Yaariyan - EP 24 Teaser - 13th September 2019 - HAR PAL GEO DRAMAS

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • Yaariyan - EP 24 Teaser - 13th September 2019 - HAR PAL GEO DRAMAS
    Sadia and Zobia are sisters raised with strict family values by their father Hamid. Sadia is married to Ahmar but her rukhsati is on hold while the family waits for her uncle’s return from America. Zobia on the other hand is having an affair with Umair. When she invites Umair to Sadia’s birthday to introduce him to her family, Sadia does not approve of the rich and spoilt Umair. As the meeting between Umair and both sisters is taking place - Hamid and Ahmer along with his family arrives at the party to surprise Sadia on her birthday. Ahmer misreads the situation completely and assumes that it is actually his wife who is interested in Umair. In a fit of rage Ahmar divorces Sadia on the spot and leaves her.
    Dejected and helpless Sadia will now have to build a new life in the face of adversity, her father’s pressure and her sister’s opposition. In this story of abandonment, hatred and revenge - will Sadia and Zobia ever reconcile, will they get the men they wanted in their lives or will their fates be decided by the harshness of time and chance.
    • Written by: Sameena Aijaz
    • Directed by: Syed Wajahat Hussain
    • Produced by: Erum Binte Shahid
    • Production House: DramayBaaz Entertainment
    Cast and Character Details:
    • Junaid Khan as Ahmer
    • Ayeza Khan as Zobia
    • Momal Sheikh as Sadia
    • Muneeb Butt as Umair
    • Mehmood Aslam as Hamid Baig
    • Hina Bayat as Aliya (Umair's Mother)
    • Shagufta Ejaz as Zeenat (Zobia & Sadia’s Mother)
    • Shaista Jabeen as Abida - Ahmer's Mother
    • Maryam Nafees as Sumbul
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  • Kashaf Zaroon
    Kashaf Zaroon 23 days ago

    Zubi is example of Hathdharam Haraaf kind of people of duniya. Chori so chori seena zori...

  • Fatma Hafeez
    Fatma Hafeez 23 days ago

    Yar 24 episod kab ay ga

  • Umair khan Umair khan
    Umair khan Umair khan 23 days ago

    pilzz plizz zaldi aplod kiya kare bhut dino dino me karte ho yarrr

  • Naziyafatima Naziya
    Naziyafatima Naziya 23 days ago

    Episode kaab aane wala hai

  • Lol
    Lol 23 days ago

    Bullshid Drama

  • Zain Jamaly
    Zain Jamaly 23 days ago +1

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  • Learn English in Urdu
    Learn English in Urdu 24 days ago

    Superb 👏😊

  • pakeeza
    pakeeza 24 days ago

    Baap mr gya r haqeeqat b nhe pta chali huffffff

  • Zayed Baloch
    Zayed Baloch 24 days ago

    I think zobi will change the report who is agree with me

  • Zayed Baloch
    Zayed Baloch 24 days ago

    Now Ahmar realized that sadia was correct

  • Mirab Ch
    Mirab Ch 24 days ago

    Drama name should b Zobi ki makariyan...

  • Mashood Mir
    Mashood Mir 24 days ago

    kb lgta ha ye drama

  • Mashood Mir
    Mashood Mir 24 days ago

    kbbaygi ye post

  • Sony Khattra
    Sony Khattra 24 days ago

    Ab bas karo yaar...yeh drama jaldi finish karo...I'm fed up...😖

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    ming Li 25 days ago

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  • anonymous92
    anonymous92 25 days ago

    I say , bajjo hone ke nate farz hai sobia ka ki ek tamacha mare aur zobi ki akal thikani laye ....

  • TV Seven
    TV Seven 25 days ago

    aj ka episode rate krain out of 10

  • Punjab ka Zaika
    Punjab ka Zaika 25 days ago

    Mera channel cooking say related hay agr ap ka interest hay to usko b subscribe kren plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz

  • Azra Munir
    Azra Munir 25 days ago

    Allah ka shukar hai ye real life story nhi mehez ek drama serial hai😂😂😂.zubi dubi bht chalak bn rhi

  • Yasmeen Butt
    Yasmeen Butt 25 days ago

    Yarr baqwas

  • Lubna Shabbir
    Lubna Shabbir 25 days ago +1

    Fazol... had tarah dhokha hi dhoka😡😡😡😡

  • Majeed Jiskani
    Majeed Jiskani 25 days ago

    ...sending Greetings , lots of love and peace within for every soul on Earth, and this great 💓 of yours, from a small town in the middle of Pakistan

  • Ahmad 101
    Ahmad 101 25 days ago +1

    Yar 8 bajay Wala drama jaldi na khatam Kiya Karo plz

  • Mareena Khan
    Mareena Khan 25 days ago +1

    zubi ke saza yeh ho k usy divorce na de jay ta k wo umair sy shadi na kar saky

  • Gold Deck
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  • zohaib afghan
    zohaib afghan 25 days ago +1

    Kash ahmar aur sadia wapis ek sath hojae, kon kon yeh chahta....???

  • उत्कर्ष राय

    Listen Mulliyon!!
    Leave Islam
    And say
    Jay Shree Ram 🚩🚩🚩

  • Alif - الف
    Alif - الف 25 days ago +1

    Acha drama hai... love it.. ♥♥

  • Beela khan
    Beela khan 25 days ago

    Koye to telenor crds de dooooo....
    Pkg khtm huni wala hai

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    Punjab Vlogs 25 days ago

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  • Infotainment plus
    Infotainment plus 25 days ago

    Is dramy se aik sabaq milta h k hamesha sabr ka daman hath se nai chorna chahye chahe sari dunya he apk khilaf q na ho jay..

  • tahir tahir
    tahir tahir 25 days ago

    hum logu ko yh actor log pgal bna rhy he dramy dikha kr kh inky keliy hum dusry actors k liye ghlat alfaaz use kr rhy he asal me to yh sb khin mil beth kr party kr rhy hungy
    whoo agree???

  • Mishail Sohail
    Mishail Sohail 26 days ago +1

    Plz is dramey ko mazeed kasana bnd kr do! 🙏🙏

  • shah syed shah syed
    shah syed shah syed 26 days ago

    Zobi bhen nhi dushman se b bdtr hai

  • maaz akhtar
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  • M Khan
    M Khan 26 days ago

    zubi mar hi jae

  • Arish Khan
    Arish Khan 26 days ago +1

    agar zubi ne DNA test report ke sath kuchh gadbad ki to ye drama pit jayega kyuki itne saare logo ko koi bewakuf nhi bana sakta ek sath wo bhi uski haqikat janne ke baad

  • Raja Ali
    Raja Ali 26 days ago

    India tari shamat aye

  • ali azlan
    ali azlan 26 days ago +1

    Allah pak asi bhn kisi dushman ko bi na de ameen zobi ka bht bora anjam hona chaye take kio bhn apni bhn ka ghr Barbad krne ka soch bi na sake

    • Hamza Bajwa
      Hamza Bajwa 24 days ago

      khtam kr do ya drama dil ko kuch hota

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  • Sheikh Humna
    Sheikh Humna 27 days ago

    ye kia tamasha ha ......?zobee ki hr baat mein jeet q bhaii?

  • iLmi Kitabi
    iLmi Kitabi 27 days ago +1

    I pray to Allah whoever is reading this have a great life💕💕

  • Shaiata shai
    Shaiata shai 27 days ago

    *Ghutyaaaa tareeN sis...ab bhiii baaZzz nhi aarahiii*

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  • Alaf Alaf
    Alaf Alaf 27 days ago +1

    Agr test k sath is ny kuch kiya to ye drama fzool

  • Hashmi Begum
    Hashmi Begum 27 days ago +1

    No credit. Ml

  • simple & easy
    simple & easy 27 days ago

    Is drama k end agar ost KO dekh k lgya Jaye to zobi KO ahmar sy divorce hojaye GI n ahmar ki dobara shadi sadia sy hojaye gi to zobi KO phr jealousy hogi un dono KO khus dekh k as the end zobi bin pendy da lota na ithy na uthy kholnda

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  • Learn with SR
    Learn with SR 27 days ago

    Ajeeb Dramy may twist lany Py tulay way hy bs ab zobi ki story khtm kro

  • Gaming Freak
    Gaming Freak 27 days ago

    Zubi ko hr qeemat pr talaq honi chaiye or sadia ko umair k sath rehna chaiye.then darama hit warna flooop.

  • Laiba Atiq
    Laiba Atiq 27 days ago +1

    Kon kon cahta ha ke Ahmad or sadia ki phir Shadi ho jae

    • Umair Malik
      Umair Malik 26 days ago

      @Laiba Atiq Ni ho gi
      Drama ha is lye kch b ho skta ha ho b skti ha😗😗

    • Laiba Atiq
      Laiba Atiq 26 days ago

      @Umair Malik han zaroor

    • Umair Malik
      Umair Malik 27 days ago

      apko kya lgta ha ho jani chahye shadi dono ki

  • Quety Êñõxeñt
    Quety Êñõxeñt 27 days ago

    Aik orat hi q saboot de apni begunahi Ka agar DNA test hua to ye Allah Ka qehr Hoga in dono par zobi or umair par lekin bichari Sadia Ka Kiya Hoga or phr talaq to ho hi nai xakti h umair Se bht aala zarf dikhaya h dramey m Sadia Ka bhee Allah Pak sub ko aise qeher Se bachaeyy

  • Khan Swat
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  • Sana khan Sani
    Sana khan Sani 27 days ago

    Sadiya ka kam hy k ab wo es uner k sath na rhy or zobi ko talq ho jaye or zibi pagl ho umer or zobi ko seza milni chahye ta k duniya ko rishton ka taqds malum ho

  • tik tok daily update
    tik tok daily update 27 days ago

    Plz koi meri vedios dykho sport karo

  • Saad Qureshi
    Saad Qureshi 27 days ago

    Zubi agar itna kuch kar skti hai to DNA reports change b krwa skti hay.