"Eddie Hearn Won't Sell Out KSI v Logan 2" - KSI's Promoter

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • Stuart Jones, promoter for KSI's first fight VS Logan Paul reveals why Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Boxing won't sell out KSI v Logan 2. Stuart doesn't hold any punches in the raw, open interview.
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Comments • 482

  • number Juan
    number Juan 2 minutes ago

    You're right Eddie wont sell the fight ksi and logan will

  • Ison Reign
    Ison Reign 2 days ago +1

    Without the pauls you'd be out of views flmao

  • Trishen Naidoo
    Trishen Naidoo 3 days ago

    This guy is just hurt coz he not the promotion company any more Billy joe will sell at lot of ppv himself and ksi and logan will sell a few

  • zack costa
    zack costa 4 days ago

    bull shit

  • Hoover
    Hoover 6 days ago +1

    This guy is a retard, you can't just tell the judges to pick a winner, it's their job to judge a fight like they see it. If they told the judges to not make it a draw and pick a winner then it's fixed.

  • TAN
    TAN 6 days ago

    DAZN has the rights in US and some territories
    Skysports has the rights for UK and some territories

  • danny tudge
    danny tudge 6 days ago +1

    Let's get ready to live stream

  • Aa Ron
    Aa Ron 7 days ago

    This guys a idiot if he doesn’t think KSI vs Paul won’t sell a small arena out in LA.... it doesn’t even need a promoter to sell the tickets 😂😂

    • Stuart Jones
      Stuart Jones 4 days ago

      Less than 6000 tickets out of 21000 sold so far. Who’s an idiot?

  • Joe Binder
    Joe Binder 7 days ago

    this guy is utterly clueless if he thinks this wont sell out staples centre, clearly bitter as hes not involved this time and gone to a promoter who knows what hes doing.. also to prove its not ' buys ' its subscriotion in the states amd sky have yet to say whether its box office of the price point. the fat bloke is clueless.

    • Joe Binder
      Joe Binder 4 days ago

      @Stuart Jones you obviously dont know boxing. thats about right for now but it will sell out the undercards nit even been announced yet and ita the way the American market works.
      that ok sweet cheeks?

    • Stuart Jones
      Stuart Jones 4 days ago

      Joe Binder Less than 6000 tickets out of 21000 sold so far. Less than 500 sold since the opening day. Who is clueless? 😘

  • mark buckley
    mark buckley 11 days ago

    iv got a vpn if you are all interested in watching it il be more then happy to stream it leave a thumb up on my comment and if I get 500 likes il drop my twitch link

  • Wi ll
    Wi ll 12 days ago +1

    He won’t sell out because who gives a shit about some pros that we only heard a few of we wanna see the youtubers fights that’s the point? And 3am fuck off 😂 would’ve rather had Joe Rogan host it at least he understands TheXvid community and Fighting Sports I know he does UFC but that’s had boxing in as well

  • monkeymagic436
    monkeymagic436 15 days ago +4

    The best thing sky sports could do is have it on there youtube channel

  • Joseph Joestar
    Joseph Joestar 15 days ago +4

    They shouldn’t have teamed up with Eddie Hearn 👀👀

  • Georeg
    Georeg 17 days ago

    If BIG GIBBER fights on the undercard then ill stay up and watch it. if not im watching the day after.

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 18 days ago

    No you weren’t asked to be a consultant, you’re a fat wanker. 😂😂 You all know nothing about boxing.

  • Ashton Curnow
    Ashton Curnow 18 days ago

    JJ and Logan wanted Eddie and that was the biggest mistake ever, just after Jake and Logan

  • Dubbsteppa21
    Dubbsteppa21 19 days ago

    'The full episode is available to listen & download now on all platforms' are spotify and itunes the only platforms then?

  • Henry Dodson
    Henry Dodson 19 days ago

    what is a shambles is dazone isnt in the uk, yet they are pressing this uk vs usa narrative

  • Henry Dodson
    Henry Dodson 19 days ago

    this guy seems very smart and knowledgeable, but of course this event will sell out

  • bamboozled
    bamboozled 20 days ago +2

    So doesnt matter if the DAZN views are low on the night, ksi & logan are still paid a fixed price. So safer than YT i guess.

  • bamboozled
    bamboozled 20 days ago +1

    Ohhh so in LA its the LAW for them to be PRO boxers aaaaah okay

    • Almas Syal
      Almas Syal 6 days ago

      bamboozled yeah these guys have no clue what they’re talking about

  • Zayd Depaor
    Zayd Depaor 20 days ago

    deluded, illiterate British millennials... Logan Paul is much more athletic and explosive than the talentless, mouthy, degenerate 'KSI'... Logan Paul should stop him this time.

  • ReallyUnexplainable
    ReallyUnexplainable 20 days ago

    Here are some hard to swallow pills for ya.
    1) Nobody cares if you can't pay for it;
    2) Nobody cares that you don't want to watch ti;
    3) Nobody cares about your feelings about the undercard;
    4) Please shut the fuck up.. you all sound like annoying complainy bitches.

  • Celestial
    Celestial 21 day ago


  • NYCFC Edits
    NYCFC Edits 21 day ago

    I only watched the last fight because it was all TheXvidrs, it was only 15$, and i felt that the 15$ supported those youtubers. Now if i pay to watch its mostly likely expensive (assuming) and i could care less about supporting the other boxers on the card.

    • NYCFC Edits
      NYCFC Edits 20 days ago

      @Eamonn Conroy I agree

    • Eamonn Conroy
      Eamonn Conroy 20 days ago +1

      NYCFC Edits Yes that’s how professional boxing works mate. You have a world champion on the undercard complete joke that two youtubers are ahead of him imo.

  • L
    L 21 day ago

    America is much bigger than the UK, UK sales don't matter.

  • Sophie C
    Sophie C 21 day ago

    This guy seems so sweet

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright 22 days ago

    KSI promoter is a smart man !! He should have done the 2nd as well no one wants to see the real boxers just the TheXvidrs

  • Antony Winsor
    Antony Winsor 22 days ago


  • gameplay ellis
    gameplay ellis 22 days ago +1

    Haha he said he should of told the judges not to give a draw that's called fixing and is against all the rules

    • Enzie 1326
      Enzie 1326 16 days ago +1

      Saying a draw isn’t an option, isn’t fixing. It’s just narrowing down the final results that are possible.

    • Dubbsteppa21
      Dubbsteppa21 19 days ago +1

      no it isnt

    • Lzech
      Lzech 22 days ago

      gameplay ellis jj shouldve def won

  • TheDestroyer32
    TheDestroyer32 22 days ago

    I wish you would just post the entire podcast here on youtube.

    • TheDestroyer32
      TheDestroyer32 22 days ago

      @Milo Walsh yes but he can still post the full episode and do these small clips

    • Milo Walsh
      Milo Walsh 22 days ago

      same, but he gets more views by splitting it up and since this is his income you can't rlly knock him for it

  • edd1e316
    edd1e316 23 days ago

    The fact the chubby guy is the authoritative voice about boxing in this convo is scary.
    His lack of understanding about the DAZN platform and why Hearn has taken this fight is nuts.

  • Adil Ahmed
    Adil Ahmed 23 days ago

    Lol fat boy is just salty that the boy guys told him to fuck off and took over 😂😂😂😂

  • eon001
    eon001 23 days ago

    Hearn needs to get some youtubers on the undercard. There's pro fighters that have youtube channels and a fan following. Also he needs to get Billy Joe and the other Matchroom fighters youtube channels. They can start building a following now. Do vlogs and the usual shit. If they have a fanbase going into the fight more people will be invested.

  • TMarioC
    TMarioC 23 days ago

    Should have been on TheXvid

  • Big Dave
    Big Dave 23 days ago

    I’m pretty sure Eddie could sell crack to a homeless man I’m sure it’ll be fine

  • Ty N
    Ty N 23 days ago

    This is a terrible idea. I'm a massive boxing fan but does Eddie really think that the TheXvid boxing audience wants to see a pro-boxing undercard? The timezone is a massive factor, younger audience in the UK won't watch at 3am.

  • Veedee Aitch
    Veedee Aitch 23 days ago

    there's no way they only sell 6000 tickets

  • Zora
    Zora 24 days ago +1

    Yeah I ain't paying for this fight this time.

  • Okay Then
    Okay Then 24 days ago

    Cut the biases bullshit, Logan is fucking massive , KSI hasn’t been training and looks overweight

  • Ozair Rahman
    Ozair Rahman 24 days ago

    Eddie Hearn won’t sell out staples center, KSI and Logan Paul. Get ur facts straight scrub

  • robert blake
    robert blake 24 days ago

    that bitter manager is such a funny idiot.

  • Mysteries And Thoughts

    Well ok lol

  • Ankit Ashok
    Ankit Ashok 24 days ago

    1. both ksi and logan are WAY less relevant now.
    2.lack of youtubers on the undercard.
    3.should have had an MMA event instead of a boxing match considering it's popularity.
    4.timing of the event will turn off uk viewers.

    • Lzech
      Lzech 22 days ago

      3 is dumb. It shouldve just been youtube boxing on youtube tho

    • Cian Mulvey
      Cian Mulvey 24 days ago

      I don't agree with 3.
      MMA would be extremely unfair against KSI with Logans wrestling experience

  • Fresh Xan
    Fresh Xan 24 days ago

    Well at least i won’t buy it because of there is no other youtubers undercards,who is so stupid that would buy ticket/pay per view for only 5-20 minutes of KSI and Logan? Not me 👋🏾

  • Jordan Rodgerson
    Jordan Rodgerson 24 days ago

    Eddie Hearn is literally boxings version of cancer, Muhammad Ali is spinning in his grave seeing what his beloved sports become, a pretentious twat who tries to run the show and takes that blood money when he should have no say in what happens (last time I checked Hearn doesn't promote the champ in heavyweight anymore)

    • Jordan Rodgerson
      Jordan Rodgerson 21 day ago

      @oi oi but also in the process made a mockery of boxing in general and while british boxing is doing well it was doing just fine way before he stuck his stuck up nose in, the sport would be much better without him

    • oi oi
      oi oi 21 day ago

      He's a great promoter and has given lots of boxers opportunities.

  • m_o365 slime
    m_o365 slime 25 days ago

    This is gonna be mad

  • KGB
    KGB 25 days ago

    I hate logan but he is gonna smash KSI

  • james
    james 25 days ago +2

    also he says there's a much better way to monetize the fight? both of them said after all the expenses they didn't make much.. really feel like he got cut out of the picture

  • james
    james 25 days ago

    lol this guy is so salty...... he isn't part of the fight and isn't getting paid. look at his twitter feed trying to be chummy with frank warren.

  • sonny m
    sonny m 25 days ago +1

    it won’t be on twitch this time, sky takes it down almost instantly. unlucky my brothers

  • Adeel M
    Adeel M 25 days ago +1

    Eddie heard is a sharp guy, might have some tricks up his sleeve

  • GiBBaNa HD
    GiBBaNa HD 25 days ago

    For people slating the fight because its on at 3am, it’s in America what else did you expect?

  • MrMongoose221
    MrMongoose221 25 days ago

    Boxing fans don't want TheXvidrs headlining a boxing card and TheXvid fans want to see TheXvidrs fighting, so who is actually winning here? Obviously just Eddie, Logan & KSI lining their pockets. Should have stayed within TheXvid in my opinion and then everyone wins.

  • NiceCronic
    NiceCronic 25 days ago

    Skip to 9:37 that’s what I think of you

  • monkeymagic436
    monkeymagic436 25 days ago +1

    Somebody not involved. Shitting on the event . What a shock

  • monkeymagic436
    monkeymagic436 25 days ago

    Did people think it would be on in the afternoon in L.A.?
    I dont think it will be ppv

  • monkeymagic436
    monkeymagic436 25 days ago

    Sky should have it on there youtube channel

  • Michael the savage
    Michael the savage 25 days ago

    I can’t wait for Logan to knock ksi into irrelevancy

    ALIA TOUCHEDME 25 days ago

    Anyone else thought this guy was gibby