My Eating Disorder Journey. Overweight to Anorexic

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
  • Eating disorders come in many shapes and sizes. I went from being overweight, pre-diabetic and miserable to bulimic, anorexic and finally hospitalized. my story is here to inspire you and help you find your way through your own battles. Visit my website for any support, via nutrition or counselling.

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  • Riflera Hunting
    Riflera Hunting 15 days ago +1

    605 kilos: 231 pounds.

    • Ebony Nope
      Ebony Nope 10 days ago

      Riflera Hunting 605 kilos is 1,334 lbs not 231 lbs. 104 or 105 kilos is 231 lbs.

  • KEIANA a
    KEIANA a 16 days ago +1

    I’m really overweight like she was in the beginning . I never thought I could loose weight but seeing her loose it makes me think maybe I can too

    • Hannah S
      Hannah S 11 days ago

      That really is not the point of the video

  • Living-in Ibiza
    Living-in Ibiza Month ago

    Hate these I LOVE BEING ON CAMERA uploads...

  • Somebody who’s lonely af

    I’m actually 13 and losing weight right now. Already lost 6kg (before: 62kg now:56kg) I know that I still want to lose 4kg more but that’s it bc I would be underweight when I would be at 50kg.I’m scared of not being able to stop losing weight bc I already eat much less per day than before... but I’m just not hungry I mean I do eat but not much. It’s like my stomach has shrunk

  • Jael
    Jael Month ago +12

    just want to point something out: someone can be overweight and anorexic. anorexic does NOT mean skinny. it is a mental disorder, not a physical one, although it does show physically on someone's body when they start losing weight from lack of proper nourishment.

  • Shanalee Reimer
    Shanalee Reimer 2 months ago +2

    omg! you could have been telling my story! I can relate so much! Thanks so much for what you do

    • jax fanucci
      jax fanucci  2 months ago

      im so so so grateful for that comment xox thankyou so much hun! it makes it seem less lonely when we realize how similar we all are

  • Sirine Shamseddine
    Sirine Shamseddine 3 months ago +7

    Your story is amazing. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. You're amazing. You just gained a new subscriber and you're the kindest and strongest person. I did watch your video to get triggered but honestly, you just changed my way of thinking. I'm so glad you recovered. I love you.

    • jax fanucci
      jax fanucci  3 months ago +3

      I’m so incredibly proud of you and honored to be a part of your journey xoxox you’re a beautiful person x

  • Maureen Seel
    Maureen Seel 6 months ago +5

    Jax-I had no idea you were a fellow yogi! Explains a lot :)

    • jax fanucci
      jax fanucci  6 months ago +2

      lol the first love of my life!! i did my 200 hr in Bali and my 500 hr in Thailand xox it was the most magical experience i could have wished for

  • grace lilai
    grace lilai 6 months ago +7

    I agree so much with understanding why! I hate being told what to do without proper explanation 🤦‍♀️

    • jax fanucci
      jax fanucci  6 months ago

      i agree i feel that people would belittle me or speak to me as though i was a child. the whole process is daunting enough as it is

  • gabby miy
    gabby miy 6 months ago +10

    Can i ask how long it took u to lose all the weight?

  • wolf&raven
    wolf&raven 8 months ago +41

    "Im doing it for something more important than me" daaaam that hit close to home! I would always tell myself this when i felt sucidal, i lived for my horse that i saved from death row, i couldn't just leave her. She's the only thing that kept me alive back then. I had attempted suicide begire her but failed and when i got her i had to stick around snd that was a great choice because i no longer have epileptic seizures everyday, i compete, ive pursued a buisness in ary and we've both come such a long way. Im still depressed and I've developed an ED but im really glad i stayed. Idk just thought id share that because those words really hit home.

    • jax fanucci
      jax fanucci  8 months ago +3

      your story really touched my heart so thank you so so much. I truly believe as humans we were made to live for something so much more important than ourselves alone. we were made to live as a community and honestly love for myself and those around me has gotten me so much furthethanen hating myself ever did

  • Amanda Lawrence
    Amanda Lawrence 9 months ago +24

    Just wondering where u got that fantastic print on the wall behind u hun. Beautiful

  • Chide Ameji
    Chide Ameji 9 months ago +1

    This is Jade here again...

    • Chide Ameji
      Chide Ameji 9 months ago

      @jax fanucci sent a job proposal... Please kindly consider it

    • Chide Ameji
      Chide Ameji 9 months ago

      @jax fanucci
      Please kindly accept the invitation

    • jax fanucci
      jax fanucci  9 months ago +1

      Hey hun sorry who is jade? X

  • Ayoub Lachgar
    Ayoub Lachgar 9 months ago +6

    Amazing! Thank you for sharing

  • Lucy HILTON
    Lucy HILTON 10 months ago +32

    Such a huge inspiration you show true strength and inspire me to keep fighting .Im eternally grateful I wouldn’t be where I am now without your videos x🥰 keep fighting

    • jax fanucci
      jax fanucci  10 months ago +1

      you are an absolute legend my love xox that meant more to me then i can say

  • Comoelita Melendez
    Comoelita Melendez 11 months ago +74

    Target does this! They have clothes for 2x when it is probably like 16 but makes you feel horrible. Thanks again for sharing that people are overweight before they become anorexic. Doctors are so horrible at recognizing EDs and horrible at assisting proper weight loss before it gets to the extreme.

  • Erika Vieira
    Erika Vieira Year ago +11

    WOw thank you so much for sharing this story

  • Just Mani.
    Just Mani. Year ago +6