Damien Rice - The Professor & The Blower's Daughter

  • Published on Jul 1, 2010
  • Iceland Inspires 2010
    Damien Rice - The Professor & The Blower's Daughter
    Music Pavillion Park, Reykjavík, Iceland
    July 1, 2010

    More videos here: www.inspiredbyiceland.com/
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Comments • 45

  • sherp2u1
    sherp2u1 9 months ago

    Lovely Icelandic women, pure as the snow on the peaks, not polluted like Europe yet!

  • Mad Archer Media
    Mad Archer Media Year ago

    Harry Potter at 5:02

  • Thomas Reiten
    Thomas Reiten 2 years ago +1

    Lit performance, wish i was there.

  • Rontimus
    Rontimus 2 years ago +5

    Lovin is good, if your dick's made of wood.

  • caleb mark
    caleb mark 3 years ago +3

    I DON"T KNOW!!!!!!

  • Karl Simpkin
    Karl Simpkin 5 years ago +10

    Incredible voice strange crowd

    • SickPuppyGirl
      SickPuppyGirl 3 years ago

      +Péter Kovács
      And yeah, he was totally waisted, people were very surprised of how he acted.

    • SickPuppyGirl
      SickPuppyGirl 3 years ago +2

      +Péter Kovács
      And that is supposed to mean what?
      I was there, noone was ungrateful.
      This is Iceland fella...

    • Péter Kovács
      Péter Kovács 3 years ago

      +Karl Simpkin yeah, ungrateful crowd

  • vaszka44
    vaszka44 6 years ago +1

    that what makes a man.

  • brain56
    brain56 6 years ago

    I've never seen a more silent and depressed crowd. Looks like they enjoyed it anyway.

  • Guðrún S. Hilmisdóttir

    I was there, not in first row, Damien is tops

  • mehmet ali urluk
    mehmet ali urluk 7 years ago

    05:02 man absoloutely Turkish:)

  • mehmet ali urluk
    mehmet ali urluk 7 years ago +1

    02:58 right blonde man is very very soulless

  • KouskouMar
    KouskouMar 7 years ago +1

    Drugged but he is awesome aswell!

  • Nikola Dragojevic
    Nikola Dragojevic 7 years ago +1

    The girls in the front row are so beautiful...
    Just can take my eyes of them ^^

  • Cameron Mac Kay
    Cameron Mac Kay 7 years ago +2

    That guy is the best performer. Every time he sings he puts the same amount of emotion in every song no matter how many times he sings the same song.

  • Marori Morningstar
    Marori Morningstar 7 years ago +1

    4:25 the guy in glasses going; "oh not this shit again"

  • RoseInBalance
    RoseInBalance 8 years ago

    @dgunnar dang you told her!

  • jositoxxx1
    jositoxxx1 8 years ago

    @dgunnar i'm pretty sure u r from iceland!

  • jositoxxx1
    jositoxxx1 8 years ago

    iceland girls are ugly!

  • King Wing Chan
    King Wing Chan 8 years ago

    I love his guitar,
    ruined but still strong

  • King Wing Chan
    King Wing Chan 8 years ago

    I love his guitar,
    ruined but still strong

  • damiensongs
    damiensongs 8 years ago

    cute girls in Iceland!!

  • delores27
    delores27 8 years ago

    @jshu1988 thx. wow. thx.

  • delores27
    delores27 8 years ago

    @jshu1988 sorry, but i got no idea about this. Did they have something?

  • delores27
    delores27 8 years ago

    @jshu1988 lisa situation?

  • MAV
    MAV 8 years ago

    Icelandic girls are hot

  • VilleJonne
    VilleJonne 8 years ago

    I love you,Damien Rice....

  • Carlos Cardenas
    Carlos Cardenas 8 years ago


  • Luke Gibbons
    Luke Gibbons 8 years ago +2

    its good to just watch the crowd and there respect for Damien, no needless screaming. just listening in pure awe. a brilliant man and his guitar

  • Jono Crowden
    Jono Crowden 8 years ago

    is it just me or does he look run down?

  • somriuremeangadh
    somriuremeangadh 8 years ago

    Amazing talent and inspiration . Thanks!
    Damian's music always improves the day.

  • dtdude1992
    dtdude1992 9 years ago +1

    i love how the second he utters the last words he bids the crowd good night and just unplugs his guitar haha

  • Nic Stride
    Nic Stride 9 years ago

    @Schmison This actually isn't as good as piezo. It's very harsh and rattly . He used to get his sound by using a condenser mic (A clip on type, with the cable hanging out of the hole) and a piezo pickup together. Nowadays he uses an electric guitar neck humbucker to amp it up and it sounds like an electric with steel strings.. He's has this sound since near the end of his 9 tour.

  • Erik Brouwers
    Erik Brouwers 9 years ago

    @anatomyofluke Duh.....sure it is Damien Rice

  • Arthur Cunnington
    Arthur Cunnington 9 years ago

    @simplylifewhatelse so he should :)

  • Roberto Aromando
    Roberto Aromando 9 years ago

    @anatomyofluke ?

  • Coffeejunkie84
    Coffeejunkie84 9 years ago

    I think he just wasn't in the mood for those songs and the stage's too big for him.
    I miss him so much...

  • Nic Stride
    Nic Stride 9 years ago

    Why does his guitar sound crap now? :( (Well crap compared to before..) But I still love it, love his new hair love everything about this. It's diffrent and new and cool. :)

  • Haatchii
    Haatchii 9 years ago +1

    @DeKebin he said much more than " dick "

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee 9 years ago +1

    Did he say dick? O.O