N.J. Burkett reporting as Twin Towers begin to collapse on September 11, 2001

  • Published on Sep 6, 2018
  • Raw video from the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.
    More coverage: 7ny.tv/2wKnbWj

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  • Emily
    Emily 8 months ago +5301

    The man who said “you don’t know what we’re breathing in” is so important. Not a lot of people think about those details during a desperate time like this, and so many survivors ended up succumbing to illnesses from what they inhaled. His mindfulness in that moment probably saved the people around him big time.

      TAIGAXML 4 hours ago

      @tiniente abanil Indeed it was. In fact it was during the center's construction that the asbestos laws were passed, so that only the first 40 floors were insulated with Asbestos.

    • Big Country
      Big Country 6 days ago +1

      Huge explosion no plane.

    • Ian G K 1973😀🖒
      Ian G K 1973😀🖒 10 days ago

      @tiniente abanil it was band in the UK 2 years before 9/11 very Dangerous material

  • D0ugl4smAn5 2.0
    D0ugl4smAn5 2.0 7 months ago +960

    It's nice to see that instead of helping himself, the reporter looked out for others, so did the camera man. I thank them both and everyone else who helped each other out on that day.

    • LauraRN713
      LauraRN713 20 days ago

      @Dennis Micheals I agree

    • Robert and Holly Scorpio fan
      Robert and Holly Scorpio fan Month ago

      @Dennis Micheals you were right saying “people.”
      Not everyone in america is an american.
      The country became divided then.
      The folks who did this were Muslim “extremists.”
      Not every Muslim is an extremist.
      Many Muslims who love everyone were attacked because others made presumptions.
      The country known as the United States is divided because some choose to allow others to think for them, whether it’s the truth or not.

    • Dennis Micheals
      Dennis Micheals 2 months ago +6

      People or should I say Americans were a lot nicer and caring then ..country wasn't devided like it is today

    • D0ugl4smAn5 2.0
      D0ugl4smAn5 2.0 4 months ago +10

      @BananaSkin Development No you are right there would be a difference seeing how 80% of our generation wouldnt even handle watching a shoe fall from the wtc during then. I guess we were built different but I agree with you. That day was terrifying for all parties involved.

    • BananaSkin Development
      BananaSkin Development 4 months ago +25

      That what people were like back then gee. Today it seem like we will be selfish but in reality everyone will still help eachother in serious scenarios.

  • del
    del 8 months ago +1751

    horrifying how people in the north towers watched the south tower as it fell.

    • Annina Barbosa
      Annina Barbosa 10 days ago

      For all I’ve read about it, most of people had no idea the other tall was falling. The firefighters at the lobby didn’t. Tips on readings: “fall and rise”, “102 minutes” and “the only plane in the sky”.

    • M10 YT
      M10 YT 13 days ago

      Worst part is that people where told to stay in the tower even after the first one was hit. Not sure if they all stayed after the second plane hit if they did a lot of people could've been saved

    • David Bartha
      David Bartha 24 days ago

      @V I I watched it on TV. Make me numb.

    • V I
      V I 24 days ago +1

      Some people even recognized coworkers as they fell from the towers.

    • John Smith
      John Smith Month ago +1

      Horrifying how millions watched them collapse

  • Mack
    Mack 8 months ago +864

    it blows my mind that this is a historical event and didn’t just happen yesterday. it still feels so fresh

    • Ethan Harris
      Ethan Harris Month ago +1

      I wasn't born yet to even hear or witness this but seeing these videos I could only imagine the horror

    • Osaka Cadillac
      Osaka Cadillac 4 months ago

      @Chris Anderson rest in peace for all the ones they life's. This is literally heartbreaking and disturbing and no one should feel such horror movie.

    • Chris Anderson
      Chris Anderson 5 months ago +5

      When I watch footage like this it’s like being there again. The panic everyone had during this and the anger afterwards makes me so sad. 20 years of anger towards Iraq when they had nothing to do with it.

    • Sofia Lorido
      Sofia Lorido 6 months ago +3

      @Revolution Yeah 😢

    • Revolution
      Revolution 6 months ago +4

      @Sofia Lorido I feel so sorry for all of them

  • Trilo#roadto100subs
    Trilo#roadto100subs 7 months ago +614

    The reporter is so calm saying “Huge explosion coming down on us” than the next second he’s panicking saying “WE BETTER RUN”

    • KOSS6
      KOSS6 16 days ago

      he cannot be panicked on camera bcoz he has to show the world whats happening

    • UGNAvalon
      UGNAvalon Month ago +4

      That was the moment he realized “That’s not an explosion.. THE WHOLE BUILDING’S COMING DOWN!!”

    • Tuomasd
      Tuomasd 2 months ago +13

      Thats a classic 🤣 How quickly he dropped the goofy news man -voice

    • AJ H.
      AJ H. 7 months ago +54

      I think he was still calm for a second because he thought it was just an explosion which for the most part is still isolated. Then he realized the building was collapsing and start to panic. Rightfully so.

    • Trilo#roadto100subs
      Trilo#roadto100subs 7 months ago +35

      @MasterCobraGaming Ik that, but like, idk how the heck he was calm saying huge explosion coming down on us

  • Jay Singh
    Jay Singh Year ago +5988

    My dad, Roshan Singh, and my aunt, Khamladai Singh, both worked in the world trade center and passed away this day. I don't remember much about my dad because I was only 4 years old when this happened, but my mom tells me that he was a kind and honest man. Growing up she used to talk about him a lot and would break down crying because she missed him so much. She never remarried because she said that he was the only man that she was meant to be with. Rest easy pops.

    • Tyrone Williams
      Tyrone Williams 21 day ago

      I'm so sorry for your loss, your Dad and Aunt did not deserve to die that day, I was in school when this happened and I could not believe it.

    • Andrew Nagy
      Andrew Nagy 25 days ago

      Rip blame ur government

    • Noctopus
      Noctopus 29 days ago


    • 1viper7
      1viper7 Month ago +1

      That's unfortunate sorry rip

    • Kean Paolo Miguel Cabaero
      Kean Paolo Miguel Cabaero Month ago +1


  • Konnorr
    Konnorr 8 months ago +202

    I was a newborn when this happened. My dad was a first responder(NYPD ESU) along with many close family friends. I’ve lost many close family friends from conditions caused by breathing in the smoke and debris. It’s truly heartbreaking and I don’t understand how I would’ve dealt with it if I was a teenager. My dad was there, barely survived and was there every single day during the clean up process. My mom tells me stories of how I never let him hold me when he came home after being out 19 hours a day. It’s heart breaking and I can’t comprehend the terror people in my city felt. My parents tell me how the next day, American flags were sold out, people were out giving bottles of water to first responders, hugging them, crying to them. How people, black or white, democrat or republican were together, unified.

    • LauraRN713
      LauraRN713 3 days ago +1

      @Vj Long yes, that’s exactly what it was like. Much more peaceful. There was more happiness and less stress. My daughter was born in 2002, and I wish she could have experienced it too.

    • Vj Long
      Vj Long 3 days ago +1

      @LauraRN713 I was born in late 2005 so I obviously wasn’t alive back then, but I wish I got to see America back then. I bet it felt like everyone was closer and realized at the end of the day we are all people and we should look after each other and set aside our differences. Especially that day.

    • Ryzen
      Ryzen 4 days ago

      @LauraRN713 You're welcome man😄

    • LauraRN713
      LauraRN713 4 days ago +1

      @Ryzen thank you so much. That means a lot coming from a younger person 😊

    • Ryzen
      Ryzen 4 days ago +1

      @LauraRN713 I can't imagine how bad it was for you and everyone, I hope everyone is okay and God bless them all including you. Hope you feel better.

  • HaniX Subliminals
    HaniX Subliminals Month ago +74

    I was born after this happened, and honestly it just feels unreal. It’s just hard to believe that something this terrifying actually happened - same with things like the holocaust.
    It’s just simply horrific.

    • Wes McQuillen
      Wes McQuillen Day ago +2

      It was very real, even if you were nowhere near it. You remember where you were. I was in college in Virginia, about 2 hrs from DC where plane also hit. Was walking through campus and noticed that everyone was stopped and huddled around TVs, no one was doing anything else. Walked up to a TV, on the screen see people in others countries on the news, saying "It wasn't us, we didn't attack you" and then the footage of the planes hitting, over and over and over, because you have to remember, at first no one knew what was going on. No one went to class or went to get food, all we did was stand and stare at the TVs, often just with whoever was at the first TV you got to, strangers. For hours. Waiting to find out why it happened, who did it, were we suddenly at war? And then yes, in the coming days and weeks, everyone put flags in their windows or on their cars, everyone was so kind to each other, differences all seemed petty in the face of the tragedy.

    • BuzzyBeepopman
      BuzzyBeepopman 5 days ago

      Yeah it’s so weird I don’t see the world in the same light since discovering 9/11 and holocaust

    • Alder Lopez Castro
      Alder Lopez Castro 16 days ago

      It's hard to belive past events that happend when you weren't born.

    • Sam
      Sam 16 days ago +1

      Something catastrophic like this will happen at some point in your lifetime. It's an unfortunate reality but it's true.

    • marc draws production
      marc draws production Month ago

      Ikr sometimes I can't believe this actually happened

  • Capisce324
    Capisce324 8 months ago +313

    Made me weep. The love we had for each other. Where did it go?

    • Bloody Raptor
      Bloody Raptor 16 days ago +2

      @Aaa EEE not all coworkers are friends. I genuinely have coworkers I'm not friends with, but I'm still concerned for their safety

    • Aaa EEE
      Aaa EEE Month ago +2

      Do you not have friends?

    • Titanic Big ship
      Titanic Big ship 6 months ago +14

      Politics politics at the time were very eccentric IE both political Parties in the middle But then Obama became president and then everyone went crazy

    • ramiro cruz
      ramiro cruz 8 months ago +8


  • Logan Rossignol
    Logan Rossignol 7 months ago +280

    This is the only video that really captures the sound of the collapse, most others are really far away or really poor quality. The sound is truly staggering.

    • ᴍoixxy
      ᴍoixxy 2 days ago

      @Internet User link?

    • Mr_Wiggles
      Mr_Wiggles 8 days ago +1

      @Internet User do you have a link?

    • Internet User
      Internet User 6 months ago +7

      Another better quality one is the footage a French camera man caught from the lobby of the North Tower. It’s fairly HD considering the technology of the time, what really gets me about that audio is that you can hear this distinctive sound of like a thousand windows shattering (or something like that). I can’t hear it in other videos.

  • LTMC Media
    LTMC Media Year ago +9551

    This camera man did an incredible job. #1 rule of filming any significant event is never turn the camera off as everything is unpredictable. Documentation is important, props to this guy.

    • Kexetey
      Kexetey 4 months ago +1

      @cool guy agreed, but you want to capture the moment for future generations to see

    • SilvyYT
      SilvyYT 8 months ago

      So you'd really prioritise that footage over someone's life. Think for a moment how selfish that is.

    • Fletzy productions
      Fletzy productions 8 months ago

      He just stood there, and filmed instead of running with others

    • Fletzy productions
      Fletzy productions 8 months ago

      Also this like dang 5:14

  • thunder lord
    thunder lord 6 months ago +247

    I love how supportive the news guy is for other people around him and the camera guy as he continues to encourage him to keep running and checking behind him to make sure he's still going as they run from all the smoke

  • Konfused_kookie
    Konfused_kookie Month ago +19

    I wasn’t born yet but my heart goes out to anyone who had to experience this trauma. I’m genuinely so sorry.

  • Luni
    Luni 3 months ago +80

    My heart sunk when I saw the dust cloud behind everyone. The guy encouraging Glenn to keep running is a really good person, especially with the fact that he had the bravery to record the tower falling before running to safety.

  • clairee_marlerr💙💚
    clairee_marlerr💙💚 8 months ago +33

    The horror that was witnessed that day, will never be forgotten, may all whom were killed rest in peace and anyone reading this who survived that horror, you are some of the bravest people ever.
    Thank you to all first responders, if you helped with this horrific event or not.
    Everyone have a blessed a day/night.

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle 10 months ago +3443

    Twenty years later, it's still mind-blowing and heartbreaking.

    • Tamara Jefferson
      Tamara Jefferson 28 days ago

      Yes ! I was born 8 months before all of this happened and I still am learning more and more about it . It’s so heart breaking ! 😫😫

    • Anna Bennett
      Anna Bennett 8 months ago +1

      @J Son God bless you too!

    • J Son
      J Son 8 months ago +1

      @Anna Bennett Thank you. Indeed I am. God bless.

    • Baron Von Dirgo
      Baron Von Dirgo 8 months ago

      @Anna Bennett I genuinely don't think they thought the building would come down. I just think they thought it would kill a load of people before the fire was put out.

  • valentina
    valentina 7 months ago +138

    As an 11 year old girl, I truly cannot hold back my tears. I’m Australian and I’m really sad. May all the lives lost in this horrific event be in peace. My family am I were talking about this.

    • Aw 2
      Aw 2 2 months ago +1

      @I come in peace How/what about my comments? Sorry again, I am just having a bit of trouble knowing which way you are taking them.

    • Shadowstorm Vash
      Shadowstorm Vash 2 months ago +1

      Thank you for your sympathy, but I wish you hadn't seen this so young.

    • I come in peace
      I come in peace 2 months ago

      @Aw 2 I'm 16 years old and i'm so devastated by your comment's formulation

  • _Marcus
    _Marcus 8 months ago +50

    RIP to all the victims, this must’ve been absolutely terrifying. I hope that their friends and family are all doing well.

  • Daniel Morris
    Daniel Morris 2 days ago

    Imagine being in the North Tower and seeing the South Tower collapse and knowing that the same might happen to you and you are stuck inside. RIP to all who died that day and thank you to all first responders who ran into danger so that others may live.

  • 88mphDrBrown
    88mphDrBrown 8 months ago +665

    Glem (Marty Glembotzky) is a goddamn professional, how he didn't drop the camera and run when they saw the building falling on them is beyond me.

    • Viborg Vee
      Viborg Vee 4 months ago


    • Magnus Maclean
      Magnus Maclean 6 months ago

      I hear glenn

    • Geralt of Rivia
      Geralt of Rivia 6 months ago +14

      He is cameraman. Their species is faster, stronger and more intellegent than us humans. They can survive in most places in a lot of different circumstanses. This beautiful example of their species is obviously alpha, even tho there are even stronger members of this spieces....

    • 88mphDrBrown
      88mphDrBrown 7 months ago +2

      @Oscar Pineda I would just think your survival instincts would kick in and drop the camera without thinking.

    • Indi G
      Indi G 7 months ago +11

      Those cameras are incredibly heavy I can’t imagine running with easily upwards of 25 lbs or more

  • vakutagin
    vakutagin 9 months ago +3767

    Major respect for him for yelling to his cameraman instead of running off and abandoning him

    • RDGTrap
      RDGTrap 8 months ago


    • Cleife117
      Cleife117 8 months ago

      I'd have told him to ditch the camera.

    • Vanilla Earth
      Vanilla Earth 8 months ago

      @iCON Pepelepew what's it called?

    • iCON Pepelepew
      iCON Pepelepew 8 months ago

      @Vanilla Earth its on Hulu

    • Vanilla Earth
      Vanilla Earth 8 months ago

      @iCON Pepelepew do you have a link to the new documentary?

  • Abnormal_Zen
    Abnormal_Zen 8 months ago +135

    And the fact that Welles Crowther saved so many people. instead of taking his time to evacuate. he would get people down to evacuation, go back up more than 20 flights of stairs, and get more people down. More people need to know about him, because he saved so much people in this event, and died in the process.

    • Frida McCarthy
      Frida McCarthy 3 months ago +4

      Oh my god! Thank you! I’ve been trying to remember his name for ages. All I kept thinking was the man with the red bandanna. Continued Rest In Peace Welles Crowther!! You did a brave thing that day!!

    STAVRINA KOSTAGIANNI 5 months ago +18

    I wasn't even born at that time but seeing these videos I can't can't imagine being there at that time it's happening...God it gives me chills everytime I watch this video of people either falling from the world trade center or people crying while running away or even when the plane crushes on the tower it breaks my heart seeing how terrible and cruel our world is...rest in peace to all those people that died that day and a huge thank you to all the people that helped at that time,reporters firefighters policemen everyone that offered a helping hand.

  • Horsejosh
    Horsejosh 7 months ago +23

    My respect to all the paramedics the police and firefighters who went back into the life threatening dust to save others

  • Jugg3rnut
    Jugg3rnut 8 months ago +6

    I have nothing but respect for all the first responders. I don't think I would have had the courage to charge in while others ran. Absolute bravery.

  • rae
    rae 8 months ago +1721

    R.I.P to all the people that jumped out of the building, burned alive, died on the plane, and to the brave souls that tried saving as many people as they could.

    • dot
      dot 7 days ago +1

      @They Race Me So Hard What would George Bush even gain from this?

      COLTRON 20 days ago

      @Bonz Coltee their throats were slit bruh…

    • Joe Lombardi
      Joe Lombardi 2 months ago

      There wasn't anybody on those planes it wasn't even a plane that hit the Pentagon what I want to know is what did they do with the people

    • Bonz Coltee
      Bonz Coltee 2 months ago +1

      @Big Bear the pilots get what they deserved cause it wasn't on accident cause who flies a plane into a building on accident

  • spaghetti
    spaghetti 4 months ago +5

    A truly awful day. Even after all this time, my heart goes out to the Americans that passed in this horrid event and their families. Love from Canada, you will forever be our brothers. 🇨🇦❤️🇺🇸

  • Lagregria Hardimon
    Lagregria Hardimon Month ago +6

    Just gives me chills every time. Feel so helpless for those lives lost. Never forget

  • Jesus is my savior
    Jesus is my savior 23 days ago +3

    I'm, literally crying. so much people were in that building
    . My heart mourns for love ones that were lost that day.

  • Monica Fiore
    Monica Fiore 8 months ago +24

    I will never forget how blue and calm the sky was that day...a beautiful setting for such a horrific tragedy...

    LIL PUMP 8 months ago +2095

    It’s honestly hard to believe this happened. This seems straight out of a horror movie… Goodness what a terrible day. I have no words. May the victims Rest In Peace and may the families find comfort, 20 years later.

    • Craftsboy Mobile
      Craftsboy Mobile Month ago

      Straight from a videogame

    • Jamarkus Holcomb
      Jamarkus Holcomb Month ago

      Still long story short I just want to know which historical event was worse 9/11 or Pearl Harbor.

    • Jamarkus Holcomb
      Jamarkus Holcomb Month ago

      Hey guys seriously I just like history in school I thought it was the easiest subject. In Middle School and High School.

    • Hamish James
      Hamish James 8 months ago

      Yea I'm afraid religion is real, and the reality is as long as it exists, acts of terror like these will never end

    • DJ Poopy Pants
      DJ Poopy Pants 8 months ago

      @Sam Smith You're talking about low intelligence? How about some reading comprehension Sammy? It would really help you and you wouldn't waste both our time.

  • Gannon Doty
    Gannon Doty 4 days ago

    I am 13 years old and seeing this really makes my heart break. I never knew people would be running for their lives or just THIS in general. I want the world to get along.😔

  • Sammae
    Sammae 8 months ago +1

    seeing those police officers and firefighters, paramedics all in work still standing there directing people to safety meanwhile struggling to breathe themselves...bless them. heartbreaking. Thank god for the ballsy camera men to continue to document things as it was happening, its not easy. We have all this footage (other ones included) because of people like them.

  • jenna m
    jenna m 7 months ago +4

    my uncle was on the way to a meet someone at one of the towers and as soon as he saw the smoke he started running. im very thankful that he is alive, and may the people that lost their lives rest in piece 🕊❤️

  • Ennard The Spaghetti
    Ennard The Spaghetti 8 months ago +10

    After watching the movie “World Trade Center” a movie about two survivors of 9/11 (The 18th and 19th men taken from the debris, John and Will) this is genuinely making me cry. The fact my mom would’ve been on the second plane is making me cry so hard, making me feel as if I shouldn’t even live. RIP Aunt Jessy, a passenger of the second plane.

    • Mr_Roux2010
      Mr_Roux2010 12 days ago

      @The monke sooo funny man. I almost forgot to laugh.

    • The monke
      The monke 13 days ago

      0:12 certified hood classic

  • Daemon Redwyne
    Daemon Redwyne 2 years ago +1302

    It was touching to see that even in a total panic, he still cared enough about his cameraman to make sure he wasn't left behind and to motivate him to keep going.

    • Horse Lover
      Horse Lover Year ago +3

      @Talking Toast He was possibly wearing 15kg of camera equipment (the equivalent of carrying a 3 year old toddler on your shoulder while running )
      Well i don't think the presenter could have helped him since they were both running and if they stop they would have been engulfed in the smoke,debris and more dangerous things coming down

    • Chris K
      Chris K Year ago +2

      @Talking Toast A lot of it his hooked up to the same system. It's not easy to dismantle and it's not fast either.

    • Talking Toast
      Talking Toast 2 years ago +7

      The camera guy looked like they were carrying a lot of heavy equipment, some of the stuff they put down at one point. Would be nice if the guy maybe helped out a bit

    • Barry Obama
      Barry Obama 2 years ago

      Joe Mamma he’s like bro take my clubs

    • Creed Bratton
      Creed Bratton 2 years ago +162

      @Ben Fisher A lot of people don't really think of it but the person behind the camera is probably not just co-workers but friends with the reporter.

  • kelsey
    kelsey 8 months ago +1

    my heart is with everyone involved in 9/11, truly heartbreaking.

  • Angela Badu
    Angela Badu 6 months ago +4

    This is legit the 1st time I’ve ever experienced a panick attack from watching a video. I was 10 when 9/11 happened. I lived in CT- I didn’t know why the teachers were crying or why they made the entire school go to the auditorium- i didn’t understand why at 11am my mom picked me up from school when everyday I got out at 3. I didn’t ask any questions as to why everyone was on panicking - I just listened and did as I was told and observed the silent, fast paced, organized frenzy of adults.…all I remember hearing was broadcasting from the radio - of a monotone but serious voice talking about the towers falling down. How grimace all the faces were standing around. I did not understand just what was occurring - but I understand something happened….my mom didn’t talk to me in the car ride home from school. I’m now 30 … and Looking back on that day… I realize just how quiet fear is and how LOUD silence is. Today is the very 1st time I’ve witnessed actual, non edited news anchor footage of the events that took place that day- the news puts forth so much emphasis on “The twin towers” - that one would think 9/11 was a day when the building collapsed……………………….. but my GOD- to see actual people running for their lives, black clouds of smoke swallowing them - I felt their terror . And I am so sorry I didn’t see THIS beyond the headlines 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • ReAgAn
    ReAgAn 2 months ago +2

    Strange story. I was watching a heart-wrenching documentary on 9/11 by myself out in the living room. I said that's horrible! I'm sorry for the people. I welcome people who lost their lives here. I felt something cold move past me and the sofa became cold. I felt something hold my hand almost. I didn't think it was scary and I still don't. I thank God every day that I wasn't alive during that time, and that I had that experience. After that I had dreams about this lady, who had a cold hand. I believe it was someone who had passed. I sometimes say hello to her while watching something about 9/11 and I'll hear something like the sofa squeak like someone's sitting down. Amazing what God can do.

    MARIA ALEXANDER 3 months ago +3

    My heart still aches & races as I watch this. The reporter, NJ Burkett suffered debilitating PTSD. God bless the victims, their families & our extraordinary Mayor Giuliani.😔🙏🏼

  • slezzy
    slezzy 8 months ago +3416

    the whole video is disgustingly sad but the part that ate at me was the firetrucks going straight towards the towers not knowing if they'd ever come back out. what amazing people, nothing but respect for all the brave people that tried to save everyone. rip

    • AYO WTF
      AYO WTF Month ago


    • Mads
      Mads 2 months ago +1

      It breaks my heart that so many people forget this. That cops, firefights, and emts are seen as such horrible people. To get might not have good bedside manners all the time but this is stuff they see on a constant basis. People dying around them and not being able to do anything…

    • Morgan Barfield
      Morgan Barfield 3 months ago

      @Pecan TheJelly oh my god, that makes you proud and horribly depressed at the same time 💔

    • Morgan Barfield
      Morgan Barfield 3 months ago

      Yes watching them disappear into the smoke and debris, god awful.

    • Kippertrace
      Kippertrace 3 months ago

      Ok. It was horrific.
      Why doesnt anyone talk about the other building that collapsed. The soloman building?
      Even our bbc in britain reported on the collapse....while it was still standing.🤣🤣 It fell on its own footprint, exactly like a pro demolition, exactly like twin towers did.

  • Picklesthecat
    Picklesthecat 6 days ago +1

    It’s amazing that N.J. Burkett (the reporter) stopped reported and took his time to help the people around him. And this camera man is one of the best. They saw the horror and the unexpected and didn’t turn the camera off. Not to mention how supportive the reporter was

  • Mighty Moon
    Mighty Moon 7 months ago +1

    I’ve never seen this footage. It’s so interesting to see from the perspective of a person on the street but absolutely terrifying.
    Imagine the massive amounts of footage we would have if this had happened more recently. Everybody has cell phone cameras and I’m sure people in the towers would be filming and giving their thoughts as it happened, not realizing how bad it’s about to get.
    I think it’s better that we don’t have footage like that. It’d definitely be even more horrific than what we have seeing it from the perspective of a person about to die.

    • oliver green
      oliver green 3 months ago +2

      There’s be A lot of censoring going on that’s for , it would slow down rescues to I think, people would be live-streaming down the stairs , some would be very acutely informed with the wireless internet given access to websites in quick speed that can work on new types of technologies , the video would be clearer certainly and I think and hope new safety protocols would be in place for elevators and stairwells maybe even a better helicopter escape route as well.
      Truthfully it was such a destructive attack and physically morphing event that even today it may collapse again , the towers were built in the 60s I believe so they really didn’t have a real modern appreciation for modern building safety codes and that is continually improving even recently there was that fire in up where hundreds died . I’d like to hope more people would survive today but if it were the same building same structural faults. I just can’t imagine this happening today , today is the result of 911;, Iraq-afghan wars , isis. Now with covid and people working from homes I hope not many would be Inside. This was a very sad ordeal all around and tor me almost unbelievable.

  • Larkin Mayfield
    Larkin Mayfield 8 months ago +2

    May those firefighters and law enforcement officers and paramedic who died trying to save other rest in peace.

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez 7 months ago +4

    I was in high school in the 9th grade when this happened. We will never forget this day. God be with the people who lost their lifes.

    • Dios Noexiste
      Dios Noexiste 2 months ago

      You mean the god who watched it all, the almighty Higher Being?

  • Tiffany Bazarte
    Tiffany Bazarte 8 months ago +17

    To this day it still make me cry knowing so many people never made it out. 😭😭😭

  • Royal Referee
    Royal Referee 8 months ago +7

    One of the saddest moments in American history, none of us alive the time will ever forget...

  • wesley burress
    wesley burress 2 months ago +6

    I know how this feels my dad was working in the tower when it happened and he texted me this “ son you were the best thing I could ever have tell mom your brothers I love them” I cried when I saw the message

    • wesley burress
      wesley burress 22 days ago

      @zlinedavid well we were brokers at the time but not gonna lie

    • zlinedavid
      zlinedavid Month ago

      Not calling you out directly, but this was 2001…text messaging existed, but it was not common. I realize that this was NYC and some of the VERY early Blackberries would have been more common than in some places, but they weren’t overly common. The majority of cell phones were for business use and most people still had land lines at home. Again, not saying it’s impossible, but unless you both happened to be NYC execs/brokers at the time, the odds that both of you had text-capable devices are very, very slim.

  • Daughter of Zion (Celine)
    Daughter of Zion (Celine) 5 months ago +4

    My friend's sister, 23 years old, died in this traumatic event. Her body was never recovered. My friend died a year later. She and her sister were the only two kids for their mom who became a widow when the girls were 6 and 9. She couldn't attend the funeral.

  • Josh JX
    Josh JX 2 years ago +7409

    Showing people these un-aired tapes of what happened on that day is important.
    They need to be seen.

    • Mexico Comedia
      Mexico Comedia 5 months ago

      @Woof Woof lo que pasa es que en TheXvid bloquea Y borra los videos de estos, ya que lo cuentan como violento

    • Fuchsia Bomyu
      Fuchsia Bomyu 9 months ago

      @Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band lol sorry i forgot to keep that in mind. What about those camcorder things though?

    • Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band
      Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band 9 months ago

      @Fuchsia Bomyu Sweetie, in 2001, nobody HAD smart phones. Lol.

    • Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band
      Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band 9 months ago

      @The Gooobley This is history, though. History is often horrible.

    • Jared chacon
      Jared chacon 9 months ago

      Exactly, props to the camera man for filming and most importantly for doing it while surviving. Documenting this day is something we all should respect, and that we should hold onto, not just for history, but for those lost. Bless you all and the victims

  • rihanna
    rihanna 26 days ago +1

    my online friend and i were on a call when this happened. she started screaming because she worked in the building next to it. the last thing i heard was rumbling before the line cut off. i later found out she passed away due to debris flying in the window. i couldn’t even say goodbye. my hearts go out to families affected.

  • wes the lockpicker
    wes the lockpicker 8 months ago +1

    Could you imagine the fear and the panic of the people on the planes and in the buildings? Then all the family members how they felt losing loved ones. My heart will always be with them

  • Sir spamton
    Sir spamton 7 months ago +8

    rip to all the people who lost there lives in this horrifying situation

  • sludgebeast
    sludgebeast 8 months ago +3

    i can’t imagine the feeling of this happening and witnessing it in person, not from the news on tv, but actually being in the city and seeing that.

  • Madcap
    Madcap 8 months ago +2452

    The sad thing is, you didn’t even have to be in the planes or buildings to lose your life, many who inhaled the dust cloud that happened when the buildings collapsed ended up getting cancer and dying, not only that but many people also committed suicide due to the trauma of that day..Very sad..

    • Brooklyn N
      Brooklyn N 23 hours ago

      And just being around the building as pieces fall from it and as it collapsed people were killed as well

    • subward
      subward Day ago

      Not only that but many more people died in car crashes over the following years because they prefered to travel by car rather than by plane.

    • Christian Schuman
      Christian Schuman 3 days ago

      @Yes i just read that it was illegal in america in 1989. did they use it to build the buildings

    • Christian Schuman
      Christian Schuman 3 days ago

      i never knew this. now this is even more sad than the people who died in the world trade center and hijacked planes ☹️😔fly high🕊

    • Yes
      Yes 7 days ago

      @Justin Woodward oh I know. I was mostly just bring up the common toxin. I didn't want to get into how aesolized human remains were being breathed in and the copper oxides from Bruning wire could cause liver and lung failure. Carbonic salts which are mostly carcinogens. Benzene formation nitro benzene, methyl benzene, etc. That debris was a moderate yield chemical in essence

  • Roamzer
    Roamzer 8 months ago +2

    Every year I come back to watch these videos and 20 years on, I still can’t wrap my head around the chaos of the day. I can’t imagine being there in person. How would one act? Watching horror unfold in front of your eyes? I think I’d just stand there frozen.

    • MakeupOCD
      MakeupOCD 8 months ago +1

      I was there, working at pace university at the time.
      I got onto the Brooklyn Bridge and by the time i got off the Bridge, 1010 wins radio station reported that the Bridge was now closed.

  • Bubba
    Bubba 2 days ago

    If the collapsing of the towers were that loud on camera, imagine what they must've sounded like in real life...imagine being up close to the sound...

  • hayden taylor
    hayden taylor 7 months ago

    This truly breaks my heart I wasn’t born when this happens and I’m truly glad this would have scared the life out me it gave me goose Bub just wanting it I couldn’t imagine what they were feeling.

  • Stephanie Doulgeris
    Stephanie Doulgeris 2 months ago +1

    I can’t imagine experiencing something like this just seeing a plane fly straight through a building and then seeing that tower collapse, this was such a horrible event😢

  • Toby F
    Toby F 2 years ago +2729

    So sad, 19 years later and the World is in even more of a mess
    R.I.P to all those who sadly lost their Lives.

    • photomorti
      photomorti Year ago +1

      Because people refuse to wake up

    • Red Kop
      Red Kop Year ago +2

      America is in a better place concerning conflicts and war 2020..Bush and Blair to blame for this tragedy.May all the perpetrators burn in Hell. RIP to the victims.

    • xarmy
      xarmy Year ago +2

      this was the beginning of all the mess

    • Toby F
      Toby F Year ago +1

      @Mr. Cloud Yup. To all.

    • Mr. Cloud
      Mr. Cloud Year ago +2


  • NAO
    NAO 7 months ago +2

    Almost 2022 and it still this moment gives me goosebumps
    RIP those innocent souls

  • Ghostface
    Ghostface 18 days ago +1

    I was born in 2007, around 6 years after this happened, but this is horrifying. I can't imagine how many families that were destroyed that day. seeing all those people running and crying/screaming is soul-crushing. sometimes i think about what the US would be like now if this event never even happened. And all those people covered in dust are all either extremely sick/dead now. It's so terrible. The various officers/firemen, and other emergency workers were brave. The cameraman and the news man were also being helpful which was really amazing of them to do. My heart goes out to all the families and victims of this tragic event.

  • Allow-it Man
    Allow-it Man 6 months ago +1

    Actually heart breaking footage, may all those brave people rest in peace ♥️ love from the UK we shall never forget

  • Dillon Haggett
    Dillon Haggett 8 months ago +19

    Jesus imagine the horror that you would feel being that close and seeing such a massive building start hurtling towards you like that

  • vm8201_solar
    vm8201_solar 8 months ago +3470

    The FDNY trucks and ambulances rushing in while everybody was rushing out. Still gives me chills to this day. America's true heroes.

    • Loredana Dincu
      Loredana Dincu 2 months ago

      @Fargoth that's what they feed you with. A lot of survivors from the two towers said they heard multiple explosions.

    • MrRexyChomp
      MrRexyChomp 3 months ago

      @sarah2930 there was no thermite, the plane cut and or damaged many of the building supports causing the load to be shifted onto the remaining ones, the fire got hotter and like you said jet fuel doesn't burn hot enough to melt steel but it does burn hot enough to the point of weakening the remaining beams, that's why you see the towers bending before they collapsed. The tower just couldn't support its own weight of millions of tonnes ontop of damaged steel beams

    • XNorthEast
      XNorthEast 3 months ago

      @CallumG_01 *It WAS hit by it.

    • David Bartha
      David Bartha 3 months ago

      Makes me sick to my stomach.

  • rosie rose
    rosie rose 7 months ago +2

    RIP to everyone and everyone below who couldn't run from the debris. May their souls rest easy.

  • agmodplayer
    agmodplayer 6 months ago +15

    "OH MY GOD THERE IT GOES"bro that line got me in shivers

  • Richard Torres
    Richard Torres 2 months ago

    This must’ve been what it felt like when raiders entered a village in the olden days. But now we can visually see the carnage and fear we have while we are alive. It’s terrifying to know but enlightening to accept that that’s how we are as people and we’ll do better learning from this if it ever does happen again

  • Kay Ess
    Kay Ess 20 days ago

    So many years ago. I was in the 5th grade when this happened. Here I am 30 years old now. Bless the families♥️ Peace & Love

  • coolbluelights
    coolbluelights 8 months ago +3315

    if anybody's ever been to the memorial pools that were constructed since, it's a very solemn experience. no one talks. you can almost feel it in the air how many people died there.

    • dana
      dana 8 months ago +1

      i hung out with this girl sometimes when i was in high school. we went to the same beauty shop to get our hair done. she went on a trip to nyc with her parents and she went on snapchat and went “okay guys so we’re at the 9/11 memorial 😝” and her mom said “jessica, put your phone away. have some respect” and i’ve never been more disgusted in my life. i don’t get how someone does that in a place that you’re supposed to honor those who died in such a tragic way.

      MOONWATCHER404 8 months ago

      I went a few months ago with my family. We say the 9/11 museum underneath as well.

    • Joe Strunck
      Joe Strunck 8 months ago

      @K P try it again and we’ll come for more

    • Brody LaneTx
      Brody LaneTx 8 months ago

      That’s what my mom said she just got back a few days ago she said just walking up they got teary eyes

    • Built2last84
      Built2last84 8 months ago

      This is a fact... it feels so crazy

  • Nobody
    Nobody 7 months ago +1

    Imagine just being in the vicinity on this day. I wasn’t alive at the time, but I can only imagine how fast people’s hearts were beating that day in that area.

  • Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams 6 months ago +3

    2:07 I swear to God, I thought that was Mariska Hargitay. I'm still not convinced it isn't.
    Also, that news anchor yelling encouragement to the cameraman still hurts my heart to this day. I feel like we don't have that kind of compassion anymore.

  • Johnboydojo
    Johnboydojo 7 months ago +3

    Man that news reporter really took charge. Wasn't taking no for an answer. First time I'm seeing this particular footage. Heartbreaking man.

  • DrBerkowitz100
    DrBerkowitz100 3 months ago +1

    What absolutely incredible and heroic camera work, to document such important pieces of history in the face of danger is just amazing

    • Mr. Biker
      Mr. Biker Month ago

      I think that's funny lol glory to russia!

  • Convilious
    Convilious Year ago +741

    This is historical footage and it must be seen by as many people as possible. As a 17 year old who was born two years after 9/11, its hard for people in my generation to understand the impact of 9/11. Footage like this helps people like me understand the impact of 9/11 and what it was really like. I thank the uploader for sharing this document with us. This is such a raw and surreal experience, I have goosebumps knowing what happened on that day.

    • zlinedavid
      zlinedavid Month ago +1

      The Alan Jackson song about 9/11 was accurate: it was like the world just stopped. I didn’t leave the TV aside from grabbing drinks or using the bathroom for probably 14 hours that day. The paralyzing thing was thinking “Is there anything else?”

    • Brandon Reeves
      Brandon Reeves 10 months ago

      @Osama Bin Laden ?

    • keyon bonner
      keyon bonner 10 months ago

      @Derek Lavernia i was 6 years old when this happened

  • SW4GGYM4DD1E - #Road to 110

    Watching this makes me want to cry it’s so sad. This was a horrible thing that happened.

  • a r friedman
    a r friedman 7 months ago +4

    RIP to all lost. I pray for the families M dad had EMT training and ran to help people by the Millenium hotel. He was blown in the air when the tower fell and landed blocks away.
    The camera people did amazing things for this film.

  • GAMER_Lord901
    GAMER_Lord901 4 months ago

    3:13 respect to those first responders going to what everyone running away from
    They sacrifice their life’s for our own safety we should appreciate it

  • Smart R
    Smart R 5 months ago +1

    My heart still breaks watching this 😢

  • Joseph Young
    Joseph Young 2 years ago +5674

    Why is this age restricted? This is history! Even if it was horrible, we still need to learn about it

    • paper airplanes
      paper airplanes 6 months ago

      Amen to that

    • sonnynotzokunny
      sonnynotzokunny 7 months ago +1

      It’s age restricted cause we don’t want to see 5 year old witness people dying in fear

    • fredzep01
      fredzep01 7 months ago

      there after you full details, it has nothing to do with content.

    • mareshah
      mareshah 7 months ago

      They don't even teach about 9/11 in a lot of schools these days

  • RexyAndToothless YT
    RexyAndToothless YT Month ago +1

    Bro every time I watch something like this makes me shiver in fear.The fear in those people.The fear of the passengers.The fear of the people in the towers and the Pentagon.For souls who have been lost, you have been remembered and will be never forgotten.

  • Frank Grandi
    Frank Grandi 5 months ago +1

    Imagine your relative going on one of those planes telling you just before they lift off "I'll call you when I've landed... Just heartbreaking

  • SCP Foundation
    SCP Foundation 7 months ago +52

    The fact a human did this to their own kind is nonsense

  • ● k o o k a i ●
    ● k o o k a i ● 2 months ago +5

    Being someone who was just in NYC seeing the 9/11 memorial- seeing the videos, sent fear into my heart, but pain as well…
    Pray for the people who lost loved ones, and remember the ones who were lost.
    “That day isn’t just a nightmare, it’s where innocents, became heroes.” - Me

    • dj queentee
      dj queentee Month ago

      I was just there the other day. It was very moving but the memorial was beautiful. I’m glad I got to see it in person.

  • Tuyen Phan
    Tuyen Phan 2 years ago +13829

    Camera man did a great job filming while staying alive.

    • Jeremy Minecraft
      Jeremy Minecraft 2 months ago


    • News Reporter
      News Reporter 2 months ago

      @Tala Muffy yeah, especially considering the sheer amount of weight camera’s used in news are

    • Jayem X
      Jayem X 4 months ago

      This comment meets more then the eye can see

    • Isaac The Speed Hyper✔️
      Isaac The Speed Hyper✔️ 6 months ago

      number 1 survival tip:
      need: camera
      what to do: press record when in life death situation

    • Yogesh
      Yogesh 6 months ago +1

      Don't you know ? Cameraman always survive, they are invincible ! 😂

  • Jesse Bella
    Jesse Bella 17 days ago

    Even now, I cannot believe this event. I watched live from the moment it happened and am still as shocked now as I were then. Very far from the biggest disaster in the world as one cop called it, but in my lifetime it is up there with the top 3.

  • Basicc
    Basicc 8 months ago +4

    Props to all the hundreds of firemen and some who sacrificed their lives in this moment.

  • David Janitschek
    David Janitschek 4 months ago +1

    Seeing the towers collapse sends intense chills down my spine.. 😟

  • Mr Hemi
    Mr Hemi 8 months ago +28

    i wasn’t even alive and i almost started crying watching this

    • Jhonshmo
      Jhonshmo 2 months ago

      @Shobby I'm from Canada. I'm just interested in this history. It's not like every person here is from the US.

    • Shobby
      Shobby 2 months ago

      @Jhonshmo yeah never forget that your own US president did it at the time smh

    • Jhonshmo
      Jhonshmo 6 months ago +1

      Exact same it's insane to think this was only 20 years ago. It was a horrible event and we will never forget it.

    • Annie Baker
      Annie Baker 7 months ago +6

      Me too friend, me too. Shows you have empathy and compassion for others. Never lose that ability

  • intosunghoons
    intosunghoons 8 months ago +2767

    Imagine how terrifying this must have been, Rest In Peace to the people who died during this you will not be forgotten 🙏 🕊

    • Hummingbird Warrior
      Hummingbird Warrior 8 months ago

      @•Epic Horse• 🤣 1 million people did not freaking die when the towers were blown up by govt.... just over 3000. It's sad too

    • °Ying•Υαng°
      °Ying•Υαng° 8 months ago

      @•Epic Horse• that is just way more than u think it was

    • william julianelle
      william julianelle 8 months ago

      @squarebear619 Yeah, the kind of damage those attacks have done since that day is extreme. Drug addiction and alcoholism is up in people who were there that day, ptsd and depression as well. They get all kind of diseases and cancers, its horrible. In fact more people who were there that day have died since that day as a result than have died on that day.

    • The Bus Photographer Of California
      The Bus Photographer Of California 8 months ago

      @Seth freakin rollins: Oh yes I definitely agree with you there. Because of him the war of Afghanistan began during his presidency until the way in 2021

  • bunnixcharli0
    bunnixcharli0 4 months ago

    Rest In Peace that the people died and I cried so hard when I heard the towers got damaged even my family cried the said back before they saw it on tv and very one cried.☹️😖💔

  • wd0675
    wd0675 7 months ago

    It’s crazy to see the cops equally as panicked as the regular people, I was 5 when this happened and remember my mom watching tv in horror and going to church with my dad later that night, I’m 25 now and can’t imagine how crazy that would be to see in real time as an adult

  • Vxlley_ Flower
    Vxlley_ Flower 6 months ago +2

    This will be a day we never forget. May god rest the souls of the fallen.

  • KilluaWay-Senpai
    KilluaWay-Senpai 9 days ago +1

    I wasnt alive when this happened but to whoever was or whoever lost their close friends or family to this, im truly truly sorry that it had to happen

  • frogville
    frogville 8 months ago +1018

    “Come on glen, you can do it!” I love how he encouraged the cameraman to keep running. Shows how much he cares

    • Niara R
      Niara R 4 months ago


    • TJ V-logs
      TJ V-logs 5 months ago +5

      Good news Glen is alive and well today. Well at least 2 months ago, when I last touched up on this Video

    • Ian S Est. 2008
      Ian S Est. 2008 5 months ago

      truly an amazing man.

    • Life's Laboratory
      Life's Laboratory 7 months ago +17

      Glen is carrying a big camera, batteries, and likely a lot of other gear.

  • •CAZQQX•
    •CAZQQX•  8 months ago +1

    To anyone who died on this tragic day, may they Rest In Peace. Fly high. 🕊

  • Lukey09
    Lukey09 15 days ago +1

    When the reporter said “Come on Glen, you got it!” That was so sad

  • Scott Krasman
    Scott Krasman 2 months ago +1

    5:17 Can't believe how still he held the camera. He must have been absolutely frozen

  • Gigi Davis
    Gigi Davis 5 months ago

    I was in the 8th grade in science class…this gives me chills😪…we all hoped that the Sears tower wouldn’t get hit too, even though we were all in the suburbs….I swear this is still scary🥺

  • talia tomhave
    talia tomhave Year ago +567

    I wasn’t born yet when this happened, and I think it’s important for people like me to see these videos, because it reminds us that this is actually real and it’s actually something that people went through and not just a scary story

    • Kat999
      Kat999 9 months ago

      @Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band he was sheltered

    • Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band
      Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band 9 months ago

      @Alexius Corylus This is why I've never like high rises...Champlaign towers now, too.

    • Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band
      Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band 9 months ago

      @Kat999 Was he born here? How do you miss it? It's as integral as Pearl Harbor was to earlier generations

    • Justin Moore
      Justin Moore 9 months ago

      @Janelle Mora yeah you are right. You are living Proof of it being 9 years old at the time with the majority of your overall growing up happening post 9/11. The world has always been the same(ups and downs) so I don’t quite get the last thing you said.

    • Ritesh Gopaul
      Ritesh Gopaul Year ago

      Me too