【TVPP】Ailee - For You, 에일리 - 너를 위해 @ King of Masked Singer


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  • Qiuping Yew
    Qiuping Yew 21 hour ago

    Ailee is da besttt!!!

  • Multifandom Daebak Girl

    Who’s this song originally from?

  • Multifandom Daebak Girl


  • Lincoln Eyar
    Lincoln Eyar 10 days ago +1

    She needs to have ballad songs like this to showcase her voice.

  • whichwitch
    whichwitch 14 days ago

    The song could've done without the limp backup vocals by like 2 dudes.

  • Jennifer Feliz
    Jennifer Feliz 15 days ago

    You already know it’s gonna be good when your girl Ailee is there

  • Antoniette Gallardo
    Antoniette Gallardo 18 days ago

    huhuhuhuhuhuhu her VOICE damn so beautiful unnieeeeee why youre so AMAZING???

  • Poopy Gonna Poop
    Poopy Gonna Poop 27 days ago

    this performance could be 1000 times better without that mask for people shall see her honest expression

  • Kongmeng Thao
    Kongmeng Thao Month ago

    2:23 rub rub oh make up came off.

  • Anh Đức
    Anh Đức Month ago

    quá là hay luôn

  • Lhez Lalic
    Lhez Lalic Month ago


  • Belgamra Layla
    Belgamra Layla 2 months ago

    ailée is number 1

  • Riska Fitri
    Riska Fitri 2 months ago

    Original song nya siapa ya?

    • Mhemey Afrie
      Mhemey Afrie Month ago

      U are welcome.....
      This song covered by jae joong, lee hi, n iKON too....
      My favorite cover is iKON (bobby)

    • Riska Fitri
      Riska Fitri Month ago

      +Mhemey Afrie thank you

    • Mhemey Afrie
      Mhemey Afrie Month ago

      Yim jae bum

  • luping liu
    luping liu 2 months ago

    Ailee, you're awesome.

  • pa ro
    pa ro 2 months ago

    this song literal make me cry😰

  • Sokha Em
    Sokha Em 2 months ago

    I’m a man but I love her voice so much

  • nga hoang
    nga hoang 2 months ago

    Hay quá 😍😍😍

  • Evelyn Pan
    Evelyn Pan 2 months ago +1

    gods ailee love you

  • Queen Ray
    Queen Ray 2 months ago

    I want Taeyeon cover this song 😭

  • Matul Sulaiman
    Matul Sulaiman 2 months ago

    I watched this for the umpteenth time, and I still get goosebumps. Omg. 😍

  • karrl msp
    karrl msp 3 months ago +1

    ailee gives me chills

  • Elleni Girma
    Elleni Girma 3 months ago

    my girl is on fire..

  • Aishayue Chiba
    Aishayue Chiba 3 months ago +1

    You know it's Ailee from her voice alone and her hand gestures My favorite female soloist. 😊

  • yand GRC
    yand GRC 3 months ago

    The best

  • Đỗ Thiện
    Đỗ Thiện 3 months ago

    Có vietsub cơ à

  • glenda perado
    glenda perado 3 months ago +1

    I REALLY LOVE AILEEE.. beauty within...:)

  • Cynthia camacho
    Cynthia camacho 4 months ago

    Que episodio es

  • Clau Fernandes
    Clau Fernandes 4 months ago

    Ailee was good... but im sorry... she could not do what lee ha yi did to this song... ha yi made me cry.. buckets... my chest hurt so much from listening her aibg this taht ailee aounds so poor by comparison..

    • Mhemey Afrie
      Mhemey Afrie Month ago

      The first time I hear this song in kbs kong radio covered by DK, june, Jinan, n bobby...... But in bobby part is the first time my tears just falling down even I dont understand what the mean..... I just feel pain😭😭😭😭😭

  • Coleen Deloria
    Coleen Deloria 4 months ago

    more of ailee pls

  • Nico * *
    Nico * * 4 months ago

    صوتك يجننن✨✨✨

  • Princess Mononoke
    Princess Mononoke 4 months ago

    How do you live after listening to this? I've cried so much all the tears have dried.

  • Rhadz San Andres
    Rhadz San Andres 4 months ago

    pretends to be shocked when obviously it's queen ailee. her voice is really distinctive. lmao

  • Karong K
    Karong K 4 months ago

    Ailee please i in love with this song 😙😙😘😚😚😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Maia
    Maia 5 months ago

    if the title and her voice didn't give it away her hand gestures did the job

  • Nguyen Quang Nghia cdht

    hay quá

  • Sushi Price
    Sushi Price 5 months ago

    she is just best!!!!

  • Biey Islam
    Biey Islam 5 months ago +1

    Wow...her voice..!!'..

  • Chen L
    Chen L 5 months ago


  • maitong lee
    maitong lee 5 months ago

    very powerful! I love it!

  • Ocean TV
    Ocean TV 5 months ago


  • sri oetoro
    sri oetoro 5 months ago

    Ailee is the best

  • americanswan
    americanswan 5 months ago +1

    1. Every Aileean recognizes this voice.
    2. Every musician / producer in Kpop knows this voice.
    Therefore, like all other artists, they are promoting themselves.
    The "reactions" are likely genuine. Why? Because they've never been so close to her voice before. How many of them have attended her concerts?

    • Mars Yang
      Mars Yang 5 months ago

      americanswan exactly ^_^

  • anvui trannguyen
    anvui trannguyen 5 months ago

    Nổi hết cả da gà

  • Jijey
    Jijey 5 months ago +2

    it’s 2018 and im still watching it! mah queen!!!!

    • Mars Yang
      Mars Yang 5 months ago +1

      Jijey your not alone ^_^
      I already have this in my phone.but I still go to YT to watch it.haha Lol

  • Loc Nguyen
    Loc Nguyen 5 months ago +1

    bobby iKON brought me here

  • Hermione Atienza
    Hermione Atienza 6 months ago

    What is the title of the song and also who is he ? Thank you in advance 😃

    • Mars Yang
      Mars Yang 5 months ago

      Hermione Atienza Song Title : For You and are you asking for this girl who is singing?? She is Ailee..Vocal legend of Korea ^_^

  • shanni89fromMS
    shanni89fromMS 6 months ago

    who is the original singer?

  • Rae Dongiapon
    Rae Dongiapon 6 months ago +1

    she's my idol.

  • btskinks
    btskinks 6 months ago +2

    Kids, this is called raw fucking talent.

  • exo lover
    exo lover 6 months ago

    Hindi tlga ako nagagandahan sa boses ni ailee pero magaling siya

  • Britany's Dreams
    Britany's Dreams 6 months ago +1

    Ailee is queen

  • Shelan Star
    Shelan Star 6 months ago +1

  • Blink Lee
    Blink Lee 7 months ago

    You guys know who has similar voice to Ailee. It’s Shanon

  • Gizem Zeyrek
    Gizem Zeyrek 7 months ago +2


  • Kim Moon 2710
    Kim Moon 2710 7 months ago +4

    I wish i can see her face when she sing this song. Love her so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Yemima SriAstutik
    Yemima SriAstutik 7 months ago +2

    It's impossible not to recognise her

  • llsa30
    llsa30 7 months ago

    Aren't they supposed to guess who the singer is? cus I can tell by a 1000 miles lmao

  • Dwi Tirta
    Dwi Tirta 7 months ago +2

    Its 2018 and i am here again my queen

  • meeshoo chettri
    meeshoo chettri 7 months ago

    eojjeom ulin bogjabhan in-yeon-e
    seolo eongkyeoissneun salam-ingabwa
    naneun maeil nege gapjido
    moshalmankeum manh-eun bij-eul jigo iss-eo
    yeon-incheoleom ttaelon namnamcheoleom gyesog sal-agado gwaenchanh-eun geolkka
    geuleohgedo manh-eun jalmosgwa jaj-eun
    ibyeol-edo hangsang geogi issneun neo
    nal sesang-eseo jedaelo
    salgehae jul yuilhan salam-i neolangeol al-a
    na huhoeeobs-i sal-agagi wihae
    neoleul butjab-aya haltejiman
    nae geochin saeng-gaggwa bul-anhan nunbichgwa
    geugeol jikyeoboneun neo
    geugeon amado jeonjaeng-gat-eun salang
    nan wiheomhanikka salanghanikka
    neoegeseo tteonajulkkeoya

    nal sesang-eseo jedaelo salgehaejun
    yuilhan salam-i neolangeol al-a
    nan huhoeeobs-i sal-agagiwihae
    neoleul butjab-aya haltejiman
    nae geochin saeng-gaggwa bul-anhan nunbichgwa
    geugeol jikyeoboneun neo geugeon amado
    jeonjaeng-gat-eun salang
    nan wiheomhanikka salanghanikka
    neoegeseo tteona julkkeoya
    neoleul wihae tteonalgeoya

  • aka Diabolique
    aka Diabolique 7 months ago +1

    can't find this song on Spotify :(

    • Valerieeonline
      Valerieeonline 7 months ago

      Because they never gonna upload the album for this episode T--T

  • Jeilee
    Jeilee 7 months ago +22

    Who's still watching this in 2018?

  • Iga Cahyani Putri
    Iga Cahyani Putri 7 months ago +3

    eojjeom urin bokjabhan inyeone
    seoro eongkyeoinneun saram ingabwa
    naneun maeil nege gapjido mothal mankeum
    manheun bijeul jigo isseo
    yeonincheoreom ddaeron namnamcheoreom
    gyesok saragado gwaenchanheun geolkka
    geureohgedo manheun jalmotgwa jajeun
    ibyeoredo hangsang geogi itneun neo
    nal sesangeseo jedaero salge haejul
    yuilhan sarami neo rangeol ara
    na huhwe-eobsi saragagi wihae
    neoreul butjabaya hal tejiman
    nae geochin saenggakgwa buranhan nunbitgwa
    geugeol jikyeoboneun neo
    geugeon amado jeonjaenggateun sarang
    nan wiheomhanikka saranghanikka
    neoegeseo tteona julggeoya
    nal sesangeseo jedaero salge hae jul
    yuilhan sarami neo rangeol ara
    na huhwe eobsi saragagi wihae
    neoreul butjabaya hal tejiman
    nae geochin saenggakgwa buranhan nunbitgwa
    geugeol jikyeoboneun neo
    geugeon amado jeonjaeng gateun sarang
    nan wiheomhanikka saranghanikka
    neoegeseo tteona julkkeoya
    neoreul wihae~~~ ddeo nal ggeo ya

  • Chim Chana
    Chim Chana 7 months ago +1

    Her voice so smooth and strong omg queen 👌💖 she gives me chill

  • Yuki Eiri
    Yuki Eiri 7 months ago


  • M 8
    M 8 8 months ago


  • MD 365
    MD 365 8 months ago +1

    Ailee is the best^^

  • mxgirl918
    mxgirl918 8 months ago +1

    My first reaction was that I preferred the song in the original key but then Ailee slayed those jumps/high notes and won me over.

  • vida goi
    vida goi 8 months ago

    We can easily now that’s ailee whn her voice came out lmao

  • Juliet Buncayo
    Juliet Buncayo 8 months ago

    goosebumps all throughout the song🙌🏻

  • Rachel Chang
    Rachel Chang 8 months ago

    I have many of her songs so is quite easy to tell her amazing vocal😍😍😍

  • Allison Mawi
    Allison Mawi 8 months ago

    who is the original singer???

  • Wenmeng Lo
    Wenmeng Lo 8 months ago

    somebody know where i can found this version of for you by ailee in audio

  • Untitled 2018
    Untitled 2018 8 months ago

    I am cryin'😭

  • Jennifer Huang
    Jennifer Huang 8 months ago

    i really want june from ikon to sing this

  • Gok Gok
    Gok Gok 8 months ago

    this voice only Ailee of the power 😁😁😂😂

  • vkook video cute ok
    vkook video cute ok 8 months ago


  • david yaho
    david yaho 9 months ago +1


  • Luz Ávila
    Luz Ávila 9 months ago

    Learn English free. Engvid with Alex.

  • Jailine V. Bardalez
    Jailine V. Bardalez 9 months ago

    AILEE !!!

  • Valentina Bajado
    Valentina Bajado 9 months ago

    That unlimited high notes😱👏👏👏2018✋😁

  • hyuri_hana jungkook
    hyuri_hana jungkook 9 months ago


  • MsAbc1996
    MsAbc1996 9 months ago

    How can people not recognise that voice? 😂

  • Diana Megawati
    Diana Megawati 9 months ago

    im just crying hearing this song...

  • Taehyung&Bobby my husbands Jennie my wife

    Goosebumps Slay them Ailee my top favorite solo female vocal 👏

  • stream idol uglies
    stream idol uglies 9 months ago

    Ailee is a vocal queen

  • Cyril Najos
    Cyril Najos 9 months ago

    Ailee 😚😘😍

  • Esther Chen
    Esther Chen 9 months ago

    I think Lee Hi's version on Kpop star is a bit better.

  • itsbeau
    itsbeau 9 months ago

    Antennae? Shit, my dumbass thought they were eyebrows.

  • stalinfresh
    stalinfresh 9 months ago +1


  • Rahmayulis 123
    Rahmayulis 123 10 months ago +1


  • Christine Galia
    Christine Galia 10 months ago

    Who's the original singer of this song?

  • k videos bigbts7
    k videos bigbts7 10 months ago +1

    My queen 😍😢

  • khailee
    khailee 10 months ago

    is it weird that i listen to this everyday

  • stanyourfavesandstayinyourlane

    I can just imagine her facial expressions lol QUEEN

  • jae nie
    jae nie 10 months ago +1

    It seems like everyone already knows. LoL

  • ลูกพีช นิชิโคริ

    Angel and Powerful Voice

  • asma aziz
    asma aziz 10 months ago +1

    Is that yoon ilsang? The guy in blue jacket

  • Song Price
    Song Price 10 months ago +2

    oh!i just love this song so much&love ailee's voices so much.she just know how to sing.

  • 96티파니
    96티파니 10 months ago +1

    Ailee makes me feel like a proud mother

  • ikonisalegend
    ikonisalegend 11 months ago +1

    coming here again.. can't get enough of this beautiful song and ailee