Top 50 Most Humiliating Goals That SHOCKED The World

  • Published on Aug 13, 2019
  • Home of Football ➠ Top 50 Most Humiliating Goals That SHOCKED The World
    Another day and another video on Home of Football channel. This time we tried to present you 50 goals that totally destroyed opponents. Some of these goals are even disrespectful to opponent, we would like to hear your opinion about Paul-Georges Ntep's goal, could he just tap ball into the net ?!
    But many of these goals are totally masterpiece, pure skills. While some other could be scored totally accidentally. However, it's just enjoyable experience by wathcing these goals.
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Comments • 259

  • Jugendra Singh
    Jugendra Singh 9 days ago

    But then also nice

  • Jugendra Singh
    Jugendra Singh 9 days ago

    Last one should be of Ronaldo's Bicycle Kick

  • Hadibah Mahamood
    Hadibah Mahamood 13 days ago

    yay malaysian player

  • Hamza Hancı
    Hamza Hancı Month ago +1

    The best goal(I think):grafite=1.49

  • Johnson Lee
    Johnson Lee Month ago

    Why wasn’t zlatan’s goal vs England here

    DA GAMER ALIYAS Month ago

    Messi goal vs Liverpool 1st leg,DIDNT U SEE DIS FREE KICK

    • GeinerAlex Cetina
      GeinerAlex Cetina Month ago

      Roberto carlos freekick vs francia is better than it goal and don't appear in this video...

  • HoD K
    HoD K Month ago


  • hakimi dybala johor

    ha tepuk

  • Isaac Frost
    Isaac Frost Month ago

    The best football video out there!

  • Lil Nick
    Lil Nick 2 months ago

    Pahang fa

  • pity martinez
    pity martinez 2 months ago

    como no vas a poner la de scocco contra olimpo, no entendés nada papá

  • Mustafa Azam
    Mustafa Azam 2 months ago

    1:12 was actully humiliating and the gk should have stopped it

  • Aireel Aqeef
    Aireel Aqeef 2 months ago

    Herold Goulun 😍❤

  • Michael redpath
    Michael redpath 2 months ago

    Do they have to write shocked the world my god we all shocked rite enough

  • Oliver Tattershall
    Oliver Tattershall 2 months ago +1

    u should’ve put in a goal from lingard that’s embarrassing

    ARJUN RAVATALE 2 months ago

    All 50 goals should be of neymar and messi

  • Flopek Black
    Flopek Black 2 months ago

    where is goal for Ireneusz Jelen PSG-AUXERRE ...

  • Redderz1112 Football maniac

    Wats the song

  • KingÇiltron Redjepi
    KingÇiltron Redjepi 2 months ago


  • oof man
    oof man 2 months ago

    im not a messi fanboy or anytjing but i think messi deserves number 1 tbh

  • Andrés VAMB
    Andrés VAMB 2 months ago +2

    Where is the origi goal? with that corner shot of Alexander Arnold

  • Ainesosa
    Ainesosa 2 months ago

    Where is Hazard’s goal from last season and ibra against England?

  • Stefan#21
    Stefan#21 2 months ago

    dybala vs triestina?

  • Largui rucho
    Largui rucho 2 months ago

    Falto el gol del pity martinez en river contra boca (3-1)

  • MR. Potato
    MR. Potato 2 months ago

    Herold Goulon also humilate Penang in Malaysia Cup group stage MD6

  • Houssam Idine Jibrini
    Houssam Idine Jibrini 2 months ago +1

    التعليق نصو عربي😆

  • Marcus Rasmussen 5f
    Marcus Rasmussen 5f 2 months ago

    8:32 the best goal ever #forzamalmö

  • Filip Wretner
    Filip Wretner 2 months ago

    How is Zlatan's bicycle kick against England not on there?

  • Stomper Stomper
    Stomper Stomper 2 months ago +2

    1:12 😍

  • Xawa Luul
    Xawa Luul 2 months ago

    Siil walaashiin

  • iwa perkasa
    iwa perkasa 3 months ago

    Messi againts betis chip?

  • Adrian Jantas
    Adrian Jantas 3 months ago

    Messi vs getafe

  • suong tran
    suong tran 3 months ago


  • Zahrul Haron
    Zahrul Haron 3 months ago

    Gol pahang😂

  • Septian Fajar
    Septian Fajar 3 months ago

    Messi dog

  • Przemek Romanowski
    Przemek Romanowski 3 months ago

    5 goals in 9 minutes by Lewandowski vs Wolfsburg - this is the most humiliating.

  • Payday TO
    Payday TO 3 months ago

    Great video, yet disappointing that only that one goal of Ronaldo was in there
    He’s had many goals that were way better(or in this sense humiliating) than that goal
    Examples: His bicycle kick vs Juventus
    All of His back heel goals
    His scorpion kick goals

  • Las hermanas locas fs ?!

    4:10 😡

  • Francesco Ugo
    Francesco Ugo 3 months ago

    Jeremy menez vs parma you forgot

  • the blurry Boateng
    the blurry Boateng 3 months ago

    Ntep's goal is abosuletly savage

  • Fnuggums LoL
    Fnuggums LoL 3 months ago

    Firminos goal against Arsenal??

  • b3nj4 -
    b3nj4 - 3 months ago

    messi guaton

  • Bledar Uruci
    Bledar Uruci 3 months ago +1

    10:25 This goal is for the ones who think that Suarez has lost his killer instict.

    • JD
      JD 2 months ago

      Bledar Uruci No man, a childish cunt that BITES other athletes in games on THREE different occasions is born with killer instinct, like a psychopath or something. He will never lose it.

  • Alex Waye
    Alex Waye 3 months ago


  • Chantal Bucktob
    Chantal Bucktob 3 months ago +1

    YNWA❤️ but zlatan work alone🤑😈

  • Kili
    Kili 3 months ago

    At 6:15, He was my trainer, i played for FC Wacker Innsbruck

  • NikeFG
    NikeFG 3 months ago

    I rather watch top 50 goals of cristiano there are real goals and not only friendly games

  • Riley Seid
    Riley Seid 3 months ago +1

    Messi was the only player featured thrice (and could've featured more tbh) shows jux how gr8 he is 🐐

  • Yunus Turhan
    Yunus Turhan 3 months ago


  • Haziq787 Haziq787
    Haziq787 Haziq787 3 months ago +3

    Proud to be malaysian..harold goulon was an imported player in malaysia football clu😄

  • Daniel Edwards
    Daniel Edwards 3 months ago +2

    Salah v Tottenham, Salah v Watford, Firmino v Arsenal?

    • Henry Myring
      Henry Myring 3 months ago

      @Daniel Edwards what even was Salah vs Tottenham

    • Daniel Edwards
      Daniel Edwards 3 months ago

      Henry Myring All deserved and better than a lot of these.

    • Henry Myring
      Henry Myring 3 months ago +1

      Can you just not

  • JJ Elizondo
    JJ Elizondo 3 months ago

    La chilena de Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

  • Jean Gallardo
    Jean Gallardo 3 months ago


  • Ganjar Pamungkas
    Ganjar Pamungkas 3 months ago

    Jeremy Menez. Parma vs Ac Milan. Beautyful goal

  • Eduardo Ferman
    Eduardo Ferman 3 months ago +3

    Like if Ronaldo is better than messi

  • A R R O L A T E
    A R R O L A T E 3 months ago +1

    Uruguay 2nd goal vs Brasil - Final 1950?

  • Riccardo Fantin
    Riccardo Fantin 3 months ago


  • guy heron
    guy heron 3 months ago +1

    Where is Ronaldinho's toe punt against Chelsea? Also Suarez nutmeg on Luiz was more humiliating than the Betis goal

  • McQuad 47
    McQuad 47 3 months ago +1

    1:53 best assist ever seen

  • Eko Widiyanto
    Eko Widiyanto 3 months ago

    Kaka always be the best goal