirement 12 days ago .l he's a is a fake news as usual again .

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin 26 days ago

    Don't worry AJ what will be will be no matter what do not give your belts .When things like this happen always go to and reports them to God .Don't let that put you off Evander Hollified is not in support of you but leave him to God almighty judgement .

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin 26 days ago

    AJ l think Frank Warren is the one behind all this rubbish about your belts .Perhaps he wants the fight for Daniel Dubious .He is a fool old man and very wicked .

  • Daniel Ewenkhare
    Daniel Ewenkhare 27 days ago +1

    He is Nigerian like me and he is INSPIRATIONAL, he should have quotes on his Google page like other famous people

  • Willie Ortiz
    Willie Ortiz 28 days ago

    Subscribed to the real heavyweight champ congratulations on your great win 😊

  • Abdul Basri
    Abdul Basri 28 days ago

    Assalamu Alaikum,,Aj

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin 28 days ago

    AJ be mean with Andy Ruiz junior now on .Don't be nice to for one to Andy RUIZ junior and USYK .l think they collaboratelot together AJ .lt mean they are close but you are close to God almighty .it is well with God all things are possible just needs to calm down .God will continues to guard and strengthen you AJ .Place all your journey on God hands

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin 28 days ago

    AJ you needs to report Andy punching in the back of your of your head ,surprisingly the referee did not bother to stop or caution or deduct points for that in the second second for fight .Ruiz was doing it a lot intentionally this.second fight than in the first fight too .

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin 28 days ago

    Yes AJ you can get X2 heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua .You doing it already .Moving forward l want UYSK to get your WBO back .it may not be now but lts coming back to you .USYK is a good friend of ANDY Ruiz .

  • King James Stclair
    King James Stclair 29 days ago

    The real gladiator AJ

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin 29 days ago

    One of your TheXvid message says it has nothing to do with boxing

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin 29 days ago

    Yes AJ you can why not but discuss you plans with your trainers that is McCracken that is McCracken your big daddy and your new trainer a lot of your fans like him .
    Last but not the least the summary here is for you to maintain Normal weight and box well on the next fight between you and UYSK .UYSK is bragging to me on You Tube as if he going to kill you .Be ready AJ don't let that manic man take your position .
    l dont buy the idea of you fighting Andy Ruiz junior again .Do you think Andy will given you third rematch .Anyway you no your esteem .l pray you win again but it going to be tougher AJ

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin 29 days ago

    l think AJ looked better @and lighter ,The footwork was good and fast hands .The power was still there as well .

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin 29 days ago

    Advise from you fans RE: USYK
    One of your fans says he's hoping your weight do not go above 240lbs .As your gas tank really start to suffer anything above especially against UYSK as he feel AJ will needs that mobility again to win

  • Kassyone Ibro
    Kassyone Ibro Month ago

    Absolutely amazing. I am still hoping inshaAllah oneday looking forward to meeting with you. Thank you very much for your words of appreciation too. Alhamdulilah you are back.
    Taofeeq M Ibrahim London SE

  • Pati jay iwolomo
    Pati jay iwolomo Month ago

    You are the best
    Because God gave you something and u do it
    And also give it out
    More Blessing AJ
    Stay lovely God is with you
    Amen 🙏👍💪✌❤☕

  • josh koroi
    josh koroi Month ago +4

    Thank you my brother blessings to you and family

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin Month ago

    Good night AJ from United Kingdom .USYK is presented to me each time he sees me as he's going to kill you by putting his hand on his neck Why is it All the guys you help are very ungrateful .Not to worry you will deal with him .But don't be to close to him .Happy New year our amiable champion .

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin Month ago

    AJ stop waisting your time for Deontay and OTIZ they don't want to fight you but only wants their payday .OTIZ can't do without PED .God will send someone nice to for your undisputed when the time ripe by God grace .
    Happy boxing day .it was celebrated in a big way in Nigeria .

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin Month ago

    AJ we love you but get ready as usual for USYK he think he can he and Andy can beat you .l know you will finish him by the grace of God .

  • Taimoor Nadeem
    Taimoor Nadeem Month ago

    Fuck the haters

  • Adrian Colour
    Adrian Colour Month ago

    Merry Christmas champ stay blessed.

  • Ronald Amber
    Ronald Amber Month ago

    Why am I getting an advert which is just this video?
    I don’t care about the guy or boxing. Just a poor but of TheXvid algorithm again being shit

  • Dela Agbeko-Konu
    Dela Agbeko-Konu Month ago

    A true Champion . A two time Heavyweight Champion of the World!!!!!!

  • Tosin Adeyemi
    Tosin Adeyemi Month ago

    Loosing the belt and regaining it back is more mental than most would ever know. Congratulations brother... Can't wait for your book. Actually... I can, that's many chapters away.

  • Adrian Colour
    Adrian Colour Month ago

    Don't ever take a picture with a certain celebrity ever again

  • Sambo
    Sambo Month ago


  • I’m cute but your ah

    “Don’t let success get to your head and don’t let failures get to your heart.” -Mike Tyson-

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin Month ago

    AJ please be careful and do not overlook USYK God will continue to give fairs and give you strengths to knock him Amen .l know you do it Good luck AJ .We all behind you .God bless Anthony Joshua .

  • Jak Nohi
    Jak Nohi Month ago

    Never doubted you Aj since I heard about you iron M Tyson was my last great now it's you.. no matter what anyone says negative don't let it get attached to you you know who you are I know your not scared stun them all like you just did 2x Champion move in silence brother. I'd love to come watch you vs Wilder

  • Йордан Йорданов

    One true fan , have to be there - behind you to take you up for next better push !!!
    CHAMP !!!! ✌️🦸

  • Damian
    Damian Month ago

    AJ has shown so many people how to deal with setbacks in life. A remarkable role model, absolutely nailed it. Your true fans knew you would.

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin Month ago

    Why did they think there is hypocritical in you rematch with in.Saudi Arabia .Dillian White fought his opponent there they didn't call it hypocrisy .

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin Month ago

    Dessert the information l gave you from AL Halman you still allow Eddie Hearn to give Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder your money 5050

    • Linda Odolofin
      Linda Odolofin Month ago

      AJ what do to become X2 heavyweight champion .Don't worry about Deontay Wilder God will send someone for your undisputed at God's time .God will judge Deontay Wilder unless God is no longer on the throne .

    • Linda Odolofin
      Linda Odolofin Month ago

      l meant despite the fact the information l gave you still end up given your money to that ducker Deontay Wilder AJ .

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin Month ago

    AJ l saw Daniel Dubious sitting in between you and Tyson Fury .ls that Daniel Dubious coronation ??.

  • DaveTV
    DaveTV Month ago


  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin Month ago

    l think Dillian is trying to call out Andy Ruiz .What a shame !!! .

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin Month ago

    king Kong OTIZ want to fight you do not take him .Do away from AL Halman and PBC boxers please .

  • Tabu Nguki
    Tabu Nguki Month ago

    AJ THE GREATEST RUNNER, WHO CAN BREAK MAYWEATHER LEGACY, LEGEND SAYS HE IS STILL RUNNING AWAY FROM BOMBSQUAD WILDER, n lost to chubby fat guy in Andy 1,won in Andy 2 by running like a bolt n Mayweather combination , mama mia

    • Tabu Nguki
      Tabu Nguki Month ago

      @Mono The Monkeyfirstly aj is afraid of wilder n running away like cat,n u r saying of Andy, 😱🤮🤮🤮, holy shit, if AJ IS A REAL BOXER, THEN FIGHT THE REAL CHAMPIONS WILDER OR FURY, NOT FUCKING LOSING TO A CHUBBY GUY, WILDER WILL KNOCK THE ASS OF AJ, THE RUNNER, plz teach AJ to have a real fight🤣🤣🤣n plz plz PLZ rewind the KO OF WILDER TO FURY N ORTIZ, N artur szpilka to hospital

    • Mono The Monkey
      Mono The Monkey Month ago

      Tabu Nguki oh btw that chubby guy can beat the shut out of wilder if he got close ...

    • Mono The Monkey
      Mono The Monkey Month ago

      Tabu Nguki something wilder can’t do , box !

    • Mono The Monkey
      Mono The Monkey Month ago

      Tabu Nguki cus some of the deals was bull shut or fake like the 50mill, it’s called boxing something you don’t know cus you watch a guy who swings

    • George White
      George White Month ago

      Stfu u pussy

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    Congratulation on victory

  • YoGie4L
    YoGie4L Month ago

    Well done AJ🎉🎉🎉 I’m so proud of u bro👊🏾

  • Rihanna mcd
    Rihanna mcd Month ago

    I’m 13 and I love aj sooooo much
    When I was watching his fight at my house i was screaming so much and jumping around like I do in every fight 💓 luv u aj xx


    Yo, 2 TiMe ChaMp, I waSn'T gOing To sAy AnyThing, BecAuSe, I'm Not tHe tYpe oF guY thAt nOrmAlly ExprEsses, mY FeelingS On SoCial MediA. I'Ve BEEn a Fan oF BoxinG, siNce MuHaMMad Ali... I'm A Old MaN nOw, maNy YouNg FolK May sAy, BuT i reaLLy aPPReCiate tHe wAy, You RemiNd mE of Him, MinUs tHe MoUth.. A huMbLe VeRsiOn... The Way, tHe BoXing WoRlD seeM tO TurN oN yOu, BuRneD, My bElly WitH aN iNteRnaL fLaMe aNd mY HeArt daNg NeAr bUSteD a GeySeR, wHeN You ShUt tHeM FolkS uP. I wAs VeRy grAteFul tO GOD tHat yOu pRoVed tO Be MaXiMus.... I neVer Had a DoUbt.... HeRe'S a suGGestED SoNg fOr MOtiVatiOn fOr YouR NeXt FiGht aNd May GoD coNtiNue tO BleSS yoU, YoUR pEoPleS anD yoUr EffOrt....

  • arif ditta
    arif ditta Month ago

    I was right that you will bring the eye of the tiger, Congratulations Anthony Joshua!!!!!

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin Month ago

    AJ please be careful with those belts .l dont want you to rematch Andy Ruiz junior .He is not a nice guy .Everybody says you may end up loosing those belts which is your power .Without the belts you are nothing .Andy RUIZ is junior is ungrateful camellion .
    AJ you starting again that manic UYSK is difficult to break .You know the implications of he win .Remember you said that had it been you choose easy fight and not Ruiz your belts could have still be around you .Do not rematch Andy Ruiz junior .lt make no sense .Just inform Eddie Hearn and do not disappoint your fans World-wide .As you will not be able to get them back .You are our pride please be contented with what you have and praise thy almighty God .You know Andy gets a lot of ppl around him now .
    DO no let people mock us AJ.
    I saw Daniel Dubious mocking you and Tyson Fury just ignore him .Do not risks those belts again .God Almighty will strengthen and guard you but becareful as they America are desperate for the belts .l home tommow till them have a very good morning from United Kingdom .

    • Adam A
      Adam A Month ago

      Oh shut the fuck up. We want to see him fight and collect more belts, not hold them hostage.

  • William H Bonney
    William H Bonney Month ago

    Hiding behind a Jab dont make you a champ.... champ

    HRRY JSPH Month ago

    I could not wait for my championship fight!? All the niggaz in America go one way paying 70 dollars!? Do not show your face here again!? Wilder vs Andy?! $$$!!?

    HRRY JSPH Month ago

    Its not about fighting!? Its bullshit time!? Head games?! It goes both ways you know?!

  • Ross
    Ross Month ago

    AJ I was one of the ones who doubted you and thought Ruiz had your number. Well you 100% proved me and some others, very VERY wrong. I shouldnt have doubted you, you didnt just beat Andy, you outclassed him in every round and showed the ability to adjust. You did something only 4 or 5 other HW boxers have done, regain the titles from the guy they just lost them too. You showed us so much in that fight. The resilience to come back, to ignore doubters and nay-sayers like me (before this last fight). Way better boxing skills than I knew you had. Amazed, proud youre represening our country, sorry I doubted you and all the best for the future. You deserve all the success in the world. Huge Respect to you.

  • Ellen Day
    Ellen Day Month ago

    By the way, my stupid, maybe, maybe not. Crazy, maybe, maybe not. OPINION of how you beat Wilder, you don't Dance, you don't Jab you go to War, not because it's what the fans want, you beat him on Speed and Power and you Dillian Whyte style Wilder. Take that shit to him...!