How To Train For Mass | Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blueprint Training Program


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  • Aaron Flores
    Aaron Flores Year ago +8921

    It’s amazing how this man was an actor and a governor and a bodybuilder, all in one life

  • River Alvarez
    River Alvarez Month ago +355

    A true bodybuilding icon! I have been following him since I was a teenager and he was the reason I started my fitness journey. His workout videos and some movie scenes were really inspiring to me. I gave my best and trained hard for years, but I was hardly getting any muscle, only to find out that my diet was nowhere near as it should've been. I have always eaten 'just enough' thinking it would be sufficient. My first real diet plan taught me the lesson. I remember getting it from Nextlevel Diet (it's my guess not sure 100% percent), but somehow it helped me gain a few pounds in my first month of using it. Surely it wasn't all pure muscle, but I was happier than ever. Thanks Arnold for everything you did for bodybuilding!!!

    • Dean C. Hanley
      Dean C. Hanley 14 days ago

      Some people overlook the mental preparation also.

    • bugman bugman
      bugman bugman 24 days ago +2

      he's more than a bodybuilding icon. he is the general archetype.

    • Karl Bodmer
      Karl Bodmer Month ago +3

      Great stuff, Arnold is legend :)

  • Oblisk
    Oblisk 3 months ago +267

    Him saying “exposing your weak points” literally applies to any part of life, without discomfort, there’s no true growth or marginal change.

  • Dem DRIVE
    Dem DRIVE 3 months ago +138

    I got his Bodybuilding Encyclopedia yesterday. It’s 800 pages long, just read the first 200. His knowledge, passion and dedication is pure motivation. Respect

    • Zack the Boner killer
      Zack the Boner killer Month ago +4

      I have the same encyclopedia bro! My gym teacher gave it to me in the 12th grade when I first started learning about how to lift weights. He was a pretty cool gym teacher 💯

  • Matt Lee
    Matt Lee 5 months ago +409

    Just listening to Arnold talk about working out is definitely motivational, his passion for bodybuilding can still be felt! 💪💯

  • Dasser Basyouni
    Dasser Basyouni 4 years ago +2806

    3:25 Chest
    6:07 Back
    7:11 Arms
    8:40 Shoulders
    10:17 Legs
    10:56 ABS
    Thank you all for remembering me with ABS in video

    • Inverness Fan
      Inverness Fan 5 days ago

      Arnold made some great movies. My fave ones are Predator, Twins, Total Recall, and the Running Man. It must be tough to be a strongman. Tom Stoltman of Scotland is the present World's Strongest Man.

    • Kendall Miller
      Kendall Miller 2 months ago

      12:20 will explain everything

    • Píchass
      Píchass 3 months ago

      Gee, i wonder why the legs segment was only 39 seconds

    • Shrinand Jitekar
      Shrinand Jitekar 4 months ago


  • Young Sinatra
    Young Sinatra 3 months ago +118

    I scrambled to write down all of Arnold's workouts. His advice is so simple and wholesome. You can tell he just cares about building muscles effectively.

    AA MUSIC 3 months ago +17

    Chest: Bench Press/Incline Press/Flyers
    Biceps: Concentration Curls/Barbell Curls
    Shoulders: Dumbbell Presses/Barbell Presses
    Legs: Squats/Leg Press/Leg Extensions/Lunges
    Abs: Leg Raises/Roman Gear Situps/Regular Situps
    Eating: Try to get 1 gram of protein in for every pound of your body

    • AA MUSIC
      AA MUSIC 3 months ago +1

      @S no problem, i needed this myself too so i can know what to do in the gym

  • Charles Amusan
    Charles Amusan 5 months ago +48

    I think people have always underestimated how smart Arnold is and he took advantage of it. He was not just a body builder or actor he had a great mind and insight.

  • Theo N de Bray
    Theo N de Bray 7 months ago +114

    Interesting. He talks about shocking the muscles, and then doing step downs (or pyramids, whatever you want to call it). It WORKS, even humble me! Another useful technique is to build in 21s, splitting the movements into 3 parts,. and working the muscles accordingly. Thanks Arnie, you've been a real help to me.

    • Peter Lonjers
      Peter Lonjers Month ago

      @Affeltrucken Yea all you need is progressive overload. But there is a grain of truth in what he is talking about. Most lifters do not lift close enough to muscle failure on each set. The current science says you should be getting to 1 or 3 reps away from failure on every set. Arnold is wrong that you need to vary your rep counts or change exercises. But you do need to "shock" your muscles by pushing them close to failure over and over.

    • Deepak Bisht Education
      Deepak Bisht Education 2 months ago

      @Affeltrucken he doesn't have understanding lol 😂😂😂😂 greatest ever bodybuilder has lesser knowledge than a random kid lmao 🤣

    • Theo N de Bray
      Theo N de Bray 2 months ago

      @Affeltrucken Good points. As my main goal is good health, fitness, enjoyment, and relaxation (mental), I stick to a regular but complicated routine, and RECORD it, the only way you can measure your progress (or not!). Incidentally, a 'bad' week is a good motivator for making you try harder next week. I've had to stop for a while due to cancer & chemotherapy (cancer runs in my family), but keeping fit has enabled me to cope with it physically & mentally, and my recovery rate has impressed the Docs. I can't wait to get back to my routine, even though I will have to start all over again.

    • Affeltrucken
      Affeltrucken 2 months ago +1

      @Theo N de Bray It really does all come down to hard work, I agree with you on that, but shocking muscles in training has been debunked numerous times. The way to make your muscles are progressive overload, not muscle confusion. They share the same idea, but the execution is basically the opposite. In PO you try to beat all your previous sets in terms of reps, and progressively add more weight when you've reached a certain amount of reps. This is like Arnold says, making the muscle grow by putting a "new" load on it. While trying to shock the muscles, it's very hard to achieve muscle confusion. The varying exercises makes it hard to progressively overload them in a linear fashion. It's hard to compare a bench press with a fly, or a squat with a hack squat, for example.
      At the end of the day, Arnold had a great work ethic, and he work tremendously hard, which is why he came so far, but there was a lot he didn't know.

  • KlueZ
    KlueZ Year ago +41183

    Sometimes I just skip the gym to really shock the muscle.

    • Vjderek Ent
      Vjderek Ent 14 days ago


    • A M
      A M 16 days ago

      @Alland3752 no you just allowed your muscles to properly recover for once

    • Rishab Thakur
      Rishab Thakur Month ago

      And u are no more

      ANISH KERKETTA 2 months ago


    • NewEraX
      NewEraX 4 months ago


  • Brett Kuhnold
    Brett Kuhnold 3 months ago +51

    I've watched this a few times just to remind me of the important things and basic training values to get to where you want to be. Legend of a man

  • Scott Lee
    Scott Lee 2 months ago +17

    I think I've watched this 20 plus times and never get tired of it ... Its a motivator for sure.... Its 23:15 and I feel like going to the gym now 😂😂

  • Zaya
    Zaya Month ago +8

    I started working out at 10 im currently 16, biceps have reached 16.2 and im proud of how far ive came, this isnt the end but the beginning

  • S197Bullitt
    S197Bullitt 4 months ago +27

    Watched this in high school and I’m 21 now and whenever I watch this I feel invincible and I look back at my short lived life and I have no regrets I’ve done almost everything I have needed and wanted to do and this vid makes me reach for more!!!!

    • Michael Angelo
      Michael Angelo Month ago

      Love yourself go to the gym I don't need love from anyone else.

    • Samuel Bilger
      Samuel Bilger 4 months ago

      Jesus Christ Loves you my friend...pursue Him first and all these lesser things will be added to you

  • Chris J
    Chris J 3 years ago +2049

    After all his success in bodybuilding he then goes on to become one of the biggest movie stars in the world and then Governor of California. Calling him a legend might not be good enough. Much respect.

    • Marc26
      Marc26 Month ago

      Becoming a Hollywood actor isn't really an achievement when stacked against his other feats,,,, I mean that respectfully and that's just my opinion, I wouldn't put being a Hollywood actor as a super great thing to do or aspire to.

    • john
      john Month ago +1

      That is what some people just stopped after bodybuilding success doesn't have limits same what Mike tyson and the rock
      Mike was one of the greatest and popular boxer ever and after all he acted in blockbuster action movies!
      The rock was a great wrestler and popular but he was acting in movies at the same time wow!! And arnold still the biggest name in bodybuilding and he acted in many many action films and very successful actor and a governor too
      Only few legends are capable of doing this!

    • CJ RatedR
      CJ RatedR 2 years ago

      Just the term Legend doesnt sum up.. i mean

    • CJ RatedR
      CJ RatedR 2 years ago

      Yes cant call hm a Legend

  • Grant Yentis
    Grant Yentis 3 months ago +22

    I really needed to see this! Working as a truck driver, I have really let myself go.
    In my teens and 20s Arnold was a huge inspiration and really drove me to pursue weight lifting and maintaining excellent fitness but I struggled to gain any significant mass. I think diet really is make or break when it comes to building the kind of mass of these 80s legends.

    • Iconic Stance
      Iconic Stance 4 days ago

      I'm also a truck drive and can relate. I'm up at 0430 every morning training now. Get yourself back in the gym and become a savage again. You got this!

  • 4vndd
    4vndd 2 months ago +4

    He's a true phenomenon...and his physique isn't a " mass monster" physique... it's beautifully sculpted and proportioned ...from head to toe... hat's off to this great personality... thanks for sharing...!!

  • msk
    msk 3 months ago +8

    Respect Mr Arnold. Thank you for everything you did. My childhood was perfect. With your movies and advices you made it even more colourful.
    I hope that in years that are to come health and prosperity follows you.
    God bless you.

  • Shawn Franco
    Shawn Franco 6 months ago +42

    A true conqueror. I've got the utmost respect for everything he dared to do and then also became excellent by working his hardest. Lots of love for Arnold.

  • TRUNG #5
    TRUNG #5 2 years ago +2120

    3:27 Chest
    6:07 Back
    7:10 Arms
    8:39 Shoulder
    10:17 Legs
    10:53 Abs
    11:54 Eating

  • John free Punk
    John free Punk Month ago +2

    10 years ago I was in a pit of depression, I never even thought about working out.
    But one day I watched Commando, and I saw Arnold and I was in awe of him. I researched him non stop and I was so inspired.
    Today (not to brag) I currently have a six pack, 7 inch arms and I’m not going to stop.
    Thank you Arnold Schwarzenegger you saved me.

  • Kayo K
    Kayo K Month ago

    A true impact story! Bravo for capturing this. Generations will be thankful for this advice, straight from Arnold himself. Thank you.

  • Thirties Fitness Journey
    Thirties Fitness Journey 2 months ago +1

    Love this, hugely inspirational! 🔥🏋‍♂️💪

  • Tito Real
    Tito Real Month ago +2

    This was inspirational, today is my leg day and I am pumped even if I’m tired

  • SIGH
    SIGH 3 years ago +1357

    damn he's talking about the muscle like he isn't the one feeling all that pain. What an inspiration.

    • John Michael Santa Maria
      John Michael Santa Maria Month ago

      Strength and size are two very different things. You can achieve similar if not superior strength with higher reps and lower weight, versus higher weight and lower reps. It all comes down to you, and how dedicated you are to your training.

    • ArtemNoel
      ArtemNoel 2 years ago

      Alexander so cold showers do help. The biggest controversy is whether it's hot or cold shower that help build muscle

    • Yo Daguy
      Yo Daguy 2 years ago

      @Alden Asher standard general idea would be like four sets per exercise, failing around 12 your first set, then add weight so you fail around 10, then 8, then 6. Thatll stimulate all four muscle fibers types. Also depends on what muscle you are working, some do great with higher reps, like calves.

    • Alden Asher
      Alden Asher 2 years ago

      @The Iron Sheik
      you're right. i think i've heard that you should keep doing reps until you fail to do one. if you do more than 12 reps, then you don't have enough weight and your muscle growth won't be as dramatic

    • Yo Daguy
      Yo Daguy 2 years ago +1

      @DRIS I get that the drugs thing isn't a positive inspiration, but it was pretty common knowledge all those guys were juiced, regardless of what they said at the time. Arnold got an insane amount if people motivated to improve themselves physically, that far outweighs the downside of a few people who actually developed the belief that this was possible for anyone with a clean program

  • Luke Mayer
    Luke Mayer 2 months ago +2

    I come back to this video every few months. Probably one of the most motivating videos there is.

  • No1no1
    No1no1 3 months ago +5

    Love how he says it all stays the same and this is the important thing, so basically his rules are inconsistencies in his training regime to shock the muscle and consistency in his diet so his body knows how to digest the nutrients best👌🏻

  • Bruce Rushenas
    Bruce Rushenas 6 months ago +5

    This guy is a Legend and no one will even replace him

  • Matt Young
    Matt Young 4 months ago +5

    Arnold has always been my #1 idol. He's accomplished so much in his life.

  • KoatikArtPurrps
    KoatikArtPurrps 9 months ago +2574

    Man I never appreciated Arnold’s physique until now! I wish I would have committed to working out when I was younger but it’s never to late! I’ve been 6 months in and I’ve come a long way since the beginning. This is so motivating!

    • Nico Melia
      Nico Melia 26 days ago

      @2022busa im 32 and started as well. I feel like im too old so I may have to start testosterone. im not sure yet

    • Nico Melia
      Nico Melia 26 days ago

      @DrStench13 after 1 year thats when you start your first cycle... due

    • Nico Melia
      Nico Melia 26 days ago

      how old u now

    • majinbuimusic
      majinbuimusic 28 days ago

      I’ve been working out for about 4 months and I’m addicted lol. I can’t wait until my first cut

    • Francis Leahy
      Francis Leahy Month ago

      All I do is put on pumping iron, and motivation is back in full force

  • R West
    R West 6 months ago +3

    He is a genius no matter how you look at him. He was European mellow and well rounded. A very sophisticated and sweet guy. A real class act!

  • geenku
    geenku 3 months ago +5

    I love how everybody was happy to see him at the gym, that's a wholesome environment to train.

  • Aaron Wyatt
    Aaron Wyatt 3 months ago +2

    Thank you Arnold, this is exactly how I pictured him giving advice.

  • B.M. Nahid Hasan
    B.M. Nahid Hasan 6 months ago +5

    A true Legend. Salute to you, Sir!

  • ASVP
    ASVP Year ago +14883

    Arnold: today I’m going to hit chest.
    Muscle: ez pz
    Arnold: does back
    Muscle: wtf man, you said chest. I am shocked.

  • Carter's channel
    Carter's channel 27 days ago

    This is a true legend. Thanks to this guy i started training in the gym and building my body.

  • Queen City Gaming
    Queen City Gaming 5 months ago +8

    One of my favorite sayings is "Never let the devil (our minds in this case) know what your going to do next!
    Perfect example of Arnold saying mix up and SHOCK your muscles.... Going to start using these techniques of shocking my mind and body by implementing this in my training.
    Arnie is the 🐐

    • Affeltrucken
      Affeltrucken 3 months ago

      The "schocking the muscles" thing is a complete myth, like honsestly, it really does not work. You can look it up for yourself, or I can link some stuff for you, but you can't deny it because it makes you feel like you've wasted training. I love the guy but he really didn't have a good understanding of some very basic training principles. He was working out in the "golden days" when no one really knew anything about bodybuilding and very little research had been done, so I can't blame him, but if you really want to train efficiently, don't take ALL his advice to heart, (shock the muscle, training to failure), although he has some good tips, like with his protein intake and chest exercises.

    • Queen City Gaming
      Queen City Gaming 5 months ago

      @MiNi Weeddeerz cool story 👍

    • MiNi Weeddeerz
      MiNi Weeddeerz 5 months ago +1

      Shocking the muscle is an outdated idea that doesn't work.

    • storknad man
      storknad man 5 months ago +2

      Bruh wtf 🤣🤣

  • Ant
    Ant 3 months ago +1

    It's pretty amazing to have been there from the start of this, "The Golden Age of Bodybuilding." My older brother was just getting in to BB in the early 80's and I remember how Arnold was his idol, and eventually mine too. Then came Conan The Barbarian, raw and bada$$, just as it should be! And of course followed by all the rest of the action hits he did (Terminator, etc). Pretty cool looking back at this time though. It was all new, and yet so perfect for that time period. A magical time indeed!

  • Mikeys Gainz
    Mikeys Gainz 2 months ago +1

    Hundreds of thousands of videos on TheXvid on how to train, yet Arnold does one 17 min video that covers it all lol. Arnold Schwarzenegger will always be the best bodybuilder EVER!!

  • spiegel
    spiegel 8 months ago +6638

    I still like his aesthetic look a lot more than today's mass monsters.

    • DC_Kamehameha
      DC_Kamehameha 11 days ago

      @Adi Kryeziu Not all of nirvanas song are bad. Kurt hating religion has nothing to do with it. He was in rehab and turning his life around not to long before he died as well.
      The Bible teaches us not to beat ourselves up from what our consciences approve of.
      Coincidences do happen. You assume all religions have testimonies this powerful, but, I've researched these stories for sooo long. I've heard so many stories from other religions and people who are athiest and 95% it is Jesus Christ. You only think they have stories like this because your assuming it's all fake.
      My testimonies alone would be like winning the lottery 25 times. There is a point where a man can objectively see that it's no longer coincidence.
      I could tell you supernatural stories for literally days if I could remember it all. I assure you, Jesus Christ is real.

    • Adi Kryeziu
      Adi Kryeziu 12 days ago

      @DC_Kamehameha 1. Kurt kobain HATED and mocked christianity, if not all religions.
      2. "Prayers". What you call prayers , is what others call something like power of manifestation or visualization. It happens to ALL kinds of people from ALL kinds of religions. Your faith is absolutely not special in that regard. Everyday people get encounter by absurd cases of "coincidence" or call it "fate". This hasnt anything to do with jesus. But if youre lucky , i dont want to bother you.

    • DC_Kamehameha
      DC_Kamehameha 12 days ago

      @Adi Kryeziu Not all nirvana songs are bad. God doesn't beat us up about what our consciences approve of.
      Awhile after that I was watching a preacher on TheXvid. I felt this compassion come over me. I had just started to truly believe my prayers would be answered. So, I prayed for the Lord to double his ministry, his finances, his marital life, etc… The next day when I woke up he had released a new video. He was standing on stage for a bit, smiling. Then he said "The Lord has just doubled his ministry, his finances, marital life, etc. He basically read my prayer back to me. My heart started pounding so hard, because I had forgot that I prayed.
      Many amazing prayers like this were answered and still being answered.

    • Adi Kryeziu
      Adi Kryeziu 13 days ago

      @DC_Kamehameha jesus would hate nirvana. Christianity isnt real.

  • E Dub
    E Dub 5 months ago

    Arnold never rushes his explanations, he's very giving of his knowledge. A great attribute.

  • Tactical Racer
    Tactical Racer 3 months ago +1

    Love this video! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to start training to build my body.

  • Michael Romain
    Michael Romain 6 months ago +1

    He truly is amazing and his work ethic was crazy

    SASHA 5 months ago

    Much respect sir! Salute 💯

  • kukkaro
    kukkaro 8 months ago +1611

    He was so much much ahead of his time. You can only imagine how good he could have been 20-30 years later with all the knowledge of training, better food/supplements, healthcare, drugs etc

    • Roland Fischer
      Roland Fischer Month ago

      He didn't need any of it. His physique still is 10/10.

    • The Sordid Singer
      The Sordid Singer 2 months ago +2

      • G E N E T I C S •

    • Maxelle Addison
      Maxelle Addison 2 months ago

      Be glad you caught on would have been missing out on greatest its young arnold that get me the most perfection on another level and champion mindset it may overwhelm you at time if you really into bodybuilding

    • Ryan
      Ryan 2 months ago +3

      He clearly had all the knowledge in training he needed, how else would he remain undefeated for multiple years? Better food? Food was wayy better quality back in the 50's through the early 70's, as their food wasn't highly processed like it is today, they didn't have high fructose corn syrup poured into everything, and food wasn't grown artificially and with rBST and all the hormones and shit. As for better healthcare? I mean, yeah healthcare is better and medical science has vastly improved, but whats that got to do with bodybuilding? Did Arnold have cancer back then or something? As for drugs, IDK, I mean he admitted to taking steriods back then because they were new (and didnt know the long term repercussions from taking them) they were legal at the time, and he took them under the care of a licensed physician as opposed to some sweaty guy in the locker room at the gym.

  • Karl Hungus
    Karl Hungus 6 months ago

    I started working out a year and a half ago, beginning of Covid. I’m 6 feet tall and 125 lbs and I’ve definitely gotten stronger but feel like it’s not enough I’m only 135 now and I put most of that on the last couple months. This video may be exactly what I needed

    • MiNi Weeddeerz
      MiNi Weeddeerz 5 months ago +1

      Shocking the muscle isn't an actual thing btw, don't change your program if it's a good program for as long as you can. If you still are getting gains from it, keep it. If you aren't getting gains either your program is bad or you aren't eating nearly enough or both. You are 6 ft 135. That's super super skinny. You need to eat a shitton of food. Check out revival fitness channel

    • David Peacock
      David Peacock 5 months ago +1

      You're probably not eating enough, if you're wanting to put on size.

  • Chisaki
    Chisaki 4 months ago +2

    This man will never stop inspiring me 🌃

  • Oscar Andersson
    Oscar Andersson 5 months ago +2

    An absolute legend, how did he manage to be world champion bodybuilder, a world famous actor and a governor? Amazing...

  • Ted Tremendous
    Ted Tremendous 4 months ago

    Arnold's life is so crazy and amazing. I don't even think of him or remember him as a champion bodybuilder and possibly greatest of all time. I remember him for being Governor and then for his movies. What a crazy amazing life.

  • Cosmic Oven
    Cosmic Oven 5 years ago +849

    He is not only excellent in bodybuilding but excellent in explaining it as well. He makes the lesson fun to watch.

    • Federica Galli
      Federica Galli 4 years ago

      It'a a great motivational this video, I watch it every now and then in order to keep my motivation up when i feel a bit down. I now would like to run to the gym, but i'm stuck in office

    • Ricardo Garcia
      Ricardo Garcia 4 years ago +6

      Shows true mastery in his craft.

    • Jon Cannon
      Jon Cannon 4 years ago +2

      are you saying aronlds no it bodybuilding

    • Arpit Mishra
      Arpit Mishra 5 years ago +9

      he is best

  • GodGunsGold 86
    GodGunsGold 86 14 days ago

    He wasn't just a great bodybuilder. He was an artist. He new what to work more and get the right proportions. A sculptor of his own body.💪

  • Césa. Solís Roa.
    Césa. Solís Roa. 5 months ago +2

    Well Done! Arnold You Are My Inspiration I Keep It Together In My Training Too

  • Jawad Khan
    Jawad Khan Month ago

    This Was The First Video Which Inspired Me And Motivated me to start workout. That day when i watched that video i locked my room and start workout (For 3 consecutive hours) for the first time in ny life and from that day i am doing regular exercise and i developed my goals and now i am Achieving it. There is only a single spark which have the power to fire up the entire forest... as it done to me. And That Was My story

  • Brent Graham
    Brent Graham 4 months ago +2

    Thank you Arnold you educated me and help me in lot was 💪 love ya 🤘

  • Jay Dubau
    Jay Dubau Year ago +3709

    His strongest attribute was not his muscles but rather his attitude and work ethic.

    • Joel Stephenson
      Joel Stephenson 3 months ago


    • Mike Huff
      Mike Huff 3 months ago

      @nino nino motivation is work ethic.

    • Mike Huff
      Mike Huff 3 months ago

      ..talent means nothing without motivation. Ill take a motivated person over a talented person any day of the week. “Are you coachable?” Michael Jordan will tell you what made him great is he was coachable. If you’re motivated and willing to grow…done. You got it.

    • Iasonas leonidas
      Iasonas leonidas 3 months ago

      It’s definitely his muscles

    • David Vukov
      David Vukov 4 months ago

      And discipline!

  • DK26
    DK26 4 months ago +3

    Arnold still has the greatest physique of all time to this day. Modern day Olympians don't look good too much mass. Arnold looks perfect and that physique is timeless.

    • John Matzye
      John Matzye 2 months ago

      Agree. He's not one of the best. He's the best.

  • Terry Duffield
    Terry Duffield 4 months ago +4

    Unworldly genetics plus Massive pain tolerance plus the guts and hardworking drive of a Honeybadger.
    The complete package he earned all of it
    The drugs helped him recover faster and maintain mass while dieting but the gas isn’t why he’s the best of his times. No he wouldn’t look like that without it but Ass busting hard work got him to top.

  • Sharp Mom
    Sharp Mom 4 months ago +7

    If I ever got to train with this man, my life would be complete!

    • Kot khan
      Kot khan 2 months ago

      Come train with me

  • Mac Ram
    Mac Ram 6 months ago

    Just started working out. Using this as motivation!

  • Walter White
    Walter White 3 years ago +681

    0:57 Mass
    3:27 Chest
    6:08 Back
    7:12 Arms
    8:19 Triceps
    8:41 Shoulders
    10:19 Legs
    10:53 Abs
    11:53 Nutrition
    14:56 Definition

    • RCLoko
      RCLoko 2 years ago

      @Normal Account yeah as soon as i typed in athlean i started loosing muscle mass. I better just finish this video

    • Normal Account
      Normal Account 2 years ago +1

      Jesse Salazar lookin up athleanx is killing your gains !

    • Just Javiel
      Just Javiel 2 years ago

      Thank you!

    • Eduardo Sebastián C.M
      Eduardo Sebastián C.M 2 years ago

      are u god

  • Michael Zoran
    Michael Zoran Month ago +1

    This video teaches us that we can apply the same principles of bodybuilding to all areas of life. For example, if you do not naturally have the ability to do something, there are unnatural and/or illegal methods of doing that same thing. This could be applied to the concept of not having the money to purchase something, and then making the unnatural and/or illegal decision to steal it. After being correctly applied, people will gain wealth and prosperity that would not have been possible.

  • CornholioPuppetMaster

    I wish they had podcasts around when Arnold was young, he’s got so much advice to give

  • Mindfultranslations
    Mindfultranslations 4 months ago

    Arnold truly worked very hard and earned all he received and achieved… but he had the natural frame and good looks to build upon … a blessed but persevering professional!

  • Jason Luzitano
    Jason Luzitano Month ago

    I love how he talks to his muscles like he's letting them know who's boss

  • terah101
    terah101 2 years ago +12727

    Bodybuilders back then looked like genuine pieces of art. Today they look like science projects gone wrong.

  • Moe Rahman
    Moe Rahman 5 months ago

    Very few people can refer to themselves as a legend. Arnold is one of them.

  • M AC
    M AC 2 months ago

    I am watching this before heading to the gym, and this clip hits like a pre workout

  • Vi Mos.
    Vi Mos. 4 months ago

    Arnold is a legend, he is my inspiration

  • Fake Chinese
    Fake Chinese 2 months ago +4

    Look at him, what he achieved with just those equipment, no fancy shit, literally the basic.. that’s REALLY impressive

    • Peter Lonjers
      Peter Lonjers Month ago

      Well he was using drugs. I mean his results were still amazing for the time even with drugs. But even the very peak of natural body building today will not get you anywhere close to this.

  • Ricardo Lafou
    Ricardo Lafou 2 years ago +2043

    I also started with 315 today. This hospital food is not too bad.✌🏻👍🏼

    • Moshen Hussein
      Moshen Hussein 2 years ago

      Whats wrong with u bruh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Mr Popo
      Mr Popo 2 years ago +1

      *Not gonna lie, you had us in the first half* lol

    • N C
      N C 2 years ago +1

      the best TheXvid comment ever ahahah

    • Clorox Bleach
      Clorox Bleach 2 years ago +1

      How do you eat with no hands?

    • Taz Hood
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  • Саня Григарцевич

    Очень тяжёлый труд,работа над собой! Моё почтение, терминатор)

  • Osvani A Utra Brito
    Osvani A Utra Brito 19 days ago

    Muy buen documental,,el es mi ídolo y mi ejemplo a seguir,,mi admiración hacia el

  • PassGo Alejandro
    PassGo Alejandro 7 months ago +4

    I started body building to fight depression and rebuild my spirit as well as discipline myself. The up side is I get to live a longer healthier life. I don’t know how much I weigh. I don’t even care about the scale. I just work.

  • Paragon
    Paragon 4 months ago

    Guy is amazing, amazing work ethic, but Man there is a reason why so many therapist and trainers today don't teach dumbbell flys, you are putting your shoulder in a weak position and are risking injury. Having torn my rotator cuff just recently from doing something like this I have now had to adapt my chest workout and change the way I lift to prevent further injury. I wish I had knew then what I do now.

  • StarryEyed Nomad
    StarryEyed Nomad 4 years ago +749

    Even after all of these years, Arnold still talks about bodybuilding with such passion. Legit!

    • Dwayne Therock Johnson
      Dwayne Therock Johnson 10 months ago

      @StarryEyed Nomad Hello Leticia, your comment here was spotted I will like to know more about you, how are you doing?

    • Thug Life
      Thug Life 3 years ago

      he gets paid thats why he talks, people wants information lul

    • jaat rohit hu
      jaat rohit hu 4 years ago +1

      Leticia Mondragon I like you

    • Mystic Nuke
      Mystic Nuke 4 years ago +2

      Leticia Mondragon
      Fucking savage. Living legend

    • kitty boy gamer 69
      kitty boy gamer 69 4 years ago

      This dude said kik LMFAO!

  • paran sisilitan
    paran sisilitan 3 months ago

    Up until now, theres many bodybuilders who were getting the backlash of their extreme training method when they growing old, but here's Arnold a legendary champ of bodybuilding still fine and healthy, he even be an actor and even a governor lol, though his method are also extreme, i think he do it in a right way, his advice is well appreciated

  • Paiste Bob
    Paiste Bob Month ago

    Arnold's can motivate a corpse to walk again... he was a great mentor for me as a teen and now I am in my 50s and he still keeps me motivated when I watch anything related to him with his philosophy and training. These old clips are golden and I like them better than the modern freakazoids who look more like a science experiment gone wrong then anything artistic and beautiful like bodybuilding was meant to be.

  • E M
    E M 4 months ago +1

    The best all time bodybuilder.
    Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger!

  • Onkel Bong
    Onkel Bong 4 months ago

    he talks about bodybuilding like it is some kind of art to build up muscles on to body . great person and still has all the tricks in mind still the king of the bodybuilding in my opinion !

    J GIRLING Year ago +2322

    Sometimes I start with 300kg on the bench to really shock the muscle, and also the structure of the rib cage

    • Don
      Don Year ago

      @Hassan sand bro wth no ones doing that unless they goofy

    • KOKOBRIK Inc
      KOKOBRIK Inc Year ago

      nobody cares air hear

    • Maanav D
      Maanav D Year ago +1

      @Hassan sand i ain't into meth

  • Bad Gambler
    Bad Gambler 4 months ago +1

    Its quite amazing what the human body can achieve if youre fully focused.

  • Paul Dashwood
    Paul Dashwood Month ago

    Makes a lot of sense this interview…great Arnold .

  • J117
    J117 6 months ago +2

    Man this workout is impossible without blessed genetics or taking test. It is VERY difficult to recover from. Arnold was a beast!

    • J117
      J117 4 months ago

      @Derek Jeffries It is both really. Lot of time (and effort) and blessed genetics.

    • Derek Jeffries
      Derek Jeffries 6 months ago

      Or he devoted all his free time to it for years

  • Coinboi Baggins
    Coinboi Baggins  4 months ago

    What a legend 👍💪🏼

  • vishal sharma
    vishal sharma 3 years ago +17804

    “I don't count my sit-ups; I only start counting when it starts hurting because they’re the only ones that count.”
    ― Muhammad Ali

    • Jacob Rachiele
      Jacob Rachiele 7 months ago

      " So yeah, I typically do one sit-up".

    • Sean Connery
      Sean Connery 10 months ago

      @Alexey Sukinov what’s your problem

    • FAST///M3
      FAST///M3 11 months ago

      I like that👀👍

    • Jayce Zeniuk
      Jayce Zeniuk Year ago

      @Abigwhale sure the hell beats not exercising

    • Abigwhale
      Abigwhale Year ago

      But sit-ups are bad for your back...

  • The Trading Regime Inc
    The Trading Regime Inc 4 months ago

    The truth right here! The best instructional motivational workout video and only you need 💯

  • john
    john Month ago +1

    Seeing Arnold's body and his motivational speech makes me hungry to go to the Gym!!

  • Pepijn Schoemaker
    Pepijn Schoemaker 4 months ago +3

    This man knows what he's talking about. You can hear it in every scentence.

  • ibrah
    ibrah 7 days ago

    Pure advices ❤

  • Duane Allen
    Duane Allen Year ago +1086

    He was so passionate about sculpting his body aesthetically. Working hard and enjoying the process.

    • dukcy
      dukcy 10 months ago

      @MOHAMMAD HARIS FAHIM once he retired, he actually did start giving real advice, since he moved on to bigger things

      MOHAMMAD HARIS FAHIM 10 months ago

      @Spencer Dixon that's something constant. Become and stop others becoming great

    • Spencer Dixon
      Spencer Dixon 11 months ago +3

      He was very passionate but would also crush other people by giving them wrong advice and tricking them. He stepped on a lot of people to get and stay on the top. He was one of the greatest though.

    • PTB kao
      PTB kao 11 months ago


    • JAY jay
      JAY jay Year ago +3

      Actually thats all what he want to say.....everything is the love for what you do.

  • Awoken33
    Awoken33 3 months ago +1

    He was hitting the gym then, and now he’s hitting the drivers. We still love him 😄

  • grimlund
    grimlund 2 days ago

    When you listen to this guy you start to think that there really could be such a thing as a Doctors degree in building muscles.

  • Trail Runn3r
    Trail Runn3r 2 months ago

    I always tell my coworkers about workout routines that “shock” your body and they have no idea what I’m talking about. Arnold has always motivated me, especially after seeing Pumping Iron for the first time. It’s currently 6am and I’m hype to get my workout in right now! Hope you all do the same today! 💪

    • storknad man
      storknad man 5 days ago

      @Seneca it doesn’t work for anyone. It’s like saying that you’re getting smarter because you’re eating bananas

    • Seneca
      Seneca 5 days ago

      @storknad man if it works for him, it works for him. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • storknad man
      storknad man 2 months ago

      Unfortunately the muscle confusion part about “shocking” is a myth, you don’t need to do this

  • Richard Simko
    Richard Simko 5 months ago +1

    I have goosebumps watching this legend

  • Chronicles of Mr Nobody

    Whenever I don't find anything to watch while eating, I Just put this Video on & feel like Arnold is having a meal with me❤️

  • carson chan
    carson chan 4 months ago +1

    I like Arnold; he seems so down to earth, and seems like a very kind person; however, not kind or " nice" , out of necessity, but out of strength and surplus of positive energy

    ILYAS YACHOU 3 months ago +1

    Legends will be for ever legends . 🏋🏽‍♀️

  • vicky Singh
    vicky Singh 3 months ago

    Love you arnold sir lots off respect for you real Legend God of bodibuilding.

  • Grady Browning
    Grady Browning Year ago +356

    Arnold was the true American dream, he knew exactly what he wanted and went and got it. With plenty of hard work and determination. Much respect

    • Grady Browning
      Grady Browning 8 months ago +1

      @Kurt Cobain I agree 100%

    • Kurt Cobain
      Kurt Cobain 8 months ago +1

      What set Arnold apart from other bodybuilders and famous strong, good looking men was his charisma. Sure he worked hard but there is something about him that you just subconsciously like. He's strangely likable and used that charisma to become Mr. Olympia, then the Terminator and ultimately the Governor of California. This is just my opinion.

    • Yourmum Ghey
      Yourmum Ghey 10 months ago +2

      America is a nation of citizens.

    • WOk K*9
      WOk K*9 10 months ago

      @JagerMeister - but worst wtf lol