The mind behind Linux | Linus Torvalds

  • Published on May 3, 2016
  • Linus Torvalds transformed technology twice - first with the Linux kernel, which helps power the Internet, and again with Git, the source code management system used by developers worldwide. In a rare interview with TED Curator Chris Anderson, Torvalds discusses with remarkable openness the personality traits that prompted his unique philosophy of work, engineering and life. "I am not a visionary, I'm an engineer," Torvalds says. "I'm perfectly happy with all the people who are walking around and just staring at the clouds ... but I'm looking at the ground, and I want to fix the pothole that's right in front of me before I fall in."
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Comments • 2 964

  • IT experiments
    IT experiments Day ago

    cool story!

    LEI XIA Day ago

    BitKeeper refused free of charge.
    Linus: spent 2 days finished writing Git.
    Jesus Christ.

  • 7IBBE77S
    7IBBE77S 2 days ago

    Laughs in MacOS, Laughs in Windows.

  • Toni Awan
    Toni Awan 3 days ago

    so, how we speak it? linAx, linÈx, or linux?

  • kev k
    kev k 3 days ago

    Did he really call an operating system a 'software'? smh

  • John Lins
    John Lins 3 days ago

    This man is the the most stereotypical programmer lol.

  • Anil & Arya
    Anil & Arya 4 days ago

    He is so funny that he says "for some strange reason Google sents me Chromebook for free "

  • Adeel Zafar
    Adeel Zafar 4 days ago

    12:12 This guy is HURT. He hasn't been given the credit he deserves for all the potential work that he has done for not just the developer community but ultimately billions of end users.

  • Hurri
    Hurri 4 days ago

    One of the very best, and I am not surprised Steve Jobs wanted to employ him but demanded he would lay off his Linux project which he did not. And I am proud he is a Hurri too.

  • Tomasz Pelczar
    Tomasz Pelczar 5 days ago

    C is still outstanding...

  • Citrus 3301
    Citrus 3301 5 days ago

    btw i use arch

  • M faraday
    M faraday 6 days ago +2

    I always thought he is like tesla .
    Only contribution and not business minded but he contradicts this fact😂.
    Without unix linux was impossible.

  • Akira Kurusu
    Akira Kurusu 8 days ago

    "it was the time I started love people"...well...everyday when I look something up on StackOverflow or some other forum I notice that Humanity could be so fucking nice...these people anser ur questions without any direct profit. I love and hate people at the same time.

    SOUNDWALKER 8 days ago

    This is great! His mannerisms and stories make me wonder if he has Asperger's.

  • Nitish Nagar
    Nitish Nagar 8 days ago

    Bhai faltu me banaaya tuune, free me download karne milta hai google pe search karleta. Chaiye to bol me link bhejta hu

  • Max Villeneuve
    Max Villeneuve 8 days ago

    Did not know he also started Git... Damn....

  • alfred paldez
    alfred paldez 8 days ago

    Someone in ted used sudo

  • Tesla education
    Tesla education 12 days ago

    What a simplicity. 😍😍

    ZIL GATES 12 days ago +1

    One of his many projects he was working on.

  • Aleksandr Menshikov
    Aleksandr Menshikov 13 days ago

    14:27 code examples

  • its just about everything

    i feel like there is lag lol

  • Aj J
    Aj J 13 days ago

    Linus torvald >> India's whole dumbass 1 billion population

  • Aj J
    Aj J 13 days ago

    Still linux sucks.
    Linux can not compete with windows and Mac os in ease of use department and user friendliness.

  • kevin njuguna
    kevin njuguna 14 days ago

    My hero

  • Nadia Guarracino
    Nadia Guarracino 14 days ago

    I want a plush of him

  • Dimitris Mits
    Dimitris Mits 15 days ago

    This uber-nerd changed the world. Not Steve Jobs....

  • Joshua Kurian
    Joshua Kurian 15 days ago

    What a humble introspection from an exceptional human being. I hope there are more developers in the future who try to fix the problems they see around them from a young age.

  • Rajdeep D
    Rajdeep D 16 days ago

    root~]# WALL "you are a genius"

  • Azmir Ismail
    Azmir Ismail 16 days ago

    Tq for sharing gais...
    U make it for free👍

  • Warren Research Inc.
    Warren Research Inc. 16 days ago

    Linus is one of the greatest people ever!

  • We Own The Night
    We Own The Night 16 days ago

    He does not know he's a visionary. That's the philosophy of Tao. Be the genius and not knowing it, not self conscious. I love this man, and he's the insperation that led me to coding

    SANTOSH MITRA 17 days ago

    An OS that doesn't get fragmented, spam, viruses, or anything. Its just an OS that, once installed, sits on your machine and makes you forget about it allowing you to focus on your work. Best of all, most of its distros are free. That is quite an achievement.

  • Enraged Falcon
    Enraged Falcon 17 days ago

    He is very much underrated. He is simply awesome. I didn't know he made git despite me being using it forever :P

  • Everything
    Everything 17 days ago +4

    "I'm not trying to make an excuse, I'm trying to explain."
    -me in a nutshell except I really suck at explaining

  • Everything
    Everything 17 days ago

    Making simple, complicated.
    Btw I use Arch.

  • meelahi
    meelahi 17 days ago

    Loved his definition of "good code"!

  • Teguh Santoso
    Teguh Santoso 18 days ago

    Linus Tv it's the richest man in the world even for Jaff Bezzoz or Bill Gates, but not in Money but in legacies that what he created

  • jkt00678
    jkt00678 18 days ago

    after the interview he left the stage..what a simple man.. :)

  • Abhay Bhattacharjee
    Abhay Bhattacharjee 18 days ago

    linus torvalds गुटखा खाता है

  • dʒeɪms
    dʒeɪms 18 days ago

    its LiGNUs torvalds

  • Sourav Ray
    Sourav Ray 18 days ago


  • M.Farrel Sirah
    M.Farrel Sirah 18 days ago


  • Thomas Aton
    Thomas Aton 19 days ago

    watching this on manjaro

  • Making Tech Friendly
    Making Tech Friendly 19 days ago +1

    Linus thought he was giving talk to the general public till he asked who has coded before and to his surprise...

  • juicehustlin
    juicehustlin 19 days ago +1

    Love his story, and glad that even though he's an introvert he still shared it with the world

  • James Smith
    James Smith 19 days ago +1

    Can’t wait for Steve Carrell to play him in a movie

  • David Simpson
    David Simpson 19 days ago

    Legend!...“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”― George Bernard Shaw

    • Arnold Fandel
      Arnold Fandel 13 days ago

      Where's your brother homer simpson, huh?

  • R_u_p _D
    R_u_p _D 20 days ago

    An Irony 17:04

  • RETROnuts
    RETROnuts 20 days ago

    Did he name Linux after his name but replace S with a X...????

  • eleven
    eleven 21 day ago

    I like the interviewer!

  • Varun Arora
    Varun Arora 21 day ago +2

    He could have been on Forbes top 10 if Linux wasn't free

  • Christian Staffone
    Christian Staffone 21 day ago

    Source that was open is not equal to open-source .....

  • jeff pentagon
    jeff pentagon 21 day ago +6

    5:57 It kind of gives you that "buffer". Lol what a computer scientific choice of word.

  • Sai Harsha
    Sai Harsha 21 day ago

    Who else is watching this video on windows? :D :D

  • eliod rän
    eliod rän 22 days ago

    try to not forget the GNU philisophy behind this project, Thank You #RS

  • hs y
    hs y 22 days ago

    I'm deeply moved.

  • Iltaf Khalid
    Iltaf Khalid 22 days ago

    Linus truly helped the community by developing Linux and then ofcourse the community contributed.

  • Mayank Upadhyay
    Mayank Upadhyay 22 days ago +2

    After I learned more about Linus, I feel so relaxed when using Linux, I don't know why, but it comes as a soothing experience.
    Maybe because his ideas can be seen in how the linux kernel is implemented.

  • Leo • Lynch
    Leo • Lynch 22 days ago +5

    Elon Musk stated that Edison was one of his role models.

    • programming for you
      programming for you 4 days ago

      What ur mailid

    • Gibbelblonk
      Gibbelblonk 20 days ago

      @Farzam Ashhar It's also a fact. Face it.

    • Farzam Ashhar
      Farzam Ashhar 20 days ago

      @Gibbelblonk that's your way of looking at Edison.

    • Gibbelblonk
      Gibbelblonk 20 days ago +3

      Figures, Edison was a greedy businessman and a shameless thief.

  • Benno Reuter
    Benno Reuter 23 days ago

    I love this guy in a very nerdy way.