My Top 20 Greatest Voice Audition Around The World - All time

  • Published on Sep 23, 2016
  • My Top 20 Greatest Voice Audition Around The World (All Time), Top Greatest First Singing all year Auditions, The Voice, The Voice USA, The Voice UK, The Voice Australia, The X Factor USA, The X Factor UK, The X factor, American Idol, UK Idol, Americans got Talent, UK got Talent, Australia’s got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent. Les plus belles voies en audition dans les émissions du monde entier, vidéo par C.Le Goff pour un jeu organisé prochainement par le magazine numérique. Best Auditions.
    0:06 Alex and Sierra - (Toxic - Britney Spears)
    2:24 Brian Justin Crum - (Creep - Radiohead)
    5:15 Christina Grimmie - (Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus)
    6:55 Christopher Maloney - (The Rose - Amanda McBroom / Bette Midler)
    9:13 Amira Willighagen - (O Mio Babbino Caro - Puccini's Gianni Schicchi )
    11:11 Josh Daniel - (Jealous - Labrinth)
    13:28 James Smith - (Feeling Good - Anthony Newley & Leslie Bricusse / Nina Simone)
    16:17 Mitchell Brunings - (Redemption Song - Bob Marley)
    18:16 Jonathon and Charlotte - (The Prayer - David Foster / Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli)
    20:29 Oriana Olarte - (All of Me - John Stephens & Toby Gad / John Legend)
    22:09 Paul Potts - (Nessum Dorma - Puccini's Turandot )
    23:33 Rachel Potter - (Somebody To Love - Freddie Mercury)
    26:21 Susan Boyle - (I Dreamed a Dream - Claude-Michel Schönberg Les Misérables )
    28:55 Jordan Smith - (Chandelier - Sia)
    30:34 Dorota Osińska - (Calling You - Bob Telson / Jevetta Steele)
    32:22 Mateusz Ziółko - (When a Man Loves a Woman - Percy Sledge)
    34:17 Jessica Steele - (She Said - Ben Drew / Plan B)
    36:05 Jolan - (Wishing Well - Terence Trent D'Arby)
    37:42 - Alessandra Salerno - (Creep - Radiohead)
    40:06 - Laura Kamhuber - (I WIll Always Love You - Celine Dion)
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  • Fawb82
    Fawb82 21 hour ago

    no respect

  • Thomas Joseph
    Thomas Joseph 23 hours ago

    An International BAN of Skinny Jeans on Men is needed.......... Stat.

  • Silviu
    Silviu Day ago

    that dude definitely 'vincero'!

  • Rob P.
    Rob P. 2 days ago

    WTF? Audio sounds like you recorded it in a sewer!

  • Michael Ruta
    Michael Ruta 2 days ago

    What about this incredible voice?

  • Systematiclol
    Systematiclol 2 days ago

    Brian Justin Crum is next level on point

  • howtobeabeast
    howtobeabeast 3 days ago +2

    Guessing an american made this....

  • Lee Bree
    Lee Bree 3 days ago

    Top dancers

  • Hermínio Teles
    Hermínio Teles 3 days ago

    NOT ON MY LIST SIR: 34:17 Jessica Steele - (She Said - Ben Drew / Plan B)

  • Antonio
    Antonio 3 days ago

    Siempre me he preguntado porque está Paulina Rubio de jurado en un concurso de canto.?????

  • John Carroll
    John Carroll 3 days ago

    Sierra fine

  • nqadie en blanco
    nqadie en blanco 3 days ago

    Merci beaucoup pour cette magnifique recopilation. Très émouvant.

  • Tripl3333
    Tripl3333 3 days ago

    Very very nice....awesome talents, also the black n white editing really gives out a lot of emotions.......!!! well done.

  • Joe M. Koenen
    Joe M. Koenen 3 days ago

    We connect with those who through their gifts connect with us in a way that touches us in a special way...

  • Joe M. Koenen
    Joe M. Koenen 3 days ago

    The blonde haired female judge...I do not know who she is...her fame is something I am not interested in after 3030...and I am not aware of who she is in our world...put this guy down because of his looks...amazing talent in a "package" that is surprising... ??? All the good does not come from all the "beautiful " people. Wake up and understand we all have talent and beauty within us.

  • Joe M. Koenen
    Joe M. Koenen 3 days ago

    Josh Daniel...bless you for honoring your friend...well done...

  • Natural Born Chiller

    I sent you angels.... You tried too monetize them... How you feel now, digital dolla god?

  • K L
    K L 4 days ago

    Brian justin the best... Love u

    GOD ISGREAT 4 days ago +3

    Its so sad that Christina Grimmie died in a very young age...Life is too short. We have to be our best in every moment.

  • Lika Mahe
    Lika Mahe 4 days ago

    Black n white effect makes these videos so beautiful bravo mate

  • Ewa Kusak
    Ewa Kusak 4 days ago

    Calling you by Dorota Osinska from Poland the best..

    FAIR RIDER 4 days ago


  • Ei Quinlan
    Ei Quinlan 4 days ago

    What happened to her?

  • Graham Butler
    Graham Butler 4 days ago

    Holy shit - Creep gave me chills. Amazing performance

  • Hill Shepherd
    Hill Shepherd 4 days ago

    Finally !! Someone put together the " TRUE " Greatest " VOICE" Performances !! Thank-you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JM8686
    JM8686 4 days ago

    Where is mr Callum? 👉💔👈

  • Lee Michael Montes
    Lee Michael Montes 4 days ago

    Christina Grimmie😢❤

  • Tomasz Witek
    Tomasz Witek 4 days ago

    beautifull plleasure to watch x

  • George Van Winkle
    George Van Winkle 4 days ago

    After listening to the first 4 in this video, I wanted to stick ice picks through my eardrums. They were terrible.

  • Max Birnbaum
    Max Birnbaum 5 days ago +6

    why was everything black and white? also why was every clip a different audio level jesus

  • Fruit Gums
    Fruit Gums 5 days ago

    Laura Kamhuber - (I WIll Always Love You - Celine Dion)?
    Did you actually type that
    Are you a moron, seriously I can't believe you even think that, It will always be a Whitney Houston song.
    Celine Dion? who?

    • Fruit Gums
      Fruit Gums 3 days ago

      I guess I was rude there, and I stand corrected :)

    • Larry Fish
      Larry Fish 3 days ago +1

      Actually, a dolly parton song

  • Javi Mateos
    Javi Mateos 5 days ago

    Rip the color of the video...

  • Sam Vaillancourt
    Sam Vaillancourt 5 days ago

    At this point just add Kodi Lee and maybe Luke Islam and I'm content

  • Deby Nash
    Deby Nash 5 days ago +3

    Brian Justin Crumb and Dorota: the two best voices. They are hauntingly gorgeous !

  • millieo
    millieo 5 days ago

    Incredible Awesome Visceral

  • Teresa Foster
    Teresa Foster 5 days ago +1

    RIP she died in Orlando which it happend after her show or on break or walking to take a break. Did fast which is horrific sad I was in Orlando when it happend but wish i could of took the bullet for her. and her brother too which im sure got hit a few times but made it but im not saying i want to die but id would of took her bullets she was one of the best singers ever. The voice gave her more options to get her notices in she was all over TheXvid doing what she wanted. Bless Be Her.

  • Ya boii Nard
    Ya boii Nard 6 days ago

    28:32 Happy boii😁

    ARXIA DES 6 days ago +1

    Drowned by these extraordinary singers!
    I'm dead - smiling!

  • Nina Olmedo-Perez
    Nina Olmedo-Perez 6 days ago

    Who is the girl with the song 'Calling you..." I think ... please her name, and does anyone know if she has put out an LP?

  • nontaphas yodjun
    nontaphas yodjun 6 days ago +2

    No Dimash Kudibergen at #1? Then not a legit list

  • Jamie Andrews
    Jamie Andrews 6 days ago

    Lovely just lovely ❣

  • David Emoji Da Silva
    David Emoji Da Silva 6 days ago +15

    I miss Christina Grimmie 😞😞😭😭

  • Colyn Marie
    Colyn Marie 7 days ago

    Brian Crummmmm and Josh Daniel! need to say more?!!!

  • Sonya Merle Hitchner

    Thank you for this. Such a great gift you took time to collect for the unknown lovers of the world. Bless you.

  • Randy Cruz Castro
    Randy Cruz Castro 8 days ago

    Good memories are really better in black and white!

  • Beverly Booker
    Beverly Booker 8 days ago +1

    Wow,This Brought Me To Tears.I WAS/AM A HUGE,HUGE...

  • Odunola Foluke
    Odunola Foluke 8 days ago

    Where Is The Original Color?

  • bunzos71
    bunzos71 8 days ago +2

    Great list and I agree with so many of your selections! You HAD ME at "Alex & Sierra"! 😂 LOVE Jonathan & Charlotte, and their back-story so much. 💕😭 Hard to pick just 20, and I can't help but wish that it included Angelica Hale, Celine Tam, Johnny Manuel, and Puddles Pity Party of "Chandelier". ❤️ But you also introduced me to SEVERAL I'd not seen yet. Thank you!!

  • belle1967
    belle1967 8 days ago +2

    OK where's Karise Eden? Now gotta go find her blind audition and listen to get these also- rans out of my head.

  • rachel hollingsworth
    rachel hollingsworth 8 days ago +2

    Alex and Sierra could be the new modern day Sonny and Cher

  • Jan Martin Brenden
    Jan Martin Brenden 8 days ago

    Around the world? Have you heard of Angelina Jordan. Strange shes not on your list ?

  • James Theis
    James Theis 9 days ago +1

    The vocalist who sang, "I AM CALLING YOU" was absolutely amazing!

  • Smitty
    Smitty 9 days ago


  • Blake Thomas Selph
    Blake Thomas Selph 9 days ago

    Love the final one!!!

  • Hrbbd Hdbdn
    Hrbbd Hdbdn 9 days ago +1

    The black and white is a nice touch! Helps focus more on the sound. Nice compilation.

  • Glovertwin80
    Glovertwin80 9 days ago

    I Will Always Love You was not Celine Dion as mentioned in the description. It's Whitney Houston or Dolly Parton lol

  • Lolita Bridges
    Lolita Bridges 9 days ago +18

    Justin had everyone speechless and totally captivated.

    • Howard Campbell-Downes
      Howard Campbell-Downes 7 days ago +2

      Wow - me too. The long silence after he'd finished singing spoke volumes. Sheer brilliance and beauty.

  • Lolita Bridges
    Lolita Bridges 9 days ago +1

    Simon looked like a happy little boy listening to Susan sing. Iconic woman with an iconic voice.

  • Asher Sampson
    Asher Sampson 9 days ago +18

    Christina 😢 Ugh so sad. She was so very talented and her life was stolen

    • Marya Swell
      Marya Swell 3 days ago

      Caden Piluso OMG that’s so sad

    • Caden Piluso
      Caden Piluso 4 days ago

      @Ei Quinlan On June 10, 2016, Grimmie was fatally shot in a murder-suicide by an obsessed fan.

    • Ei Quinlan
      Ei Quinlan 4 days ago

      What happened to her?

  • tatiana gois
    tatiana gois 9 days ago

    Great choices. In my list Brian Justin Crum would be number 1 though. Or at lest top 5 or 10.
    This video should have be called "Tatiana gets covered in goosebumps for 42 minutes and 10 seconds"