MAN UTD Transfers: Howson: Fergie's Idea Rejected By Woodward!

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • Ed Woodward has rejected the idea of former Leicester City chief scout Steve Walsh joining United according to reports.
    Sir Alex Ferguson is believed to have suggested the man who was instrumental in helping Leicester City win the league but Woodward isn't a fan.
    Stephen Howson has this and all the latest Manchester United transfer stories including any updates on Paul Pogba.

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Comments • 272

  • Zainal Mustafa
    Zainal Mustafa 2 months ago

    Auba. age 29. turn 30 next yr,. fir 70milliom doesnt make sense.

  • Timothy Dexter
    Timothy Dexter 2 months ago

    Moyes was NOT a mistake you take that back. The man is an amazing manager and tactically very versatile. The only reason his time here was shit was because the players actively sabotaged him because they were pouting over losing Fergie and he wasn't Fergie, ffs half the starting 11 went out of their way to play like shite. It's insulting that you'd actually say that considering you are much more involved with United in multiple ways than I will ever be and yet you say something only outsiders and bandwagoners say

  • Muhammad
    Muhammad 2 months ago +1

    Ur clueless twat. U just dont want Ashley young. Hes good but he still has a lot to prove. When u come to this club then you'll know if he will be successful.

  • John Morland
    John Morland 2 months ago

    We will end up the new everton with clueless Ed ?

  • Nigel Green
    Nigel Green 2 months ago

    It’s good to see you doing some full time devils stuff mr Stephen howson. Good man.

  • H L
    H L 2 months ago

    Its makes some sense from Arsenals view, Emery needs to offload before buying....

  • wayne George
    wayne George 2 months ago

    ed Woodward is a liverpool supporter. Liverpool owner is his relative. he is here to send man united to relegation. asshole

  • The Bolge
    The Bolge 2 months ago

    It makes no sense. That's why it will happen. And what an absolute joke if it does happen.

    REDUK 2 months ago +1

    Who scouted Ronaldo at the time?

  • Jim Wilson
    Jim Wilson 2 months ago

    Fergie wanted Moyes, the Chosen One. Be honest what has Fergie done for ManU since retiring other than sitting in the Stands sipping G&T, nodding his head, like all the other incompetents on the ManU Board.

  • E P
    E P 2 months ago

    Ole only wants a front 3 just like Liverpool has.
    C'mon Ole be original

  • Howard Chin
    Howard Chin 2 months ago

    I am totally excited about dan James, I feel he has the temperament to be huge, he seems arrogant in the sense he doesnt fear anyone. I think will be one to watch

  • Mr Ryan
    Mr Ryan 2 months ago

    Woodward is playing fuckin football manager with our club, final decisions on signings, won't relinquish any power to people with football brains. I wish the wanker would fuck off back to rugby and adverts! Tired of him and the glaziers bleeding the finances out of our club. It's like full on embezzlement!

  • Brian Statham
    Brian Statham 2 months ago

    Two signings if were lucky

  • Kevin Reece
    Kevin Reece 2 months ago

    I like Dan James, and Wan Bissaka, now we should try and go for James Madison, and David Brooke's. Young players with energy and no fear. Not the old, slow, and overpriced supposed superstars, like Sanchez or Lukaku.

  • Daniel Browne
    Daniel Browne 2 months ago

    Dean Henderson is a ridaculas good goalkeeper

  • Benz Abanga
    Benz Abanga 2 months ago

    IF this is true then United are going to go back to obscurity faster than a lady of the Red Light District drops to her knees.

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown 2 months ago +1

    How on earth can we let a defender go on loan get some brilliant experience and even think about off loading him when we are desperate in that area if this happens I’m done seriously Ole should be excited about him coming back after the season he’s had he has to be with our 1st team next season no doubt shouldn’t even be thought about

  • Desu no sutoraiki
    Desu no sutoraiki 2 months ago

    🤣 Aubameyang, 🤔 Id rather have Richarlison.

  • Davo 1961
    Davo 1961 2 months ago

    The spectre of Ferguson will hang over Manchester United forever

  • Dave B
    Dave B 2 months ago

    Amazing at business what about all the closed shopping centres, Tampa bay are crap I'll tell u what the Glaziers are good at STEALING. Rats the lot of em

  • Enigma MK
    Enigma MK 2 months ago +1

    I'm very sceptical that SAF ever recommended Steve Walsh. Ferguson was always very open about the fact that he believes these roles are uneccessary and that the manager needs to be king. Maybe he changed his mind but I very much doubt Ferguson would even back the idea of a DoF.

  • leichigo88
    leichigo88 2 months ago

    This club has become a joke. How the hell are we supposed to catch up to City and Liverpool with them clowns at the helm?

  • James Aaron
    James Aaron 2 months ago

    We’ve really been sold this Dan James deal like Dalot last year wasn’t the same type of signing or Lindelof 23, Bailly 22, depay 21, Martial 19

  • PuRpLePaTrIcK TY24
    PuRpLePaTrIcK TY24 2 months ago +2

    Man United are laughable. Ed Woodward has no knowledge about football. Until the right people are in charge, Man United will continue to sink to the bottom.

  • mehul tejura
    mehul tejura 2 months ago

    What the hell is going on a united, why do they not see the glaring obvious every fan can see. It is just bizarre, I don’t understand-someone explain the logic of signing mata on again, getting rid of good players and keeping shit like jones...what the fu§k

  • mehul tejura
    mehul tejura 2 months ago

    It’s not just getting footballer, or spotting emerging talent, a dof needs to execute the entire football vision of the club- contracts, youth policy everything. To that for united is not a one man job so we need a dof, but make sure it’s the right one

  • daniel tarrant
    daniel tarrant 2 months ago

    When have we ever bought a player for re sale value bar Ronaldo? We always bought players for now.

  • Anthony Helm
    Anthony Helm 2 months ago

    Seriously you think tuenzebe is better than diop .. similar age one is a regular for west ham and pushing for the French national team .the other looks like hes going back out on loan ... tuenzebe cant head a football and wasnt even villa best centre back last year .

  • Harry Harry
    Harry Harry 2 months ago

    The club has confirmed that Juan Mata has signed a 2 year contract until June 2021 with the option to extend for a further year. What do fans think of this?

  • Anthony Helm
    Anthony Helm 2 months ago

    Grazer ain't amazing at business their rogue traders

  • vikash gunoo
    vikash gunoo 2 months ago

    man utd board must remove the responsibility of dealing with transfers from ed woodward

  • Bodhi Dhruv
    Bodhi Dhruv 2 months ago

    Our club is run by absolute morons.. reactionary morons! The worst kind. No real thought or planning into anything that we do.. I've So fallen out of love with this club because of these owners. Just Clueless!

  • sidvic767
    sidvic767 2 months ago

    Never underestimate the damage one naive man can have on a club. I wish Ed Woodward falls down 3-4 flights on stairs. Marketing prick.

    JOSIP PERIC 2 months ago

    Juan Mata & Alexis next season will win us the league 😉

  • Miguel Gómez
    Miguel Gómez 2 months ago

    Our transfer delays are getting mediocre. Madrid, Bayern, Dortmund and other clubs are getting shit done. And we're just sitting here watching every decent player get picked up.

  • miknificent
    miknificent 2 months ago

    Any word on getting Sanchez OUT?

  • LOLZ
    LOLZ 2 months ago +1

    Ed Woodward need to go back to just commercial side of the club he is world class at that. Dealing with transfers he can't do the job, several years he has tried and failed. The worst part is the Glazer's would never remove him from that role, the amount of money he brings in is crazy. Trying to save a few million is worth more to the Glazer's than us improving and bringing in more money over the next few seasons by getting into a position where we are winning tittles and cups.

    With this window it was always going to be bad, as much as I like Ole him getting the job all the power is with Ed Woodward. He isn't a big name in management and can't demand x amount of money, who he wants and when he wants it done by. Look at Real Madrid, Zidane would of got a promise if he went back they would spend big and get him who he wants. Ole is in no position to do that due to his lack of experience managing a big team and being successful

  • The Mancunian
    The Mancunian 2 months ago

    Im already not looking forward to next season. If the glazers or woodward watch this channel, which i highly doubt. I wanna string you all up, i fucking hate these hillbillies and a cretin like woodward, who looks like i fondles lil girls, please somebody buy us out and get rid of this scum at united.

  • Adil Lambat
    Adil Lambat 2 months ago

    Right now I'd sign sign players who are ready for now 26-29/30 years old and then when they are done just use the players from the academy.

  • Belief Neupane
    Belief Neupane 2 months ago

    David De Gea
    Luke Shaw Lindelof Eric Baily Wan Bissakah

    Perisic Matic Rakitic Pogba

    Rashford Griezmann

  • Willness to Wellness
    Willness to Wellness 2 months ago

    we are in serious serious relegation trouble this season.

  • Flynnzer89
    Flynnzer89 2 months ago

    Why are we stuck with useless waste of space like Woodward? I feel sorry for his Family

  • Prajjwal Yash
    Prajjwal Yash 2 months ago

    If they sell Tuanzebe, we riot.

  • Bimal Becks
    Bimal Becks 2 months ago

    Why do we still have Woodward?

  • Joe Mc Callion
    Joe Mc Callion 2 months ago

    Tuanzebe story is probably the most worrying. He's an academy prospect who deserves to be in the squad more than Jones and Rojo and we'll let him go for less than £10m. If we were trying to sign him we'd be probably paying £30m

  • Daniel Riley
    Daniel Riley 2 months ago +1

    For me there needs to be extensive protesting now against Woodward. Especially if this summer ends up a shit show again.

  • adeternitamn
    adeternitamn 2 months ago +1

    We are proper fcked lads. *Also, there will be no DoF* . Any talk about a DoF is utter bollocks. Ed wants a middleman to take the blame when shit goes down. Not a real DoF. Also I don't buy the crap about Fergie recommending Moyes. Not when we first approached Klopp, and he rejected Ed the Clowns proposal. We got Moyes cause Klopp rejected us.
    AWB *IS* shit ! He is the English Darmian, and I bet anything Darmian is a much better footballer AWB ever will become. Only reason lad is being hyped is because he is English. Proper trash player.
    Tuanzebe not playing for us only goes to show how shit Ole and everyone else currently in our coaching staff are. Its months now that word is going around about Ole not trusting Axel to start for us. Same sellout that says Young is our leader and Jones is important for us. This is who we are now lads. We buy clowns from the Championship, have clowns captaining us, and even bigger clowns managing us. We are proper fucked !

  • Don 24k
    Don 24k 2 months ago

    We are fuck*d 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Bobfttw
    Bobfttw 2 months ago

    I remember Stephen, on his own channel, asking someone if they were naive for saying no signings were coming to United and that we weren't some tin pot club.
    Sad to say Stephen, at this rate that's where we are going.

    IONS LEGACY 2 months ago +1

    Sexy Howson

  • Darren  Brackley
    Darren Brackley 2 months ago

    Get Woodward OUT OF OUR CLUB.

  • Love Love
    Love Love 2 months ago

    We have to ask ourselves; What would Barcelona and Real Madrid do if they had players like Ashley Young, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling in their squad?

    • jackc1992
      jackc1992 2 months ago

      Love Love sold them after half a bad season and the wouldnt have them in the team anymore plain and simple.

  • Edward Elgar
    Edward Elgar 2 months ago

    Lukaku worth more than 70. Mata blocking young players like gomes and doesn't fit system. I despair at the CBs were linked to, only koulibally and de ligt even come close in terms of quality. Axel should accept another loan at Villa. We made this mistake with phil jones promoting him to early and his confidence never recovered.

    • Edward Elgar
      Edward Elgar 2 months ago

      @vidbox yh im a maguire sceptic also. Certainly not for the 80+mill asking price

    • vidbox
      vidbox 2 months ago

      I will be seriously pissed off if we sign Maguire, there are plenty of better cbs out there.

  • Huggybear
    Huggybear 2 months ago +4

    Lukaku not forcing a move has everything to do with loyalty bonuses becoming payable on 1st July. How many millions do these clowns need? Greed is destroying the game.

    • supastar
      supastar 2 months ago

      Exactly...look at him acting all innocent and noble trying to push that shit narrative.

  • Simon Cowie
    Simon Cowie 2 months ago

    Stephen Howson when Ferguson makes an idea like that Ed Woodwood dosnt have the power to shoot it down on his own there must be a vote from the board on issues like that & the only ones that can stop it is the Owners the Glazers Sky Sports blames Woodwood cause they have no balls to tell the facts so he is the escape goat
    Once it goes to the board he has a vote but so do the rest including Charlton so to blame one man over the whole board cause Ed Woodwood has a face & the board dosnt is wrong we get at fans about attacking the managers we should stand up& do the same for Woodwood cause he gets the blame when he gets his orders from the Glazers
    Everything starts & stops with them no one else

  • TrueFireMessiah
    TrueFireMessiah 2 months ago

    Lets face it, Fergie's last big idea was David Moyes. Look how that turned out !

  • sean vernon
    sean vernon 2 months ago +5

    Woodward doesn’t have a clue about football and he needs to go.

  • Aaron Tooley
    Aaron Tooley 2 months ago

    woodward and the United board are a.joke and are ruining the club. They act as if they are broke. they should have brought in at least 3 players already. The club is now worse than the Liverpool days of trying to get back to glory.

  • Kslater23
    Kslater23 2 months ago +1

    Love that howson is back regularly with full time devils.