I Overscoped a Game Jam, but it Worked! | Ludum Dare 49 Devlog

  • Published on Oct 5, 2021
  • I joined Ludum Dare 49 last weekend, and made a game in 72 hours! As usual I overscoped it way too much this time, possibly more so than I ever have before. But yet, I still managed to finish the game! I mean, if you ignore the missing run animation from the little monster that is...
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Comments • 73

  • Game Endeavor

    Howdy, everyone! That game jam was hectic, but I had a lot of fun. If you joined then let us know in the Discord. I'd love to play your games!

  • Test
    Test  +25


  • LucyLavend

    This video really makes me want to join game jams again, it looks like you had a lot of fun with this one!

  • ScottBigBrain

    Had so much fun playing this ge, absolute joy! I would love to see the bomb knights in the 2d platformer you're making, it would be so much fun to dodge a bomb and see it pop a frog xD

  • Turtle Man

    Loving the editing, youre so talented and wish you the best of luck on your game dev endeavors

  • LudosGD

    I agree, the enemies are adorable!!!!

  • SirPlay

    whenever i watch one of these videos i cant help but be in awe at the simplistic beauty of the pixel art

  • Piers Baker

    Good video as always! Little sad to see Zoe and the Cursed Dreamer dethroned from the position of 'main project' though!

  • TimePrincess

    I got confused about the controls at first but once I got the hang of it I killed all of the bombers. I had been summoned and I would finish the job!!!

  • Damien S Fear

    Thats a great looking game. Ill add it to my Ludum Dare play and rate list now. There have been some great games this time

  • Test
    Test  +1

    It's actually amazing that you made this in 3 days

  • Any Key
    Any Key  +8

    Almost 4 minutes before the state machine shows up. Iā€™m impressed.

  • Hero10_
    Hero10_  +1

    Wow only 2 days?! Well done!

  • Ram AlShebl

    great videos man, keep it coming

  • Andrew Pullins

    So another game made in your world? šŸ˜ I love the art of the little knights.

  • Deepak Soren Roll.no-19 6 A

    Great video keep up the good work!

  • Tinsaus

    Impressed with what you put together man. Also LOVE the 3 designs the playable character has. Lots of character. And those cuuuuute little knights! <3

  • Itaypoo
    Itaypoo  +1

    great video! excited to see how development for reQuest continues

  • Snafuey
    Snafuey  +1

    Nice work. Could you share how you coded the enemy bomb motion of the bomb itself?

  • Pixel Pete (Peter Milko)

    How did you do that within the time?! Impressive!