Death by Magic | Clip: Detroit Kicks Trick [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
  • British magician DMC has a special gift that all sneakerheads will appreciate. Death by Magic is now streaming on Netflix.
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    Death by Magic | Clip: Detroit Kicks Trick [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 108

  • roqya eltayeb
    roqya eltayeb 2 months ago

    DMC 😍

  • Athena Gardner
    Athena Gardner 3 months ago

    1. If you look when he actually hands him the box, before the shoes move, there's a reflection of someone walking in the background and there is no change between the time he hands him the box and when the shoes get in it
    2. This scene doesn't show it but he walks back and puts a $100 bill in the spot where the shoe is afterwards too

  • dexter mon
    dexter mon 5 months ago

    It’s fake

  • Nekminute
    Nekminute 5 months ago +1

    Chicken, watermelon and kicks...

  • Janus
    Janus 5 months ago

    Box was wrong

  • •Antoniø Brah•
    •Antoniø Brah• 5 months ago +2

    Man I wish I was that good of a magician so I could steal stuff without people noticing. Just a craft bro!

  • Thành nguyễn
    Thành nguyễn 5 months ago


  • supersport16
    supersport16 5 months ago

    ok if he got to keep the shows its cool but come on now what kind of bullshit magic is this lmao

    • 715490 926
      715490 926 5 months ago

      supersport16 I honestly have no idea who watches this show

  • Zardoz Xerxes
    Zardoz Xerxes 5 months ago

    Random people on street = bad actors.
    He better have them shoes tho!
    Let's hope that's not fake!

  • Terence Fletcher
    Terence Fletcher 5 months ago

    Excuse me Netflix , but where are the Black Mirror trailer's ?
    Isn't the 28 of December the season 5 release date ?

  • Aidan Frost
    Aidan Frost 5 months ago

    We're selling high quality netflix accounts with 1/12 months subscription at very low price. 80% OFF

  • Yanga
    Yanga 5 months ago


  • JerkyFraser
    JerkyFraser 5 months ago

    This show is bullshit. Can he actually do any tricks or does he need it all done with editing?

  • F S
    F S 5 months ago +4

    What’s magical about this clip is that none of those two noticed the camera 😂

  • blue text on white background

    fraudulent and homosexual.

  • iloldthough
    iloldthough 5 months ago

    fake ass bs

  • JimBobthe Impaler
    JimBobthe Impaler 5 months ago

    Hows David feel about this?........

  • JayPal Animation
    JayPal Animation 5 months ago +4

    They’re all paid actors... the black guys, the magician, the shoes. Everything!

  • Sanjay Raveendran
    Sanjay Raveendran 5 months ago +4

    He should try that at the Lamborghini store

  • vladimir ikic
    vladimir ikic 5 months ago

    Cut it with the cuts :) makes it veeeery not convincing

  • Scott Korin
    Scott Korin 5 months ago

    I feel ripped off. Nobody died.

  • Miscre8ted
    Miscre8ted 5 months ago

    This is fkn stupid

  • ShAdOwMaN
    ShAdOwMaN 5 months ago

    BACCANO LIVE ACTION PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Righteous Crusade
    Righteous Crusade 5 months ago

    better run yo .. thats call stealin

  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay 5 months ago +3

    So basically they robbed a Nike store. His next trick is outside the window of a brothel in Amsterdam.

  • MovingThePicture
    MovingThePicture 5 months ago

    Please stop making these stupid magic shows

  • كلش جديد
    كلش جديد 5 months ago +1


  • Sy D
    Sy D 5 months ago

    It's setting

  • Haris Mamba
    Haris Mamba 5 months ago


  • 2 Cents
    2 Cents 5 months ago

    I was just watching this show on netflix days ago but when is the new episode of the walking dead coming where rick falls off horse & 💩 does anyone know?

  • Ae7
    Ae7 5 months ago

    I need a netflix account

  • Daniel Kiselev
    Daniel Kiselev 5 months ago

    2 min later you see the cops arrest the kids for stealing the shoes. They got bamboozled

  • The Mask Man
    The Mask Man 5 months ago +9

    Now TheXvid should have add new feature by the name of middle finger so i can rate this magic trick easily..

  • Alejandro Agger
    Alejandro Agger 5 months ago +9

    Netflix you says that all reaction are true but is so fake that is ridiculous

  • Joshua Mozu
    Joshua Mozu 5 months ago +3

    When is season 2 of on my block coming out

  • Mz Kegz
    Mz Kegz 5 months ago

    The real magic is that editing bc I paused and rewinded this video bare times to find a flaw 😅

  • bsmi1361
    bsmi1361 5 months ago

    At least make the acting believable..

  • Dopamine P
    Dopamine P 5 months ago +1

    if dude could do that why would he have to do a tv show. i would just stand outside a bank and continually fill up bags full of cash with this supposed magic trick.....

    KROPAMAN 5 months ago

    I can do such magic every day with turn off/on camera

  • Gayan Samera
    Gayan Samera 5 months ago

    Fake but still awesome.

  • ArchibaldEsquire
    ArchibaldEsquire 5 months ago

    if youtube allowed memes in the chat....
    everyone would spam that fake david blaine starring into the camera lol

  • deadpool
    deadpool 5 months ago

    and then a cop shows up

  • The Tae Kwon Doe
    The Tae Kwon Doe 5 months ago

    Is this really Netflix? Didn't come for the video, came to request you get ahold of two shows:
    Boston Public and Judging Amy
    Worth a shot! Not sure how all that licensing crap works and if it's even possible, but never hurts to ask.

  • Kladbase
    Kladbase 5 months ago

    He said wow where your arm

  • XxangelxX Nine
    XxangelxX Nine 5 months ago


  • RonVandeil
    RonVandeil 5 months ago

    Post production isn't magic.

  • igor drabik
    igor drabik 5 months ago


  • Jen H
    Jen H 5 months ago

    Season 2 Season 2!!!

  • BungleBonce
    BungleBonce 5 months ago


  • me4374
    me4374 5 months ago +2

    Agent 47 got a hobby

  • Karindra Muliaputra
    Karindra Muliaputra 5 months ago

    Okay Sir, I will have to ask you to explain where did you get that shoe?

  • Jeronto
    Jeronto 5 months ago

    So stolen then 🤔😅

  • Shady Swift
    Shady Swift 5 months ago

    I seen hoes pull tricks better then that❗️

  • ImpatientTurtle
    ImpatientTurtle 5 months ago

    Sigh. Another Chris Angel, so edgy. No actual skilful magic tricks. We paid the actors, we edit in post.

  • Shady Swift
    Shady Swift 5 months ago

    Parlor tricks are made for snake men Can he halt diseases and make weapons of mass destruction vanish I’m centered on materialization,
    If I had those parlor tricks I’ll entertain a circus and invite sick children and make them for get about there ailments for a day.

  • deagleninja
    deagleninja 5 months ago +1

    Magic everywhere in this bitch!

  • Marilane Toledo Teixeira

    NETFLIX. ..a insuperável 😂😂😂

  • 3.14 PK
    3.14 PK 5 months ago +24

    And the Police shot him after he turned the corner.

    • 3.14 PK
      3.14 PK 5 months ago

      @Timothy Spencer Why not. Is it not feasible?

    • Timothy Spencer
      Timothy Spencer 5 months ago +1

      Why you say that

    • 715490 926
      715490 926 5 months ago

      THE ACOUSTIC CAGE nope, people have been killed and didn’t try to attack the officer. Your little brain just can’t accept that.

      THE ACOUSTIC CAGE 5 months ago

      only if he tried to attack the officer: a part the news will leave out.

    • Gio Lue
      Gio Lue 5 months ago +1

      3.14 PK a liberals wet dream

  • Sean M
    Sean M 5 months ago +86

    Employee: I swear they were just there in the window!
    Manager: You're fired!

  • IsWavy
    IsWavy 5 months ago

    scripted like a mother fucker

  • Willskull
    Willskull 5 months ago


  • Janet Johnson
    Janet Johnson 5 months ago

    No questions asked. BLACK MAGIC.

  • Francision
    Francision 5 months ago


  • chyna wilson
    chyna wilson 5 months ago +13

    Ain’t that stealing 😂😂

    • Christian
      Christian 5 months ago +2

      Na it’s called Editing and actors

    • bsmi1361
      bsmi1361 5 months ago


  • Willy Nguyen
    Willy Nguyen 5 months ago

    If only I could do thiss

  • Amanda Adlem
    Amanda Adlem 5 months ago

    Burn the thief!

  • Colleen Glanville
    Colleen Glanville 5 months ago

    This should be good, that must have been the best Christmas present they received! 😄😁👍

  • ismail yt
    ismail yt 5 months ago

    Not real its fake

  • cfb1
    cfb1 5 months ago

    Guardiola in the thumbnail

  • Ninjarem
    Ninjarem 5 months ago +19

    That show is in the same category as ghost hunter. Super legit!

    • JerkyFraser
      JerkyFraser 5 months ago

      I think Big Foot Hunters or whatever that dumb show was called had more credibility than this show.

  • I am milan
    I am milan 5 months ago +76

    Those shoes are paid actors

  • SDMFAnthony
    SDMFAnthony 5 months ago +144

    I just love bad acting and post editing.

    • mojo
      mojo 5 months ago +1

      Fake news

    • mike usiak
      mike usiak 5 months ago +2

      no cut in the video. So not post editing.

    • Shady Swift
      Shady Swift 5 months ago

      SDMFAnthony let’s keep it 💯

  • Cristykal Hits
    Cristykal Hits 5 months ago +25

    Now call the police!

  • Giau Animazion
    Giau Animazion 5 months ago +49

    And the Sponsor for the video is NIKE!🙂

  • Is this the Camera??
    Is this the Camera?? 5 months ago

    Look at my name I have no choice but to watch this

    SARADA WAIFU 5 months ago +7

    Nice Netflix

  • Michael
    Michael 5 months ago

    15 comment!!

  • King Garcia
    King Garcia 5 months ago


  • Delaram Styles
    Delaram Styles 5 months ago

    I want this man in my life

  • Delaram Styles
    Delaram Styles 5 months ago

    I'm the sixth or the seventh

  • TeAm SiLeNt
    TeAm SiLeNt 5 months ago +3

    If the Netflix are the best 1 like?

  • Gabby Scherpereel
    Gabby Scherpereel 5 months ago


  • Delaram Styles
    Delaram Styles 5 months ago

    Eyyyyyy coool

  • Val. g
    Val. g 5 months ago

    Magic :v

  • Luisa Salazar
    Luisa Salazar 5 months ago +2

    Hi nelfix

  • jose feris
    jose feris 5 months ago +2

    Wtf was that

  • Dora the Explorer
    Dora the Explorer 5 months ago

    Second comment yes pls like

  • Sara Wilcker
    Sara Wilcker 5 months ago +2

    I like playing Magic cards.

  • Toxic Animal LvL
    Toxic Animal LvL 5 months ago


  • Segura Alvaro
    Segura Alvaro 5 months ago +2

    I’m second

  • Joshua
    Joshua 5 months ago


  • SuperIsSarcastic
    SuperIsSarcastic 5 months ago +1