Mating Dance of the Puffin

  • Let's take it off like we're on eraser duty.
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    Caitlin Roukin: Female Puffin
    Ze Frank : Male Puffin
    "Puffin Song" Written and performed by Ze Frank
    Footage Licensed from Shutterstock and Videoblocks
    Intro Song; Tom Moore

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  • planenerd907
    planenerd907 Day ago

    Notice in the middle of the frame when the two puffins are talking that they are actually two clips stitched together. Why did i notice this.

  • Blue Davenport
    Blue Davenport Day ago

    That song was unironically amazing.

  • Buddy
    Buddy Day ago

    Lyrics, can somebody write down the lyrics please! 🀣

  • Adrienne Peters
    Adrienne Peters 2 days ago

    Now this is stuck in my head!

  • Queen Explosion
    Queen Explosion 2 days ago

    Remembers that episode of Gordon Ramsay

  • Brian Abraham
    Brian Abraham 2 days ago

    Can someone post the lyrics?
    I have problems understanding the booby part^^

  • Snakelady
    Snakelady 3 days ago

    The Puffin Song will stick in my head! 🀣

  • Boa Ideia
    Boa Ideia 4 days ago

    whanna see bobys?
    Me: yeah
    Blue foot Boobys: *appears*
    Me: nice pair

  • Vyrsal
    Vyrsal 6 days ago

    Can i PLEASE remix this???????

  • Pinhead Larry
    Pinhead Larry 8 days ago

    The bird with the blue feet said πŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ‘ˆπŸ»πŸ₯Ί

  • jacob blake
    jacob blake 9 days ago

    Just make an album at this point

  • Guinea Pig Lips
    Guinea Pig Lips 9 days ago

    That dance looks like the dance I would do at a prom but instead of getting laid I get humiliated.

  • CyberKnightX21
    CyberKnightX21 9 days ago

    I've been watching these for years. This is one of the best random surprises yet. I love it!

  • Kandra Dracul
    Kandra Dracul 9 days ago

    "You puffin freak!"

  • jason bowman
    jason bowman 9 days ago

    If I was a bird i'd be so jelly of those blue feet.

  • Booper 343
    Booper 343 9 days ago


  • AceOfSpades2398
    AceOfSpades2398 10 days ago

    Her accent is hilariously cute
    "Wanna go see some boobies"
    I would not hesitate to say yes

  • Oskar Alexander Bergen

    i dunno he just seems like a very cool dad

  • Emery Paine
    Emery Paine 10 days ago

    Why not also include the titmice?

  • Talsong Kingslayer
    Talsong Kingslayer 11 days ago +1

    So when do we get the puffin info video? Hehe

  • TheBros2theend
    TheBros2theend 11 days ago

    Jesus Christ loves you

  • sabine .gutzmann
    sabine .gutzmann 11 days ago

    Oh my god!! This is the funniest thing I have seen/heard in a very long time

  • Moon Base
    Moon Base 11 days ago

    But this fukin slaps.

  • Baraka Farrington
    Baraka Farrington 11 days ago

    I watch this vid at least once a week. Love it! I can't make out the last part of the booby song. I MUST know it! πŸ™πŸΎ

    • Valerie K
      Valerie K 10 days ago

      Baraka Farrington lets take it off like we’re on eraser duty

  • Aura .6446
    Aura .6446 12 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought that the Puffin song was pretty cute?

  • Jamilah Mitchell
    Jamilah Mitchell 12 days ago

    Zefrank you are my spirit animal, please perform the human mating dance with me.

  • Wyatt Spinney
    Wyatt Spinney 12 days ago

    Lmao the puffin song sounds just like lil Dicky.
    (Edit: me can’t spell ☺️)

  • ____
    ____ 12 days ago

    tufted puffin looks a conductor of a orchestra

  • Tina Gliniecki
    Tina Gliniecki 12 days ago

    I'm wondering why they have 'Sconnie accents ...

  • thunderbird002
    thunderbird002 12 days ago


  • Willa Herrera
    Willa Herrera 12 days ago +4

    I've read a fair amount of comments and I've yet to see:

  • Bre Christine
    Bre Christine 13 days ago

    Casually sings about a puffin creampie

  • Himmelsfeger -
    Himmelsfeger - 13 days ago

    This totally sounds like a band I used to hear, but I can't figure out what their name was. Which bugs me way too much. Anyone an idea who I could be?

    DNT TRD ON ME 13 days ago

    If almost a hundred thousand people like something and your one of less than 2 thousand who dont...uh I think that's a great sign your an asshole!!

  • Star Sitter
    Star Sitter 16 days ago

    Two bird videos in a row and both have awesome songs. How about the Bowerbird for the next avian animal video?

  • EllyMagi007
    EllyMagi007 16 days ago

    1:02 the purest thing in existence

  • Savannah Russell
    Savannah Russell 19 days ago +1

    i live for this

  • P T
    P T 20 days ago +1

    Makes me want to stuff a muffin right now.

  • Choochie Patillo
    Choochie Patillo 20 days ago +1

    BeyoncΓ© who?
    Rihanna when?
    I only listen to Zefrank1

  • bballancedart
    bballancedart 20 days ago

    Just love puffins and this video rocks! Love it.

  • Official KX
    Official KX 22 days ago +1

    I have school and I’m watching this wtf am I doing

  • Emperor Giygas
    Emperor Giygas 22 days ago

    Zefrank. Impractical Jokers. Mutahar from Someordinarygamers. The Holy Trinity of this generation's saviors

  • Rod Stansberry
    Rod Stansberry 24 days ago +1

    Utoob has extended the apex of cultural relevancy, once again. I am at once entertained, informed and elevated by numerous measures. Well done sir, well done.
    P.S. it's the dancing what brought her home. Do dancing shoes for humans yet exist? We have lost our place among the great hoofers of the universe. Alas.

  • Tommy Veee
    Tommy Veee 24 days ago +3

    The female's voice is GOLD. " You wanna see some boobies?" LOL, i hope she appears in more clips

  • Animaburning
    Animaburning 24 days ago +1

    Its stuck in my head !

  • T.J.
    T.J. 26 days ago +1

    That was way to catchy

  • Greg Nelson
    Greg Nelson 27 days ago

    I had the strangest urge to watch this again. I regret nothing.

  • Marissa Lopez
    Marissa Lopez 28 days ago

    I cannot stop playing this and singing along. Truly.

  • Chelios Von Hollowheart

    Thanks a lot Zefrank, my new favorite track that plays in my head constantly. Can't wait for more

  • Andrew Manche
    Andrew Manche 29 days ago

    1.4k prudes disliked this video - thankfully that is only 1.8% of the poorpulation

  • CryingCactusTears
    CryingCactusTears 29 days ago

    You puffin Freak πŸ˜‰

  • Tyler Boggs
    Tyler Boggs Month ago

    2x speed

  • Thunder_Bug _
    Thunder_Bug _ Month ago +1

    I love this wholesome relationship tbh

  • Daniel Mulhern
    Daniel Mulhern Month ago +1

    I typed in puffin song in TheXvid and this is what came up. Congrats zefrank, you've cornered the market on adult oriented, puffin soundtracks;)

  • TheBros2theend
    TheBros2theend Month ago

    God bless heal save and forgive you

  • Gameralto Steryy
    Gameralto Steryy Month ago

    This a great sing

  • Nyloaf
    Nyloaf Month ago

    More than a month later and this song is STILL stuck in my head

  • darkdragoneclipse
    darkdragoneclipse Month ago

    back again for a third time cause "let's take it off like were on eraser duty "

  • Derin Anderson
    Derin Anderson Month ago

    I am impressed by your amazing talent to rhyme. Congratulations, you have been approved once again.

  • YolkyPokey
    YolkyPokey Month ago

    Your channel is my favorite thing in youtube. Thank you.

  • Zutto Aragi
    Zutto Aragi Month ago +1

    Okay, it's driving me insane. I canNOT make out what he says during the Blue-Footed Booby part and I can't find the lyrics for this anywhere and I'm losing my mind!

  • bluethenewb
    bluethenewb Month ago +1

    what kinda music do you have sex to?

  • sintwelve
    sintwelve Month ago

    Are you on spotify?

  • Lara Palutikof
    Lara Palutikof Month ago

    Well that was quite the blue footed boobie break.....

  • LegoSam 20
    LegoSam 20 Month ago +1

    Puffins are adorable

  • η†Šη†Š
    η†Šη†Š Month ago

    I just wanted to ask, what’s the eraser duty?

  • Cleo Gem
    Cleo Gem Month ago +1

    The puffins are cuties.

  • Grace Talmadge
    Grace Talmadge Month ago

    It's stuck in my head and I'm okay with it. Brings me right out of my deep depression.

  • Michin Nyeon
    Michin Nyeon Month ago


  • Amy Bradford
    Amy Bradford Month ago

    I might really need a zefrank album.

  • Wendy Chavez
    Wendy Chavez Month ago +1

    I have mastered this dance! Now I just need to find a puffin to practice with.

  • Oddly Wired
    Oddly Wired Month ago

    Damn, I love you're video's. They always make me laugh. Good job.

  • Evan Dinosaur
    Evan Dinosaur Month ago +1

    "Just gimme the beak now, you puffin freak~"

  • MultiDooder
    MultiDooder Month ago

    I cannot get enough of this....soo good!

  • :3δ½£ε…΅ι£žζ₯飞去

    I need that whole song gosh

  • TailorBlaze
    TailorBlaze Month ago

    *They groovin'*

  • Pete
    Pete Month ago

    I'm digging the funk.

  • Elexis Durham
    Elexis Durham Month ago

    more mating dance videos please lol

  • Cossa h
    Cossa h Month ago +14

    So i accidentally pulled out my earphones from my laptop while listening to this.....

    in the library.

  • Anzexa Aroom
    Anzexa Aroom Month ago +1

    If nothing else, Zefrank makes me laugh my ass off