OnePlus 7 Pro Is The Best Smartphone Overall

  • Published on Jun 25, 2019
  • The OnePlus 7 Pro has grown on me. It's one of the fastest (if not fastest) devices I've ever used. The combination of top end hardware and OnePlus software optimization creates an almost instant smartphone experience. OnePlus has gone upmarket with their pricing strategy but in the case of the OnePlus 7 Pro it's probably justified. It's unfortunate OnePlus didn't keep a more value oriented product for the North American market.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  4 months ago +1517

    What is your pick for best overall smartphone right now?

    • Jayanta Dwibedi
      Jayanta Dwibedi 25 days ago

      @Apex u bitc

    • Deja Noel
      Deja Noel Month ago

      Just ordered mine, upgrading from the Note 8. I love Note devices, I think the stylus is GENIUS and is the primary reason I've kept with the Note series, but THIS DEVICE is so gorgeous, it was time to upgrade.

    • EmersonPlays
      EmersonPlays Month ago

      S10+ for sure

    • Rebeca Urse
      Rebeca Urse Month ago

      OnePlus 7 pro ♥️ the best smartphone

    • Ian Prendergast
      Ian Prendergast Month ago

      @GOKULKRIS ABILASH why not 7 pro

  • juewei hou
    juewei hou 2 days ago

    stilling using 5t and it still fast as damnnn

  • Eddie Weedon
    Eddie Weedon 3 days ago

    He starts talking about the speed of it, and my phone lags... I'm hoping it's the internet and not my OP6

    • SmoothJK
      SmoothJK 2 days ago

      You might be running out of storage. Maybe a restart could help. My OP6 is still super snappy.

  • Nahid Hasan
    Nahid Hasan 4 days ago

    I want one of this

  • ★ Korbi CSGO
    ★ Korbi CSGO 4 days ago

    Says is the best smartphone overall
    Opens the box
    😤🤦‍♂️Such a fucking apple hating moron.

  • Kuma Kuma
    Kuma Kuma 5 days ago

    OMG it's the first time I saw that testing method of tying a cinder block to the selfie camera and I somehow can not stop laughing now! LOL!

  • Fret Mode Official
    Fret Mode Official 6 days ago

    Should I call this phone OnePlus 7 or simply "8"?

  • Dimetri Drossos
    Dimetri Drossos 6 days ago

    I'm ALLL about those moving parts, they may be less practical but still... a moving part inside a phone is just so cool

  • maxx1991
    maxx1991 7 days ago

    Leave android the way google created it than it will be stable that is what my friend taught me

  • Cell Solutions
    Cell Solutions 7 days ago

    Please subscribe my chanel your 1 click will change my whole life 🙏

  • Dianara Briones
    Dianara Briones 8 days ago

    Huhuhu i wish i have a 1+ phone

  • dtz1000
    dtz1000 11 days ago

    Almond is just a posher way of saying cream. Call it cream and watch sales drop.

  • Amrit Parida
    Amrit Parida 11 days ago

    Almond is the choice

  • farfromfreaking
    farfromfreaking 11 days ago

    I just got the oneplus 7t Pro from the razer phone, it's such a jump up it's crazy, 10 out of 10 win

  • AlvinRey83
    AlvinRey83 13 days ago

    This Phone is the Flagship Killer ! I'm buying tomorrow.

    • Jim
      Jim 10 days ago

      When do they update this phone?

    • Suhas Jagtap
      Suhas Jagtap 11 days ago

      Bought it?

  • NtenseFit Way
    NtenseFit Way 13 days ago +3

    Nebula Blue all the way, but the Almond is still hot

  • Jesse Kimber
    Jesse Kimber 14 days ago

    I want the almond.

  • Magga
    Magga 14 days ago

    What is the google camera app called?

  • Zes
    Zes 15 days ago


    UJWAL BHARTI 15 days ago +2

    There are just fooling us it 1+7 = 8
    But they only one+7

  • Patrick Middelkoop
    Patrick Middelkoop 15 days ago

    I just received my OnePlus 7 Pro. This is my first new device since I got the OnePlus 3 when it launched.
    And wow! What a device.
    It really blows my mind, how big the phone is, what it's capable to do, the pop-upcamera. Improved UI compared to the OP3.
    Really glad I made this choice.

  • bigdog210
    bigdog210 15 days ago

    IAM I the only one that is having a problem with there Bluetooth I mean when I put my phone down it turns off need help

  • sumukh g
    sumukh g 17 days ago

    Smokie grey😍😍

  • Philip Leung
    Philip Leung 17 days ago +1

    "kawhi" lol.....

  • Noor Miah
    Noor Miah 18 days ago

    What do u do with the other phones

  • Alex Yuan
    Alex Yuan 19 days ago

    4:57 so it has wireless charging or not?

  • mhrcan
    mhrcan 19 days ago +2

    my heart and mind: oneplus 7 pro
    my wallet: xiaomi mi 9t pro 😅

  • Daniel Kilvington
    Daniel Kilvington 20 days ago

    Who is watching on there OnePlus 7 Pro?

  • Sam A
    Sam A 21 day ago

    But it's 4G which is really disappointed.

  • breezetix
    breezetix 21 day ago +3

    im gonna go for this phone, gotta save up for 2 months :D (or 3)

  • Shane's OnAir
    Shane's OnAir 22 days ago

    I love the OnePlus 7 pro .

  • Tomer Vered
    Tomer Vered 23 days ago

    Mirror gray > both colours

  • Nasir Emon
    Nasir Emon 24 days ago

    this is going to be my next phone.
    after 1year price drop

  • Sean Nusserr
    Sean Nusserr 24 days ago

    I have been trying to purchase the 7T, since I'm deployed Can't ! They don't shippit overseas! My current phone is really really old, ( Samsung Galaxy S5. ) it is time to change!

  • UwwGunslinger
    UwwGunslinger 25 days ago +1

    I'd buy it if it had wireless charging.

    • White Shrek
      White Shrek 21 day ago

      Wireless charging is shit though...

  • Robert Jackson jr
    Robert Jackson jr 25 days ago

    What about the zte axon 10 . I be been looking for versus.

  • Tan Buenafe
    Tan Buenafe 26 days ago

    If the oneplus 7 pro was water resistant, i won't even think twice to get it. That's just the nitpick from me.

  • Anthony Fourkiller
    Anthony Fourkiller 26 days ago +11

    Canceled my pixel 4xl preorder and just bought this phone 😁

  • Delubyo 13
    Delubyo 13 26 days ago

    will it work on cricket carrier?

  • Zulfekar Mohammad
    Zulfekar Mohammad 27 days ago

    I love nebula blue

  • andre frierson
    andre frierson 27 days ago

    Love this phone, I constantly find something new with this phone, don't know if anybody played with it like that. You can set the phone to turn off at a certain time and will turn on by itself. I can't put this bad boy down

  • Intellectual Philosopher
    Intellectual Philosopher 27 days ago +1

    First of all awesome job out there, i have been your follower for a very long time, I for the first time in my life bought a samsung S9 plus when it launched and quickly fell in love with it, the greatest flaw for me was as i suffer from occular migraine which means i can't and would not till date use it without maxed out blue light filter, i never had this issue with the phones i had before eg Sony Xperia xz premium, LG G4 and most of the HTC early models, it's time for me to change my phone and this issue keeps on haunting me as it changes my experience of the device, is there someone out there with the same issue that could help me, ps my wife has a Samsung S10 and she gets teary eyes if she doesn't have it on the blue light filter..

  • Everardo Gutierrez
    Everardo Gutierrez 27 days ago

    Is the 7t pro coming to us markets ?

  • curtis darby
    curtis darby 28 days ago

    Still oneplus is way cheaper than any new Samsung or iPhone and im a galaxy guy but im making the switch soon to oneplus

  • Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 28 days ago

    This is the high qualty gadget gue i have seen him befor rewieing high qualty mobiles and labtops and other gadgets.

  • Robby Flay
    Robby Flay 28 days ago

    Almond color hands down. Exudes class.

  • GaryGuevara
    GaryGuevara 29 days ago

    Very cool looking phone

  • The 14th Dalai Lama

    Good video but your thumbnails are so stupid

  • rdcruick
    rdcruick Month ago +8

    Phones are just too god damn big these days. I really don't want a 6.5'' display phone in my pocket all day.

    • Ben Turton
      Ben Turton 2 days ago

      Stick to your iPhone 4s then!

    • Jim
      Jim 10 days ago

      I agree a good size for if your doing just business at your desk but not to go. Still using the standard pro 11. Good size and compact. Easy to go

    • xeeshan jalani
      xeeshan jalani 15 days ago

      nobody cares what you want. the people (me included) want bigger screens. go back to nokia 8210 :D

  • afro dite
    afro dite Month ago

    sooo. .. pocophone F1 or oneplus7 pro??? wc has better front facing cam/cam in general. pocophone's 20megapx front cam is calling meee..

  • Nick
    Nick Month ago

    I don't have a problem with them leaving the budget phone market, this phone looks worth it to me and many phones nowadays don't. Don't get greedy, OnePlus.

  • Jeremy Bacchus
    Jeremy Bacchus Month ago +2

    Wireless charging is ignorant right now, any case you put on negates that.

    • Sarthak Sheth
      Sarthak Sheth Month ago +1

      Wireless charging is a waste of energy.

  • amal ronaldo
    amal ronaldo Month ago

    Am i the only one who went for the Grey color.

  • iTx honey
    iTx honey Month ago

    no wireless charging ?

  • deathstroke.17
    deathstroke.17 Month ago +1

    I’m confused between one plus 7 pro and iPhone 11. Could someone help
    Me out ? (Oh and btw, I have an iPhone 7)

    • Comrade Chungus
      Comrade Chungus Month ago

      If i would be you i would buy note 10 samsung

    • Marko Veljanovski
      Marko Veljanovski Month ago

      @deathstroke.17 It depends on your other products. Strictly looking at the two phones, you are getting better cameras, battery life, speakers, ip rating, wireless charge and the brand name with the 11. However, you get a smoother higher resolution screen with no notch and faster charging with the 7 pro. The iPhone has a better face unlock which has actually gotten super fast, especially on iOS 13, but the 7 pro also offers an in display finger print scanner. However, if you also have other apple products, such as an ipad, macbook etc... then there is no question - get the 11. If you don’t, however, compare the pros and cons of each phone and get the one which has the advantages you care about the most.

  • dinesh kumar
    dinesh kumar Month ago

    Fucking fingerprint not working....waste of money

    • ryan collyer
      ryan collyer Month ago +1

      I would get a replacement. Mine works perfectly

  • Ernest Crus
    Ernest Crus Month ago

    Based on this video, just purchased an 8/256 Almond Gold. I hope that comes with a nice case.

  • jowarnis
    jowarnis Month ago

    Both colours are terrible

  • John Norris
    John Norris Month ago

    Definitely. The Blue Version. But, question, the Pro, or the T model! Hmmm

  • Kaser Alkaser
    Kaser Alkaser Month ago

    Super smart phone