6 Teenagers vs 1 Fake Teenager

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Comments • 80

  • Lauren-Ashley
    Lauren-Ashley 55 minutes ago

    I knew it was her from she said she liked the Jonas Brothers.

  • Puppy Flores
    Puppy Flores Hour ago

    These were the weirdest teenagers I have ever seen, they seem like the weird annoying kids in class. Except niko he was cool and actually looked like a teenager

  • Hoper 808
    Hoper 808 2 hours ago

    So in us we learned they have the cringiest and rich af teenagers

  • Kenzie Ziegler
    Kenzie Ziegler 3 hours ago +1

    I knew it was her

  • Ece Biebs
    Ece Biebs 3 hours ago

    it was obvious🤦🏻‍♀️

  • The_User 15
    The_User 15 4 hours ago +1

    Me, an italian, seeing that there is a black person in the show named Bianca (White in italian).
    Still me, watching her parents: your irony is something so big, that it goes beyond the limits of the Universe.

  • Aesthetic Person
    Aesthetic Person 5 hours ago

    I love my boy Calvin he has taste

  • Toca do Samuel
    Toca do Samuel 6 hours ago

    just to say, i new it

  • Bubble jellyfish
    Bubble jellyfish 6 hours ago

    Them trying to prove that they are teenagers makes em sound like the hello fellow kids meme

  • Hakio Hachi
    Hakio Hachi 7 hours ago

    but she is really cuute love her personality!!!

  • Pooja Rawat
    Pooja Rawat 12 hours ago

    They all look like adults to me, lol.

  • Eden López
    Eden López 14 hours ago

    “Are you a teenager? ReAlLy!? I can’t trust you” haha 😂

  • Dar Jackson
    Dar Jackson 15 hours ago

    Am I the only one who gets happy when the people that annoy me get voted out even if they aren’t the mole? 🤧

  • K Hd
    K Hd 15 hours ago

    Aye can you hook me up to one of these vids🥴

  • Shravin Mehta
    Shravin Mehta 16 hours ago

    casey had to be the mole when she did the woah like THAT.

  • Charlie the Champion
    Charlie the Champion 18 hours ago

    Another title for the video
    A 25 year old lies to teenagers and takes money from them

  • Mae G.
    Mae G. 19 hours ago

    adult outsmarts teens (sometimes) xD

  • christian citrus
    christian citrus 19 hours ago

    i thought it was calvin when he said "i didn't vote" instead of like i wasn't old enough

  • Darius Otchere
    Darius Otchere 22 hours ago

    The is the worst definition of Teenager lol

  • Forca Barca
    Forca Barca Day ago

    Who thought Bianca looked like Caylie from the middle school video

  • Alexandra Gorbunova

    why is she asking thing about elementary school

  • •Fløwer_ BoBlo•

    9:32 "i cant trust you" 😂🤣



  • kazuichi is baby

    I have never cringed *so hard before.*

  • Dandy Merek
    Dandy Merek Day ago

    The Calvin guy remind me of bretmen rock

  • Spacey
    Spacey Day ago

    Couldnt they find like a bunch of high schoolers like they would do anything for sum big bucks

  • av_wantsskittles :3

    4:45 because I *look younger* you look like a short 30 year old- I-

  • mike faz
    mike faz Day ago

    They were like “do you watch TheXvid “. Like bruh this was gonna go on TheXvid 😑

  • Imani H.
    Imani H. Day ago

    “He was wearing slippers, he look like he was tired of going places” 😂😂😂🤨

  • ms. potato
    ms. potato Day ago

    They're all annoying anyways except for that guy with yellow sweater

  • Precious Coyme
    Precious Coyme Day ago

    *c r i n g e*

  • Taylor Layman
    Taylor Layman Day ago

    Okay, conspiracy! I
    think they all weren’t teenagers Bc real teens would have been talking about tik tok, Minecraft, joking about parents ect. Not the things they were talking about

  • Grace Norris
    Grace Norris Day ago

    I died at the “ I voted for Brandon three times and he’s giving me a ride home”

  • Amber Gibson
    Amber Gibson Day ago

    I knew the whole time the deadass

  • u rat
    u rat Day ago +1

    jaclyn was annoying

  • Snub Snub
    Snub Snub Day ago

    That first girl sounded so condescending

  • Anita xo
    Anita xo Day ago

    What's your favorite alchohol?
    *DR PEPPER!*

  • Beth T
    Beth T Day ago

    Calvin reminds of a younger Bretman Rock I duno why no one noticed?😂

  • T. T
    T. T 2 days ago

    i love when the mole is in at the end and it completely surprises me mwaha. i literally HATE when the lights turn green lol

  • Bubble Gum 90
    Bubble Gum 90 2 days ago

    We all know that they don't have "gen z " kinda humor y'all know what I mean 👀

  • Audrey Hayward
    Audrey Hayward 2 days ago +3

    “I’m a teenager”
    Erin: *oKaY bUt ThAtS nOt VeGaN*

  • Lihle Jafta
    Lihle Jafta 2 days ago

    Bianca is the reason why they couldn’t find the mole 🤞🏾

  • Eme Rebl
    Eme Rebl 2 days ago

    Why does that dude look like small bretman rock??

  • MxdnxghtDreamsシ
    MxdnxghtDreamsシ 2 days ago

    When they were talking they did NOT LET Calvin talk

  • MxdnxghtDreamsシ
    MxdnxghtDreamsシ 2 days ago

    *i just finished victorious.*

  • Katrin a.k.a. Iron Man

    Soulja Boy was part of their middle school time??? I'm 24 and the entire "Superman" dance was a thing when I was like 12-14. That's like the start of middle school (in the Netherlands). How da f does the school system in de US work xD I am confusion

  • Serena Navarro
    Serena Navarro 2 days ago

    are you a teenager?
    I cant trust you, XD

  • Sunset_ Avery
    Sunset_ Avery 2 days ago +1

    Niko is funny 😂

  • Erika Ruiz
    Erika Ruiz 2 days ago

    Omg I love Jaclyn! I watch her TheXvid channel "my moments with mom" 💖💁🏻

  • cat
    cat 2 days ago

    i was literally yelling at my phone to get kasey out

  • Sonny Harmon
    Sonny Harmon 2 days ago +2

    4:45 “I look younger”
    Well you’re the oldest looking one there soooo

  • Hyper Crafters
    Hyper Crafters 2 days ago

    I’m 10 and I’m watching TheXvid??

  • Eli
    Eli 2 days ago

    Too easy

  • Jazzmyne George
    Jazzmyne George 2 days ago

    I rly thought the mole was inncoent cause of the way she dressed lmao

  • regina w
    regina w 2 days ago

    from kasey's look, too teenager, and it's make suspicion since 1st.
    i'm not a teenager, and sometimes i dress like a teenager so that i feel younger 😂

  • Hannah Hayley
    Hannah Hayley 2 days ago

    Wait so is she 12 BC 13 is a teen but 12 is preteen and there's no way she was 12

  • Jamaican Bacon
    Jamaican Bacon 2 days ago

    Anyone getting wii sports basketball vibes from the intro?

  • Michael Truong
    Michael Truong 3 days ago

    Why can’t I have friends like this lmao

    JOYPLAYZ XD 3 days ago

    0:16 me when am told to get of my phone.

  • Richard Li
    Richard Li 3 days ago

    If you look at Kasey's reaction at 6:53 and 8:22, you'll know she is the liar.

  • Justas
    Justas 3 days ago

    The first girl and no offense, the two asians ones are the only normal teenagers

  • N N
    N N 3 days ago +1

    The moment she said Sean Kingston I knew she was the mole lol. You would be in your mid 20s+ if you remember him.

  • Kristen
    Kristen 3 days ago +1

    Sean Kingston was definitely like.. a thing when I was growing up but then after a little bit he wasn’t big anymore. Me and my brother listened to him. I’m almost 23 and he’s 25. My younger brother is a teenager and doesn’t know who he is. That’s one of the things that got me thinking “it’s gotta be her”. Everyone else was too teenagery. 😂

  • Amelia Nunn
    Amelia Nunn 3 days ago

    the dark one is really pissing me off

  • Jennahhh A
    Jennahhh A 3 days ago

    Calvin looks old asf

  • Fatima Z.S.
    Fatima Z.S. 3 days ago

    I knew it! I got! I knew it was her idk I just thought it was her and she was tryna go with a cute fashion to make trick the eye and make her look younger

  • Macy Hill
    Macy Hill 3 days ago +1

    “Are you a teenager?” “No” “REALLY?... I can’t trust you” 😂😂😂

  • Burger Bros
    Burger Bros 3 days ago +1

    Does anyone want to know what that girl and her moms TheXvid channel is?

  • Aiden Martinez
    Aiden Martinez 3 days ago

    literally what crack was bianca😂

  • Adelma Pante
    Adelma Pante 3 days ago

    I love how when he said Ariana grande the subtitles said *”I own a grandma”*

  • B I - F O C A L S
    B I - F O C A L S 3 days ago

    He mentioned Andrew yang

  • Maddy McDaniel
    Maddy McDaniel 3 days ago

    this is my group 1. i love victorious and take a hint
    love mr beast

  • Riley McMustache
    Riley McMustache 3 days ago

    Jaclyn looks/sounds like a young Rosanna Pansino!

  • Lauren Gilfedder
    Lauren Gilfedder 3 days ago

    "Are you a teenager?"

    "I can't trust you"

  • Sophia Marie'
    Sophia Marie' 3 days ago


  • lnes Borjon Vallejo
    lnes Borjon Vallejo 3 days ago

    that girl: I watch Miranda Sings
    Me: throwing up

  • Sara Cummings
    Sara Cummings 3 days ago +1

    Why are they talking about such OLD stuff??? This is one strange group of teenagers 😂

  • Crusty mangoes
    Crusty mangoes 4 days ago

    Bianca was the one shouting out all the questions that were about like things from early 2000s

  • Crusty mangoes
    Crusty mangoes 4 days ago

    The girl in the yellow shirt is my guess right away she’s trying way to hard

  • Just Lindsey
    Just Lindsey 4 days ago +45

    her:"I think people were asking the wrong questions"
    also her: "Do you know your senator?"