Minecraft Dungeons: Introduction to Seasonal Adventures

  • Published on Nov 22, 2021
  • What are Seasonal Adventures? Why is there a weird tower in the camp? And what is all this talk about capes and rewards? Have no fear, an explanation is here! Learn all there is to know about Seasonal Adventures - Minecraft Dungeons’ new & free themed events!
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  • dark wizardlizard
    dark wizardlizard 6 months ago +352

    I'm not going to lie the fact that you guys said that seasonal rewards stay indefinitely so I don't have to play everyday in order to get every reward is a very nice thing that I greatly appreciate

    • Filip Cuber
      Filip Cuber 11 days ago

      Spokojnie nagrody sezonowe dalej są

    • Greyson Crowe
      Greyson Crowe Month ago

      @Marsa Husni 1 no, but you will be able to progress the old season pass

    • Marsa Husni 1
      Marsa Husni 1 Month ago

      @Greyson Crowe so, we can't play the previous season right?

    • Greyson Crowe
      Greyson Crowe 5 months ago +2

      @Xoduk once the season changes you'll still be able to unlock the rewards from the previous season

    • Xoduk
      Xoduk 5 months ago +5

      So does each season just like never end? I'm still confused about this. Do you choose a seasonal track that you want to level up? When Season 2 releases can I still access cloudy climb? I'm still unsure what that means. It makes me think once you unlock the rewards you keep them but they said don't get afraid of missing out. Can someone clarify this better?

  • YelloWool
    YelloWool 6 months ago +160

    It's times like this that I wish I had started playing when it first came out. I have no idea what any of this means. 😂

    • Zaid Qureshi
      Zaid Qureshi 4 months ago

      @Omid M bruh

    • Omid M
      Omid M 4 months ago

      @Zaid Qureshi only Mojang knows that

    • Zaid Qureshi
      Zaid Qureshi 4 months ago

      @Omid M or it’s a never end game ik it’s a dum question but I am new so ye

    • Zaid Qureshi
      Zaid Qureshi 4 months ago

      @Omid M does Minecraft dungeon ever end

    • Sabina Cendzak
      Sabina Cendzak 5 months ago +1

      Me too rip

  • optimesto
    optimesto 6 months ago +91

    The fact that we won't miss any seasonal challenge is one of the best decisions... noice

  • Aidan C
    Aidan C 6 months ago +591

    “Or simply annoy them with awkward moves from ancient times.”
    *shows them dabbing*

  • Erin Karp
    Erin Karp 6 months ago +74

    "No fear of missing out" OH MY GOSH IT'S PERFECT

  • ɪ ᴀsᴋᴇᴅ.♕︎
    ɪ ᴀsᴋᴇᴅ.♕︎ 6 months ago +116

    This is super intresting! The map looks amazing

  • Sandra Paola Aparco Quispilaya

    who else thinks mojang should add a level editor to minecraft dungeons

    • LawrenzoXz
      LawrenzoXz 5 months ago +2

      Yes. I want to make level for the player to be surround by five endermens lol. (static screen intensified)

    • Kwispey
      Kwispey 6 months ago +10

      That would definitely get me to come back to the game

  • Robotbird17 ‎‎ ‎‎ً
    Robotbird17 ‎‎ ‎‎ً 6 months ago +103

    Is it just me or is Minecraft the most fun game ever.

    • Clobz
      Clobz 6 months ago

      @SignõrEthanWinters I actually find Minecraft to be extremely boring now, it was fun but now it’s not anymore

    • Clobz
      Clobz 6 months ago

      @Ezequiel Perez ah yes, the only two games that exist, Minecraft and cod

    • Clobz
      Clobz 6 months ago

      Just you

    • Robotbird17 ‎‎ ‎‎ً
      Robotbird17 ‎‎ ‎‎ً 6 months ago

      @SignõrEthanWinters I did

  • Lucky_Benjamin
    Lucky_Benjamin 6 months ago +38

    Love the new content!!!
    Also will there ever be a mob vote with all the mobs who didn't make it or just the ones that got second place? Like icellager coppergolem

  • He1Io
    He1Io 6 months ago +74

    "Or simply annoy them with awkward moves from ancient times"
    *dabs in sync*

  • burger 1160
    burger 1160 6 months ago +85

    I'm going to get Minecraft dungeons for my birthday this month and I can't wait to play with this new feature

    • lol i
      lol i 6 months ago

      have fun my guy

    • Shammi Akther
      Shammi Akther 6 months ago +1

      @burger 1160 i have the ultimate dlc pack but i wonder what ultimate edition is like

    • NeonVice1983
      NeonVice1983 6 months ago

      Hecc ya

    • Zen_Rhino
      Zen_Rhino 6 months ago

      @SC (BEST TheXvidR EVER) You don’t have content-

    • Zazen
      Zazen 6 months ago +2

      Hope you enjoy it!

  • Big Orange Chicken
    Big Orange Chicken 6 months ago +70

    *Seeing my most nostalgic childhood game makes me smile and cry tears of joy.*

    • Adam Sharif
      Adam Sharif Month ago

      @Awesome Person I think they meant Minecraft, although it’s Minecraft dungeons. If they did mean this game, they are 5 years old.

    • Univers X
      Univers X 5 months ago


    • PãoDeBatata1201
      PãoDeBatata1201 6 months ago

      @SillySanta you dont even had videos

    • Awesome Person
      Awesome Person 6 months ago +3

      This game has been around for less than 2 years...

  • Dylan Kennedy
    Dylan Kennedy 6 months ago +8

    I don’t know how to feel about all this content. At what point do the updates stop being so frickin amazing.

  • Federal Investigation Bureau


  • Macaroni Cheese
    Macaroni Cheese 6 months ago +3

    Here I am just starting with the game! There is sooooooooooooo much content to explore! Thank you Minecraft Dungeons team!

  • noobpoob
    noobpoob 6 months ago +3

    I'm glad that you are keeping this game alive

    VALENTINVS 6 months ago +1

    Glad to see they'll keep this game alive ! That would be great to be able to play with random players... I have no friends playing dungeons... 🤣

  • Cyber Flows
    Cyber Flows 6 months ago +9

    I am so happy that the old stuff stays so you can collect everything.

  • StickManInSpace
    StickManInSpace 5 months ago

    Well this looks like it will be an amazing update, I love the fact that the stuff stays, so that nobody misses anything. And the tower thing looks pretty fun too.

  • Rimple Sharma
    Rimple Sharma 6 months ago +3

    Thank you mojang for all you make for us

  • Jitzy
    Jitzy 6 months ago +1

    they actually got the season pass perfect. it is impossible to miss rewards. very nice

  • TheMangle87
    TheMangle87 6 months ago +1

    I just finished all the DLC so I am extremely excited for new content to arrive!

  • Debo Gaming
    Debo Gaming 6 months ago +6

    Great new content!!! It's better with every update 😘 😘 😘

  • Emanuelgamer 1313
    Emanuelgamer 1313 6 months ago +1

    This sounds really exciting!! I hope for alot more content!

  • hyper studios
    hyper studios 6 months ago +3

    I love this game my friend got the DLC yesterday we gonna get evry single one of those levels done then we gonna get him a better build and then we gonna run through this pass and then we can go through the tower and flex who's better

  • Falcon Summit
    Falcon Summit 6 months ago +1

    Holy heck Mojang put so much effort into Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons! Can't wait for Seasonal Adventures! :D

  • Vels
    Vels 6 months ago +1

    I’m loving these events!!

  • Ahat
    Ahat 6 months ago +2

    Yay, i never have to worry about missing things! Thanks Mojang!

  • WeatherGhost
    WeatherGhost 6 months ago

    When you cross the bridge to the tower, you should slowlyish transform into your character, and when you reach the tower itself, fully be transformed.

  • AwesmazingGuy
    AwesmazingGuy 3 months ago +1

    I honestly think Minecraft Dungeons should be an mmorpg with a large open world to explore with many people

  • Vukovatz TV
    Vukovatz TV 6 months ago +2

    This is going to be epic.

  • مسوي خوي
    مسوي خوي 6 months ago

    Great new content!!! It’s better with every update😘😘

  • Lego Cube
    Lego Cube 6 months ago +1

    I’m hyped for the update

  • Hungarian Countryball
    Hungarian Countryball 6 months ago +2

    This looks awesome!
    Minecraft games are always legendary!

  • Soapy-kun
    Soapy-kun 6 months ago

    Thank you for letting seasonal awards stay

  • alex gamer
    alex gamer 6 months ago

    Maravilloso juego pero deberían poner subtitulos

  • TheJackasaur11
    TheJackasaur11 6 months ago +1

    The tower!!!! I’ve always wondered what that broken bridge would lead to!!!

  • The syrup lord
    The syrup lord 6 months ago +9

    I’m excited for this update.

  • The Sunnybee
    The Sunnybee 6 months ago

    I really love minecraft dungeons and have never actually finished it or paid for DLCS but once I get my pc next year I def will

  • Ebon Hawken
    Ebon Hawken 5 months ago +2

    Seriously no coop on the tower?! The reason I got into this game was because it was a ton of fun playing with my kids. I’ve bought all the dlc’s because that’s how much fun my we were having. We were excited to play this seasonal event together, guess I’ll have to let them know we can’t. Really disappointing…

  • Cheese Var
    Cheese Var 6 months ago +1

    Beautiful ! I cant wait for this

  • Manas Dhal
    Manas Dhal 6 months ago +1

    Wish story mode made a appearance in dungeons

  • •Talal•
    •Talal• 6 months ago +1

    What are you going to do in the new update after the wild update? I want the bosses update 🥳

  • Poppo
    Poppo 6 months ago

    Finally a reason to get back into Minecraft dungeons

  • •Talal•
    •Talal• 6 months ago +1

    Add 4 bosses
    Ice boss in the ice 🧊
    Fire boss in the nather🔥
    Earth boss in the forest 🌳
    Electric boss in the depths of the ocean 🌊

  • Turtlegamer 🐢
    Turtlegamer 🐢 5 months ago

    I love the way he pronounces words it feels nice and comforting

  • Turtlegamer 🐢
    Turtlegamer 🐢 5 months ago

    I love the way he pronounces words it feels nice and comforting

  • Danez
    Danez 6 months ago +1

    I'm definitely gonna enjoy this!

  • Xoduk
    Xoduk 5 months ago +1

    So what exactly does 'indefenetly' mean? Does each season just like never end? I'm still confused about this. Do you choose a seasonal track that you want to level up? When Season 2 releases can I still access cloudy climb? I'm still unsure what that means. It makes me think once you unlock the rewards you keep them but they said don't get afraid of missing out. Can someone clarify this better?

  • AlexMicaf
    AlexMicaf 6 months ago +3

    I really hope this game will added on android, ios, and any other device

    • LeadHarsh06
      LeadHarsh06 6 months ago

      It has already been added to devices that can handle them.

  • Reuben Daniel
    Reuben Daniel 6 months ago

    Can already tell I’m gonna like this Tower event

  • Alexinfinite gaming 2021

    I played the tower update for the first time i reached at Floor 20 it was so lucky

  • KAI-ES
    KAI-ES 6 months ago +1

    Deberían poner un tipo de emparejamiento automático

  • Siphesihle Abraham
    Siphesihle Abraham 6 months ago +1

    Mojang should add some java edition features to bedrock and Pocket Edition. That would be awesome because I don't have a computer, I have a iPad and an Android phone so I would really appreciate it for Mojang to add some features from java to bedrock 😄😁.

  • Rise of The Sage
    Rise of The Sage 6 months ago +5

    Will the Premium pass apply for all the seasons, or just that one season?

    • Rise of The Sage
      Rise of The Sage 6 months ago +1

      @Greyson Crowe oh right, thanks for letting me know!!! I watched the MC Live but it was pretty late and i was sleepy 🤣😅

    • Greyson Crowe
      Greyson Crowe 6 months ago +2

      All, they stated that on MC live :)

  • clark
    clark 6 months ago

    i wish mojang would make a shader texture pack (like this one) for mcpe and mc win10

  • Note Drop
    Note Drop 6 months ago

    Just a question. Will there be new cutscenes in the update?

  • Penguinie_
    Penguinie_ 6 months ago

    Will you have to create a new character to play the seasonal missions or play in the tower or can you use your current character?

  • Sussy Taco
    Sussy Taco 6 months ago +2

    That character from the tower is pretty interesting.

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 6 months ago +1

    Thanks you so much Mojang, so finally i can have birthday Cape on Steam 😍

  • Jacob Zachary Jackson
    Jacob Zachary Jackson 6 months ago +1

    We need more animals in the Wild update please . please add zebras and hamsters and Dragons🐉🦓🐁 and variants of other animals please

  • Arando14
    Arando14 6 months ago

    Now this is my kind of seasonal battle pass, a permanent one

  • NexaR BRO
    NexaR BRO 6 months ago

    Очень круто,ждем ))

  • Angry Leeroy
    Angry Leeroy 6 months ago +1

    Crazy to see a company understand what the customer pays for, FoLO should not be a thing in any game. So awesome they are leaving what you pay for in the game even when a new season starts. @Bungie take notes

  • Blues Master
    Blues Master 4 months ago +1

    In the next update can you have p51 mustangs and p47 thunderbolts and b17s that you can spawn and fly and have dogfights in air.

  • TheCodeKing
    TheCodeKing 6 months ago +1

    Wow this is going to be awesome!

  • 30fpsnoobCODYT
    30fpsnoobCODYT 5 months ago

    Add a customizable hud with dedicated buttons to minecraft pocket edition. You are going to make better the gameplay overall, and at the same time, since there are dedicated buttons for every action (for example, one button to destroy blocks, another button to place blocks) you are going to be able to bring the dual welding mechanic to bedrock in general (w10, mobile and console), since there is going to be a dedicated button to use the off hand and the items that are hold in the off hand slot and you wont face the problem of making the dual welding work on the current tap and slide interaction system that Minecraft mobile has

  • LawrenzoXz
    LawrenzoXz 5 months ago +1

    If Mojang adds Public Matchs to multiplayer. I will be happy as ever.

  • Bigluigifan 2
    Bigluigifan 2 6 months ago +1

    What if Minecraft bedrock and Java had this? it would make Updates more fun and faster :)

  • Some Person
    Some Person 6 months ago +1

    Does this mean the premium part of the seasons won’t disappear as well?

  • José Edeilson
    José Edeilson 6 months ago

    Porque o dungeons tá tendo mais atualizações ele tem muita coisa. E o minecraft bem que vcs podiam fazer que o badrock se pareça mais com o java por exemplo: o escudo as gramas...

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 6 months ago +3

    And i Want to thank you because if we miss some event we can get it soon. Some people cant afford game and they can miss it. Ot some new guys love game and it would be sad if we coudnt own all of items. Thank you 🥰

  • Candy French
    Candy French 2 months ago

    Ready for Season 2!

  • Ricardo L F
    Ricardo L F 6 months ago

    Aka: they added a battle pass and train mode.... I LOVE IT I want all the new pets

  • Dan
    Dan 6 months ago +1

    Now this is epic!

    I SUBSCRlBE BACK 6 months ago

    A new update makes life so much better

    I SUBSCRlBE BACK 6 months ago

    A new update makes life so much better

    I SUBSCRlBE BACK 6 months ago

    A new update makes life so much better

    I SUBSCRlBE BACK 6 months ago

    A new update makes life so much better

  • Lindsey Labelle
    Lindsey Labelle 6 months ago +1

    Do you get the adventure points from previous battles like do you get them from all the battles that you did a little bit ago or does it not count you have to do other Battles to get adventure point

  • philtocraft
    philtocraft 6 months ago

    Minecraft Dungeons is such a cool looking game can't wait and hope they release this on mobile in the future.😎🤔

  • Matteo Rossi
    Matteo Rossi 6 months ago +6

    Pov: even minecraft doungeons has a better progression system than halo infinite

  • Flubbedsoda6010 Gaming
    Flubbedsoda6010 Gaming 6 months ago

    Thank You Minecraft!, minecraft dungeons was every boring till this update releases I didn't play the game for 2 months or less\more

  • 😈Con quỷ comment😈
    😈Con quỷ comment😈 6 months ago +1

    The graphics are so beautiful

  • Eros Rios
    Eros Rios 6 months ago +1

    Alguien más siente que Minecraft ya no es lo mismo que antes? Antes encontrabas un sitio plano, ovejas, vacas, texturas antiguas y aldeas, para construir.
    ahora hay
    fuego azul
    warden (si)

    • Chris
      Chris 6 months ago

      Cry about it

  • Ishan
    Ishan 6 months ago +1

    mc dungeons rlly do be getting cooler every update doe

  • JustRyal1
    JustRyal1 6 months ago

    ah yes. finally here comes the real minecraft dungeons game

  • EntiShark
    EntiShark 6 months ago

    I am disappointed that there is no new gear or enchantments teasered yet. It will be a pitty if there were no new armour/weapon and epic enchantments in upcoming update

  • PopcornRazer
    PopcornRazer 6 months ago +4

    Ahahah sympathique tout ça ! Trop hâte de défier cette TOURR !!! 😏

    • PopcornRazer
      PopcornRazer 6 months ago +1

      @TomatPotatIDinStat I understand but there are a lot of people from the French community who are interested in Minecraft Dungeons and with whom I want to discuss the subject. I go speak French and English, no problem! Thank you for coming back

    • TomatPotatIDinStat
      TomatPotatIDinStat 6 months ago +1

      @PopcornRazer alright, might I suggest commenting in english since this is an english video, so that way the majority of people could understand

    • PopcornRazer
      PopcornRazer 6 months ago

      @TomatPotatIDinStat I can’t wait/I'm exited to challenge the tower

    • TomatPotatIDinStat
      TomatPotatIDinStat 6 months ago


  • TygerisnotTiger
    TygerisnotTiger 6 months ago

    Looks really fun!

  • Mr.Nebula
    Mr.Nebula 6 months ago +1

    I wished I didn't fall off this game, but they got rid of my favorite fighter's binding build and there is no other build that could replace it

  • Nautical
    Nautical 6 months ago

    Not a huge fan of the battle pass, but otherwise looks great

  • GachaTV
    GachaTV 6 months ago +1

    Hey mojang In bedrock edition add any item that you could hold were you hold the shield

  • Xtreeme
    Xtreeme 6 months ago

    No "Fear of missing out" is a huge win

    SCHWIFTY 6 months ago +2

    I hope mc dungeon can be played in mobile in the future

    • LeadHarsh06
      LeadHarsh06 6 months ago

      Not possible, until we get a new mobile that has the same power as a decent pc or console, which will probably take decades

  • Blaze Menace
    Blaze Menace 5 months ago +1

    Great, another game with a battle pa-wait you don't miss out on rewards?
    Ok, I'll give you credit for that

  • Luigi Scoccimarro
    Luigi Scoccimarro 6 months ago +1

    Minecraft you could do minecraft dungeons on mobile devices, so the game would be more played, hoping you could put the expansion levels as well

  • Bull Dog
    Bull Dog 5 months ago

    Should have been co-op enabled instead of single player. And only 3 lives at least for the first 30 floors? It should have been like 3 lives for every 10 floors. Is there an opportunity to get more lives? Or do you only get 3 lives to do all 100 floors which would be very very difficult to do.

  • JH c of d
    JH c of d 5 months ago

    I want a storage chest to store old event items that i don't want to break

  • YUNG_Death
    YUNG_Death 6 months ago

    I'm really happy about this!!!