Best of the Worst: V-World Matrix, The Amazing Bulk, and ????

  • Published on Sep 1, 2013
  • With professional visual effects artist Colin in tow, the gang watches two visual effects-driven turds as well as a mystery movie.
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  • Rango Ognar
    Rango Ognar 6 days ago

    Who's the lady ?

  • Ben Cheevers
    Ben Cheevers 10 days ago

    20 years? But he's only 19?!?

  • Ciaran Hufsky
    Ciaran Hufsky 16 days ago +1

    Colin is 48... I thought he was in his 20s.

  • killerbee256
    killerbee256 21 day ago

    24:12 Mircotransactions are a bitch.

  • WatrDragn
    WatrDragn 24 days ago +1

    This episode was prophetic in a way; nearly every movie on the wheel ended up in a future BotW. I can't wait until the inevitable Aladdin viewing.

  • smart birb
    smart birb Month ago

    Wait, isn't Johnathon Cabot the same name as the guy from Outlaw of Gor?

  • Michael Allred
    Michael Allred Month ago +2

    I miss the young lady featured here. Was she someone's girlfriend? She had an infectious laugh which was enjoyable and added to the overall entertainment value.

  • Doctor Nerdly
    Doctor Nerdly Month ago +2

    Kudos to Jay or Mike or whoever edited the end sequence for using the V World laser blasts. It was appreciated.

  • MrSpectralfire
    MrSpectralfire Month ago +2

    That destruction video at the end is amazing. 😂

  • Devin Crawford
    Devin Crawford Month ago +3

    I like to think that The Amazing Bulk was originally a scrapped design of Thanos.

  • Priscilla Asagiri
    Priscilla Asagiri 2 months ago

    The Black Leather Lady probably was in drug debt. She was a porn star when this was shot.

  • Angry Silence
    Angry Silence 2 months ago +2

    They should definitely do a Re:View of _Aladdin_ in preparation for the upcoming Disney remake!

  • unfa
    unfa 2 months ago

    Freeze frame around 1:40 for an amazing muzzle flash effect done in MS Paint.

  • G M
    G M 2 months ago +1

    fuck the amazing bulk

  • HealingChurchPotluck
    HealingChurchPotluck 2 months ago

    The crazy townsfolk remind me of resident evil 4 (the game not the movie). The music reminds me of Berserk.

  • Ralph Bushey
    Ralph Bushey 2 months ago

    I think that everything on the wheel but Aladdin has been watched, ironically

  • bballfreak210
    bballfreak210 2 months ago

    Crazy to think that the gymkata guy is singer kurt travis' dad

  • Filip Westling
    Filip Westling 2 months ago

    The Westling movie scale:
    A - Movie with budget and competence
    Example: Anything getting a major release.
    B - Movie lacking budget and/or competence: The idea or premise is solid.
    C - Trainwreck. The enjoyment comes from the bizarreness.
    Example: Anything Niel Breen produces.
    D - No production value what so ever.
    Example: My middle school webcam movies, The Amazing Bulk.

  • Nicholas Leon
    Nicholas Leon 2 months ago +2

    thanos origin movie

  • Corey Holt
    Corey Holt 2 months ago

    I' disappointed they didn't call it "Gymjitsu"

  • zero one
    zero one 2 months ago

    This has a Hall of Fame wheel for sure!!!

  • Robert Easton
    Robert Easton 2 months ago

    This video cured my depression for an hour thank you RLM!

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones 2 months ago

    Jim Carter is that John Carter’s brother

  • Just Bob
    Just Bob 2 months ago +1

    I hope They Showed Mike his comments at the end of this when he didn't vote for Rem Lezar

  • Dustin Gibson
    Dustin Gibson 2 months ago

    I feel like "The Amazing Bulk" was an early experimental attempt to animate Thanos for "Infinity War".

  • Draco Mundo Streams
    Draco Mundo Streams 3 months ago

    Amazing bulk wreck my guts

  • Cute the Cutie
    Cute the Cutie 3 months ago

    The Director of The Amazing Bulk is currently teaching at a university in the Philippines. That’s another Best of the Worst Philippines for ya

  • Dylan Avery
    Dylan Avery 3 months ago

    Do we add Jan Michael Vincent to the list of people RLM has killed?

    • Erling Hansen
      Erling Hansen Month ago

      They will soon have his prosthetic leg on a shelf

  • Hunter Clifton
    Hunter Clifton 3 months ago

    7:13 Jay........

  • shallendor
    shallendor 3 months ago

    I recognize the bald cop, he is Jed Rowen who played Sluggo from The Ghastly Love of Johnny X.

  • Doric Dream
    Doric Dream 3 months ago

    was 37:42 intentional??? those gunshots lined up exactly with that cadence!

  • Shenron
    Shenron 3 months ago

    This might be a dumb question... is Colin from Canada a proud boy?

  • bagadadadadasdadawf tdj

    it took them like 5 years to get around to showing us all partners and thats a crime

  • John Striker
    John Striker 3 months ago

    32:57 "You are an American??"
    "So am I!!" xD

  • Cece Haber
    Cece Haber 3 months ago

    my fish just died but the ending made me laugh

  • TheBEAST205
    TheBEAST205 4 months ago

    Incredible Bulk seems like a movie from the Tim and Eric universe-something that's so dumb and half-assed that it's kind of funny at first but so obnoxious and over the top that it gets old quickly.

  • Mastah Blastah
    Mastah Blastah 4 months ago

    whos the bitch-face

  • Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man

    Best ending ever.

  • Ducklesworth
    Ducklesworth 4 months ago

    "What ever we have, throw it in there"

  • Takafumi Arisawa
    Takafumi Arisawa 4 months ago +1

    I have that VR headset @14:34, I used to play Mechwarrior with it.

  • Jon Lurn
    Jon Lurn 4 months ago +2

    Geez thanos did stuff for money back then didnt he.

  • mindsetoverhaul
    mindsetoverhaul 5 months ago

    Colin's not the only Canadian to wear that shirt

  • wvu9787
    wvu9787 5 months ago

    I love watching best of the worst, but that dude with the horrible laughing sound has got to go, I have to watch without sound cause I can’t handle it, I get so upset by it I killed 2 of my cats because of it and I only have one cat left 🐱 💀

  • MrNexuscorre
    MrNexuscorre 5 months ago

    25:19 I legit shat my pants...

  • Touch my Pudinzinho
    Touch my Pudinzinho 5 months ago

    V-World has microtransactions in it.

  • Andrew Ledwith
    Andrew Ledwith 5 months ago +4

    To think, we could have all found out about Partners almost five years earlier than we did.

  • Hunter Bush
    Hunter Bush 5 months ago


  • I Personally Disfavor The Whole Enchilada

    Watching Rich Evans walk by in the background may be the funniest thing I've seen all day and I don't know why.

  • Shrewd Cat
    Shrewd Cat 5 months ago

    Am I going insane or with the 2 copies of Aladdin- are the two people on the cover mirrored in the two covers. On one cover the genie is on the left and on the other he's on the right. My brain hurts.

  • Batz
    Batz 5 months ago

    Whoa. When I saw that cultist guy, I thought it was a Jodorowsky movie all of a sudden.

  • Chris Shifflett
    Chris Shifflett 5 months ago

    I really thought the guy in Gymkata was going to be named Jim Carter and I’m sort of disappointed to be honest.

  • CatPianoClassics
    CatPianoClassics 5 months ago

    So this is the episode with the guy that plays the music for the latest BOTW!!!

  • wave emoji
    wave emoji 6 months ago

    Yo I like rich evans but his laugh man ugh

  • Aaron Slosek
    Aaron Slosek 6 months ago +9

    "There's just a little anti-American sentiment running around-" *hit in the spleen with an arrow* makes me crack up every time

  • Danburd
    Danburd 6 months ago +5

    The way Mike 'throws' the DVD of The Amazing Bulk is what makes that whole sequence.

  • Zetetik -
    Zetetik - 6 months ago

    The Amazing Bulk - 2010!?!? GOOD GOD!! O__O

  • darkmage07070777
    darkmage07070777 6 months ago

    31:09 - that the OG Star Trek combat music remixed??

  • Seannyboy70
    Seannyboy70 6 months ago


  • Peef Rimgar
    Peef Rimgar 6 months ago

    honestly if you listen to the director's commentary for the amazing bulk it's clear they were trying to make a "so bad it's good" movie but it doesn't work bc they were intentionally trying to make it shit for as little money as possible in the hopes of making money off the niche internet that likes shitty movies. it's pathetic really

  • SuperPukebucket
    SuperPukebucket 6 months ago

    Update you can watch The Amazing Bulk for only $3.99 through TheXvid movies

  • Jordan Bisasky
    Jordan Bisasky 7 months ago

    The first appearance of...Partners!!!

  • Dima 21
    Dima 21 7 months ago

    Even though this video is super old just want to point out the evil scientist villain from amazing bulk was also in v world matrix for a single scene

  • Timothy Mesun
    Timothy Mesun 7 months ago

    The director of The Amazing Bulk said it's supposed to look like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, so humans in the Comic Book World. Honestly that'd be cool if they'd had a huge budget for it, and someone else made it....

  • Shaun Mcglothlin
    Shaun Mcglothlin 7 months ago

    You take rent it for $4. Lmao oh your god.

  • kamikazemelon787
    kamikazemelon787 7 months ago


  • Clark Banes
    Clark Banes 7 months ago +1

    I don’t trust The Amazing Bulk. It’s either self aware of trying to be the next The Room, or its a front for a money laundering scheme. It needs to be placed in a cement capsule and thrown into a volcano. Too much bad joojoo

    • Tom
      Tom 3 months ago

      I don't think they were that smart enough to launder money, they were just desperate for a cash grab. It tries to come off as funny self-aware and the director can use all these other bad movies as an example for inspiration but it just ... fails ... so ... much

  • Amateur0Visionary
    Amateur0Visionary 7 months ago

    Cabot? Cabot?! Cabot?!?!?
    Cabot!!!!! Cabot!!! It's Cabot!!!

  • Scott William
    Scott William 8 months ago

    It's boarder line experimental

  • Sam Sloan
    Sam Sloan 8 months ago


  • Tony Avila
    Tony Avila 8 months ago +3

    I seen this movie when it first came out in Theaters with my Pops (RIP DAD) back in 1985 at the “Jose Theater” now known as the Improv here in San Jose Ca

  • Hippic
    Hippic 8 months ago

    Love the distraction of the movie, Rich you
    never disappoint me!! 🤣

  • James Wegman
    James Wegman 8 months ago

    Thanos looking ass

  • gregphipps37
    gregphipps37 8 months ago

    Weird to see a Wheel full of movies that were all eventually watched/reviewed on the show (with the exception of both Aladdin tapes)

  • I am the Walrus
    I am the Walrus 8 months ago


  • Alex Pohorily
    Alex Pohorily 8 months ago

    Wow partners was on the wheel

  • Daniel Astillero
    Daniel Astillero 8 months ago

    Pota si Tetchie Agbayani sa Gymkata. Shet

  • Benjamin Dowling
    Benjamin Dowling 8 months ago

    i love the silently flabbergasted girl sitting on the couch, who seems to get less and less impressed with the concePt of this web series as the hours Pass. and the fact that a girl *never* came bacK on RLM in *any capacity* again.

  • ultimaT
    ultimaT 8 months ago +1

    If they superimpose that scene in more videos, is it considered a running gag?

  • Alex Hvostov
    Alex Hvostov 9 months ago

    All "movies" from this wheel were featured on BOTW except Aladdin...

  • Virjunior
    Virjunior 9 months ago +6

    So Gymkata was the inspiration for Resident Evil 4?

  • Rus Alexander
    Rus Alexander 9 months ago

    Speaking of cutting out all of the fat, when is someone going to kill Rich Evans? His shrill, girly "laugh" is annoying as fuck. That being said, he's usually a fun, entertaining addition to things. So, I'll back up a touch and say he doesn't need killed, but he does need sliced up just a bit. Not his face, but maybe in the belly or arms? My opinion, deal with it.....

    • Wiyt
      Wiyt 6 months ago

      Rus Alexander very cool

  • shlogan88
    shlogan88 9 months ago +1

    Will someone let Rich Evans know that old CRT computer monitors hold an electric charge after being unplugged and can mess you up good

  • walter rosenbaum
    walter rosenbaum 9 months ago

    First appearance of Partners

  • brucelee12
    brucelee12 9 months ago +2

    This has been documented as the first time sexy Jay was introduced to us after he evolved from amish Jay.

  • SuperN0va
    SuperN0va 9 months ago

    The ninja who shot the first guy climbing used a target practice arrow that somehow penetrated the climber's back.

  • John Ogden
    John Ogden 9 months ago +1

    Here's your 5 year reminder that Rich Evans at one point ACTUALLY FUCKING BELIEVED that The Room was made purposefully bad.

  • Kaye Faye
    Kaye Faye 9 months ago

    It upsets me that I know half of the movies on the Wheel in this episode.

  • James Quinn
    James Quinn 9 months ago

    Its like the line in Bowfinger, action movies are just RUNNING! He runs toward the aliens, he runs away from the aliens. That's the Bulk movie, only they walk/ run in place and sit in fake cars.

  • Drumboardist
    Drumboardist 9 months ago

    Why does Mike have ice cubes in his beer?

  • CR Smyth
    CR Smyth 9 months ago

    I dunno, those Gymkata fight scenes were actually pretty awesome. Not realistic or great but at least its a little different from all the other fight scenes I have seen.

  • Manuel Castanon
    Manuel Castanon 9 months ago

    it gets really B I Z A R R E

  • Possibly Dell Honne
    Possibly Dell Honne 9 months ago +5

    Colin looks like he's 12 and I refuse to believe he has been in the industry for 20 years.

  • Marc Lebenic
    Marc Lebenic 9 months ago

    Thanos ?

  • Anime Lover720
    Anime Lover720 9 months ago +1

    4:56 Hey, it's the movie from the black spine video

  • CheesyTits
    CheesyTits 9 months ago +3

    Amazing Bulk DVD box literally says "This is The Room of superhero movies". So... you do know the intentions.

    • Captain McDog
      Captain McDog 4 months ago

      I think they forgot that The Room began with serious intentions, and it was only later that Wiseau claimed it to be a comedy. I honestly don't know either way with The Amazing Bulk. Some of the actors were playing it pretty straight, and they wouldn't have known what the final scenes would look like until the compositing was done.

  • Dylan
    Dylan 10 months ago

    lol I fucking love this youtube channel

  • Corey Johnson
    Corey Johnson 10 months ago

    Less the a minute in and I am cracking the fuck up

  • Zachary Alexander
    Zachary Alexander 10 months ago +6

    Those movies on the wheel, Partners, Crazy Fat Ethel II, Hollywood Cop. Oh, so much greatness.

  • impulse 101
    impulse 101 10 months ago

    What is Mike drinking in this one? Iced beer?

  • Film Fangirls
    Film Fangirls 10 months ago +2

    Everytime I hear Henry Howard I think of Arin on the Game Grumps trying to guess the name of William Howard Taft lol