Episode 9 Trailer | It Takes You Away | Doctor Who: Series 11

  • Published on Nov 25, 2018
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  • George Collins
    George Collins 5 months ago

    Do you ever think about how jodie whittaker was given the script for it takes you away and said 2018 as "two thousand eighteen" instead of "twenty eighteen"

  • ouiouiouinonnonnon
    ouiouiouinonnonnon 6 months ago

    even though this isn't my favorite series it brings me a lot of joy to see people voicing their love for it. Its just great to see people talking about loving a show while there's a lot of hate being thrown its way. It also provides a different perspective than I had the first watch. Upon second viewing im starting to appreciate it more for its own little ups and downs.

  • Lawton Productions
    Lawton Productions 11 months ago

    With how short these next time trailers were, there weren't any need for the music.

  • B. Fam!
    B. Fam! Year ago

    It was so fun. A wonderful fairy tale. They found the cabin in the woods like Hansel and Gretel. They went through the looking glass. The girl kissed a frog. And what a wonderful idea...a conscience universe!

  • psrandz
    psrandz Year ago

    I can see why the ratings went down just by watching teasers

  • Lunar Stars
    Lunar Stars Year ago

    Hanna: "It takes you away"

  • Secrets of Saturn
    Secrets of Saturn Year ago +1


  • jojibot
    jojibot Year ago

    TL;DW for today’s ep: Toothman from the season premier becomes a discount Brainiac

  • Eric Godeau
    Eric Godeau Year ago

    Awesome, Amazing episode ! Thank you so much !

  • LadyPunii2006
    LadyPunii2006 Year ago

    The Series Finale? WHY??? Jodie Whittaker is a gem, and this last episode made more sense than some of the past Drs. Please don't let this be the last

  • James gair
    James gair Year ago

    Doctor Who is now garbage

  • Deus
    Deus Year ago

    this season is really bad in my opinion. there was nothing that new. all humans or with an human form. said it from episode 1 its going to be bad, its bad. but this episode was almost good. It feelt like a doctor who episode. maybe there is still hope for this season.

  • Ava Mendez
    Ava Mendez Year ago

    for the first time since the pilot, it sort of felt like dr.who. held my attention right till the end when Jodie did the frog scene. She is a gifted actress, somehow the lady dug down deep and actually made the sequence bearable, all in all, another forgettable episode chalked up to poor writing and weak support. praying for huge overhauls in season 12

  • Cayde -6
    Cayde -6 Year ago +1

    This episode plagiarized the movie "The Door". Please be ashamed.

  • Polina Lee
    Polina Lee Year ago


  • Polina Lee
    Polina Lee Year ago

    They obviously think we are not in enough pain.

  • Jack Burns
    Jack Burns Year ago

    It doesn't show in the trailer but to unlock the front door of the cabin, a WOODEN DOOR she uses the sonic..

  • Sakib
    Sakib Year ago

    Amazing episode until the myth becomes a frog that sounds like Grace...

  • RassilonTDavros
    RassilonTDavros Year ago +1

    I loved this episode!

  • Bev Cummins
    Bev Cummins Year ago

    I kept thinking Norway is where Doctor 10 said goodbye to Rose at Bad Wolf Bay . I wondered if they were making a connection with Doctor's past . I liked certain things and the connection everybody was making deepening their relationships . Writing is confusing and not clever enough for the Doctor to show Power, Rage, and Strength that all the companions should go Wow we are in the TARDIS with The Doctor Something like greatness is missing . I still think the TARDIS having three people is a problem that needs correcting .

  • snarky Mc snarkface
    snarky Mc snarkface Year ago +1

    Your hatred of men and fathers is impressive BBC... but why not have tax payer funded sexism on display.

  • Keaton Jazz
    Keaton Jazz Year ago +2

    The FROG?! Is this now a kid show? That’s it. The writers are writing for kids. A conscious universe as a frog? This is terrible! I love Jodie but awful writing!

    • michael801
      michael801 Year ago

      Brock Kolby I really loved the frog

  • ps3lover711
    ps3lover711 Year ago

    Ending to this episode was weak in my opinion. The best the Doctor could do to save a lonely universe is say I"m sorry we can't be together? Really? The Doctor should know better than anybody what it feels like to be alone in the universe. And her best solution when an entire universe is feeling the exact same way is "you have to let me go". Come on writers, The Doctor is better than that.

    • ps3lover711
      ps3lover711 Year ago

      If we were meant to feel sorry for this "soletrack" (i spelled it wrong sorry) then I'm sorry but I didn't. If you want people to feel bad for the soletrack then how come the soletrack never went to explain how lonely it felt? All we get is how it was expelled from the universe and how it wants friends. But we never got a scene where the soletrack's pain of being alone is shared. It didn't even feel like the Doctor felt bad for the soletrack. She was trying to get everybody to realize that they were in a false universe so they could leave. It seems like The Doctor only offered herself to the Soletrack to save Eric, not to genuinely keep the soletrack company. Which is strange coming from a 2000+ year old timelord who for a few hundred years believed she was the last of her kind and is constantly seeking companions to combat her own loneliness.

  • Alex Zander
    Alex Zander Year ago +1

    Why didn't you add the magical frog in this trailer!?! I wasn't expecting that and would have liked some advanced notice Chris. Also GO BACK TO FIFTH GRADE!!! Talking frogs and men giving birth are not something a highschooler would ever make, much less a (supposedly) PROFESSIONAL WRITER! That frog has literally ruined the ENTIRE episode for me... At least act as you care about good plots/enemies even though you didn't want to be the showrunner. Push your writers to do better!

    • Alex Zander
      Alex Zander Year ago +1

      Ben Scudder I know he didn’t were this episode. I was referring to the actual writer to go back to fifth grade (him and the other writers also have little no experience in TV work as well. At least stop jumping to conclusions. Lol)!

  • djcold
    djcold Year ago +2

    LOL the entire 8 episodes was like filler episodes. What an empty season. Another pointless episode is coming

  • Thomas Ness
    Thomas Ness Year ago +1

    I really wanted Jodi to pull this off but sadly the writing is letting her down, I honestly think this could be the last Dr for some time. The characters are so weak and one dimensional, acting is wooden and lacking direction it’s sad but I think another sixteen years in the wilderness is on the horizon.

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 Year ago


  • Steve Holmes
    Steve Holmes Year ago +2

    Weak story after story. Doctor Who was on life support, but has now flat lined!

  • Wayne Clayton
    Wayne Clayton Year ago +1

    Things I've noticed. 1. Suddenly all these (long time fans) who have suddenly appeared from the woodwork to protest, who uncannily have never posted a vid on the subject before now. If you counted them alone, it's proof the viewing figures must have gone up, even though they appear to deny watching a single minute of it. 2. With so many 'experts' on how to make popular SCI-FI shows. One must take it as red, the BBC commissioning department must be awash with their DR WHO scripts & or submissions for primetime family teatime SCI-FI shows with which to replace Doctor Who? And the CV's of hundreds of show runners ready to take over at the drop of the hat. Or maybe, just maybe, all they want is cheap click fodder for their channel? Of course as a fan all I would add is please BBC can we have a reboot Blake's 7 back on our screens, to fill the gaps when DR Who isn't on?

    • Wayne Clayton
      Wayne Clayton Year ago

      1st rule of writers club. In order to bring new life to a long running character, is to strip it down to the basics, to build it back up again. The next episode will be the key to what the direction the shows major story arc will take next series.
      @Craig Evans

    • Craig Evans
      Craig Evans Year ago

      They are trying something new and I do agree with what you are saying , was it worth 2 years wait however?

  • Danny Jarratt
    Danny Jarratt Year ago

    I have been kinda unimpressed by this season. I hate the seasons that are just short stories and there is almost no world building. There was a small amount of overlap in episode one and two.
    How hard would it be to connect character development arcs with episode arcs?
    I feel like none of the companions have done anything memorable.
    I want to like it, and there are moments where I do like it it, but overall I feel like watching it is a chore.
    Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow have both been very good at basically doing what dr who does but better.

  • Lizard192
    Lizard192 Year ago


  • Lord Sadism
    Lord Sadism Year ago

    Let's just get the train wreck over with and start again. NEW DOCTOR PLEASE !

    • Jjjj Rrrr
      Jjjj Rrrr Year ago

      Lord Sadism she isn’t the problem it’s chibnal

  • The Gatling Gun Gaming

    0:15 already have

  • dylan shepherd
    dylan shepherd Year ago +1

    I'm loving it I think she did a great job

  • Daniel Shelley
    Daniel Shelley Year ago +1

    Daleks, Cybermen and so many more wonderful alien species made across the history of doctor who. I was expecting so much this season. New worlds, new enemies. We haven't had any of that yet really... Episodes of history after history are getting boring. Take the one with Rosa Parks. The 'villain' supposedly, we didn't get to know much about him, the detail was put into the history aspect. Im sure its not only me that wants some proper action, bring back some old enemies, allies like Unit. Have some previous companions react to the new Doctor! Something that wont keep disappointing fans!

  • Era childers
    Era childers Year ago

    Hope will she do good in this one.👍👍👍👍

  • TVperson1
    TVperson1 Year ago +1

    Is she saying NOWAY or NORWAY?

  • Joe Webb
    Joe Webb Year ago +1

    Come on, lets see who gets triggered:
    The political indoctrination blows, the bland woman doctor - the doctor is a male and nothing else, the cast so diverse it's unrealistic, the tardis looks awful, the intro music is bland, the soundtrack is forgettable, the stories are boring and senseless, the characters are soft blank slate idiots with no skill or personality, the doctor is now written as a flamboyant idiot, and once again the social justice propaganda is shoved so far down our throats it comes out the other end rotten, picked up and thrown back at us by idiot puffs in denial who cant admit their favourite show is now garbage.
    Lets see who agrees, lets see who defends their special show and their special morals.
    Dont forget the old man who had cancer whos black nurse wife died by being a hero, the indian police woman whos possibly also bi, the dispraxic black guy (who can somehow handle a gun like he's military trained?). Have we missed anything on the checklist for minority traits we can shove in a main character?
    Its poor writing and nothing else.

  • Kevin Campbell
    Kevin Campbell Year ago +1

    30 second video only 13 seconds of actual footage. LOL well played.

  • Thomas the TotoShampoin

    Really, I enjoyed this episode! Why are you all loudy haters ruining it?
    And it's not even the first time I enjoy an episode, watch the comments, then question myself 😭

  • B. Fam!
    B. Fam! Year ago +1

    I was never a Dr Who fan in the past but Jodi Whitaker's Doctor has charmed me in. I'm really enjoying it and the positive vibe the show has. The Doctor is good at thinking on her feet. She is smart and good at fixing things. She cares for almost all people. She holds fast to her convictions. She almost never gives up. She encourages everyone and even tries to get the bad guys to see a less evil perspective. She even has a moment of maudlin despair on the desolate planet when she thinks she has failed her companions. I like how the companions are so real and likable to. They have real and lasting emotions and disabilities and are engaging.

  • jole challinor
    jole challinor Year ago

    Really excited for episode 10, the finales always my favorite episodes in every season!

  • Z Popcrazy fish
    Z Popcrazy fish Year ago

    Anyone seen the stenza lately because this series needs some sort of storyline instead of get in the box and let's go. WE NEED A STORYLINE RIGHT NOW THIS IS A MESS

  • Mark
    Mark Year ago +2

    after reading the teasers for this episode i am hyped apparently it is really good

  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith Year ago

    Just an observation (which I may have already mentioned below), but so far in this series The Doctor has never really been challenged by her companions. It used to happen all the time - the companions were like The Doctor's conscience, often restraining him or questioning his motives. Clara was especially hard on Capoldi (too much I think!).
    But in this series, her decisions are practically never questioned or challenged, not in a big way at least. Hence she comes across as annoyingly smug at times, especially when she's moralising and preaching (which she does!).
    Maybe that's underlying much of the negative reaction to her by many fans?

  • Tickle ThyPickle
    Tickle ThyPickle Year ago

    I think they have the perfect ingredients to make this season great, I like Jodie, I like the others, I like this incarnation of the Doctor but.... I don’t like the writing. Too many cheap plots twits and thrills. Come on... you can do better than this..

  • A Madman With A Scarf

    I’m not joking the only thing that would redeem series 11 is if the monster is Frobisher or the abzorbalof

  • Phoenix 24
    Phoenix 24 Year ago +2

    I can't wait for this. Great series and this one looks the best episode in it. So excited

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago

    I love Jodie as The Doctor. ❤️ Greetings from Mexico 🇲🇽

  • Saku Koutaniemi
    Saku Koutaniemi Year ago

    I like that this season doesn’t take you away from the harsh reality, but is centered in it; consumerism, racism and how the women of the past have been treated.


    For god sake, please just fire Jodie and get an actual actor who is capable of playing The Doctor. Being female isn't the issue, it's just the fact that she's simply imitating Matt Smith, David Tennant, making a mockery of the character because she isn't capable of creating her own and the fact your current showrunner, Chris Chibnall is clearly incapable of writing sci-fi episodes.
    Just cancel series 11 and 12 already. Trust me, you would be doing yourselves a favor by starting over. Get Eddie Redmayne, Eva Green, Tom Hiddleston or even Helena Bonham Carter, she's more than weird enough, but can still be a very serious character.

    • Doctor Thirteen
      Doctor Thirteen Year ago

      ROGUE PRODUCTIONS I'm not sending you my email dude.

    • Doctor Thirteen
      Doctor Thirteen Year ago +2

      Firlow He said it in all caps, it must be true.

    • Firlow
      Firlow Year ago +1

      Did you just say "ideology and diversity" is unrealistic in a sci-fi series??? Sci-fi is THE most political genre, it was purely about criticising the modern times through a futuristic or alien lens. That's the whole point of the genre, originally.

    • Salmon Mammaries
      Salmon Mammaries Year ago

      Yeah... Diversity is disgusting, minorities should just be banned from all TV and movies, don't you agree? /ˢ

  • Linz Earth
    Linz Earth Year ago

    The trials of the Pendle witches in 1612 are among the most famous witch trials in English history, and some of the best recorded of the 17th century. The twelve accused lived in the area surrounding Pendle Hill in Lancashire, and were charged with the murders of ten people by the use of witchcraft. (witch apedia ) I love this ep. I am a long term
    DW viewer and think the show was getting too much about each season trying to reach
    new heights. I know most people want more out of a Children's TV show but it's a pleasure to watch the show return to it's original educational roots. Rumor has it that Graham is an
    Alien too!

  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith Year ago

    Who cares....the show's ruined.

    • Firlow
      Firlow Year ago

      Ok, stop watching, bye!

  • Harbinger Down
    Harbinger Down Year ago +1

    Wow another episode set on earth?

  • Grindcore jazz
    Grindcore jazz Year ago

    Bradly walsh had more of a presence than jodie in the witch finder

  • Carlos Gavilanes
    Carlos Gavilanes Year ago

    Ouhhhhh For God's sake, isn't anybody going to dare to say the true? Respectfully Mr. Chibnall we know you didn't want the showrunner job, so why you took it? It's clear that the writting is awfull, there are too many companions and that the "new arc" isn't attracting much more audience, so why bother with season 12? Please let Jodie shine with better scripts (written and directed by someone else) less interruptions from the companions and maybe old arcs which is what all fans are used and love to. She is a great actress and she has demonstrated it. The real problem is above, and If you keep going 'til season 12, please please, make me swallow my words.
    Signed, a whovian to the bone.
    Ps; I enjoyed Broadchurch.

  • Rhino Prime
    Rhino Prime Year ago +1

    Oh boy can't wait to see what bs left wing politics I'm gonna be stuck seeing

    • Salmon Mammaries
      Salmon Mammaries Year ago +1

      I heard rumors that there's a 'woman' in this episode... you better jump ship soon before they include someone black!

  • MarsProbe
    MarsProbe Year ago +1

    Another episode of a series whose premise gives it access to the entirety of time and space, and we appear to have another contemporary Earth-based episode.

  • Waterplaysgames
    Waterplaysgames Year ago

    I love this season I got a whole new feel for the shoe the new director is doing really good and Jodie is great actress

  • Cheese-Master Wallace

    IT takes you away.