• Published on Jul 8, 2020
  • Many times I have stated Vine was better than TikTok, today we find out if I'm correct or a big fat liar.
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Ciarán Carlin
    Ciarán Carlin  Year ago +987

    I think I've been lying to myself this whole time. It might not be funny... but it's still is funnier than TikTok because 1 is more than 0.
    Had a week off an upload last week so we're back to every week again, don't you worry! Exciting things coming!

    • John Wick
      John Wick Year ago

      I don’t like that you don’t like Daz ,disliking that specific Vine is fair enough but as a whole I like his content

    • Kevin Nilsson
      Kevin Nilsson Year ago


    • Diavolo’s teddy
      Diavolo’s teddy Year ago

      Vines aren’t funny anymore because I’ve seen every single one of them lmaoooo

    • Simon Hotdawg
      Simon Hotdawg Year ago

      are your videos even monetised?

    • Izzy Hoo
      Izzy Hoo Year ago

      I can tell from this you enjoy other peoples suffering 😂

  • NitroTiger
    NitroTiger Year ago +1669

    Wow im actually so glad that Will picked you because I would have never seen your channel this quickly

    • Iwan Davies
      Iwan Davies Year ago

      At me

    • Ana
      Ana Year ago

      Legit same

    • Sean Tufnell
      Sean Tufnell Year ago +1

      @S 0 Or 90+1

    • Josh Gordon
      Josh Gordon Year ago

      @Dan Solo your cool, sorry mate

    • NitroTiger
      NitroTiger Year ago +1

      @Lorcan Doyle no but as in, I'm saying I wouldnt have found out about him as quick as I did

  • N Violet
    N Violet Year ago +939

    anyone else get Mr. Bean vibes from Ciaran sometimes when he pulls a face

  • Rachael Moore
    Rachael Moore Year ago +270

    Ciaran’s lack of emotion is hilarious and I’m not sure why

  • Chris Ayon
    Chris Ayon Year ago +160

    Ciarán's perfect vine: a cute animal + a wii sound effect

  • Daniel Balding
    Daniel Balding Year ago +757

    The issue with vines is that the comedy is from like 2001 and because it’s died the comedy can’t progress

    • Generic Name
      Generic Name Year ago

      I hated Vine at the time and thought it was unfunny. Never got the point. Never found the references funny. Time has proven me superior.

    • Leann 426
      Leann 426 Year ago

      2001?! Hahah what

    • Zombieslayer0044
      Zombieslayer0044 Year ago +1

      Jed Thomas in b4 danny gonzalez = drew gooden

    • Jed Thomas
      Jed Thomas Year ago +3

      I love the Danny Gonzalez ones imo

    • Big 🅖
      Big 🅖 Year ago +8

      I just think vines had a vibe to them and tiktok’s are more just people trying to hard to be vines

  • Treedudette
    Treedudette Year ago +245

    Have you noticed how most of Ciaran's favourite vines are of people getting hurt... should we be worried

  • CheckM8
    CheckM8 Year ago +59

    I love how most of Ciarans favourite vines included people getting badly hurt

  • creed
    creed Year ago +432

    fun fact- the guy in the 'I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'VE DONE THIS' used to date my mum.
    his name is sam pearson, he's an asshole,
    and I stole two of his t-shirts.
    thank you for your time.

    • Romy •
      Romy • Year ago +1

      @creed ooh shiiii

    • creed
      creed Year ago +7

      @Tom * I'm hotter big boy ;)

    • creed
      creed Year ago +2

      @Romy • not quite

    • rosie brockway
      rosie brockway Year ago +2

      thats amazing

  • jen seitz
    jen seitz Year ago +126

    you bopped to “i’m an adult virgin” a bit too hard mate 🤔🤔

  • joseph waldock
    joseph waldock Year ago +59

    Ciarán just has an unhealthy obsession with the Wii

  • Lily
    Lily Year ago +50

    I’d put money on Ciarán becoming a crazy cat lady in a few years

  • itsjameswhat
    itsjameswhat Year ago +181

    ciarán: im dead inside
    also ciarán:ohhh a puppy

  • Megan Hartley
    Megan Hartley Year ago +135

    *fat dog falls down the stairs* ciaràn: “that was cute”

  • Stella Wright
    Stella Wright Year ago +104

    The channel that has gotten me through quarantine

    • Fattipotato79
      Fattipotato79 Year ago

      @Stella Wright about what

    • Stella Wright
      Stella Wright Year ago

      zoevns omg I can’t believe you found my comment 😂

    • zoevns
      zoevns Year ago

      smh stella i'm still jealous

  • E. Higgins
    E. Higgins Year ago +54

    So he asked for some ice cream and the man said “only a spoonful” and kingbach like the funny man he is pulled out a comically large spoon as he looks at the camera grinning

    • Rafe132
      Rafe132 Year ago +4

      I laughed at that video just because of all the memes that are reappearing about it like this

    • oh?
      oh? Year ago +8

      funniest shit ive ever seen

  • Ctins11
    Ctins11 Year ago +61

    Fun fact: the “you’re disrespecting a future us army soldier” actually became a soldier

  • Elizabeth Bundy
    Elizabeth Bundy Year ago +127

    Oi be nice about Daz Black he's a great guy. He's defo not as funny as he used to be but he's a really great guy

    • Grog
      Grog 6 months ago

      @The movie kingdom T.L.G very true

    • The movie kingdom T.L.G
      The movie kingdom T.L.G 6 months ago +1

      @Grog any one who not like daz is dead inside. Just so no one takes this the wrong way i am joking. We are all entitled to our own opinions

    • Grog
      Grog Year ago +7

      I don't like his vines but his daz watches are hilarious

    • Jekyll Boi uwu
      Jekyll Boi uwu Year ago +2

      Elizabeth Nobody lmao I think he’s interesting-

    • Elizabeth Bundy
      Elizabeth Bundy Year ago +6

      @Jekyll Boi uwu probably for the best

  • Ana Graham
    Ana Graham Year ago +69

    This editing is very much on point

  • a b
    a b Year ago +16

    the only thing that ciaran finds funny is himself. his sense of humor is elite.

  • Dark Fruits Connoisseur

    Alternative title: I’m willing to bet my dad that ciarán wont laugh (if u find him, u can have him)

    • 13LAINE
      13LAINE Year ago +7

      Upgrades people upgrades

  • Eadie 0_0
    Eadie 0_0 Year ago +134

    3:10 you sound like the guy at the cinema telling us to turn our phones off

    • Carrot
      Carrot Year ago +1


    • Kaden
      Kaden Year ago +1


  • drag hag
    drag hag Year ago +52

    I laughed at his compilation but none of the others o.O
    Just here for the outtro tho

  • Sh0rtmxle
    Sh0rtmxle Year ago +14

    I think ciaran had fun with editing this episode

  • a b
    a b Year ago +34

    Get this man to a million already. He needs his gold plaque

    • freya♡
      freya♡ Year ago

      @a b
      Ummmmmm i think you mean 100 million

    • asowe
      asowe Year ago +3

      Prop it up on the radiator next to his 100k plaque, like a real working class man.

  • Christin Kolbeck
    Christin Kolbeck Year ago +5

    "The Charizard of white women" made me laugh so hard xD

  • Zach Sampson
    Zach Sampson Year ago +6

    I feel personally attacked after the reaction to the grinch vine 😂

  • Adi Timin
    Adi Timin Year ago

    great to hear the love for Cody and Drew. I think the commentary videos better suit their senses of humor but they had better vines as well imo

  • Prettymuchxlexi
    Prettymuchxlexi Year ago +17

    10:58 will always be one of the best vines ever

  • Drew Slater
    Drew Slater Year ago

    Love the creativity and effort you put into videos, wish you nothing but success!!

  • Toushea
    Toushea Year ago +4

    Love how you've just plopped the silver plaque on the radiator, keep it toasty!

  • nerikiman 17
    nerikiman 17 Year ago +14

    This man needs more credit he edits this channel s2w willne and eboys

  • Emma
    Emma Year ago

    Can we just appreciate how much effort Ciaran puts into these videos tho

  • Archie Sanderson
    Archie Sanderson Year ago +11

    I can’t believe u dissed daz. How dare you lol

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy Year ago +18

    here two seconds and i can already tell the editing is immaculate

  • GeorgeBlandford
    GeorgeBlandford Year ago +35

    Me: Yes little angry man with a lisp
    Ciarán: I hate tic tok but damn do I love vine

  • Lucian Ellicott
    Lucian Ellicott Year ago

    I love how you can tell he's an editor, you deserve a million subs dude :)

  • Big 🅖
    Big 🅖 Year ago +46

    I’ve just noticed Ciarán sounds like Richard ayoade, good

    • Musty246
      Musty246 Year ago +1

      They are both funny too

  • Daniel Hearn
    Daniel Hearn Year ago +1

    The editing on this is class. Great work man 👍🏻

  • Jay Page
    Jay Page Year ago

    The amount of editing that goes into your videos is astronomical :D

  • Elspeth Malcolm
    Elspeth Malcolm Year ago +8

    (I move away from the mic so I can breathe) - Tay Zonday, 2007

  • Jocelyn Studios
    Jocelyn Studios Year ago +1

    Goddamn I am always so impressed with your editing, makes me try harder when I edit.

  • jimbob
    jimbob Year ago +1

    i have literally just been singing the outro all day today and yesterday and the day before. i love it.

  • MisfitFox
    MisfitFox Year ago

    You got a pretty good Vine sense of humor! I love the ones Jenna Marbles does as well, so many classics.

  • Francois
    Francois Year ago

    Hi Ciaran, love your videos and your editing skills are insane!! I was wondering what editing software do you use?

  • iroamelia
    iroamelia Year ago +17

    2:40 well done to me for sending that in, such a comedic genius i know

  • Alec B
    Alec B Year ago

    Even amazing editing couldn’t hide ciarans sadness

  • CoCBS
    CoCBS Year ago +1

    Daz's TheXvid channel actually has some amazing content, there's one I suggest to everyone. He reacts to a woman who can't stop being furniture. Me and my friends all cry with laughter when we watch it

  • Michael Pepin
    Michael Pepin Year ago +1

    I just subscribed today and "The Grinch Tries Yoga" practically brings tears to my eyes; and I've seen it so many times! 🤣

  • Froggyness
    Froggyness Year ago +4

    Well looks like I’m leaving this planet. (The grinch vine is class though)

  • Mary James
    Mary James Year ago

    Glad that we have the same humour when it comes to vine 🤧

  • /_\
    /_\ Year ago +2

    Fun fact: Ciaran is unable to burp

  • It's Me Caitlin
    It's Me Caitlin Year ago +1

    "Is that Drew Gooden?" No, its Danny Gonzalez.. get it right Ciaran 🤦‍♀️ 😂

  • Archie Berry
    Archie Berry Year ago +1

    Me: watches video
    Also me: immediately gos and watches ‘iconic vines that changed the world’

  • christina
    christina Year ago

    ciarán’s editing is the only reason i’m still living

  • WillAWJ
    WillAWJ Year ago +25

    i am so un-naturally ready for this

  • IamCalledElle
    IamCalledElle Year ago

    Ciarán has a good taste when it comes to vines.

  • CR33DPlays
    CR33DPlays Year ago +1

    “And fly to you fuck off world” - thanks for covering my monitor in spit and coffee, thanks Ciarán. Thanks.

  • Madison Beer
    Madison Beer Year ago

    Can we all agree Ciarán needs more recognisation

  • Sarah Hay
    Sarah Hay Year ago

    The key to make Ciarán laugh: Wii Sports sound effects

  • Mark Craggs
    Mark Craggs Year ago

    Apart from the disrespect of the grinch and Rémi the dog, you nailed the vine compilation Ciarán

  • skeeter
    skeeter Year ago

    I’m sure I would’ve found your videos eventually, I just thank Will for speeding up the process

  • Ben Blazewicz
    Ben Blazewicz Year ago +1

    The intro sums up why we all love ciarán

  • TheOnlyKeksSuchti

    omg your compilation made cry, that’s how hard i laughed!

  • Alex Fromme
    Alex Fromme Year ago

    Ciaran, all your favorite vines include someone in mental distress, getting in trouble, and/or getting hurt. I like it

  • Marcus Tranter
    Marcus Tranter Year ago

    Ciaran is so funny in this video bloody hell 😂😂

  • Erik Hobart
    Erik Hobart Year ago +1

    8:14 will loves that clip. one of his favorites

  • Ender Mooshroom
    Ender Mooshroom Year ago

    To be fair Ciaran's vine selection is *class*

  • Rick Grimes
    Rick Grimes Year ago +5

    Brandon Rogers and Cody Ko are probably two of the most underrated viners

  • zoefinch
    zoefinch Year ago +36

    bruh I literally had vines in my camera roll ready to send to u for this video and I forgot

  • Siobhan M
    Siobhan M Year ago +1

    I’m so glad you said that about the yoga grinch vine. I always hated it and never understood why it got so many shares

  • Dillon O'Brien
    Dillon O'Brien Year ago +1

    Mad respect for using the wii sports background noises👏🏼

  • Wildchipmunk
    Wildchipmunk Year ago +2

    Ciaran should take over the S2w channel lol

  • Aimee Leigh
    Aimee Leigh Year ago

    These are my fave types of videos...keep it up! X

  • Dj DarkDisc
    Dj DarkDisc Year ago

    The editing is getting to God tier status....actually I think it's surpassed God Tier

  • Oliv
    Oliv Year ago +2

    1:56 Is that the almighty comically large spoon?

  • PinkyPurpleGalaxy

    The starting scene is a work of art, as always

  • Beccy Bear
    Beccy Bear Year ago +16

    “i like animals, i like swearing”
    weird flex but ok-

  • Taylor Hill
    Taylor Hill Year ago +1

    get this man more subscribers he has not just one class channel on his shoulders but two

  • Jack Clift
    Jack Clift Year ago

    i can’t lie ciaran’s vines were the only one i laughed at

  • Ella
    Ella Year ago

    The intro was better quality and entertainment than a lot of vines lmao

  • Prince
    Prince Year ago +2

    Fun fact: A lisp is often caused by having a large tongue. This also explains why many people get it later in life instead of being born with it.

  • GazzaVsAshton
    GazzaVsAshton Year ago

    You are generally the funniest person i have watched ever

  • Indigo Louise
    Indigo Louise Year ago

    Ciarán should just make a compilation of videos or edits that people could react to

  • Brandon M
    Brandon M Year ago

    1:24 that decade old Tay Zonday reference 😂😂

  • Owen Rickford
    Owen Rickford Year ago +1

    I just had to go into theatre mode for that masterful cinematic intro

  • Maxwell Evans
    Maxwell Evans Year ago

    From the vines Ciarán showed. He’s a physcopath and like seeing others pain 😂😂😂

  • Bobbie Capewell
    Bobbie Capewell Year ago

    This has proven to me, that I will laugh at ANYTHING 🤔

  • Maxine
    Maxine Year ago +10

    Amazing intro today hahaha

  • Casshat
    Casshat Year ago

    I’m glad we have the same taste in vines 😌

  • Alyssa van Rhyn
    Alyssa van Rhyn 7 months ago

    "the charizard of white women, if you will." one of the best lines ever

  • Raptor F5
    Raptor F5 9 months ago

    The fact that hat was made by Jordan and ciarán (probably) willingly bought it makes it 100x better

  • Tomos R
    Tomos R 9 months ago

    I’m gonna tweet ciaran a picture of my dachshund every day

  • HannahLJ2112
    HannahLJ2112 Year ago +1

    I feel like you’re the only person I know (other than myself) who hates tik tok and prefers vine by miles

  • Gwil Evans
    Gwil Evans Year ago

    No willne video has been edited as good as the start of this, I reckon he doesn’t pay you Enough

  • woah
    woah Year ago

    My mum's alright, told her to watch your video. Keep it up ciaran

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy Year ago

    Love the chocolate rain reference at the start😂

  • Nope no no no
    Nope no no no Year ago

    notice how every one of ciarán’s fav vines are to do with destruction and pain

  • James Lloyd
    James Lloyd Year ago +1

    Fun fact, the kid at 11:36 did turn out to be a US soldier

  • Stellar
    Stellar Year ago

    I missed submitting my favorite vine, but I was going to send the last one. Glad to see it made it in the video. I give it a woof just for that.