Del Gato

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • Shot & edited by: mrtaylorstephens
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  • Gabi Benschop
    Gabi Benschop Day ago

    Thank you for taking me far away from the mucky muck and making me smile, Jack. ❤️

  • Asher Wetmore
    Asher Wetmore 5 days ago

    Miyamoto used donkey to convey stubborn in English

  • Corin LaCicero
    Corin LaCicero 11 days ago

    Wonder Boy!!!!!

  • Nosferatu1922
    Nosferatu1922 11 days ago

    Q: What do you call a cat that owns a gaming system?

    A: Del Gato!!!!!!

  • David De La Torre
    David De La Torre 17 days ago

    What song is playing when Jack punches Kyle

  • kurtjphillips
    kurtjphillips 21 day ago

    I haven’t thought about Ghouls and Ghosts for a very long time. NICE!!

  • Eli Elsaf
    Eli Elsaf 25 days ago

    Nintendo made card games before they made video games.

  • Josh Mclaren
    Josh Mclaren 28 days ago

    Soul warming D content , recently discovered .. Sounds of my life.

  • Funk Enstein
    Funk Enstein Month ago

    I had no idea Cage's brain was so much bigger than yours, Jabl-Prime.

  • Funk Enstein
    Funk Enstein Month ago

    Goodness gracious! I love me some Ghouls 'n Ghosts! I remember spending all my college money on that game.

  • Gabrielle Fagan
    Gabrielle Fagan Month ago

    What's on the mantle piece?🤪

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness Month ago

    Nice shirt KG... I was there! Great show, guys!

  • Geodude
    Geodude Month ago

    That fight scene was legit

  • Harley
    Harley Month ago

    I'm gonna need him to go into a Best Buy or something to the video games you can play and challenge someone to a duel lmao

  • matt69savage
    matt69savage Month ago

    NB, this video contains gaming.

  • larry or Sticks
    larry or Sticks Month ago

    I have beat this game Ghouls and ghosts

  • lileigh jensen
    lileigh jensen Month ago

    9:26 lol I've rewatched it like 10 times

  • Life In Bama
    Life In Bama Month ago

    I like playing angry birds 2, happy to hear Jack Black does 2.

  • Squadedz
    Squadedz Month ago

    When the deal with it pops up my TheXvid crashed so hard that my ipad died with over60% battery

  • SoCal Engineer
    SoCal Engineer Month ago

    The world needs more Jack Black! Thanks for sharing Jack!

  • D. Aardentvarkitage

    Just started watching Jacks channel, very cool stuff, I like just seeing him with family being silly and doing stuff they like. Funny stuff.

  • Paul Richard
    Paul Richard Month ago

    Small brain and big brain

  • Tijuana iguana
    Tijuana iguana Month ago

    Kyle lost a lot of weight since this video

  • Justin Doherty
    Justin Doherty Month ago

    In Japan donkey means stubborn

  • Animesaint
    Animesaint Month ago

    I been to disneyTokyo and disneyland paris

  • Deuce D
    Deuce D Month ago

    That beat during the flashback! Fire!!

  • Mighty Punch
    Mighty Punch Month ago

    Cool fact I was there

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Month ago

    Maybe they meant Monkey Kong and then it got like mistranslated or something I d k. Man your vids are so much fun. I broke my ankle and I’m just binge watching this shiz

  • Zander Mercury
    Zander Mercury 2 months ago

    "Before the crustacean era" 😂😂😂 cretatious, a dinosaur era, you mean? XD

  • Matthew McCord
    Matthew McCord 2 months ago

    Love ghouls and ghost!!

  • TNTGamer9000
    TNTGamer9000 2 months ago

    I’m not a hater but I’m just saying Everest is better than Matterhorn

  • TheCynx
    TheCynx 2 months ago


  • OverRated Blaze
    OverRated Blaze 2 months ago

    Jack Black looking like Mick Foley.....

  • Rob Selvig
    Rob Selvig 2 months ago

    Another Jablinskitacular animal print shirt

  • wael karaki
    wael karaki 2 months ago

    My god that’s sooooo fuuuuun

  • Ariel Rosenthal
    Ariel Rosenthal 2 months ago

    this was the first episode that made me cry laughing

  • Corbett Knoff
    Corbett Knoff 2 months ago

    Where does the name Jablinkski come from?

  • Chad? Seibel
    Chad? Seibel 2 months ago

    Your making me hungry e÷÷eeeeessssssseeeeeeeeeeee

  • Steve Stevens
    Steve Stevens 2 months ago

    For the PlayStation for free now

  • Steve Stevens
    Steve Stevens 2 months ago

    They’re putting the new Spiderman game for you are far far far way from home

  • Brittany Baldridge
    Brittany Baldridge 2 months ago

    @JablinkskiGames You made me have to look this up because I really had to know. "Miyamoto used 'donkey' to convey 'stubborn ape' to the American Audience." When he suggested this to Nintendo, they laughed, but the name stuck. Thanks for making me learn something. :]

  • Danny Hammac Jr.
    Danny Hammac Jr. 2 months ago

    This is great!

  • Priuel
    Priuel 2 months ago

    Ghouls and Ghosts/Super Ghouls and Ghost is murder. Unless you're Jack Black

  • YoshPrimePainting
    YoshPrimePainting 2 months ago

    Jack Black for President 2035

  • cainification
    cainification 2 months ago +1

    Lmao does he fart at 3:33 ?

    HOT TAMAL3 3 months ago

    man, jack black is the coolest guy ever. it would be awesome to hang out with him all the time

  • Rhidgy Rhidge
    Rhidgy Rhidge 3 months ago

    Still think jb was made to front AC/DC.

  • Rhidgy Rhidge
    Rhidgy Rhidge 3 months ago

    Ghouls and ghosts, so good of a game.

  • Brocknoid
    Brocknoid 3 months ago

    I remember wonder boy, fun game.

  • Kinksutin
    Kinksutin 3 months ago +1

    5:12 TORILLE!

  • Raoul Roger
    Raoul Roger 3 months ago

    wonderboy!!! man i played the shit outta that! and the sequel!!!! shiiiiiiiiit

  • Pixel Accident
    Pixel Accident 3 months ago

    Cell phone games...not real gaming.

  • bébé cheeses
    bébé cheeses 3 months ago

    "The Delgado Mine was a mine located next to the Boot Hill Cemetery. It was where Emmett Brown, who was unable to fix the badly damaged DeLorean time machine due to lack of suitable replacement parts in 1885, hid the car for seventy years."

  • Homiehomemaker
    Homiehomemaker 3 months ago

    Man I love these videos!

  • Laban Warner
    Laban Warner 3 months ago

    i love seeing one of my favorite people of all time enjoy what i enjoy family and games

  • RandomSkitJU
    RandomSkitJU 3 months ago

    I’m way too scared to look up what a del gato is

  • Вуд Крафт
    Вуд Крафт 3 months ago

    Ты очень классный чувак

    BARRON WASTE 3 months ago +1

    5:54 when ya kill apiggies it feels sguh

    BARRON WASTE 3 months ago

    Good job bringing up the mother fathin video time JB!

  • Dillon Krix
    Dillon Krix 3 months ago

    I like how its a "gaming channel" and its not even primarily gaming. but i love it anyway