Del Gato


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  • 12gaugeAngel
    12gaugeAngel 32 minutes ago

    You're curing my depression.

  • Charkky
    Charkky 41 minute ago

    He looks like he’s about to make an apology video in the beginning

  • TheHyBriD3I6
    TheHyBriD3I6 3 hours ago

    This is the future game grumps at age 50

  • chad661199
    chad661199 3 hours ago

    12:59 the hoodie of Sal killed me

  • Loud Pack
    Loud Pack 3 hours ago

    Grooming tip = Cut that beard off dad

  • MrFed90
    MrFed90 4 hours ago

    This channel is PURE GOLD

  • David O'Halloran
    David O'Halloran 5 hours ago

    Wonder boy!! Jesus I forgot how many hours of my life I lost on that game! Thanks for the nastolga good sir.

  • Solemn Solace
    Solemn Solace 5 hours ago

    Jack Black is a national treasure! Skedouche!

  • Maciej Bretes
    Maciej Bretes 6 hours ago

    1:14 don't you mean a Sasquatch 🤣

  • The Gaming Heros
    The Gaming Heros 7 hours ago

    Im so glad I watched this Stoned AF

  • Richard Dawson
    Richard Dawson 7 hours ago

    ..Who doesn't like Jack Black!

  • Fat_Al's Gaming
    Fat_Al's Gaming 8 hours ago

    i love this

  • Sean C
    Sean C 8 hours ago

    Wait? Theres a SECOND level to Donkey Kong!?

  • marcelo josè mauricio mardones garcia

    Games games games , la bebida de hulk jajjajaj saludos desde chile

  • Lyle Nathan
    Lyle Nathan 11 hours ago


  • BL6NK
    BL6NK 12 hours ago

    Jack black your the best gamer!

  • Scholid Schnake
    Scholid Schnake 15 hours ago

    The Kagester in the HOUSE

  • FPSpammers
    FPSpammers 16 hours ago

    James Rolfe should try and get Jack black on his channel, it would be amazing to watch then talk about retro games and old experiences each other

  • Hunter
    Hunter 17 hours ago

    *donkey* kong

  • Pop Extra
    Pop Extra 17 hours ago

    when jack black gonna make a movie hes saves the movie so it allways good. i love your humor

  • ExTremeHYPE
    ExTremeHYPE 19 hours ago

    Who else remembers that hot ass girl from nacho libre

  • Lily2
    Lily2 19 hours ago

    suppose to mean '"stubborn ape"... it was totally lost in translation. right on the nose oh great jack black

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze 20 hours ago


  • Android Gaming
    Android Gaming 20 hours ago

    Am i the only one wondering what a del gato is?lol

  • Chris Canberra
    Chris Canberra 20 hours ago

    Big fan of yours JB, loving the videos, though watching the Angry Birds 2 made me physically sick haha, not on your part though, wishing you the best man.

  • Sarys
    Sarys 21 hour ago

    Your opening shows a drawing of you without a single gray hair. I'm thinking you should just leave out that drawing, and change your name to Jack Grey bro. lol

  • Taylor Davis
    Taylor Davis 22 hours ago

    Starting a new discord group

  • Barnz1980
    Barnz1980 22 hours ago

    Whoa! Wonder Boy!

  • DoNtGetSh0t-
    DoNtGetSh0t- 23 hours ago

    The dislikes are Sweaty 12 year old TTVs from fortnite and apex

  • advent murphy
    advent murphy 23 hours ago

    Such a cool dad!!! GL JBL

  • Jimmy Santos
    Jimmy Santos Day ago

    Did you talk to the president of Nintendo?

  • Obama Undertale
    Obama Undertale Day ago

    N O G A M I N G V I D E O S T H I S W E E K

  • Big Boi RV
    Big Boi RV Day ago

    Don’t worry you’re better than ninja

  • Cutest Cat
    Cutest Cat Day ago

    Oh shit Kyle Gass looking good, he's all tidy and professorial now, what happened??

  • Recarnated Kronor

    “Get that corn out of my face” only the OG’s will know what movie says this line

  • Timwardo
    Timwardo Day ago

    Honestly, take your time, these videos are awesome, I love them!

  • Mr.Tiger Vlogs
    Mr.Tiger Vlogs Day ago

    I was the 42 subscriber

  • Donna Simo
    Donna Simo Day ago

    This is so great!

  • hibernating turtle

    8:53 he has two pairs of glasses

    6,458,971 Views Day ago

    That beard must get pretty hot

  • Stu Royce
    Stu Royce Day ago

    Holy shit, I remember Wonder Boy, but it wasn't until the music kicked in!

  • xenovator
    xenovator Day ago

    It's Monkey Kong, Manky kaaang! Big Monkey King in Japanese

  • Jerry Meisler
    Jerry Meisler Day ago

    Some time with the D is better than a gaming video could ever be.

  • Jake Sweedler
    Jake Sweedler Day ago

    This is a lovable Man. God bless to you Jack and your family.

  • Hayden Mcelrath-Furia

    Im going to replace word logan paul in "logan paul you are my hero" and put in jack black

  • Mark Magill
    Mark Magill Day ago

    Ghouls & ghosts...noice!

  • Daniel Dundas 111

    JB... I think you should write a song for your Channel with Kage. Similar to "Tribute" song.. Or at least some " tribute"overtones. cool to see Rage Cage

  • OvExX
    OvExX Day ago

    i d love to jam in that grestch

  • -VERNEX-
    -VERNEX- Day ago

    Jack Black reminds me of my dad, he's AWESOME. Also by the way, I love the movie "Gulliver's Travels"

  • Alfie Nicholls 3

    Bring back the cheeks

  • Fortnite Mayhem
    Fortnite Mayhem Day ago

    My man just to spend a day at your house with yourself would be heaven .... only problem being I would never want to leave :/ keep up the streams bro 😂😂

  • Scott
    Scott Day ago

    This had me screaming in the streets. Kickin' over shit. Breakin' fuckin windows of the small businesses. And settin' fuckin fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiires.

  • cick nage
    cick nage Day ago

    Jablinsky is slowly starting to look like George rr Martin

  • Dia tom
    Dia tom Day ago +2


    • igotyabeens
      igotyabeens Day ago

      Dia tom lol u liked ur own comment

  • Jesse Nuzum
    Jesse Nuzum Day ago

    Dude, the older games should be what your channels about, love seein the old school stuff!

  • Fortnite fan
    Fortnite fan Day ago

    It's not ninja

  • What's Next With Stephanie

    Love seeing all the old video game so cool 😎

  • Maddy Muniz
    Maddy Muniz Day ago

    I don’t understand the comments saying he didn’t play any games? ‘Games’ doesn’t just mean video games Lol ??

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    I loved this!!!!!! 😂

  • Josie Burns
    Josie Burns Day ago


  • Skitz-Ofrenik
    Skitz-Ofrenik Day ago


  • Christian Brandt

    I am all most never on TheXvid but this and unboxing therapy makes me come here love all these old games that I never thought existed

  • Universo Profeta

    best channel in the wooaoorld, you crazy

  • Aydin aalam
    Aydin aalam Day ago

    He should star in movies!!!

  • Kιng Jongнyυn

    I used to play Wonder Boy endlessly as a kid! Man, the memories...

  • Young Fizz
    Young Fizz Day ago

    Good video

  • Adrian Lomax
    Adrian Lomax Day ago

    Little brains always resort to violence. Haha!

  • Jennifer Campos
    Jennifer Campos Day ago

    I love you jack

  • dubeet
    dubeet Day ago

    You do you Jack the Black chess senpai.I, for one, love these as they are right now.

  • Asadullah Parker

    😂😂😂😂 I love this channel

  • Rummy
    Rummy Day ago

    Jack Black is like the human manifestation of a dad joke. This is absolutely amazing. Reminds me of like some weird home film and Jack Black is the dad that just runs around with his new camera.
    Absolutely beautiful

  • Heavens Stapler
    Heavens Stapler Day ago

    Nucleus vibe

  • Aaron Duffy
    Aaron Duffy Day ago

    This guy looks alot like Jack black

  • Rico Gutierrez
    Rico Gutierrez Day ago

    Do I need to donate an Xbox to jablinski gaming? This is awesome, but I kinda wanna see jack black playthroughs of the fallout series, battlefield, GTA and I wrong?

  • Lorenzo Del Forno

    The original name of Donkey Kong was actually "Monkey Kong" but there was an error when the creator sent a fax of the game concept to Nintendo, they misspelled the "m" with the "d"

  • Slice Rice
    Slice Rice Day ago

    He "promised" keep that in note

  • Ryan Miller
    Ryan Miller Day ago

    I would pay great money to have a beer with Jack black.. lol

  • Pedro J
    Pedro J Day ago

    What's Jablins Jables

  • Cristian Sigua
    Cristian Sigua Day ago

    sir where can i get that arcade tabe :)

  • Anders Kristensen

    I luv it

  • Rex Longfellow
    Rex Longfellow Day ago

    Before the crustacean era lmao😂😂😂

  • ABS
    ABS Day ago


  • Dang Khoa Vo
    Dang Khoa Vo Day ago

    He could be playing marbles and people would watch every minute of it.

  • August Villegas
    August Villegas Day ago +1

    1:45 Jack Black screaming like a girl! Yeah, I think it's LOL 😁 !!!!

  • Aaron Haynes
    Aaron Haynes Day ago


  • T D
    T D Day ago

    That’s so me w/ Angry Birds 2.

  • Gaming Hylians
    Gaming Hylians Day ago

    Add kj more

  • Arekkusukon
    Arekkusukon Day ago

    12:58 so we’re not gonna talk about that tonight’s biggest loser hoodie

  • Lucas Freitas
    Lucas Freitas Day ago

    Am I the only Brazillian here?

  • Andrew Zaremba
    Andrew Zaremba Day ago +1

    1:19 pause video


  • bolopopoy
    bolopopoy Day ago

    what type of car do u have?

  • Jackie Toong
    Jackie Toong 2 days ago

    Lol jack black is so funny.

  • Anirudh Bhattacharya

    PewDiePie and Jack Black have one major thing in common at the moment. They both have too much time on their hands, and don't play games (for now). The one thing that gives Jack Black an advantage? He's doing it out of pure fun, while Pewds is doing his shit out of desperation. I used to love watching him, but he doesn't have the same passion he did during the amnesia days, or the other "Let's Play" days.

  • Chris O
    Chris O 2 days ago

    nIce P-Bass!

  • larvitarse
    larvitarse 2 days ago

    jables im drunk and im catching up on ur vids and fuck dude ur a funny fucker i hope this channel keeps going w this vibe

  • SsjMiltonB 29
    SsjMiltonB 29 2 days ago

    Can’t wait to see him play guitar hero


    The brains this was hilarious 😂


    I love seeing kyle on here!

  • katty
    katty 2 days ago

    Play brutal legends