Finally a TV For Gaming? - Part 2

  • Published on Oct 2, 2018
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    This spring, Freesync 2 variable refresh rate support came to the Xbox One S and Xbox One X- but there were no TVs to go along with it! Now, Samsung has added Freesync support to its 2018 QLED TVs, including the Q9F. Is this the gaming TV we always wanted?
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Comments • 2 183

  • boface187
    boface187 7 days ago

    Everywhere I read about this the articles specifically state that the nu8000 49" version is not supported? Linus?!! I need to choose which to buy. Is this bad information?

  • Exotic Cichlids
    Exotic Cichlids 10 days ago

    So i need an amd card instead of an nvidia?

  • David Pinto-Fernandez
    David Pinto-Fernandez 11 days ago

    I got brain damage on 6:08

  • Eduardo Bermejo
    Eduardo Bermejo 12 days ago

    So activating free sync actually makes me have more input lag?

  • victor kim
    victor kim 13 days ago

    5:05 video stutters as linus says the word 'stutter'

  • victor kim
    victor kim 13 days ago

    4:06 another bad transition? you've been warned

  • Pathetic Panda
    Pathetic Panda 15 days ago

    Wow a vid just 28 seconds less than 10 respect dude

  • Michael Ward
    Michael Ward 18 days ago

    Bro O was shocked at the difference in gaming it was an amazing experience I didnt expect it to feel that much better but it did it really did my favorite gaming experience on a tv so far almost comp experience it's crazy idk how they did this good but it's amazing

  • Bradford Dowdy
    Bradford Dowdy 20 days ago

    You better believe it my dude! All bout them underwear! F*****g fantastic, needed that laugh dude. Thank You for the video & laugh.

  • Michael Gaiser
    Michael Gaiser 20 days ago


  • Aristides Sierra
    Aristides Sierra 21 day ago

    NU8000 with 4K Freesync? i have talked to Samsung Support and their "tech" said it only works at 1080p...are you sure Linus?

  • OzMo410 Nothing But Factz

    Just put the price at the beginning so people can skip without wasting a minute

  • ll Jermany ll
    ll Jermany ll Month ago

    So all 2018 qleds have free Sync ?

  • Robert Fapswell
    Robert Fapswell Month ago

    A free sink!
    Is that why the empty box so heavy?

  • ecotts
    ecotts Month ago

    I will buy a FREESYNC 2 version..

  • GamingLaw
    GamingLaw Month ago +1

    Ps5 will have Navi & Ryzen so freesync might be possible

  • Steve
    Steve Month ago

    Its a nice TV ….if you get a good one. Having just attempted to replace my F8500 Plasma I had researched this and others to the point of....well, I might be obsessed a bit. This TV has some strengths. Brightness, VRR, FALD, good blacks. High color range, nice interface. But it is missing Dolby Vision, has problems with DSE where some owners have replaced the panel 4,5,6 times. You can see the FLAD up close on some scenes, hallowing is better than most LCD but still there, vertical and horizontal viewing angles are pretty tight - nobody talks about the vertical one but it's there. Oddly lots of reports of motion issues with gaming too. All I'm saying is good look at one before you buy. I went with something else.

  • Juliett A
    Juliett A Month ago

    When he kicked the tv box over, I just about had a heart attack.

  • CaptainAhnungslos
    CaptainAhnungslos Month ago

    Watching Video, Girlfriend enters the room, aks me what kind of videos I´m watching 😑

  • JeronBeast
    JeronBeast Month ago

    What are thoooooooose!?

  • SeriouS PooL
    SeriouS PooL Month ago

    How much did MS pay u u pile of donkey sht

  • Drizzy
    Drizzy Month ago

    Finally a Tv for gaming (****GONE SEXUAL****)

  • yosvany candelario
    yosvany candelario Month ago

    Is this a good tv for gaming? And how many Hertz am I going to be running using my
    [Dell - Inspiron Desktop - AMD Ryzen 7-Series - 16GB Memory - AMD Radeon RX 580 - 1TB Hard Drive - Recon Blue With Solid Panel
    $1,099.99] on a [Samsung 55 Inch Curved 4K Ultra HD SmartTV - UN55NU8500FXZA]

  • Sterling Bradford
    Sterling Bradford Month ago

    Please stop the sex jokes... it was funny in the beginning

  • Michael Ward
    Michael Ward Month ago

    The q8fn and the q9fn sre amazing but the q6fn and q7fn are not good its actually really really bad my new sony x900f is so much better I had the q6fn and I did not like it at all everything looked yellow and red no matter what kind of calibration wss done and was not smooth at all very jittery very jumpy nothing was really smooth yeah input lag was good so when I pressed the button it went to the tv fast but the tv would skip and just wssnt smooth idk but my sony x900f is amazing especially when put on 1080p at 120hz now at just 1080p st 60hz its it's in pop ut kag isnt good but if you go and out it at 1080p at 129hz its it's input lag is 12 sec not bad at all and when on 4k hdr4:4:4 its 24 ms still not bad. Ht I measured it at 18ms but either way the trade off for everything being good smooth no jitter everything is just clean and the input lag able to be that low when set up properly it is amazing and I love that you said just because those TVs have freesync doesnt mean it's good I love that and the variable refresh rate because they just measure certain things and that's what in saying my sonyx900f just feels better and the gameplay just feels better and I know for a fact it's not just in my head and your video proved it to me and I guarantee the q9fn is much better anyways then the q6fn and that tells me that zi was right it was one of the most horrible gaming experiences I've ever had my old ku6300 was better then the q6fn and again my x900f is a beast there is a review next to the ks8500 samsung and it looked a little quicker just shows me again that the sony does feel better and a sone say it's an amazing gaming tv it really is idc what anybody says because you know when somethings playing better or it isnt

  • Milooo
    Milooo Month ago

    Lg sk95 ore samsung q9fn?

  • puremark403
    puremark403 2 months ago

    dude socks and sandals? cmon

  • le's talk about .
    le's talk about . 2 months ago

    Every samsung qled 2018 has freesync

  • Michael Pirroni
    Michael Pirroni 2 months ago

    Word on the block is these TV now implement 120hz with a firmware upgrade...:))..can we get a ...updated video??

  • Chris E.
    Chris E. 2 months ago

    Spoke to Samsung customer service today. As with most big company CSR’s, they were of zero help. What I wanted to know, is if Samsung’s 2018 tv’s support VRR and HDR simultaneously. They tell me the answer is no - and that if Freesync is enabled, HDR is thereby disabled. I don’t believe this to be true. As you noted, I think they support 4K@60hz, HDR, and VRR simultaneously. Can you confirm this to be the case? I have a NU8000, and I do not want to pick between VRR or HDR when gaming in 4K.

  • Dinocrest
    Dinocrest 2 months ago

    Watch this in the living room at full volume and of course I hear "but first let's dive In my pants"

  • Schmutz Lord
    Schmutz Lord 2 months ago

    will intel graphicscards work with freesync? might switch to intel or amd in the future, fuck nvidia's modules.

  • nick pareja
    nick pareja 2 months ago

    Linus try to build a cheap gaming pc here in the philippines like what u did in china.

  • Dezl Crimson
    Dezl Crimson 2 months ago

    Hey guys, so I’m getting a monitor for my PS4 that has 2 hdmi ports...and my PS4 will be taking up one of those ports. Anyone have any suggestions of what I should do with my other hdmi port. I want something gaming related for my 2nd hdmi port

  • Max Masterman
    Max Masterman 2 months ago

    I see d tv on amazon, but it doesn't explicitly say there is freesync on it

  • Lincoln Sternn
    Lincoln Sternn 2 months ago

    I love the bloodshot

  • Angel Rojas
    Angel Rojas 2 months ago

    Everything was good until linus started unzipping and I started wondering if I was in the right "tube"

  • Krakus Krak
    Krakus Krak 2 months ago

    I truly don't get the hype about FreeSync or GSync. Even though I do have a FreeSync capable ultrawide screen and a Radeon GPU I still prefer to "downclock" or "overclock" the screen from 60hz mark to whatever GPU is able to reliably push. Gameplay on a monitor downclocked to 45hz with vSync enabled looks much smoother then jumpy 45-60 with Free/GSync. Same goes for 100hz constant vs FPS randomly jumping between100-130 on 144hz monitor.

  • KattenDK La Cour Madsen

    0:04 OMG I'm dying🤣🤣🤣

  • skruxn
    skruxn 3 months ago

    4:44 omg human eye

  • melvin khosa
    melvin khosa 3 months ago

    You guys didn't even do PC gaming tests on it running Freesync with that Vega card. Why? It does both 1080p/120 and 1440p/120 with Freesync with very low for a TV (10ms) input lag.

  • LiK
    LiK 3 months ago

    What if Trojans sponsored you

  • Zeseffes
    Zeseffes 3 months ago

    Took about time for Linus to show us his underwear

  • Daniel Willis
    Daniel Willis 3 months ago

    The input lag is lower than what was in this video. The input lag gets down to 6.8ms

  • Weeb China
    Weeb China 3 months ago

    pause and go to 4:27, guess what he is saying :D

  • cậu nam bảnh cơ trưởng

    vô trang coi nk

  • Magma Vol
    Magma Vol 3 months ago

    LOL!!! Basic Freesync setting 90-120Hz.
    while the Xbox only does 30/60 FPS...
    i am proud of You.. Gaming TV

  • Momcanceled Xbox
    Momcanceled Xbox 3 months ago

    What is he wearing on his feet

  • Weasle 65
    Weasle 65 3 months ago

    Ha, it's FREE sync. As in you don't have to pay for a little g-sync box.

  • Gref ranger
    Gref ranger 3 months ago

    Finnally! I have been waiting so long for TVs to widely adopt adaptive sync technology. Also Linus, I'm pretty sure LFC req. is not freeeync 2, but that the high end of the VRR be double or more of the low end VRR. So this TV does support LFC at its 1080p 48-120hz setting. Freesync 2 features are HDR and borderless window support.

  • BroncoX
    BroncoX 3 months ago

    I'm curious how Sony Master Series A9F 65" does on gaming. Anyone has a clue?

  • Supreme TW
    Supreme TW 3 months ago

    QLED thats all said - Still old LED backlight panel with just higher brightness vs OLED. Horrible blacklight issue with movies.
    I would never buy QLED if it costs more than OLED unless you live in equator where sun shines almost all the day and light cant be blocked in the house :D

  • Chanandler Bong
    Chanandler Bong 3 months ago

    The editing is genius.

    DISTRACTEDAD 3 months ago

    bruh i almost turned the video off bahaha

  • [Void]beewyka819
    [Void]beewyka819 3 months ago

    best. sponsor. ever.

  • ojas gupta
    ojas gupta 3 months ago

    0:06 nigga made a quick escape back there

  • lolmanbob123
    lolmanbob123 3 months ago

    Linus trying to push the edge with that sponsor spot.

  • HIareUmad
    HIareUmad 3 months ago

    ooo linus peep show

  • girininjoo
    girininjoo 3 months ago

    Best. ad. ever. Period. :')

  • Adam Hartnell Holmes
    Adam Hartnell Holmes 3 months ago

    Too big of a TV. Need it to be a 40 inch version. We don't have massive rooms unlike you rich people.

  • yasser lem
    yasser lem 3 months ago

    You scared me with the '' we all dive into your pants'' maaaaaaaaan WTF! 😂😂😂 ND THAT TV is bigger than my life expectations.... 😂😂

  • Aaron Thomas
    Aaron Thomas 3 months ago

    Socks with sandals!?

  • legendarysquid2
    legendarysquid2 3 months ago

    Does anyone know the best monitor or tv for Xbox and ps4

  • pino de vogel
    pino de vogel 3 months ago

    So the freesync is rather useless and seeing its a tv it most likely has a boatload of latency so for the pc its not even interesting.

  • Pinman1973
    Pinman1973 3 months ago

    Did i look to commercials for 10 min ?

  • Ellypsis
    Ellypsis 3 months ago

    Riley is Funny, it makes this video much more enjoyable

  • Tullock
    Tullock 3 months ago

    I like how you put examples into your videos. like the tearing, stuttering and fps drops.

  • ihatecrackhead
    ihatecrackhead 3 months ago

    AMD give it free to PC and console but NVidia charges for crap

  • Buz Stringer
    Buz Stringer 3 months ago

    So close... Everybody has an Nvidia Card and wants GSync.

  • Slinky511nx7
    Slinky511nx7 3 months ago

    Still with the sandals and socks?

  • Atypical Male
    Atypical Male 3 months ago

    Thank God it was only underwear!

  • The sexy gaming channel

    1:25 please never do that again that was uncomforting

  • Carmine Varvayanis
    Carmine Varvayanis 3 months ago

    ohh wana date him now lol

  • TheBlazingPearl
    TheBlazingPearl 3 months ago

    1:25 I thought he almost said “After I whip out my MacBook Pro”

  • Malachi Day
    Malachi Day 3 months ago

    That was weird AF

  • Renan Rodrigues
    Renan Rodrigues 3 months ago

    Gez! You could've just said, "Buy these plllllse!"

  • Spunge Blob
    Spunge Blob 3 months ago


  • J024
    J024 3 months ago

    Best sponsor transition ever.

  • William Fishel
    William Fishel 3 months ago

    I thought there was something wrong with my phone every time Linus said "stuttering"

  • BrandonB311
    BrandonB311 3 months ago

    $1700 for a 55"... NOPE!

  • Kini Music
    Kini Music 3 months ago

    I liked for the edgy advertisement

  • the best on youtube
    the best on youtube 3 months ago

    linus put your pants back on

  • Notacet
    Notacet 3 months ago

    2:28 is false. The 49” model doesn’t have freesync since the panel is fixed to 60hz. Which sucks ’cause that’s the model I have.

  • Chicken Man
    Chicken Man 3 months ago +1

    65 inches reminds me of something.

    • Paolo H
      Paolo H 21 day ago

      Probably your waist...
      ...that's what happens when you spend your time eating fried chicken out of a bucket...a bucket? a fucking farmyard animal?!

  • Alexander Lindgren
    Alexander Lindgren 3 months ago

    Let's be real, i'm sure they got this TV for the console corner of their LAN Center.

  • Deeznuts 97
    Deeznuts 97 3 months ago

    i like the shoe choice ;)

  • Santiago Meneses
    Santiago Meneses 3 months ago


  • Gabriel Gilliam
    Gabriel Gilliam 3 months ago


  • drmobius
    drmobius 3 months ago

    Glad I got to see inside Linus' pants. Giggety.

  • Crazy Clipz
    Crazy Clipz 3 months ago

    How did you make it s t u t t e r like that?

  • xBread
    xBread 3 months ago

    Halo 5 guardians on PC whaaaaaaaat ?

  • BouncyLad
    BouncyLad 3 months ago

    "AFTER, We dive into my pants."
    Don't mind if I unbutton a few buttons

  • J.B power
    J.B power 3 months ago

    Linus is creeping me out

  • Ohcid
    Ohcid 3 months ago

    1:24 Oh yes daddy

  • Gary Thomas
    Gary Thomas 3 months ago

    Really Linus? Hawking underwear? On a tech channel? Do I need to Patreon support you to keep from EVER seeing your skivvies again?
    Pretty baller my man, pretty

  • FrameX
    FrameX 3 months ago

    With 3000$ i get ultra gaming pc and a very good monitor/tv to play (and a ps4/xbox)

  • Yajiv Yor
    Yajiv Yor 3 months ago


  • Nick Donovan
    Nick Donovan 3 months ago

    Why do you have a laundry basket in the studio 0:44

  • deepak rana
    deepak rana 3 months ago


  • HiFi Auti
    HiFi Auti 3 months ago

    "As it always is with high technology" man Linus you sound like a stoner