Honest Trailers - Breaking Bad

  • Published on Aug 6, 2013
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    Breaking Bad returns this Sunday, so we thought we'd welcome back everyone's favorite show with a little honesty. We are the ones who knock... it down a peg or two.
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    Honest Trailers: Breaking Bad
    Directed by Andy Signore
    Executive Producer Mitch Rotter
    Series Created by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner
    Episode Written by Spencer Gilbert, Jordan Morris, Dan Murrell, Jason Pickar, and Andy Signore
    Edited by Dan Murrell
    Voiceover Narration by Jon thexvid.com/user/jon3pnt0
    As always let us know in the comments what movie or television show you wanna see next!
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    Are you still reading this?? If so type "Jesus Christ, Marie! They're minerals!" in the comments below!
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Comments • 18 146

  • InDer PanDa
    InDer PanDa 9 hours ago

    Watched in 2k18

  • AnarchistofYT00
    AnarchistofYT00 2 days ago

    Do a Gotham honest trailer.

  • Logan Kean
    Logan Kean 5 days ago

    Does anyone know the name of the music that plays during the “starring” section?

  • Generous Reaper
    Generous Reaper 5 days ago

    Exploding grandpa......hmm....

  • ada jimenez
    ada jimenez 7 days ago

    "The color Purple" 😂😂😂

  • Noémie Stéphane
    Noémie Stéphane 7 days ago

    the lamest show ever made.

    i 'd prefer watch my little pony

  • The Cereal Guy
    The Cereal Guy 8 days ago


  • Foshoko
    Foshoko 17 days ago

    Finally someone calls out Skyler for being annoying

  • Griffin has Good
    Griffin has Good 20 days ago

    Your know when u say atm machine your saying automatic teller machine machine

  • codename617
    codename617 20 days ago

    Also do NYPD Blue

  • Avizo Khatsü
    Avizo Khatsü 21 day ago

    😂😂😂so accurate

  • sansisthebest
    sansisthebest 27 days ago

    This was pretty damn good lmao.

  • Ichijo Festival
    Ichijo Festival 27 days ago

    I can confirm that in my white people circle, at this point in time, they all wouldn't shut the fuck up about this.


    "Half of Mr.Show" hahahahah

  • kwstas gav
    kwstas gav Month ago

    Make prion break next plz

  • duc manh Tran
    duc manh Tran Month ago

    Make friend honest trailer

  • Unluckery
    Unluckery Month ago

    why does the thumbnail look like gordon freeman on a yellow filter

  • Tiny Ford
    Tiny Ford Month ago

    I’m so glad it wasn’t on HBO for the reasons he listed.

  • Sarath Kumar
    Sarath Kumar Month ago

    Do honest trailer for Dexter(Tv series)

  • Wiktor Winek
    Wiktor Winek Month ago

    No change in title. I'm impressed

  • Ali TA 22
    Ali TA 22 Month ago

    I am the one who knocks
    I am the danger
    I am not Batman

  • Adán Wright
    Adán Wright Month ago

    Can we get an Honest trailer for Once Upon A Time

  • J stockin
    J stockin Month ago

    I finished watching this show last week. Shoulda watched sooner...

  • acekianno velasco
    acekianno velasco Month ago

    How Bout Meth Damon

  • Scott Gammon
    Scott Gammon Month ago

    Ok, you reference the Wire in here, but there is no honest trailer for the Wire. That needs to be resolved.

  • Z H
    Z H Month ago

    Omg please do The Sopranos!!!!!!

  • Hungry Dude
    Hungry Dude Month ago

    Every show/movie has some bullshit in it, because they need it to tell the story faster or they don’t know how to further the plot(lazy storywriting is also a possibility). But there’s a goddamned limit on how much bullshit I can take from a single show before it becomes pure shit and unfortunately that happened to breaking bad. It feels to me like they streched the story for waaay to long and focused on too many details that didn’t matter in the end like the goddamn ‘fly’ ep. I seriously wanted to quit watching after that ep. But whatever, this is an accurate trailer for the show but they needed to add the fact that the show is fun at first but slowly becomes more bullshit and ex machina then something else. Even the way Hank finds out about Walt is bullshit, Marie is a psycho, Hank is emotionaly dead and a workaholic, skylar is straight up a slut and an unsupportive bitch, walt is also a weirdo... he’s emotionaly unavailable to skylar most of the times and Jesse is also a piece of shit who tries to be something he’s not and instead of being greatfull to walt for saving his life like a billion times he’s just screwing up again and again... pffff I liked the show but at a point I felt more like cinemasins then a fan and I yelled bullshit more often then I yelled heck yeah!

  • Roko
    Roko Month ago

    Do Better call Saul

  • Biljana Malesevic
    Biljana Malesevic Month ago

    Awesome show from start to finish! Nice trailer too. 😁

  • Andrew MacGowan
    Andrew MacGowan Month ago

    Corpse Barrels pretty much describes the show perfectly

  • Filimon Galogavros
    Filimon Galogavros Month ago

    Jesus Christ , Marie !!!!
    They ' re minerals !!!

    HASIF AHMED Month ago +1


  • Bertram Gilfoyle
    Bertram Gilfoyle Month ago

    Fun fact: HBO rejected Breaking Bad then got picked up by amc later

  • Nellie Eli
    Nellie Eli 2 months ago

    I am the man who knocks
    I am the danger

    I'm batman

  • Manish Rawat
    Manish Rawat 2 months ago

    Do Narcos Already!!

  • Elisa Ardi
    Elisa Ardi 2 months ago

    Half of Mr ShOw I'm deAd lmaooo

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    Do Mad Men already!!!!!!!

  • Lance Uppercut
    Lance Uppercut 2 months ago

    Phew after watching this I do t need to bother with it 👍 youtube is great

  • 8 Mellow
    8 Mellow 2 months ago

    So nobody is gonna talk about that jesse was in price is right.... because i did not know that!!

  • Logicdiary317
    Logicdiary317 2 months ago

    Have you done an honest trailer for Outlander? I love that show

  • th4rujith
    th4rujith 2 months ago +1

    Skylar is the sakura of breaking bad

  • Nana Ranika
    Nana Ranika 2 months ago

    Do The X-Files or Better Call Saul!

  • B Bennett
    B Bennett 2 months ago

    I hate every hack actor in this series and didn't last 3 episodes, just these short clip prove Cranstons over acting in every scene. Its utter garbage and people are mentally ill if they think this stupid show is amazing. Dumbest writing ever. "I am the danger" No, you are a moronic drug dealer and joke, none of it was remotely believable.

  • Dana Piatt
    Dana Piatt 2 months ago

    gotta do Better Call Saul at some point now

  • Anurup Ghosh
    Anurup Ghosh 2 months ago

    do lucifer, fox plz

  • Sagar Mathers
    Sagar Mathers 2 months ago

    They got it just right...first he did it for money then just for the intensity

  • robert20351
    robert20351 2 months ago

    Do The Americans or The Blacklist

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant 3 months ago

    I just began watching this and I don’t love it, but I really really really like it.

  • leafbladie
    leafbladie 3 months ago +1

    Anyone want them to do one for Better Call Saul when it's finished?

  • somesh narayan
    somesh narayan 3 months ago

    Friends please

  • william brumley
    william brumley 3 months ago

    I have watched this show over and over more than anything

  • DareDaviL
    DareDaviL 3 months ago

    That was awesome...

  • Võ Thái Sơn
    Võ Thái Sơn 3 months ago

    Also starring:
    - flip phones
    - voicemail
    - "call me"
    - money rolls
    - psychotherapy

  • 5,000 subs with no videos

    Lmao aaron paul was actually on the price is right

  • Jo Lisa Dukarić
    Jo Lisa Dukarić 3 months ago

    Best show with the best characters with best story.

  • Khuongzd Nguyen
    Khuongzd Nguyen 3 months ago

    Malcolm's Dad 😂 bring back memory

  • Oh Kay
    Oh Kay 3 months ago

    Jimi Hendrixing? Haha, that's cold man. Might as well call it Heath Ledgering.

  • KaptenBear 13
    KaptenBear 13 3 months ago

    This show sucks ass. Jesse is unrealisticly stupid.

  • Luther McDonald
    Luther McDonald 3 months ago

    i want a spinoff where Marie has a late-in-life lesbian awakening called The Color Purple

    • Luther McDonald
      Luther McDonald 3 months ago

      honestly anyone who chooses to marry Hank is probably a lesbian

  • Luther McDonald
    Luther McDonald 3 months ago

    "all of whom happen to be angry Latino men" ahahahaha but then in season 5 they got smart and brought in some Neo-Nazis for Walt to kill to redeem himself

  • Big Sky Blue
    Big Sky Blue 3 months ago

    I tried the Wire. Im 1/2 through season 1 and am still not terribly interested. Maybe B.B. spoiled me.

  • raghu varma
    raghu varma 3 months ago +1

    Do on punisher Netflix series

  • Carloss Javier
    Carloss Javier 3 months ago

    jimi hendrixing

  • Denis G.
    Denis G. 3 months ago

    Can you do one for Mad Men??????

  • Eddie Speight
    Eddie Speight 3 months ago

    Say "It's over Anakin, I have the high ground!"

  • Max Arnold
    Max Arnold 3 months ago +1

    Do season 5 pls!!!!!!!

  • Bogi Valdr
    Bogi Valdr 3 months ago

    please do BETTER CALL SAUL!!!!

  • Mad Clicker
    Mad Clicker 3 months ago

    Jimmy Hendrixing lol

  • Olivia Bennington
    Olivia Bennington 3 months ago

    I'm watching it now with my husband and... I have a hard time watching something where I dislike the main character. Everyone else binges it, but I've been needing it in small doses at a time

  • jimmy flowers
    jimmy flowers 3 months ago

    Do Fargo now

  • Todeswalzer Levanthus
    Todeswalzer Levanthus 3 months ago

    Never managed to get into this show... people raved about how great it was... it's boring as hell... i've tried on 5 different occasions to watch it and I just get bored... i don't see what all the hype was about...

  • Jack Coupland
    Jack Coupland 3 months ago

    Now they should do better call Saul

  • Peter Jex
    Peter Jex 3 months ago

    I am the one who knocks!

  • Filimon Galogavros
    Filimon Galogavros 3 months ago

    Walter white is the best chemistry teacher .
    Yeah man , science !!!

  • עידו בלאו
    עידו בלאו 3 months ago


  • JAD
    JAD 3 months ago +1


  • Gokul Varadan
    Gokul Varadan 3 months ago

    No, the last one was an angry neo nazi

  • Caligvla Caesar
    Caligvla Caesar 3 months ago

    "All white people will talk about" Wow, racist. But what's that supposed to mean anyway? Like, there were no cool white gangsters before this show? I think Michael Corleone was even better then Walter WHITE.

  • Giang Nguyễn
    Giang Nguyễn 3 months ago

    please do better call saul

  • NAH Halls
    NAH Halls 4 months ago

    Just finished the first season
    Episode 1: this is amazing
    Episode 2: awesome
    Episode 3: good
    Episode 4: eh it’s getting a little boring
    Episode 5: it’s awesome again
    Episode 6: okay I’m not sleeping this week

  • willnburger
    willnburger 4 months ago

    This show was gold until Hank found out. After that there were so many plot holes.

    • Al gee
      Al gee 3 months ago

      Shouldn't have killed him.

  • Adam Lacy
    Adam Lacy 4 months ago

    "Jimi Hendrixing." lol NO chill.

  • Доктор парадокс

    Breaking Bad is boring it is not worth for me

  • EverydayBetter
    EverydayBetter 4 months ago

    0:18 The way he says "It's so goood" ... is so goood.

  • Subham Panchal
    Subham Panchal 4 months ago +1

    Breakfast.....so true😂

  • rohan bajaj
    rohan bajaj 4 months ago +1

    seriously , no mention of the lawyer, and just 4:41 minutes for this epic drama, we need an extended cut for this you good sir.

  • Ghulam Sarwer
    Ghulam Sarwer 4 months ago

    2:07 Lol

  • Harshit Laxkar
    Harshit Laxkar 4 months ago

    Breaking Phones

  • Filimon Galogavros
    Filimon Galogavros 4 months ago

    I am the danger . . .

  • Alexander
    Alexander 4 months ago

    I mean next should be the wire :P

  • Robyn Adair
    Robyn Adair 4 months ago

    I'm waiting for you to do The Fifth Element

  • Juan Manuel García
    Juan Manuel García 4 months ago

    Still waiting for Prison Break's!!!!

  • Juan Manuel García
    Juan Manuel García 4 months ago

    Latino villains... Ay ay ayy! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Sarah Ramsay
    Sarah Ramsay 4 months ago

    Make an honest trailer for La Casa de Papel!

  • Ryan Cox
    Ryan Cox 4 months ago

    Do Sons Of Anarchy

  • A B
    A B 4 months ago

    Breaking bad looks like a youtube red series

  • OG Gattsu
    OG Gattsu 4 months ago

    Breaking Bad- Best tv series of all time

  • Shalom Stevenson
    Shalom Stevenson 4 months ago

    Would love an honest trailer for Mad Men!

  • Malvika
    Malvika 4 months ago

    ‘Malcolm’s dad’ 😂 I swear I thought that the entire first episode

  • Szoke Lorand
    Szoke Lorand 4 months ago

    DO Vikings!!!!