Honest Trailers - Breaking Bad

  • Published on Aug 6, 2013
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    Breaking Bad returns this Sunday, so we thought we'd welcome back everyone's favorite show with a little honesty. We are the ones who knock... it down a peg or two.
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    Honest Trailers: Breaking Bad
    Directed by Andy Signore
    Executive Producer Mitch Rotter
    Series Created by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner
    Episode Written by Spencer Gilbert, Jordan Morris, Dan Murrell, Jason Pickar, and Andy Signore
    Edited by Dan Murrell
    Voiceover Narration by Jon thexvid.com/user/jon3pnt0
    As always let us know in the comments what movie or television show you wanna see next!
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    Are you still reading this?? If so type "Jesus Christ, Marie! They're minerals!" in the comments below!
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Comments • 17 579

  • Shivani Singh
    Shivani Singh 16 hours ago +1

    Hard to make fun of Breaking Bad, it was so brilliant.

  • Kevin Erives
    Kevin Erives 2 days ago

    1:35 and they're also bald

  • Sai Satish
    Sai Satish 3 days ago

    please do oldboy 2013 that's one fucked up reinterpretation

  • margareth michelina
    margareth michelina 4 days ago

    Since they've already had the prequel which is Better Call Saul, they need the sequel series called Breakfast Bad when Walt Jr as the main character.

  • Roberto Camerlingo
    Roberto Camerlingo 4 days ago

    so is this where i find out that non-white people dont like this show?

  • Owen Lee
    Owen Lee 5 days ago

    Please do Prison Break!!!
    It's the one of the best there is, and I dare you to ruin it!!!

  • Jithin A.P
    Jithin A.P 6 days ago +1

    Who is here after watching GOT series finale?

  • The MegaNintenBro
    The MegaNintenBro 12 days ago

    Do the sopranos!

  • vengefulbeauty
    vengefulbeauty 13 days ago

    Cried like a bitch at the end of the series. To this day, I'm still not sure why.

  • Methmal Dhananjaya
    Methmal Dhananjaya 14 days ago +1

    Jesus christ, They are minerals
    Okay, minerals LMAO

  • Goro Thomas
    Goro Thomas 15 days ago

    Really didn't expect a honest trailer on BReaking BAd!!! It's awesome....

  • M C
    M C 17 days ago

    Exploding grandpa would be a way to go

  • haziqfsx91
    haziqfsx91 20 days ago

    Thumbnail kinda like Gordon Freeman

  • Jakiko Yashamoto
    Jakiko Yashamoto 21 day ago

    Roof pizza is my favorite

  • Jasper Janssen
    Jasper Janssen 22 days ago

    The bitly links for going to other episodes are a terrible idea. On my iPad they open in Chrome, and don’t even return to the app.

  • Uwad Farooq
    Uwad Farooq 22 days ago

    do i am legend

  • Giraffa Camelopardalis

    Didn't laugh once. Your channel is so overrated.

  • thegrillagorilla1
    thegrillagorilla1 Month ago

    Did not know he was in the Price Is Right

  • Aryaman Mehrotra
    Aryaman Mehrotra Month ago +1

    Best show ever!!

  • SK Turbo
    SK Turbo Month ago +1

    I keep cracking up at “roof pizza”

  • Anitha Mathew
    Anitha Mathew Month ago

    do Prison Break

  • Chris Mitchell
    Chris Mitchell Month ago

    "all of which happen to be angry Latino men"
    Except, you know. When they weren't 🤥🙄

  • CraftyFox
    CraftyFox Month ago

    Just found this channel subscrible

  • Retro Spectre
    Retro Spectre Month ago +1

    Seriously, the wife and her sister are the things that make me only able to handle two episodes at a time max. It's not so much that they're annoying, it's that they're abusively stupid selfish morons that want to make their problems everyone else's fault. And that's episode one before anything happened....

  • zbaker330
    zbaker330 Month ago

    love how you shoehorned in a “white people” joke. sike. never watching anything from this channel again.

  • Abid uzzaman Miah
    Abid uzzaman Miah Month ago

    I am a simple man
    I see like
    I press breaking bad.

  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja Month ago

    0:25 - There are plenty of F-bombs in BB. Walt’s “fuck you” to Gretchen being my first example.

  • Rachmat Zulfiqar
    Rachmat Zulfiqar Month ago

    who else binge watching all 5 season only to finally watch this video 😂

  • Mooky Blaylock
    Mooky Blaylock Month ago

    BB is easily the most overrated TV show of all time

    • zbaker330
      zbaker330 Month ago

      Abhishek Sharma exactly what this guy said.

    • Abhishek Sharma
      Abhishek Sharma Month ago

      Lol not more than game of thrones. Bb deserves it's praise

  • Hussein
    Hussein Month ago

    Skyler is the most annoying character of all time


    It's about time that you did FRIENDS TV show!!

  • darkball31
    darkball31 Month ago

    roof pizza 😀

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Month ago

    This show is so overrated.
    -Every Worthless Hipster Ever

  • Kapil Kumar
    Kapil Kumar 2 months ago

    Best ever..Baetchssss

  • Garry Superales
    Garry Superales 2 months ago +1

    The series is sooooooo gooooooood.

  • dis is ma username
    dis is ma username 2 months ago

    Why is there so much voice mail in this show

  • i asimov
    i asimov 2 months ago

    Make a mini-series about Jesus and call it "Breaking Bread."

    EREN ÖZKUM 2 months ago

    do honest trailers prison break!

  • Techno Hart
    Techno Hart 2 months ago

    Starring - Max payne

  • Ben Shepherd
    Ben Shepherd 2 months ago


  • Lance Marcus
    Lance Marcus 2 months ago

    1:42 hahahaha

  • Poornendu Nair
    Poornendu Nair 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who feels that Mike's death was unnecessary?

  • Jude Groomes
    Jude Groomes 2 months ago

    The most meanest MC on this earth

  • Omar Wave
    Omar Wave 2 months ago

    - Man i hate the wife sky

  • Loic Marimoutou
    Loic Marimoutou 3 months ago

    anyone has the song for the guitar solo at the beginning ? please

  • Andy Hughes
    Andy Hughes 3 months ago

    "Now that's product placement". LMAO!

  • l'Oratore magico
    l'Oratore magico 3 months ago

    why don't you so Buffy???

  • Frishta
    Frishta 3 months ago

    Honestly I gave up after the 4th episode. I don't understand what people like about that series.

  • Shank Bhardwaj
    Shank Bhardwaj 3 months ago +1

    Now do honest trailer of better call Saul

  • The Knight Patriot
    The Knight Patriot 3 months ago

    They actually showed tits in the pilot episode, presumably because they originally pitched the show to HBO before AMC picked it up, and they do also occasionally drop the F bomb. Because it’s ok to show kids getting murdered but not nipples. #logic

  • Oscar Park
    Oscar Park 3 months ago

    It really was like being addicted to drugs.. I was at work thinking about it all day until I could get home to binge some more..

  • Dragon of the West
    Dragon of the West 3 months ago

    Can’t say the F word???? Have you ever seen breaking bad?

  • Andxel2
    Andxel2 3 months ago

    The Wire Honest Trailer when??

  • The L.J. Show
    The L.J. Show 3 months ago +2

    Exploading Grandpa

  • angel morales 44
    angel morales 44 3 months ago

    2:42 what episode is that???

    • GokoNo1
      GokoNo1 2 months ago

      Season 1 - Episode 6; (Walt takes explosives at Tuco's.)

  • Artur chucky Vasiljev
    Artur chucky Vasiljev 3 months ago +1

    Prison break honest trailer!

  • jacob hull
    jacob hull 3 months ago

    Explained honestly and in a humorous way.

  • Kinley Norbu
    Kinley Norbu 3 months ago

    Exploding grandma lmao :D

  • TF2Player
    TF2Player 3 months ago

    "I'm done"

  • Burgerboy
    Burgerboy 3 months ago

    Also Starring: Not picking up the phone, bean poison, sciencey jargon, time jumps, Kentucky Fake Chicken and Bluuuue

  • Burgerboy
    Burgerboy 3 months ago

    Episode 1: Jesse escapes a woman's window and she sticks out to throw him his clothes. She's topless. The F bomb is dropped at least 6 times a season

  • Johannes Dolch
    Johannes Dolch 3 months ago

    Can we get a breaking bad recut where he is just single? I literally can't watch Breaking Bad a second time, cause i can't stomach his depressing family.

    DOOM GAMING 3 months ago


  • Ares Langer
    Ares Langer 3 months ago

    You should do better call Saul !!!!! DO IT

  • Gregory Athanasiou-Sideris

    Do one for the Young Justice series please!

  • Billy Crystal
    Billy Crystal 4 months ago

    They swore and showed tits. WRONG.

  • Mateo Culani
    Mateo Culani 4 months ago

    So Walter let jessie s girlfriend die by drugs and later on her dad caused an air crash.That means Walter murder list expands?

  • L unit
    L unit 4 months ago

    They show boobs in literally the first episode, and by my count have used the f word 6 times by episode 3...

  • S VT
    S VT 4 months ago

    this is hilarious =))))

  • Hey.miklas
    Hey.miklas 4 months ago

    Malcome‘s dad 😂

  • Beto U.U
    Beto U.U 4 months ago

    Jimi Hendrixing... dude.

  • Samuel Rix
    Samuel Rix 4 months ago

    Skylar of Breaking Bad is basically the Lori of the Walking Dead

  • Matt Hennie
    Matt Hennie 4 months ago

    WHYYy have you not done one for LOST?!

  • Krishna Gupta
    Krishna Gupta 4 months ago

    Please do DARK netflix show

  • Danielle S
    Danielle S 4 months ago

    I never really got into the show. Like...it was always just *okay* to me but I didn't get the hype. I did enjoy Giancarlo Esposito though, because he's just so good in everything he does.

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs 4 months ago

    Skyler is so Karen

  • Lockmelon
    Lockmelon 4 months ago

    They did show boobs

    In the pilot

  • Kristina Koj
    Kristina Koj 4 months ago

    A son who we are not sure we are allowed to make fun of 🤣🤣🤣

  • Aun The Geek
    Aun The Geek 4 months ago

    The first episode had a brief scene of nudity tho

  • Nihad Nasrullayev
    Nihad Nasrullayev 4 months ago

    you forgot about fly

  • mostafa mahmoud
    mostafa mahmoud 4 months ago


    jesse shaves his head

  • Zanimate 98
    Zanimate 98 4 months ago

    The amount of coincidences occurring in this tv show and it's spin-off Better Call Saul, is starting to become annoying.

  • Shubham Adhe
    Shubham Adhe 4 months ago

    What is that guitar chords called at the beginning of the video

  • Suhaib Rehman
    Suhaib Rehman 4 months ago +1

    You R Godamm right

  • Mayank fifteen
    Mayank fifteen 5 months ago

    The ending was so goddamn satisfying, man I love that show

  • Williams O
    Williams O 5 months ago

    Gosh i hate Skylar!

  • Criselda
    Criselda 5 months ago

    OH MY GOODNESS. That bear foreshadowed Gus' death. Man. Thanks, Honest trailers. (Just finished binge-watching BB.)

  • Andrew Fitzsimons
    Andrew Fitzsimons 5 months ago

    do the office

  • Tom Friel
    Tom Friel 5 months ago

    watch Trailer Park Boys

  • aepr84
    aepr84 5 months ago

    overrated show

  • InDer PanDa
    InDer PanDa 5 months ago

    Watched in 2k18

  • AnarchistofYT00
    AnarchistofYT00 5 months ago

    Do a Gotham honest trailer.

  • Logan Kean
    Logan Kean 5 months ago

    Does anyone know the name of the music that plays during the “starring” section?

  • Blody Mess
    Blody Mess 5 months ago

    Exploding grandpa......hmm....

  • ada jimenez
    ada jimenez 5 months ago

    "The color Purple" 😂😂😂

  • Noémie Stéphane
    Noémie Stéphane 5 months ago

    the lamest show ever made.

    i 'd prefer watch my little pony

  • The Cereal Guy
    The Cereal Guy 5 months ago


  • Foshoko
    Foshoko 6 months ago

    Finally someone calls out Skyler for being annoying

  • Griffin has Good
    Griffin has Good 6 months ago

    Your know when u say atm machine your saying automatic teller machine machine

  • codename617
    codename617 6 months ago

    Also do NYPD Blue