SEVEN Bowls of RAMEN Noodles in ONE Day Ramen Festival in New York

  • Published on Aug 13, 2018
  • I went to a Japanese Ramen festival in NYC and the event brought seven ramen shops all the way FROM JAPAN!!! I'm excited about this because I want to see what's the best out of the seven ramens they have to offer! Also, check out Herrine's page @rinnny_ from INSIDER she came to join the ramen party too.
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  • Sam R
    Sam R Day ago +1

    I am surprised you didn't bring chili oil.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 days ago

    This looks amazing!!! I wish I could’ve gone 🥺

  • Dan Gonzalez
    Dan Gonzalez 6 days ago

    That girl is so beat. Huge face. No lips. Fuqqed up hairline. Smh. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

  • fresdead
    fresdead 6 days ago

    Rip all the foam wood and food in this

  • kurluk04
    kurluk04 10 days ago

    Mikeys great, shes cute, and i love noodles! Love it!

  • Ricky Kovacs
    Ricky Kovacs 10 days ago

    I really like how even though he been to certain places like the burger joint he’ll still give us a breakdown of the flavors and try to have us imagine and taste the flavors ourselves. Really amazing channel.

    YOWA NOWA 10 days ago

    D B took her away for a bit huh!?

  • Ahmed H
    Ahmed H 13 days ago

    Bring the festival to LONDON UK!!!!!!!

  • Joseph Saetveit
    Joseph Saetveit 17 days ago

    It's a little weird seeing Mikey eating with a FORK! What?

  • Yang Lu
    Yang Lu 21 day ago

    Mikey, so I just noticed from the first segment of your video where you and your friend was eating the first bowl of noodle soup with the sign "Pad Thai - Noodle Lounge" hahaha it's ironic that they are there. The festival must have taken all of their business.

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones 22 days ago

    Is there no ban on styrofoam in NYC?!

  • kon8181
    kon8181 22 days ago

    And I am eating Noodle Cup while watching this...poor me

  • FScorpion678
    FScorpion678 29 days ago

    Your friend is hot

  • dee ji
    dee ji Month ago

    Makebistro!! I like his cooking style!!

  • Oracion k
    Oracion k Month ago

    How many TheXvid channel does this dude have??

  • Shine the Light
    Shine the Light Month ago

    I liked the other girl from Boston. Too bad she's married. I like the look of the third bowl.

  • Barbara Coleman
    Barbara Coleman Month ago

    Mike! Eat your veggies!

  • Zel Zwrd
    Zel Zwrd Month ago

    ramen in a cup? blasphemous.

  • Wen Du
    Wen Du Month ago

    what happened to the other Mike? are they no longer friends?

  • chae
    chae Month ago

    Still can't believe he lives in the middle of the woods. But I guess if you can drive, then a house is a better choice than a small overpriced nyc apartment or a bigger room in the middle of a bad neighbourhood.

  • peiling826
    peiling826 Month ago

    How can you so much? Envy you

  • Evan
    Evan Month ago

    I ship Mikey with Herrine

  • carrot cake
    carrot cake Month ago

    I think she's from insider

  • Joy Vee Ayao
    Joy Vee Ayao Month ago

    Just watched this video and I believed Mickey Chen’s like Herrin ☺️ And it looked like this is how they will date in the future ❤️

  • Strive
    Strive Month ago

    She’s cute

  • Gertrude
    Gertrude Month ago

    Ramen in a styrofoam cup? It's an insult.

  • IanOHara
    IanOHara 2 months ago

    Your pho buddy needs to be your pho waif

  • theJOKER isME
    theJOKER isME 2 months ago

    Bring that Ramen Festival to Malaysia. I would love to taste everything. Must be held in halal & non in two sections. Thank you.

  • Darren Hope
    Darren Hope 2 months ago

    love the videos and any girl who can keep up with mikey and still look that good must be an angel

  • Priscilla Johnston
    Priscilla Johnston 2 months ago

    You guys have a lot of things in common and super cute together 😃

  • Chelsea Divel
    Chelsea Divel 2 months ago

    Williamsport Brooklyn. When you said Williamsport I thought you meant in PA and I was like omg your in my state

  • Josie Lindström
    Josie Lindström 2 months ago

    Just discovered your vids tonight - subscribed and hope to see more!
    I only recently discovered how awesome REAL traditional ramen is - so this particular video was amazing to me :)

  • thisCLUMSYgirl
    thisCLUMSYgirl 2 months ago

    Wish I can attend this event once. I haven’t been to New York before but for sure, I would love to go whenever I decide I could go to NY.

  • Cheryl Medeiros
    Cheryl Medeiros 2 months ago

    Kind of lame with Rinne and she taps out. She is supposedly a goody but she was missing for 2 bowls of ramen and the pizza one she hardly eats. Need to find someone who can keep up. Just another pretty face.

  • somarf
    somarf 2 months ago

    7 bowls?! Ok Mike, when are we going to see the Fitness Channel that shows how much and what types of workouts you do to be able to do all these meals?! :) Ramen Beast Mode = ENGAGE!

  • Ricardo Martinez
    Ricardo Martinez 2 months ago

    But did you get it inn thoo

  • Quasi Toto
    Quasi Toto 2 months ago

    You've been living the dream. Please bless me with such a dream.

  • r/whoosh
    r/whoosh 2 months ago +1

    6:45 Boy she can *swallow* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    DTOWNANGLER MP 2 months ago

    Y'all are a beautiful couple ❤️ 😳 🙃

  • Abigail Spelman
    Abigail Spelman 2 months ago +1

    YummI've never eaten ramen but I love noodles and everything basically in ramen 👌😍 I need to tryyyy

  • Laney Allan
    Laney Allan 2 months ago

    Poor Mikey Chen is just a life support system for his stomach 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • cute pie
    cute pie 2 months ago

    Guys.. men and women can be just, friends. You know

  • Ykuku 7402
    Ykuku 7402 2 months ago

    they only just realised that "this guy can eat food". take a ticket and be amazed. Dam that was satisfyingly good. Didn't think you're food buddy was going to keep up with ya. lol

  • Jennifer Saldana
    Jennifer Saldana 2 months ago

    It’s 5am why are you doing this to me 😩😭 I’m pregnant I NEED THAT BURGER 😩

  • Jono joe
    Jono joe 3 months ago

    I am in love..........pause from mike

  • Elvis Real
    Elvis Real 3 months ago

    I love noddles ...and he does a great job at showing the Different type of noodles

  • enkadu007
    enkadu007 3 months ago

    White cuck libs are the worst, obsessed with everyone elses culture but hates there own.

  • Ewoah Productions
    Ewoah Productions 3 months ago


  • viniv20
    viniv20 3 months ago

    Dude she agrees with you on everything and eats ALLOT, marry that girl !

  • Despair Doctor
    Despair Doctor 3 months ago

    Boy, respect the broccoli dude.

  • Tania Souf
    Tania Souf 3 months ago

    Waiting for a collab with Ericsurf6 please lol.

  • BlueberryRod
    BlueberryRod 3 months ago

    7:26 that was a good bite

  • Stephanie Helmeke
    Stephanie Helmeke 3 months ago

    All you do is make me hungry!! Would love to join you on your food adventure.

  • Adriana Miranda
    Adriana Miranda 3 months ago

    When does this happen?

  • Kenny Elliott
    Kenny Elliott 4 months ago

    Great video, all the ramen looked delicious. My favorite noodle dish, is Okinawan Soba!! I guess I'm a little biased because I'm half Okinawan and I was born there. The best noodle soup in Japan. The fifth ramen and the seventh one, were my favorites. Your lady friend, is absolutely beautiful!!

  • Juan Collazo
    Juan Collazo 4 months ago

    Ok . starting to think mike is a spy, disguiseing his spy missions as his food channel stuff. Just think about that one.

  • Matthias
    Matthias 4 months ago

    *Man I wanted Black Burger* 🍔
    nah I joke. I would like some as well. Plz & Thank you 😊

  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson 4 months ago

    You know he smashed at the hotel 💯

  • Mark Sawyer
    Mark Sawyer 4 months ago +1

    Okay, as much as I love ramen, Herrine is a huge distraction. OMG Prettiest girl in NYC?

  • GreenLanternSalem
    GreenLanternSalem 4 months ago +2

    Wow. Mikey is going nuts on Ramen . I think he needs a partner in crime for his videos. She seems fun and kept up with him pretty well. They would be good as host and co-host

  • Corrin Churchill
    Corrin Churchill 4 months ago

    So mouth watering! I want to go to this festival. Also really enjoyed your friend in the video MORE VIDEOS WITH HER PLEASE!

  • Baron Von Grijffenbourg

    1:02 looks a lot like what we call 'Poffertjes' in the Netherlands. They're little sweet pancakes that a lot of street-vendors make fresh.

  • Haze Limon
    Haze Limon 4 months ago +1

    Ok but which one won?

  • gR Z
    gR Z 4 months ago

    Please get married😭😂❤️

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    Bud Bennett 4 months ago

    So good at what you are doing. Thanks for taking us along on your adventures😁

  • david S
    david S 4 months ago

    Yummm 😋

  • Ha Vu
    Ha Vu 4 months ago

    If someone going to sell tickets for a food experience at least do it in a restaurant or a hall and not a house.

  • Zac Pritcher
    Zac Pritcher 4 months ago

    I want her to scratch my back.

  • Marshall McCoy
    Marshall McCoy 4 months ago

    I love when you have her with you!

  • Nubian Queen
    Nubian Queen 4 months ago

    Miso is delicious

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    40ozmangi 4 months ago

    i've seen you hang around a long of girls and planes and this one i dont' want to hang around one..............

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    Yi Xuan Meng 4 months ago +1

    loool that girl from food insider

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    xd MaTThEw 4 months ago

    I would be done after one bowl of ramen

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    that girl was incredibly annoying

  • EroZ RicE
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    finally dating

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    You never
    Put the lettuce on the bottom of a burger!!!!

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    Check out this fan art T-Shirt of Mike Chen!

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    Or chasu
    (As in the pronunciation, I know how to spell it)
    I pronounce it chasew

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  • raul portillo
    raul portillo 6 months ago

    Mike this is Raul Portillo from Los Angeles been watching your videos for a while now and follow you since was wondering went are you coming back to LA and was thinking you should do a video about my little country food am from El Salvador and there are a lot of great restaurants about Salvadorian food try it am sure you would like it and if you need any help would be happy to help you thank you

  • James Cirigliano
    James Cirigliano 6 months ago


  • Markustastic
    Markustastic 6 months ago

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    Victa Nguyen 6 months ago

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    Driving Guy 6 months ago

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    *M A R S* 6 months ago

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    Shortythepresident 6 months ago

    Why do Asian people have no black friends? They always tend to pal around with white people and pretend they're white as well.

  • That Was Easy!! Rocio Gaitan

    She looks like a doll how cute!!!

  • tubetop123
    tubetop123 6 months ago

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  • Abhishek Srivastava
    Abhishek Srivastava 6 months ago

    This is the best video on TheXvid.....