Getting Started on my Backyard Mountain Bike Trails

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • We've been doing lots of home renovation and improvement projects for the past few weeks, and it has all been in preparation for the main course: The backyard mountain bike trails! Today, we build the Berm Peak Express, a climbing trail that ends at the summit of my property.
    From there, we will build a trailhead, and all the routes that will descend from the top. Join me for a day of building, DIY, and lots of fun.
    Berm Peak Playlist
    Berm Creek Playlist
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    MAX DE DINO Day ago

    Drama is cute

  • Jok Ing
    Jok Ing 2 days ago

    I believe the dog wants a mountain bike

  • 中村康浩
    中村康浩 5 days ago


  • Thomas Baker
    Thomas Baker 6 days ago

    I can handle ads
    I can handle buffer
    But when ads buffer

    I suffer

  • 2ndHandRyan
    2ndHandRyan 6 days ago

    Drama is such a champ

  • Hailster 123
    Hailster 123 7 days ago

    rip trail hazer

  • Raineri
    Raineri 8 days ago

    Fiskars from Finland

  • Charlie Schneider
    Charlie Schneider 11 days ago

    You should modify the enduro barrow by swapping its wheel for a fat bike wheel so it is more stable

  • BrotatoChips64 2019
    BrotatoChips64 2019 11 days ago

    Put colored flags into the ground to mark the trail or if that’s to expensive cut some wood plant that into the ground then paint it

  • Christopher Fritz
    Christopher Fritz 12 days ago

    Nice to see Scandinavian forestry practices are being applied to the trail.

  • Landooo
    Landooo 14 days ago

    Are these public trails ?

  • MC Faria
    MC Faria 15 days ago

    Seth has garage 4 three cars and leaves the car outside😂

  • Lewis  Backholer
    Lewis Backholer 15 days ago

    Make a bike trailer

  • Lucas Paul .B
    Lucas Paul .B 17 days ago

    You should post twice each week and do a riding video on bream peak

  • Clay Guinard
    Clay Guinard 28 days ago

    Where exactly is this

  • Hayden G
    Hayden G 28 days ago

    this is the day that IT chapter 2 came out!

  • Eleazar’s 009
    Eleazar’s 009 Month ago


  • Jayden Lawrence
    Jayden Lawrence Month ago +1

    *team trees has left the chat*

  • TradeCancel Parkour

    Who is that guy that failed to get over the log

  • Rukhsana Begam
    Rukhsana Begam Month ago

    10.03 he looks like he is in berm creek before the making of the roller double

  • Cold keeper knives
    Cold keeper knives Month ago +1

    Is berm Creek open for anyone to go to or is it for you and your family and friends? and you made me get in to bike and I love the especially the Diamondback brands.

  • Abis 97
    Abis 97 Month ago

    Do a house tour

  • william taylor
    william taylor Month ago

    use string

  • Shane Dugan
    Shane Dugan Month ago

    Get a mini bike or a cheap gp kart u can do burn ougs kick up dirt like I had a mini bike to make a burm for bmx bike i took mini bike steped off it turn it let it spin plus u can put a trailer on mini bike dash go kart with bike tires and u can really get deep ruts with mini bike or go kart both cheap

  • 1-up Studios
    1-up Studios Month ago

    Your property is amazing with al those rhododendrons it’s probably beautiful in the spring

  • Honey badger05
    Honey badger05 Month ago

    If he gave that saw to me there would be nothing left

  • kmancrx
    kmancrx Month ago

    Seth thanks for the vids. I'm here in NC too, Winston. I'm going to be moving to a house with 6 acres almost all wooded. How many acres do you have and how much trail are you going to have (lengthwise). Just trying to gauge it for my own trails.

  • stubbk3
    stubbk3 Month ago

    ok im late but two minutes in,,,, you need a chain saw ,, edit ,, i still think you need a chain saw..

  • NPC #2056765
    NPC #2056765 Month ago

    A true RIP to berm creek

  • Exo
    Exo 2 months ago

    Hey Seth!
    I was sondering where you’re able to buy trail signs?

  • JonDolo
    JonDolo 2 months ago

    Include your roof as a ramp

  • Alfie West
    Alfie West 2 months ago

    Mum won’t let me get a mountain bike as it’s to expensive any suggestions

  • Positively Negative
    Positively Negative 2 months ago +1

    Just cut up a red or orange cotton t-shirt for marking the trail. That should probably decompose nicely

  • Blitz z
    Blitz z 2 months ago

    When I work on my trail I use a gater to get to the spot I am working on

  • Zavier Goswell
    Zavier Goswell 2 months ago

    The battle of all battles: Seth vs Some Indian making under ground bunkers

  • Viglan
    Viglan 2 months ago

    Why not built a trailer to attach to your bike , maybe the fat bike could be your shuttle bike ?

  • CoolBoy 10
    CoolBoy 10 2 months ago

    RIP berm creek

  • Medo779
    Medo779 2 months ago

    Marking grass with green paint

  • Hoxton
    Hoxton 2 months ago +2

    My mom hitting me with "La chancla" 5:24

  • Joshua Koppeis
    Joshua Koppeis 2 months ago

    Seth. How many acres is the property you are building trails on? How many miles if trail do you have ?

  • Spencer
    Spencer 2 months ago

    Lmao that “Trail Hazer” reminds me of bad times freshman year

  • David Sawyer
    David Sawyer 2 months ago

    Hey Seth,
    I enjoy your channel even though I do not own an MTB or ride trails of any sort.

  • Victor Monge
    Victor Monge 2 months ago

    Nail trail markers to trees. Removable but very long lasting. Like the ones on hiking trails

  • Creative Experience
    Creative Experience 2 months ago

    Tie I viz ribbon to what needs cut on your new trails

  • Bobcatjimmy 123
    Bobcatjimmy 123 2 months ago

    Thank you so much Seth, you really got me into riding

  • Nick Wallace
    Nick Wallace 3 months ago

    Make a new trail hazer from multiple sheets of ply wood glued together to prevent from breaking along the grain of the wood like trail hazer 1000

  • John Youker
    John Youker 3 months ago

    Where do you get your stickers made?

  • Jeff Frazier
    Jeff Frazier 3 months ago

    @Seth where did you get your custom trail marker stickers?

  • scott Whitcomb
    scott Whitcomb 3 months ago

    Endurbarrow rocks!! Lol
    Great idea.

  • Aksu
    Aksu 3 months ago

    Thats so cool! I wish my backyard was like that

  • Chrism8ts
    Chrism8ts 3 months ago

    1:56 is this the most satisfying thing in the world

  • Bradley Hodson-Walker
    Bradley Hodson-Walker 3 months ago

    You should make it possible to hike the wheelbarrow to ur bike to make it extra easy

  • DE Cars
    DE Cars 3 months ago

    Got any tips I want to build one at my farm.

  • Alexander Lundmark
    Alexander Lundmark 3 months ago

    I lernd how to bike today

  • Cody Fransen
    Cody Fransen 3 months ago

    In the forest service we use wooden stakes.

  • Aaron Jake Enrijo
    Aaron Jake Enrijo 3 months ago

    You’re building the trail alone ?

  • Jamie Hawkrigg
    Jamie Hawkrigg 3 months ago

    You can use a shovel a small one to cut down small branches cause I am a kid my own backyard mountain mountain bike trails and I’m so excited I watch your videos all the time

  • Caleb Staples
    Caleb Staples 3 months ago

    I am not really into biking. I do it sometimes but that is just on a road or asphalt trail but I like his vidios just because of the creativity he puts in his builds

  • aayan arain
    aayan arain 3 months ago


  • Martins Čaplis
    Martins Čaplis 3 months ago

    Why don't you just burn the forest down? That would be much faster