Friend Says Bride Was ‘Completely Humiliated’ By Her Mother’s Behavior At Wedding

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • : A woman denies ruining her daughter’s wedding, but a bridesmaid says the daughter was “completely humiliated.”
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  • Lindsey Jones-Plasencia

    Daughter is marrying a white man... mom sings a slave hymnal... tries to make this wedding difficult in every way possible 🙃🙃 wonder why she's doing all this

  • Amor Simone.
    Amor Simone. 8 hours ago

    Her mother is soooo ugly lmaoooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Regan Matthews
    Regan Matthews 9 hours ago

    When you have to scream and point and dominate a conversation along with being able to accept zero fault, something is really wrong.

  • Yulissa Salcedo Caraballo

    I don’t believe a SINGLE word her mother is saying!
    If she’s acting like this on TV, I believe that she acted like this at the wedding.

  • Dino
    Dino Day ago

    People who say "this is just how I am" as an excuse piss me off

  • Fleurs Sv
    Fleurs Sv Day ago +1

    “Then Wanda started gyrating” is when I LOST it. 😂

  • V. T.
    V. T. Day ago

    Her mother looks like a demon.

  • Nicola Toyloy
    Nicola Toyloy 2 days ago

    Jesus, why’d she invite those two fools to her wedding?

  • GiancarloFXBBTx.
    GiancarloFXBBTx. 2 days ago

    Of course she was loud an obnoxious, she's an older bible thumping black lady. She uses church and Jesus to justify her retardation.

  • Felicia Hepburn
    Felicia Hepburn 2 days ago

    Does anyone else notice how she’s leading his answers? She speaks and then he starts to. Kind of like on Ghost Busters where they were leading the lawyer to explain to the mayor what had happened. Smh

  • Veronaca Simpson
    Veronaca Simpson 3 days ago

    Ohhhhh mental illness at its finest, both parents suffer from something

  • I don't like you, but

    My phone has very bass oriented speakers, every time that mammoth "talked" I felt the wrath of that behemoth.

  • Supreme&Aset Media
    Supreme&Aset Media 3 days ago

    Stay away from from the nut job.

  • Mio Mlungu
    Mio Mlungu 3 days ago

    Her eyes . *Just her eyes*

  • Mio Mlungu
    Mio Mlungu 3 days ago +1

    How this husband of hers stayed with this lady for *33 years* 😥😥😥.

  • Cynthia Crawford
    Cynthia Crawford 3 days ago

    By the way she behaves she clearly should have been stopped at the door of the church.

  • Farhana Fathima
    Farhana Fathima 3 days ago

    OMG, this mother is so funny. I'm not belittling her daughters agony. She should just enjoy her husband now n stay afar from her mom. And just enjoy the comedian believer that she is 😆

  • Deandra Morris
    Deandra Morris 4 days ago

    She ruined my appetite

  • JamericanDC1
    JamericanDC1 4 days ago

    She is crazy! I'm glad she is not my mother!!! I thought my mother was a trip. Nothing compared to this

  • こういさ
    こういさ 4 days ago +1

    "they/you don't even know me" GURL that has absolutely NOTHING to do with what they saw and how you acted. Get it together woman

  • oOSilverZackOo
    oOSilverZackOo 4 days ago

    That woman really thinks that making weird disrupted expressions on her face make her stories look more truthful and credible. Tsk.

  • Empathic Soul
    Empathic Soul 4 days ago

    I said to myself there's a slave trapped in this woman..... Sounds like post traumatic slave disorder to me

  • Sephra Brown
    Sephra Brown 4 days ago

    Not to be rude , but her momma ugly 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Veronica Tyson
    Veronica Tyson 4 days ago

    She needs a padded room

  • Lucifer Widow
    Lucifer Widow 5 days ago

    You Lyin Kendra and you need to go to church.

  • I’m Lactose Intolerant ?

    The facial expressions are taking me out

  • Jm15scr 10
    Jm15scr 10 5 days ago

    Why she so damn ugly

  • Mohamed Kayad
    Mohamed Kayad 5 days ago

    I hope you called my people too 🤣🤣🤣

  • A Jo
    A Jo 5 days ago

    She needs a higher power to help her because she's amess

  • jimins thighs
    jimins thighs 5 days ago

    "You don't even go to church!"

    so what?

  • Squidly
    Squidly 5 days ago

    batshit crazy you can see it in her eyes.

  • Tope Omotosho
    Tope Omotosho 6 days ago

    If she had mental issues l dont see the reason for this , the daughter

  • Anila M
    Anila M 6 days ago

    "You lawwyin' lawwwwyin' Kendra...and you didn't even go to church" wut? 😂😂

  • bxbyy juliana
    bxbyy juliana 6 days ago

    You can absolutely tell when someone is lying because there raising there voice

    NOVELYN P 6 days ago

    Mother has bipolar and has no backbone.

  • s1
    s1 6 days ago

    This woman so animated its funny af

  • Karen Hampton
    Karen Hampton 6 days ago +2

    Mother: I'm animated this is just how I talk. This is just how I am
    Dr. Phil: Well if this is how you talk, then for now stop talking.

  • Karen Hampton
    Karen Hampton 6 days ago

    She shows so many signs of a Narc.

  • Iya Ngonde
    Iya Ngonde 6 days ago

    If this couple was from Africa I would have supposed a spell was casted on the husband but since the culture is different I think she used her bipolar to cast spell on him

  • mikechef1806
    mikechef1806 6 days ago

    Time to say bye bye to mom and her crazy ways...

  • HL Watts
    HL Watts 6 days ago

    She said " You lying and you need to go to church". Girl, if you are a representation of what church does to people, I'll pass. LMAO

  • Saray Rond
    Saray Rond 6 days ago

    "Than stop talking" got me weak😂😂😂 Dr Phil is savage af

  • Ben Morgan
    Ben Morgan 7 days ago

    I’m surprised she didn’t pull the race card lol

  • Moitshepi plaatjie
    Moitshepi plaatjie 7 days ago

    You don't even know me😂this is painful to watch

  • val3sha
    val3sha 7 days ago

    I honestly think this women does have a serious mental health issue and I think people are used to not black women or people in general to having true mental health disorders that they see what is a mental health issue/disorder as them being over the top or extra. Her mom needs help and sadly people are not taking her mental health disease serious. Her mother did ruin her wedding but I honestly dont think the mother genuinely understands that

  • beautyfyewitAlaina B

    The moment she jumped up to give an example of what she did during her daughter's vowels..."Thank you Jesus."
    I totally understand why Tiffany was mortified smh

  • Tahlia Coup
    Tahlia Coup 7 days ago

    Man that lady's got a 10 head

  • Sofia Almeida
    Sofia Almeida 7 days ago

    This mom is crazy, let your kid be

  • Cami Dani
    Cami Dani 7 days ago

    the mom is so ugly

  • Colineo
    Colineo 7 days ago

    Omg this poor girl! She's humiliated. Her father isn't any better than the mother. He covers for her. Sad. My mother would NEVER!

  • Nelle Carrero
    Nelle Carrero 8 days ago

    It’s ok to not invite EVERYONE TO YOUR WEDDING !!

  • Melissa Wright
    Melissa Wright 8 days ago

    Her mother is a psychopathic narcissist. You can see that from a mile off. And her husband is clearly delusional. Poor Tiffany having parents like that x

  • Cherry Rose
    Cherry Rose 8 days ago

    If the mom open her eyes any bigger,i fear they will escape! Lol.just kidding but that's an awful woman

  • Tak Tk
    Tak Tk 8 days ago

    Thank you Lord for my Mama. Thank you Yesu. Thats all! 🙏🙏

  • Daw Daw
    Daw Daw 8 days ago

    which episode is this?

  • Yojjj yoj
    Yojjj yoj 8 days ago

    Shame the man is so sweet, he keeps backing his wife

  • Moses Carolina
    Moses Carolina 8 days ago

    This is the craziest guest yet....and that says everything.

  • K0I F1SH
    K0I F1SH 8 days ago

    As someone whos religious themself I’d be insulted and ashamed myself if this woman went in the center of my wedding screaming “tHaNk yOu jEZuS”

  • K0I F1SH
    K0I F1SH 8 days ago

    The fathers doing a horrible job as a husband and father and is acting like nothing more but a deadbeat lapdog

  • Shenzii Lewis
    Shenzii Lewis 8 days ago

    This mother's expressions😂😂😂😂😂😂geez!! Smh..
    Thank Jehovah I got a good mom🤗🤗♥